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Johnny Kay - Relapse

Johnny Kay - Relapse


“What my addict brain really wants me to do is sell every possession and item I own, and go and live in a crack den for the rest of my life until I die.” I talk sobriety with Johnny Kay, who first started his journey to sobriety over 2 years ago. Since then, he has relapsed several times. We discuss gossipping within the sober community, relapsing and whether or not it is inevitable, and how to control and manage addict behaviour. New episode out every tuesday
“You can’t save them.” I talk sobriety with Ruby Lake. Ruby has never herself struggled with addiction, however witnessed her father’s battle with alcohol and drug abuse from a young age. We talk about her ‘no addicts’ rule, the best ways to deal with a loved one’s addiction and discuss why sober people comparing their journey to others is extremely counter-productive. - Episodes out every Tuesday - 
I talk sobriety with Carl Smith, 8 months sober. As an entertainment journalist, Carl found that heavy drinking was part of his job. However, he always took it a little bit too far and almost jeopardised his career. Our discussion topic this week is ‘Why is there a lack of accountability and shame associated with getting too drunk in social situations?’ - New episode every Tuesday -
I talk sobriety with Bex Landale. 10 weeks sober, Bex gave up drinking to better her mental wellbeing, as well as to improve her physical state (as a yoga teacher this is very important). Our discussion topic this week is ‘Should we treat alcohol like cigarettes (and ban marketing)? - New episode every Tuesday -
I talk sobriety with Charlie Heptinstall, 18 months sober, with Krohns disease and type 1 diabetes. His alcoholism has frequently landed him in hospital, but through sobriety he has been able to chase his dreams of becoming an actor. Our discussion topic this week is ‘How has going sober affected your mental health?’ - New episode every Tuesday -
I talk sobriety with Saskia, 15 months sober, discussing how moving out at a young age affected her view of drugs and alcohol, and how going sober has been life changing in more ways than one. Our discussion topic this week is ‘How did going sober change your sex and dating life?’. - New episode every Tuesday -
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