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Author: Tony Winton, John Pacenti

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We' not anti-people, just anti-social media. Interesting topics, with some logic, originating from the island paradise of Key Biscayne, Florida.

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It's not Sundance yet, but Key Biscayne is getting its own film festival. Our guests Isabel Custer and Maite Garrado Thornton talk about the first event in January and how the festival uniquely connects with the Island Paradise. You can learn more about the festival hereSupport the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is the leading cause of injury to women in the U.S. Every year, more than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes.Our Guest is Miami's top prosecutor, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, who has worked for years to improve the criminal justice system's response to these family-destroying problems. The hotline for domestic violence  305-547-0140, or call 9-1-1Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
IT WILL COST HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS -- making Key Biscayne hardened against sea level rise, increasing rains, and hurricanes.  But protecting one of Miami's most scenic barrier islands is facing a big vote in the coming weeks -- a final decision on just how dry the streets should be, and whether there is the political will to borrow, spend, and manage a mammoth job. STEVE WILLIAMSON, a former Army of Corps of Engineers colonel, is Key Biscayne's village manager. We ask him the latest on the costs, the trade-offs, and why his adminstration is pushing hard to get work started. With Guest Host Jan Dillow -- and discussions on the latest news on social media. PLEASE SUPPORT THE SHOW - Your gifts are doubled from Nov. 1 through Dec 31Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
Once a year,  Miami-Dade County comes together to support hundreds of nonprofits working to strengthen our community and is people.  It's called Give Miami Day  and Our guest is Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, the leader of the Miami Foundation to talk about how the entire community can benefit when it works to support worthy causes We also talk about how Key Biscayne's member of Congress voted in the selection of a new speaker of the house -- and local news headlines from the Island Paradise. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
RON MAGILL says known to a worldwide audience for his passion about animals, his wildlife photography, and his job as spokesman for Zoo Miami. But he's speaking out forcefully about a plan to put a water park at the Zoo, a move he says will endanger wildlife. He says he's ready to put his job on the line. In Segment 2, we talk about opposition to the Key Biscayne Budget, which passed 6-1 on first reading. Some say it's time to radically reduce spending even as the Village faces threats of sea level rise and climate change. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
KEY BISCAYNE families with special needs people recently succeeded in getting funding to enhance services on the island, but they're not done yet. Our guest is Dominique Breard, a member of the group "It Takes a Village KB." We ask her about how local families organized, their challenges, and the future of special needs help for both kids and adults. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
The sudden death of Lolita, the "killer whale" at the Miami Seaquarium, saddened animal lovers everywhere. But trainers had long warned of problems. Our guest is Mark Simmons, a former trainer and author of the book Killing Keiko talks about the orca's death and the what he thinks must be done in the future for marine parks Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
An arrest in a months-long investigation of fraud rattled residents at a posh Key Biscayne condominium this week. We start our show with the latest news in the scandal and audio of police interviews. Our guest is nationally respected journalist Sergio Bustos , who leads the newsroom at WLRN. Sergio tells us about the state of local journalism and how nonprofit news organizations are making a difference for democracy. We discuss the state of the presidential politics while noticing that some empanadas that kept disappearing during the show. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
SOUTH FLORIDA is in the grips of an affordable housing crisis, with a combination of high rents, high values, and high interest rates making it difficult for many to make ends meet -- even though some values have leveled off in Key Biscayne Our guest is Ron Shuffield,  president and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty, a market veteran who recently briefed members of the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce about the market. Unless you don't care about the roof over your head, it's an episode you won't want to miss. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
THIS WEEK, we turn the microphone over to our summer intern at the Key Biscayne Independent about her real-world journalism experience covering big stories. But ANASTASIA IVANOVA  has a story of her own - her family, refugees from Ukraine, is dealing daily with the ongoing invasion of their country. Her powerful first-person column is about  what it's like to be a high school student and to deal with surprising attitudes from her Miami classmates. Ana also talks about her experiences in journalism and how her social media feed is very different from John and Tony's. Plus the local news of the week including an attempted suicide of Miami's top cop, Freddy Ramirez. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
