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Tony Angus Chat Time is a podcast for the listener who is curious about life. In each episode I'll be chatting with a guest about the way we live and what really matters to us. From education to health, politics to martial arts, climate science to psychology, Chat Time is an easy listening experience and an enjoyable way to learn.
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Benny "The Jet" Uquidez

Benny "The Jet" Uquidez


Benny "The Jet" is one of the best known fighters of all time.  Growing up in a fighting family, Benny had his first fight at 5 years of age and won his first title at 14.  He would go on to represent the US as a member of Elvis Presley's international fight team,  pioneer the sport of kickboxing and win six world titles in 5 weight divisions, fighting allcomers. To this day Benny teaches Ukidokan from his world famous Jet Centre, which is about to open a brand new facility in Woodland Hills, California.  He is still fighting fit and enjoying life.I think you'll enjoy the way Benny thinks and some of the amazing stories of his time with Ed Parker, Elvis, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Richard Norton and Jeff Speakman.And keep an eye out for his new branded sports gear, "Jet Power Equipment".
Mick Pope is a fascinating blend of academia (he has a PhD in Meteorology), religion (he is a devout Anglican and hosts a podcast, entitled "The Natural Philosopher) and martial arts (Mick is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).  Mick researches and teaches climate-related matters and, in this episode we discuss the central issues around human-induced climate change.If you don't believe that humans have any responsibility in creating changes to our climate, then THIS IS the episode for you!!At the conclusion, Mick encourages everyone to visit The Climate Council for easy-to-understand information to help broaden your knowledge on this vital topic.I hope you enjoy this chat (and forgive my occasional rants!!)
Clarence Harvin

Clarence Harvin


Growing up in New Jersey in the early 1980's, Clarence Harvin was a tiny guy, but he wanted to join the army.  So, to put on some size he joined a gym and, as luck would have it, he would find himself at Dynamic Fitness, a true bodybuilder gym where some of his contemporaries would go on to great bodybuilding heights. Clarence would become to go-to guy for problem solving with a lot of people turning to him to help them break through the plateaus they felt they had reached.Clarence has some great advice for those in health and fitness and I think you'll enjoy this chat!!NOTE: Clarence is moving to Australia to be with his Aussie fiance, so you'll be able to contact him to for your own help as of next year.
Tom Potter - Entrepreneur

