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We launch season 3 with Ben Audley, Chief Revenue Officer at Summize! We talked about his journey from zero experience within sales to CRO, moving his life over to America and helping to build a successful business within a short amount of time, his decision to hide his sexuality early on in his career and of course, his perception of the sales industry!
In the season finale, we were joined by Charlotte Young, Sales Development Representative at Salesloft.  In this episode, we talked about how one cold call changed Charlotte's life...Not only this, but we also talked about what makes the perfect cadence length, the importance of video outreach in sales as well as what else needs to be done to get more people working in Tech/SaaS sales.Thank you for listening to the series and keep your eye out for series 3 next year!!
In this episode, Chris Scotney and Adam Williams from Kallidus joined us on the podcast! Chris is a clear example of the career progression on offer in sales, becoming the Head of Sales Development within just four years and Adam becoming an SDR Team Lead within one year. This episode had so many unique perspectives and discussions about a career in sales. Which included how they got into sales and specifically, SaaS, what they think should be done to change the perception of sales for the better and why looking after your mental health is essential when working in a sales environment. As well as talking about some of the latest and most creative prospecting methods...
In this episode, we're speaking to James Rees, an Account Executive from SourceBreaker. We discussed why researching for an interview can go a long way to securing a role, harnessing the power of the  Wolf of Wall Street, building the small wins that help you reach the next step within a sale, how to organise yourself to succeed and what makes a good discovery call.
In this episode, we're speaking to Charley May from Charley is a fully remote working Business Development Representative living it up in the sunny skies of Malaga, Spain! We discussed how to harness the power of LinkedIn by making it an integral part of your sales process, using your personality to sell, and how to create a successful video prospecting strategy to generate leads!
In this episode, we're speaking to Rachel Goldstone from Cognism. Rachel is a Sales Development Representative Manager, tasked to train all the newcomers arriving at the Cognism Sales Team! We discussed why more women should be getting into sales but why they're not, making sales a fun environment to work in, the psychology behind sales and what makes a high-performing salesperson!
In this episode, we're speaking to Samuel Wooldridge. Sam is a highly successful Senior Business Development Manager from Leyton. We'll be discussing the transition from Uni life into a professional environment, how to stand out from the crowd right from the start of your role, the importance of inputs and how to overcome objections.
Molly McManamon, a successful Sales Development Representative from e4enable, discussed the emergence of Video Prospecting and the success that's coming with it,  how to sell to the right people at the right time, what characteristics you need to succeed in sales and how to turn stress into progress.
Alex Harris, an Account Executive from ThreatConnect, joined us for Episode 3 and gave his insights into why he chose sales as a career and didn't just "fall into it", why it's good to make mistakes, how to create a mindset that allows you to immerse yourself in the role and what he did to land his dream role.
Graduating from university and then instantly moving to another country to start your sales career sounds daunting, not for Sophie Johnson at Spendesk! Sophie joined us to talk about her journey working in Paris as an Account Executive, giving her insights into creative email subject lines, conquering cold calling, having a competitive mindset, and effectively evaluating yourself to develop into a successful salesperson.
We kick off the series by talking to Aaron Baker from, giving his insights into Video Prospecting, the tricks of Cold Calling, building your brand on LinkedIn and progressing into a closing role.
The old adage 'unless you've been living under a rock' might even be too far-fetched for this one, as we're sure just about everyone has been effected by the events of 2020 in some way - and the sales industry is no different.So that poses the question - Will Working In Sales Ever Be The Same Again?On episode 3 of our Changing the Perception of Sales series, we were joined by Joshua Perry (Head of Sales Development @ Leyton) and Kate Lewis (CEO @ e4enable), who offered their expert insight into what the future holds for the sales industry and what you can be doing NOW in order to best prepare yourself for success in the 'new normal'
Would you like to generate more sales through LinkedIn?Would you like to bolster your personal profile?Would you like to know what content is effective on the platform?If the answer is 'yes' to any or all of these questions - then tune into episode 2 of the podcast, as we cover the best practices when utilising LinkedIn!Hosted by Neil Clough (MD and Co-founder @ This Is Prime) and Nicole Plinston (BESMA Sales Training Provider of the Year & Sales Training Director @ This Is Prime). The pair delve into the world of LinkedIn, arguably the best free tool for business professionals, and evidence just how effective it can be when utilised to its full capacity.
We'll be kicking things off with Episode 1 - "How to become an even better salesperson during a crisis"Neil Clough will be hosting a live Q & A alongside 3 award winning industry experts: Alison Edgar, Steve Burton & Nicole Plinston.Covering -- What makes a great salesperson?- What crises have you been through previously, and how did you overcome them?- What would be your approach to selling right now?- What can people do during this crisis to develop themselves?- What would be your best advice to come back a better salesperson than before?#ChangingThePerceptionOfSales
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