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Grief. It’s almost a taboo word in Western society. And yet, it’s a universal human experience and comes in many forms: the loss of a marriage or job, when a cherished friend (human or pet), an aunt or uncle, sibling, Mom or Dad cross the Veil. But if your child takes his or her last breath before you do, you’re thrown into a world that’s unimaginable and indescribable. If you’re a Mom that has a child in Spirit, this podcast is for you. With Grace, hope, a little tough love, and even some wit and humor along the way, this podcast will honor where you are. Join me, Lori Latimer, Intuitive Soul Navigator, as my guests and I share insights, tools, and techniques to assist you on your grief journey. Every Tuesday, we’ll journey into all the dark places of grief, shining a light on them so you can integrate them rather than avoid them. The Grief With Grace podcast will inspire you to find Moments Of Joy In the Everyday so you can continue to live your life after the unimaginable has happened, and in doing so, honor your precious child’s life and legacy.
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Jami Lee Mumford’s son, Chayse, was born early at just 24 weeks with hydrocephalus leading to 40 brain surgeries and 56 total surgeries over the course of his 17 years of life. Within the span of 18 months, Jami lost her son, mother, and step-father. After trying to drown her pain with alcohol, she eventually tapped into her spiritual gifts and found a way to help others. In our conversation, Jami shared:How her life turned around after she stopped drinking to escape the pain of her son’s death The 180 her life did after her son’s passingHow she felt about the Jami that didn’t have Chayse after his passingWhy she chose to rise up out of her excessive use of alcoholHer journey to being an authorHow writing helped turn her grief aroundThe message she heard right after Chayse was bornMy conversation with Jami lasted well over an hour. Be sure to listen in next week for Part 2.You can find Jami hereAnd don’t forget that tomorrow night, January 13, 2021 I’m hosting the first of my Healing With the Magic of the Moon Circles. You can get more information register here
Whew - we made it through 2020! If this was your first set of holidays without your child or other loved one in this physical life, give yourself a big hug. It’s a milestone that needs to be acknowledged. Far too often we don’t acknowledge our growth and milestones.What I’ve learned over the past 13 years is that just because the date changes on the calendar, nothing is different in life unless and until we choose for things to be different.As 2020 came to a close, I wrote up a list of 7 things I learned in 2020 that I want to carry forward on my 2021 healing journey. In this episode, I shared that list and hope you’ll find inspiration in what I learned so you can create your 2021 healing journey in a way that supports you in your growth and healing.Please be sure to visit my Facebook page and let me know what lessons you learned in 2020 that will assist you in your healing journey in 2021!You can find more information about my upcoming Healing With the Magic of the Moon healing circles here
It’s hard to believe that this is the final episode of the Grief With Grace podcast for 2020. Last week we passed more than 3,500 downloads, so I want to thank everyone who listens, shares it, sends me messages, and leaves a rating and review. I’m humbled and grateful, and I’m excited about all the guests and topics I already have lined up for 2021.Registration is still open for my virtual year-end healing circle - but it's happening tonight, so click the link at the bottom of the show notes to register!Today’s episode is Part 2 of my conversation with medium Paul Jacobs, and it’s just as insightful and riveting as Part 1 was! I could have chatted with Paul for hours, and if you’re curious to learn more about this topic or would like a reading with him, I encourage you to go to his website and see what he has to offer.Here are some of the highlights of Part 2 of our conversation:His experience of traveling into the Spirit worldWhat I look forward to when I meet my son, Greg, when my time in this life ends - and what we should all look forward toWhy Paul speaks with so much conviction and passion about the Spirit worldHis experience of meeting his Father in Spirit - and where he went during that experience that his Father wasn’t allowed to go to - and whyThe reason it’s so important that we develop our Spirituality in this lifeHow we could make all mediums redundant (note to all my medium friends: it won’t ever happen so you’ll always be needed!)Why Paul used to sleep with an ax under his bedThe thing that everyone can developThe regrets he hears most often from those in the Spirit world - and how we can all avoid those regretsWhat he usually hears from people when he tells them about their possibilities during a psychic readingPaul’s experiences with Spirits as a child and a young manThe “push” he received from the Spirit world to do something about his mediumistic abilitiesThe training he embarked on, even though he had natural mediumship abilitiesThings that can create a barrier when we have a mediumship readingWhy the person we want to come through in a reading isn’t always the first one to come throughThe “evidence” parents most often want during a readingPaul’s thoughts on the notion of “protection” from the Spirit world as a mediumCan a medium “call up” particular people from the Spirit world?Paul’s thoughts on some of the “signs” we believe we received from our loved ones in SpiritThe difference between ghosts and SpiritsWhat the movie “Ghost” gets right about SpiritsThe difference between physical healing and spiritual healingFor more information about Paul Jacobs, visit his websiteRegistration is still open for tonight’s year-end virtual healing circle. I’m going to take you through a process to release 2020 and create your 2021 healing journey. This is open to any woman, not only grieving mothers. Anyone who signs up will receive the gorgeous 40-page healing journal I created as well as a copy of the recording of our Circle. Click here to sign up. You must register before 6:30 p.m. ET today.