Tom Potter - Entrepreneur


Following a baker’s apprenticeship, Tom went to work for a bloke trying to make his way in the pastry business world.  Learning from this guy's failures and successes, Tom, at the tender age of just 23, decided to launch his own business.  On the way he created a multi-national, multi-million dollar empire.  That business ... Eagle Boys Pizza.  Watching Eagle Boys peak, Tom turned his attention to the bakery business and created "Crusty Devils Bakeries", which also became hugely successful.  He has turned his attention back to the pizza market, though, so watch this space for a new competitor!!  Tom shares much of knowledge (in his own pull-no-punches manner) in this interview and on the speaking circuit.  He can be contacted via his website,  NOTE: there is a bit of profanity in this podcast, for those out there with delicate ears!!  Please enjoy :)
Eshan Sachin Arya has been a busy young man.Only 35-years old, Eshan holds a bachelor's in Physics and Economics, a master's degree with honours in International Relations and is close to completing a PhD in Social Sciences.  He is an expert in South Asian politics and economics, which is of interest to Australia, given the political and economic ties we have with India.  Eshan currently works as a sessional lecturer at LaTrobe University.Eshan also has a long history with the martial arts, starting when he was just 5.  He has been awarded the official rank of 6th Dan Black Belt and the official title of 'Shihan' in Goju Ryu and holds 3rd Dan Black belt ranks in Kobudo and Shinbukan Jujitsu. He is the General Secretary for the World Peace Karate Foundation and a member of the Olympic Committee of Asia for Martial Arts. You will notice some troubled sound recording at times and you will notice I blame the NBN for that!!  My apologies!  Please enjoy this rather fast-paced chat with Eshan!!
Today Sean O'Gorman is a high performance and mindset coach with a no-bullshit approach.  But once upon a time, not so long ago, he was deciding how to end it all, such was the profound nature of his PTSD.  A former Queensland (Australia) cop, in the K9 Unit, Sean has seen much conflict and violence.  This contributed to his debilitating disorder.  His battled let him to an extremely low point, which he openly discusses with anyone who asks.  From there he worked and studied and attended training programs and retreats.  The fact that he says he no longer has PTSD might indicate that he has hit upon something that is worth listening to.  He has certainly helped thousands of people from all walks of life, through his coaching, group training and his enormously popular podcast, The Strong Life Project.NOTE:  Be advised that this episode contains obscene language.WARNING:  Also be advised that this episode mentions suicide ideation.  If this is likely to cause you distress, please do not listen.  If you, or anyone you know, are struggling please call Lifeline on 131114.Please enjoy the podcast :)
Recruited from Kyneton, Nathan made his debut for the Hawthorn Football Club in 1998, as a mere 20-year old.  He would go on to run third in the club's best and fairest in 2001 and be their leading goal kicker for seasons 2003 and 2004.  Nathan would then move to North Melbourne where he would, again, leading the club's scoring for the 2005 season.  A ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament put paid to Nathan's 2007 and he retired from the AFL in 2008, returning to the VFL, playing there until 2016, where he returned home to play for Kyneton.Nathan is also very well known for announcing to the football world that he suffered from debilitating clinical depression and is widely regarded as the person most responsible for raising awareness to mental health issues in the AFL and sports in general.In this episode we discuss in depth Nathan's lifelong battle with mental illness and the steps he has taken to be well.  I think you'll be impressed with his honesty and candor.I am excited to present to you, the one and only Nathan Thompson 
Dan is a personal trainer from Santa Monica, California, specialising in a ramped-up version of pilates that he simply calls "Shaolin".  Dan has trained movie stars and celebrities and has an awesome knowledge of the body, of functional movement and of health in general.  You'll also notice that Dan practices what he preaches, adhering to a reasonably strict physical and nutritional regimen, which is obviously the reason for his age-defying appearance.Dan be contacted via email on danreyman@gmail.comor via Instagram on @reyman.danor on his cell number +1 310 508 5599Please welcome Dan Reyman
Having come through a domestic violence situation of her own, Anita Bentata went on to become a trained therapist, specialising in providing help to both parties of relationships where domestic violence has become a feature.  Anita has also authored several books on the subject of DV, included the successful "The Wolf in a Suit".In this episode Anita shares with us her insights into the ways DV is brought about and some of the things victims of DV can do to protect themselves. I hope you enjoy this chat.Anita can be contacted on her website, or via email
Mark Squirrel has had a fascinating journey, from college student to special forces soldier to part of the United Nations Rescue Mission in the Solomon Islands and UN Food worker in the Himalayas and Jerusalem.  He is now a high-impact team-building and critical decision-making trainer operating out of the hills north of Melbourne.  In this episode we follow Squiz as he takes on some wild rides through his careers so far.  I also get to ride a quad bike with him down into the paddocks of his farm and feed the sheep and cows and check out where he runs some of his high-pressure decision-making training.I hope you enjoy the chat and look forward to your feedback.Squiz can be contacted through his website
Ron Brown-Sarre is the Co-Director of Barton Buckle Casting Agency, providing actors and extras for the film and television industry.  He provides some interesting insights into the screen world from over 32 years experience, where he has worked closely with casting directors and producers on some of the most well-known local productions, from The Man From Snowy River II to Ghost Rider, Charlotte's Web, Preacher and Bloom.Ron can be contacted through the Barton Buckle website at I hope you enjoy the podcast.  Ciao for now :)
Joe Saunders is a violence management expert, lifelong martial artist and conflict management consultant. He has a degree in psychology and is the host of the Managing Violence Podcast and the Presilience Podcast. He has written articles for several security and martial arts magazines, as well as a memoir of his early years as a young martial artist entering the nightclub security industry.In this episode Joe and talk broadly about conflict, communication and training and then diverge off and discuss related topics, such as Caesar's tactics and the rise of the Japanese and Nazi empires.I hope you follow along and enjoy this chat.  Joe can be contacted through Linked In, under Joe Saunders M.ISRM, or at 
Lesley has a degree in psychology and a long work history in the area of organisational psychology.  She is now the owner and principal consultant of Edge Consulting and has a high level of expertise in delivering a range of training programs, such as Effective Conflict Management, Therapeutic Interventions in Conflict & Crisis Situations, Managing Challenging Behaviours, Preventing Occupational Violence and Advanced Aggression Management.In this episode we discuss Lesley's history and then tackle communication, training and resilience at some length.  I hope you enjoy the podcast.Lesley can be contacted at 
Ian Beeson - Leadership