JOE RASCO IS 233 DAYS into his term as mayor of Key Biscayne, and is fresh off some big wins. This week, after months of delay, the Village Council restarted a stalled $250 million project to protect the island from sea level rise. And the Village Council  achieved a rare 7-0 vote on a potential tax increase  for the 2024 budget -- but some 'wish list' projects may not make it. We talk  with mayor about all that -- as well as the iguana 🦎 problem. And John and Tony talk about their reporting pet peeves. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
THIS JULY, record temperatures around the world are setting records in the oceans and in cities. Miami has had days of excessive, unprecedented heat. And scientists say the record surface temperatures could endanger corals and make hurricane forecasting unpredictable. Our guest is BRIAN McNOLDY, a meteorologist at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science and hurricane expert. We talk to him about the records, what they mean -- and if there is any relief in sight. --We also discuss a new soccer phenom who from Key Biscayne is now playing with Lionel Messi on Inter Miami...the controversy over the new Barbie movie AND WE ARE CELEBRATING the 3rd BIRTHDAY of the Key Biscayne IndependentSupport the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
RACISM ALLEGATIONS are in the news almost nonstop. Accusations of racial slurs at MAST Academy, a prestigious Miami magnet school. A Supreme Court ruling striking down affirmative action. And other court rulings involving racial unfairness in the  election system. Our guest is Harold Ford, the head of the South Dade Chapter of the NAACP. An educator, he has strong views on the how the schools system is failing to address racism, but also talks about hope for the future. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
IN FLORIDA and across the nation, legislatures have passed restrictive laws that many in the LGTBQ+ community feel are targeting their right to exist. In Florida, the "Don't Say Gay" law was expanded, and some teachers feel a chilling effect. Our guest is Orlando Gonzalez, executive director of SAVE/LGBTQ. We ask him about the challenges the community is facing, recent court rulings, and the how the issue will unfold in upcoming elections. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
SOME KEY BISCAYNE residents are up in arms over a proposal to mandate flood barriers on private property in Key Biscayne. And some members of council have delayed the next big step in advancing the island's $250 million dollar plan to fight sea level rise and increase resiliency. Village Manager Steve Williamson, a former Army Corps of Engineers Colonel, has said the island is already behind schedule on voter-approved measures to combat flooding, protect coastlines, and bury electrical power lines. What's going on? We talk to former Mayor Mike Davey about the new political pushback on resiliency initiatives. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
THE TRAGIC COLLAPSE OF THE CHAMPLAIN TOWERS SOUTH in Surfside two years ago this month had huge impacts on condominiums where millions of Floridians live. New inspections and new costs are coming at a time when insurance rates are skyrocketing and buildings are confronting deferred maintenance. In Key Biscayne, the largest complex is the news, with multiple legal issues. Our guest is veteran condominium attorney DANA GOLDMAN, the former mayor of Sunny Isles Beach, who has been holding seminars for owners about coping with these problems. What can owners do to protect themselves? Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
FEW VOTERS KNOW that a mammoth change in law enforcement is coming to Miami-Dade County. That's because for the first time in decades, voters will elect a sheriff who will run the nation's sixth-largest police agency. It means that the job - currently non-political - will become a political office with Republicans and Democrats competing.The current MDPD director, Freddy Ramirez is the top current contender for the job, which will be arguably the single most important elected position in the County. What are his credentials and viewpoint? What challenges does he see? And for Key Biscayne voters, how would he address continuing safety and traffic problems on the Rickenbacker Causeway? Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
THE RECENTLY CONCLUDED LEGISLATIVE SESSION was one for the books with contentious votes on abortion, immigration, guns, and a fight with Disney. It also brought a million dollars to Key Biscayne -- but the island didn't get everything it wanted. Our guest is State House Representative Vicki Lopez who talks about her votes, how the system is working -- and a lot more. We also cover a contentious meeting on Key Biscayne's Vision Plan. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
A RECENT REPORT CARD gave Biscayne Bay another set of poor ratings for water quality. And despite increased attention and new regulation in recent years, the bay is getting worse, not better. It's at a "tipping point," scientists sayOUR guest is Audrey Siu, the policy director for Miami Waterkeeper, a nonprofit group working to restore health to Miami's most precious resource - the waters that surround it. We also discuss the impact of the ending session of the Florida Legislature on a top issue in Key Biscayne -- density, with lawmakers wiping out a 16-year old provision that let voters decide on land development regulations. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
AFTER YEARS, a plan meant to meet future challenges for Miami's "Island Paradise" had a raucous final public meeting before coming to a vote. Critics have organized against it, claiming it will promote density. Village leaders pushed back as they defended the lengthy document. Our guest is former Council Member Luis de la Cruz, a member of the panel who talks about the document's goals -- and the criticism. Joining Tony to host this week is John Pacenti, the Key Biscayne Independent's new executive editor for a review of his reporting about the killer whale Lolita. Support the showSubscribe to the Key Biscayne Independent today
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