Paul Jacobs is a world-renowned medium. He studied at and taught at the Arthur Findlay College in England, the premier college for spirituality and mediumship studies. I’m extremely honored that Paul was kind enough to do this interview. If you’re skeptical about mediumship, please listen in with an open heart - I think Paul will open you up to a new way of looking at the Spirit world and the gifts it has for us.  He’s had a fascinating and rich history with mediumship and spirituality, about which he shared openly in our conversation.Our conversation lasted well over an hour. I’ll release part 2 next week, so stay tuned for the rest of the conversation! Here are a few of the highlights from Part 1 of our chat:Why he only speaks from his own experience in mediumship, and not things he’s readWhy he considers himself to be the “Reluctant Medium”How his search for the reality of God led him to mediumship and the Spirit worldWhy being a “Reluctant Medium” helped him grow as a mediumA peek into some of his private conversations with Gordon Higginson, his mentor and the then-Principal of the Arthur Findlay CollegeThe message he received from the Spirit world about being a full-time mediumThe role personal responsibility takes in the choices we makeThe intention I always set before I have a reading with a mediumThe reading where Paul received the message he needed to hear, but not the one he wanted to hearWhat he tells aspiring mediums about meeting the needs of the client and the Spirit worldThe difference between psychic readings and mediumship readingsWhy the term “psychic medium” is really a misnomerThe different roles of the Soul in psychic readings and in mediumship readingsWhy we all have psychic abilities, but we don’t all have mediumship abilitiesWhy we don’t develop mediumship - and what we can develop insteadWhy being a medium is not the only way to be of service (this one is particularly important for bereaved parents)The importance of intent and motivation in mediumshipThe true purpose of mediumship (hint: it isn’t what most people think it is)What Gordon Higginson told him about the materialistic side of mediumshipWhy it’s so important for bereaved parents to maintain a balance between wanting to connect spiritually and living their present physical livesWhat he tells bereaved parents the reason their child in Spirit may not be happyHow the concept of eternity can assist us on our grief journeyWhy bereaved parents don’t need to worry about things they feel their children missed out on in this lifeThis episode was so rich and full of insightful information. It’s a particularly important episode for bereaved parents who are trying to develop mediumship abilities.For more information about Paul Jacobs, visit his websiteRegistration is open for my year-end virtual healing circle on December 29, 2020 to release 2020 and create your 2021 healing journey. This is open to any woman, not only grieving mothers. Anyone who signs up will receive the gorgeous 40-page healing journal I created as well as a copy of the recording of our Circle. Click here to sign up.
2020 has been a wild ride, hasn’t it? We’ve all been affected not only by our own grief, but by the collective grief of the world as a whole this year. Whether your child went to Spirit this year, or another loved one, or the way of life that made you feel somewhat safe, we’re all grieving.As the end of 2020 draws near, we naturally look forward to 2021. Due to the ongoing Covid situation, there’s more uncertainty going into 2021 than probably any other year in our lifetimes. And yet, we still get to choose who we want to be and what we want to experience in 2021.In this episode, I share:How many grieving Moms are working through their griefHow 2021 is calling us to shift in our grief and healing journeyThe choice only you can makeThe energetics of 2020 and 2021, and what each means for usWhat 2021 offers each of us, no matter where we are in life and in our grief and healing journeyI also shared an invitation to join me in a powerful year-end virtual healing circle on December 29, 2020 to release 2020 and call in 2021. This is open to any woman, not only grieving mothers. Click here to sign up.