Ian Beeson - Leadership


Ian’s interest in leadership and teamwork was sparked many years ago, with his involvement in the Scouts, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Rotary Youth Leadership Award programs.  His early professional life focused on delivering effective Information Services to consulting clients, as a member of what is now Accenture, then as the leader of Information Services functions in both Mobil Oil and Phillip Morris.  During his career with Mobil, Ian served as a member of the international audit team, and led a comprehensive systems update project in Lagos, Nigeria.His work with Phillip Morris led him to support the effective management of information systems projects around the Asia-Pacific region, and his teaching of project management techniques gave him his introduction to the Ken Blanchard SLII® solutions family.  He became accredited to deliver the SLII® and Building High Performance Teams® programs within Phillip Morris and then joined Blanchard International Australia in 2006.As Managing Director of Blanchard Australia, Ian serves clients across a broad range of fields from education through heavy manufacturing, from financial services through pharmaceutical manufacturing and from fitness through telecommunications. He is based in Melbourne but serves his clients across Australia and around the world. His passion lies in supporting people to fulfill their dreams.Ian can be contacted through  or on Linked In at
Master Jeff Speakman is a 9th degree Kenpo black belt and the star of over a dozen martial arts-based movies, including the 1990 classic, The Perfect Weapon.  A former private student of the founder of Kenpo, the "Father of American Karate", Ed Parker, Mr Speakman now runs the largest Kenpo organisation in the world, Kenpo 5.0, with schools across 22 countries worldwide.  Each year Mr Speakman hosts the Annual Kenpo 5.0 Training Camp in Las Vegas, where Kenpo 5.0 is headquartered.Mr Speakman has a degree in Behavioural Psychology and his formidable intellect is quite apparent in this interview.  I hope you enjoy the chat as we dig into life, leadership and the future of mankind ... just a few small topics!!!Mr Speakman can be reached through his website
Patrick Veitch has had a very diverse and interesting law enforcement career with Victoria Police weapons and tactics training unit and water police, Australian Federal Police's International Deployment Group trainer in the Solomon islands, privately contracted police initiation trainer for the Iraqi National Guard and inaugural member of the newly formed Marine Unit.  He now lives the quiet life in central Victoria where he runs a successful handyman business and basketball academy. Patrick has much to say about each of these roles and the things he learned about life and leadership within them.Patrick can be contacted via Facebook on
Paul is an ex-police member with Victoria Police.  His final role within the police department was as a program developer within the Operational Safety and Tactics Training Unit (OSTTU), where he was one of the members responsible for researching, designing and developing weapons and tactics training programs for operational members.  Paul is the owner/operator of the highly successful Kando Martial Arts group in south-eastern Melbourne, where he oversees 6 schools and approximately 2500 students.  Paul is also the owner of the wonderful online martial arts advisory and consulting service Martial Arts Business Success (MABS), where he helps schools to become more professional and financially successful.In this episode Paul and I discuss a number of things relating to martial arts, business management, leadership, tactics and use of force.  We also breakdown our thoughts of the George Floyd incident in the US.You can get in touch with Paul through his Facebook page, which is  All of the thoughts expressed on the Tony Angus Chat Time podcast are opinions.  We all have them and we are all entitled to express them.  Please do not get your nose bent out of shape if you disagree.  That's more than likely to happen occasionally.  I'm happy to hear your thoughts on ANY TOPIC as long as you present yourself in a mature and balanced way.  If not, be prepared to be completely ignored (as should be the case.  TRUE?)Enjoy :)
Mark is the Head of Profit Protection for JD Sports APAC and is responsible for implementing the Profit Protection Strategy within the APAC Region. Mark has been the industry for 25 plus years and has held Senior Loss Prevention Roles in major blue-chip businesses in the UK, Middle East, New Zealand and Australia. In this episode we discuss the principals of profit protection and touch on the effects of COVID-19 on retail.  We also chat about what it is that makes JD Sports Fashion such a juggernaut!  Enjoy :)
In this episode I chat with Shelley about her journey to becoming a leadership guru and we delve into some of the wonderful teachings from her book The Dynamic Leader.  Shelley Flett is an expert in leadership development and team performance. She has successfully operated her consulting practice since 2015 after more than 13 years working as a leader herself in various roles across customer service and operations. Shelley is passionate about maximising efficiency and building high performance team cultures in organisations of any size.She has authored two books: The Direction Dilemma – why knowing what you want makes you a better leader; and, The Dynamic Leader – become the leader others are inspired to follow. What Shelley has experienced is that it doesn’t matter what industry or organisation you work in, the challenges faced by leaders are fundamentally the same.Her values in business include: Growth, Delivering Results, Sharing Wisdom, Helping others, Fulfilling a purpose, and Having Fun. 
Paul Gretton-Watson, Director, Consulting at Converge International, has more than 25years’ experience in developing and delivering solution-based strategies, programs and training designed to meet the challenges of people and organisations. He heads up Converge International’s national research and innovation function with a focus on leading edge product development and thought leadership in areas of complex people risk.Paul’s practical experience and specialist knowledge ensures that he is sought after as a speaker and training facilitator. He uses a positive psychology approach to build teams’ performance through appreciative enquiry and using a strengths-based approach. His areas of expertise and research include: high conflict personalities in the workplace, assessing and managing psychosocial risk in individuals and teams, managing the human aspects of change, and building team morale, engagement and performance. He also works with executive leaders both as an executive coach, trusted advisor and facilitator.He is currently completing a professional PhD focusing on workplace bullying and disrespectful behaviour in surgical workplaces. He has partnered with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons as one of the lead evaluators of the “Operating with Respect” program being rolled out across Australia and New Zealand and plans to complete his research program for his doctorate in 2020.In this episode Paul and I discuss High Conflict Personalities and the effects of COVID-19 on the workplace.  We also take a brief look at narcissism, including the personality traits of the president of the United States.
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