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Season 4: Episode Sixteen. Get tea cups at the ready as this week Benji and Brad chat with Copper Topp from Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. The boys get all the backstage goss from Copper Topp plus find out how she does in a game of Who Is She?! Benji also reveals a story of what happened when he used poppers for the first time this week… All this and more on My Big Gay Podcast.Support the show
Season 4: Episode Fifteen. The boys share your opinions on open relationships and Brad receives an unexpected message from an ex! To share your stories and opinions then get in touch on all socials @BigGayPodcast xSupport the show
Season 4: Episode Fourteen. Benji and Brad discuss open relationships, threesomes and an Only Fans Tinder match as they reflect on past experiences and the single gay life in London. Plus, Brad shares his story of being invited to a posh Italian wedding this summer with an unlimited free bar… what could possibly go wrong?Support the show
Season 4: Episode Thirteen. Benji and Brad are FINALLY back from their accidentally extended summer break (and I oop!) and what an eventful time it has been for them both. From summer loving to pride events around the UK to holidays that ended up in A & E. Tune in to find out some of the shenanigans the boys have been up to over the summer season.Support the show
Season 4: Episode Twelve. This week Benji and Brad discuss some sensitive issues surrounding derogatory language, being outed and sexual harassment. Benji opens up about a personal experience that some listeners may find triggering. For advice or further information then contact @BigGayPodcast or UK listeners can get in touch with Switchboard LGBT. All the big gay love xSupport the show
Season 4: Episode 11. There has been all sorts of mayhem and madness this week as Benji and Brad celebrate bank holiday weekend with a bang! From trips to the West End, unwanted guests on a night out, London festivals to private bar parties - it’s all been happening this week for the boys! Freaky Friday is no more as Benji is back to full sass mode and Brad is hungover. Life is finally back to normal on My Big Gay Podcast.Support the show
Season 4: Episode Ten. Benji and Brad welcome a very special guest onto the podcast this week as they are joined by London’s emerging music artist Eden Hunter! The boys chat to Eden about her journey in the music industry so far, London’s iconic pop festival Mighty Hoopla and the release of her latest single: Twenty. Plus, listeners can play along with a pop music drinking game of Finish That Lyric! (Alcohol recommended).Support the show
Season 4: Episode Nine. This week, Benji discusses getting a new London housemate and Brad tells his story of his first-ever fine dining experience. Plus the boys share some listener messages including self-sucking, prick tips and some doggy antics! Just another week of more My Big Gay Podcast shenanigans.Support the show
Season 4: Episode Eight. It must be Freaky Friday because this week it is Benji’s turn to be hungover! The boys chat all things Little Mix and Eurovision plus Brad reveals which game he has recently encountered in the bedroom. Things also end up a bit messy as the boys dicuss some rather sticky situations…Support the show
Season 4: Episode Seven. Benji and Brad recount their experience from the bottomless brunch they attended together last weekend in London… and let’s just say it all ends in absolute chaos! Plus, the boys reveal your stories on DIY dildos and anal toys. All this and more on the latest adventures of Benji and Brad.Support the show
Season 4: Episode Six. Another week of madness and mayhem continues for Benji and Brad as they share stories of alternative dildos, drag shows and drugs. Find out who has been recently dumped and who has been caught doing some illegal activity! All this and more in the latest episode of My Big Gay Podcast.Support the show
Season 4: Episode Five. It’s been an eventful time for Benji and Brad lately with excursions abroad, partying in London, drunken nights out and new jobs. Find out who had a recent bad encounter with Christina Aguilera and a story is revealed this week involving a midwife and an unfortunate rimming situation. All this and more on My Big Gay Podcast.Support the show
Season 4: Episode Four. This week Benji and Brad are chatting all things kinks and fetishes! We all like different things in the bedroom and the boys are sharing their experiences from role play, dressing up, sex outdoors and their own personal kinks. Let’s end the taboo of talking about gay sex and spread the love!Support the show
Season 4: Episode Three. Who doesn’t have insecurities about their body? Well, Benji and Brad certainly do and this week they chat all things image, self-confidence and body issues in the LGBTQ+ community. Find out who had a recent embarrassing moment with an ex, who enjoys the gym showers a bit too much and who has just tried Botox for the first time. If you want to share your opinions and experiences then the boys would love to hear from you! Get in touch @biggaypodcast xSupport the show
Season 4: Episode Two. This week we discover more about the single lives of Benji and Brad and all their latest dating encounters including badly recommended matches and nappy fetishes. The boys reveal their Dating Tips, share some chat up lines as well as some dating app fails plus find out which host was recently Catfished.Support the show
Season 4: Episode One. Benji and Brad are back, back, back, BACK again with their first episode of Season 4! The boys have been up to all sorts of adventures and mischief since the end of their last season, so expect to hear more about the lives, loves and lols of two single gay men living in London! In this episode Benji and Brad discuss porn and Only Fans as well as share their recent first-ever speed dating experiences! Support the show
Season 3: Episode Twenty-Two. This week, Benji and Brad play Cupid once again as they host their Season Three Blind Date Gameshow! Find out if bachelor Reece will choose Chris, George or Matt for his Christmas date as the three contestants answer questions in a battle to win his heart. Will anyone find love in a hopeless place? There’s only one way to find out!Support the show
Season 3: Episode Twenty-One. It’s time to grab a drink and join Benji and Brad for their end of Season Three party! The boys catch up on their latest adventures this week, chat all things Halloween and look back on an eventful season of My Big Gay Podcast. The hosts also go head-to-head in a game of ‘Battle of Benji and Brad, bitch!’ where the loser faces a forfeit. Listen now to find out who has to face their dare! Make sure you follow @BigGayPodcast to keep updated on all the latest shenanigans of Benji and Brad including some future bonus podcast episodes and the release of Season Four! C U Next Season! xSupport the show
Season 3: Episode Twenty. What a week the boys have had! Benji and Brad have been partying hard in London and, you’ve guessed it, found themselves in all sorts of situations. The boys recall their boozy adventures and share some of their other stories from previous messy nights out. Porn awards, confusion amongst dates and drunken protests… this all sounds like another normal week on My Big Gay Podcast.Support the show
Season 3: Episode Nineteen. This week Benji and Brad share their UK Drag Race Viewing Party shenanigans, discuss Halloween costumes and share a story that involves a romp in a park overlooked by Buckingham Palace. Plus, the boys are joined by West End superstar Marvyn Charles to chat about HIV, getting tested and stamping out the stigma. If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in the episode this week then please do get in touch @BigGayPodcast or call the Terrance Higgins Trust on 0808 802 1221 where you can speak to an advisor who will be able to help. Keep safe and always know your status. All the big gay love, Benji and Brad xSupport the show
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