This week’s episode is heavy and difficult, but necessary. As we face the holidays, a New Moon and Solar Eclipse, the Winter Solstice, and a Full Moon all happening this month, the energies are intense.It isn’t uncommon for people to fall into states of depression around the holidays. Add in deep grief, and it’s easy to find yourself in a dark place.If you need professional help, please reach out to a mental health professional or call a crisis hotline.If you need help finding your next steps on your healing and grief journey, email me at lori@lorilatimer.comIf you’re a grieving Mom in need of community and support, please join my private Facebook Group, Grief With GraceIf you aren’t a grieving Mom but are looking for grief support and hope, please visit the Grief With Grace Podcast Facebook Page
Jennifer “Jaki” Johnson has a fascinating background, but she never settles. She follows her heart to wherever it leads. From being a radio producer with Steve Harvey, to flight attendant, to wellness, Jaki has led a rich life, but it’s been filled with grief and healing.In this interview, Jaki shares her grief and healing journey, and the role that forgiveness and self-love have played in her healing. We also talked about:How she continued to parent her son after he went to SpiritWhat a pastor told her that led her to question everything she’d believed about the Bible - and how she created a new relationship with GodWhat she does with the messages she receives from her son in SpiritHow her son re-introduced her to SpiritHer early experiences with SpiritWhy (and how) her business, Jetsetter Chic, shifted after her son’s passingHow her son has influenced her businessesWhere she found her healingThe two reasons she believes people stay in deep griefWhy stillness is so critical when we’re grievingFind more about Jaki at www.jetsetterchic.comBe sure to sign up for my revised guide, 4 Steps To Connect With Your Child In Spirit
This episode will be released on Thanksgiving Day 2020. It can be difficult to be thankful when you have a child in Heaven. Add to that the fact that it’s 2020 and many people aren’t able to be with family for Thanksgiving, and it’s a very challenging time.In this episode, you’ll hear some ideas for how to experience this day, how to bring gratitude into the day, and how to find some moments of joy today.I wish for all of you, a very Happy and Peace-Filled Thanksgiving. And wherever you’re listening in from, I’m thankful for each of you.You can listen to Episode 25 here.My special Black Friday offer of two Breathwork sessions for the price of one can be found here - but only until midnight ET on Monday, November 30, 2020.
Self-care is more than just a buzzword. It’s also often an uncomfortable idea to many women. It brings up all of our self-worth issues and limiting beliefs about what we deserve. When we’re dealing with grief, guilt, and simply trying to survive, it’s often not even on our radar.In this episode, I share:How self-care is the foundation on which we build (or deepen) a strong, healthy connection with our child or other loved ones in SpiritWhy self-care is not selfish or self-indulgent - and what it really isHow many Moms avoid self-care as a form of self-punishmentWhat my 4 Pillars of Connection are and how they help build your foundation of connection to SpiritWhy breathwork helps support all 4 Pillars of ConnectionMy Black Friday breathwork special offerGo to for my Black Friday Breathwork Special OfferIf you haven’t yet received a copy of my revised complimentary guide, 4 Steps to Connect With Your Child In Heaven, click here
The holidays pose unique challenges for grieving parents. Do you celebrate or do you ignore it all? If you celebrate, how do you celebrate? How do you honor your child in your celebrations?In this episode, I offer some insights and ideas for honoring your grief as you navigate the holidays, regardless of which holidays you celebrate and regardless of how long it's been since your child went to Spirit. You get to choose if, and how, you celebrate. Just as grief is different for everyone, how you choose to navigate the holiday season will be different as well.Some the things to consider:What to do if you have other children or grandchildrenWhat to do if your only child is in Spirit and you’re alone for the holidaysHoliday preparationsSetting boundaries to honor your griefThings to consider about your traditionsWhat to do if your grief becomes too much during a holiday get togetherWays you can honor your child during the holidaysRandom acts of kindness you can do in your child’s nameThe importance of time and space in your holiday calendarBe sure to join the Grief With Grace Facebook group here
“The new normal” is a catch phrase many people throw around, particularly in 2020. For grieving Moms, it doesn’t always sit well. What does that phrase really even mean? Listen in as I explain why life is anything but “normal” when you have a child in Spirit, and why the whole notion of a “new normal” is really a myth. I also share what one Mom, who has 3 children in Spirit, recently told me about how she feels about “normal” after a child goes to Spirit.
