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Would You Try a Dating App Based on Personality Types? In this episode, James talks with Jessica Alderson who is one of the founders of the excited new personality based dating app So Syncd. So Syncd is the first dating app and website that connects compatible personality types. By pairing couples who have just the right amount of similarities to 'get' each other and just the right amount of differences to create that spark, we'll help you find the lasting relationship you've been looking for. You'll find out how the Myers Briggs Personality Test can transform your love life!
Join Us to Celebrate Our 50th Episode! Can you believe we have already reached 50 wonderful episodes? To mark this special occasion, James invites back his first ever guest - Jade Birkin - to find out how her dating has changed since they first spoke. Jade is a Dating Blogger and Coach, with great stories to share on the podcast. It's a fun episode which you will love. Thank you SO much to everyone who has listened so far. We have big plans for the next 50 episodes. Do reach out if you have any suggestions or topics you'd like us to cover.
Are You a Hindu or Sikh Single Looking for Love? Dating and being single can be hard, especially if you're a member of a minority group. Dating for Hindu and Sikhs can be a challenge, since there are so many different cultural influences to navigate. In this episode, James talks with Sukh Kaur who is the founder of Matched By Sukh Kaur - a new Dating Agency for Hindu and Sikh professionals. You'll find out why Sukh has started this business and how Hindu and Sikhs look for love. There are some great insights in the episode and some dating advice that can be used by everyone.
Are you Ready to Start Dating Again? As the pandemic starts to release it's grip, we now have a lot more freedom. Many people have put their love life on hold, but they are now excited to finally go out and meet new people again. This is such a wonderful opportunity so James' guest for this episode is Life Coach Rachael Lloyd. Rachael is the relationship expert for eharmony and she has some very unique insights about dating. Find out how the world of dating has changed and why people are now looking for a partner more seriously than ever before. You'll learn the best ways to meet new people and how to accelerate the process. It's a very insightful episode between two dating experts and we guarantee you'll learn a lot! You can find out more about Rachael HERE
Do You Struggle With Dating Anxiety? Dating anxiety is a type of social anxiety that occurs when one is exposed to romantic relationships, dating especially. Dating anxiety is a common problem that just about everyone will experience at some point in their lives. The good news is that there is a great way to overcome this - through self-care. To explain more, James talks to Relationship Master Coach Teresha Young. - aka the Confidence Restyler. |n this episode, Teresha tells James about the difficult journey that lead her to becoming a Relationship Master Coach. She gives her top tips on how to understand and bring self-care into your life, using the same strategies she teaches her clients. If you have any kind of dating anxiety then you can't afford to miss this episode! You can find out more about Teresha HERE
Have You Ever Wondered Why So Many People Create Dating Apps? In this brand new episode, James speaks with David Minns who is known as the Niche Online Dating Man. David taught himself how to code and built his own dating apps. He creates products that are seen and used by millions of people through his network of niche online dating sites and apps. Interestingly, he creates niche dating sites that have a 'twist' or are considered shocking in some way. This leads to huge publicity and helps him stand out from the competition. You'll hear David's story about how he got started in the dating app industry and how he managed to build his huge portfolio. If you've ever wanted to create your own app, or you are interested in how marketing can create success, you'll love this episode!
Did You Know It's Possible to Use Your Thoughts to Become More Attractive? This includes thinking more attractively about money, relationships, success, health, happiness, family, business and so much more. In this dating podcast episode, James is joined by the phenomenal Aoife Roche. She is a Business Coach, Champion Fitness Model and author of the book "How to Think Yourself More Attractive." Aoife explains how everything you have ever wanted to create in your life is determined by the level of your thinking. You can determine your own level of attractiveness. It is possible to think yourself attractive and create the results that you want in your life. If you'd like to learn how...listen right away!
When you're on the market for a new partner, it can be hard to tell whether you've found a real relationship or not. That's because dating is full of mixed signals. If you're trying to figure out whether your partner is right for you, it can be easy to think about red flags and reasons things might not last. However, as this dating podcast is all about positivity, this episode is all about spotting the Green Flags - the reasons why things have a chance of lasting. To help, James is joined by Dating Coach Robert Noakes who is the founder of Wingman Dating Training. Robert explains how to looks for positive clues when it comes to online dating and also on real dates. It's a great episode that you'll enjoy!
Are you looking to start a family on your own? In the latest episode of the Love Machine relationship podcast, James is joined by Mel Johnson who is known as the Solo Motherhood Coach. She set up her company called "The Stork and I" in order to help reach women who aren't sure which direction to take. You'll find out all about her journey and why she decided to have a baby on her own after some unsuccessful dating experiences. You'll hear some great tips about whether or not you should wait for a partner and also how dating might change once you start dating again.
Are you newly single and wondering how you might meet someone new? In this brilliant episode of the Love Machine Podcast, James is joined by leading Matchmaker and owner of the Bowes-Lyon Partnership Agency. Hayley explains exactly why matchmaking can be a great choice for anyone - but especially those who are second time around dating. She tells James about the matchmaking process and tells James why she started in the first place. You'll find out about the type of people who join her and what your investment will get you. Do let us know if you have any questions or feedback after listening!