In some recent conversations with other grieving Moms, we talked about some of the things people say to us that hurt or anger us. They come up a lot in Facebook groups. So I thought I’d take some of them on, and offer some suggested reframes for them.When we have a child in Spirit, our nerves and emotions are fragile. Just one word can cut us to our core. But are people usually doing this intentionally?Listen in for the comments and questions I found upset Moms the most, and my retakes on them. There’s one I just couldn’t find a reframe for, so if you come up with something, let me know!I’ve updated my free checklist for grieving Moms. If you haven’t received your copy yet, click here to enter your name and email address and I’ll send it right away.And be sure to join our private Facebook group for grieving Moms where I share a lot more tips and tools to help you on this journey.
Did you know that color has the power to heal? In this episode, Michal Spiegelman shares her own grief journey, and how she used color to heal from her losses.Michal is an amazing intuitive healer, a Reiki Master, and the founder of Beacons of Change where she holds space for women to tap into their ancient feminine wisdom. She has studied in Israel, Germany, England, and the United States.Join us as we delve into:How Michal’s search for a way out of depression led her to ReikiThe role Reiki and colors played in opening her up to a deeper layer of healingHow we can use Reiki to release some of the heaviness of griefWhat was missing after she healed her griefWhat the vibration of colors can do for usThe one color she rarely wears - and whyThe connection between color and the organs in our bodiesThe color of compassion and forgivenessThe color that brings a sense of joy and lightnessHow you affect other people through the colors you wearHow I incorporated a color I was never drawn to into my life - and which chakra it helped me open upA way you can experiment with colors, one week at a timeWhich color represents the expression of your heartCreating balance in your emotions by using complementary colorsWhat living at full power meansAnd so much more!This was such a rich conversation and I learned a lot from it. I hope you’ll look at color in some new ways after you listen.Michal’s website, Beacons Of Change, can be found here.Join Michal and me in her Facebook group, The Thriving Empath.You can find the Grief With Grace Facebook group here.
How do you grieve with love? In this episode, my friend Jonathon Aslay and I break that down. When we met in 2009, we each had two sons. We had no idea that 10 years later, we’d each have one son in Heaven. Jonathon’s son, Connor, left this life six months before my son, Greg, did.Jonathon is the author of two books, Understand Men Now, and his most recent book, What The Heck Is Self-Love Anyway.Jonathon has a huge heart and a witty sense of humor. Both have served him well on his own grief journey the past two years, and both were on full display in this episode where we talked about:His choice to grieve with love - and what that means to himWhat he chooses to do instead of suffering through his griefWhat grieving with Grace means to himHis experiences connecting with his son using plant-based medicine, and the messages he received during those experiencesHow self-love helps us in our griefUsing self-love as a multivitamin against chaosThe moment we fully love ourselvesThe truth about choicesFinding the gifts in the nightmareWhat to say to someone who’s grieving instead of “I’m sorry for your loss”A way to lean into the remembrance of your child (or other loved one)How he honors his son’s mother, even though they’re divorcedJonathon also shares his story of his use of drugs and alcohol after his divorce, and how the self-development practices he implemented to rise out of that assisted him when Connor passed away.Be sure to visit Jonathon’s website here and on YouTube.
Have you ever felt like you’ll never feel happy again after your child left this life? Or that you don’t deserve to feel happy? Or you feel guilty when you do feel a moment of happiness?Happiness can seem elusive, or self-indulgent, after we’ve experienced a great loss. And yet, it’s one of the basic human emotions that we’re here to experience. Cutting ourselves off from happiness or any other emotion in an effort to punish ourselves causes more anguish than we might already be experiencing.Expecting to be happy all the time at any point in our lives is unrealistic. After experiencing the death of a child, happiness is going to look different than it did before. We have to redefine what happiness looks like for us to be able to experience it when we do encounter it so we don’t push it away.One of the things grieving Moms say they most want is to connect with their child in Spirit. To do that, we have to raise our vibration. Allowing ourselves to experience the higher vibrational emotions such as happiness is one of the quickest ways to raise our vibration, and make that connection with our child.In this episode, I share a simple journaling exercise to help you redefine happiness. Be sure to share what brings you happiness on my Grief With Grace Facebook page here.