Are You Sick and Tired of Endless Swiping on Dating Apps? This is such a common issue that leads to frustration and disappointment. But there is good news! In this episode, James is joined by the founder of brand new Dating App Unavine - Lee Hazzard. Lee explains exactly how the app works and how it could completely transform your dating life. It's so much more than just meeting people - it offers video content and live coaching sessions too. He tells James why he has launched this and why video profiles are the real future of dating. Have a listen now to find out why Unavine could well be the Netflix of Dating!
Are You Using Your Energies to Your Advantage? Each of us carries an energy that attracts another person to us. And the same thing happens in relationships; people who have compatible energies are drawn to each other and will often form a deeper connection. But so many people are displaying the wrong kind of energy. To help understand this, James interviewed the enchanting Madelyn Moon. She is an Intimacy Coach with a huge following. You'll find out exactly what energies are, how men and women differ and hear about her own journeys and discoveries. We can guarantee you'll learn so much and have a much deeper understanding of the opposite sex after listening!
Did You Know that Finding a Match During the Pandemic can be a Positive Experience? In this episode, James is joined by the founder of the "Matchmade in Scotland" Dating Agency Laura Smyth and is sponsored by Twisper the Positivity App. Together, they talk about: Why more and more people are ready to commit to a serious relationship Why Singles have become choosier about speaking to people who have the same values but less fickle about not so important issues Why they are not dating as many people as they were before so the lack of choice and options gives them the ability to commit to one person.  Why the Dating process is slowing down Plus much more! Do have a listen and let us know your thoughts.
Do You Constantly Wonder Why You are Still Single? Being single can be tough. It's mentally draining, it's boring, and it's a crucial step on the road to finding love. According to an online dating survey by, over 90% of singles think being single is more difficult today than it was a decade ago. So to help, James interviewed Dating Coach and Writer Ieva Kambarovaite. Ieva is the author of the bestselling dating book, "Why Am I Still Single?" which is aimed at women, Find out what's been going wrong and how you can start finding a happy relationship!
Would You Like to Bring More Romance Into Your Life? In this episode, James interviews Matchmaker and Love Coach Joy Nordenstrom. Joy is the founder of Joy of Romance and has over 34 years experience working in the love industry. It's a funny episode with lots of advice and laughter. Find out how Joy got started and all the wonderful advice she gives singles who come to her looking for help. You'll also learn about using all the senses more and whether or not aphrodisiacs really work!
Do You Wonder Why You Keep Making Bad Dating Choices? In this episode, James is joined by John Kenny, The Relationship Guy. John helps people to experience great relationships. He is the Founder of Interpersonal Relationship Coaching (IRC), Author, Speaker and Documentary Maker. Many singles are have relational patterns, that determine who they end up with and how happy their relationships are. These patterns and what we learnt growing up about relationships. They can stop singles from finding great relationships. John explains how he had limiting relational patterns and what steps he took to change his life. You'll find out the most common mistakes people make and how you can avoid making them too!
Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST) is an evolutionary, body-oriented therapeutic system dealing with sexual and intimacy issues In this episode Emma Harper joins James to discuss exactly what this process is and how it can help you. She explains how her therapy is a unique combination between psychotherapy, coaching and bodywork disciplines, containing neuroscience, trauma therapy and myofascial release technique. Emma tells us how men and women have different sexual intimacy issues and how she helps them move through this. It's a very deep and informative episode which we hope you will enjoy.
Would You Like to Attract the Love You Deserve Using Tapping? In this episode, James is joined by the lovely Fiona McConachie who is a Transformational Coach. Tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system, and body all at once. It consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through traumatic memories and a wide range of emotions Fiona explains how tapping works and what it can be used for, She talks about the kinds of things you can tap on, and how exactly you can do it. It can help release blockages and improve your relationships with others and yourself. It's a really episode which I'm sure you will enjoy listening to!
Would you like to learn how to have more self-belief, confidence and have the ultimate dating mindset? In this episode, James is joined by Inga Pakalniskyte. Inga is a life & business coach, host of The Mindset School podcast, neuroscience geek and entrepreneur. Through her work, podcast, courses and tools she creates, Inga seeks to shift peoples mindset, inspire and help them become the best version of themselves, so they can create the life beyond their wildest dreams. Together, they answer topics such as: Why is mindset so important - especially when it comes to dating How singles can deal with limiting beliefs How can singles can make better people choices Dealing with Rejection Once you've listened, please do reach out and us know what you thought!
In this episode, James is joined by Model/DJ and Star of Rich Kids Go Stint Jodie Weston. With the pandemic, there has been a boom in zoom dating and Jodie has experienced a fair share of bad dates which she shares on this very funny podcast episode. Find out how men approach her on dating apps and the sort of messages she hates getting! James also gives her a bit of dating coaching to help her avoid making the same mistakes moving forwards. Once you've listened, don't forget to download his latest book for FREE from James' dating coaching website.
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