“What goes around, comes around.” “Karma’s a bi*ch.”Poor karma. It really does get a bad wrap. It’s so misunderstood and blamed for so many things.In this week’s episode, I break down exactly what karma is and what it isn’t. I also share:What the Law of Gestation has to do with karmaHow quickly karma can play outHow we can shift our karmaHow past life choices affect our current karmaThe power of choice in shifting our karmaEgo and karmaRegistration is still open for my upcoming 5-week virtual journey, Transmuting Emotions. You can find all the details here. We begin on October 12, 2020 so be sure to sign up before that date!If you have any questions about the course or a payment plan, email me at
Wouldn't it be nice if the world stopped when we’re thrown into the abyss of grief? We all know it doesn't and even in the midst of our grief, we're often faced with seemingly endless challenges. So how do we find compassion when things spin out of our control? How do we find grace and compassion in those times? I dive into that in this episode.What really causes us to lose our patienceWhat you can choose instead of impatience or losing your temper3 things that will assist you in staying out of the reactionary, low-level energiesThe question to ask yourself about what you’re consuming (not only physical food!)One way to determine your level of self-worthOne thing we tend to perceive as a weakness that’s actually a sign of strengthI also shared about my upcoming 5-week virtual journey, Transmuting Emotions. You can find all the details and enrollment information here. This journey will enhance other grief and healing work you’ve done, so I hope you’ll join me. I’m keeping this group small, so sign up today while space is available. We begin on October 12, 2020.
From corporate career to Happiness Coach to Compassionate Bereavement Care provider, Karen Castilon has been through many transitions in her life.Karen’s oldest son, Josh, left this life in 2014. She talks about the guilt her family experienced after Josh’s transition and the words she heard the night he transitioned.Talking with Karen was like having a conversation with myself. We share many of the same beliefs about life, death and grief.In this episode we talked about:Her inspiration for becoming a Happiness coachFinding new tools to rely on after her son’s transitionHer advice to Moms who feel their life is over withAllowing grief and joy to coexist in your lifeThe importance of choice in our livesThe importance of feeling it allThe first thing a Mom can do to process her emotionsThe danger of spiritual bypassingUsing creativity in your healingThe energetics and creativity of wordsRiding and processing the waves of grief that come upThe biggest lesson she’s learned since her son left this lifeTo receive Karen’s journaling prompts, click hereSign up here for my upcoming free Masterclass
So many of you emailed or messaged me on social media about last week’s episode and how helpful you found it. One question asked about breaking down the concept of grief. This episode does that in a way I hope will help you shift your thinking around it.I give you an analogy that has helped my clients look at grief in a new way. I also used another analogy to talk about the different emotions of grief and how they shift and change. And I share with you the antidote to grief. The overall theme for you to take away is it’s the small shifts that help you on this journey. There is no one big magic wand anyone can wave to change things. But one shift builds on the one before, and the one before that, and so on. I also share more information about the free masterclass I’m hosting on Thursday, September 24th. I’ll be sharing the top 3 emotions of grief that keep us stuck and how to shift them.The Masterclass will be held via Zoom beginning at 7:00 p.m. ET / 4:00 p.m. PT. Click here to sign up and you’ll get all the details.
We all experience trauma. It can occur at any age, during our birth, while we’re in our Mother’s womb, or in past lives. And it comes in many shapes, forms and experiences.In this episode I talk about:Where we store our traumaSome of the physiological signs of traumaHow we carry trauma from past livesThe fascinating example of organ donors and recipientsThe key to shifting the trauma we carryMy upcoming MasterclassBe sure to get your free copy of my guide “Sacred Self-Care For Grieving Moms”If you’re a grieving Mom, please join our closed Facebook Group
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