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I am a Transformational Coach. I help women who dread looking in the mirror fall back in love with their bodies. I specialize in Weight reduction, Self Love, and Happiness.On the podcast we discuss self-improvement, women empowerment, regaining happiness, and much more. I have empowered guests from time to time as well. Check out my website at Follow me on Instagram best life imaginable Join my Facebook group best life imaginable where we do challenges.
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Today we're talking about gut health, IBS, and the low FODMAP diet with Monash-certified health coach Amy Agur. Where you can reach AmyWebsite: your FREE gut-health strategy session with Amy here:
Monthly Challenge declutter your space one area at a time. Book a call for hypnotherapy: Our Free E-Guide
Treat yourself challenge get a massage do your nails ,buy yourself flowers, Just treat yourself before Christmas and all the stress. Also talk about all the excitement if ChristmasExclusive Christmas Deal Book a 30 minute free session my Facebook group me on Instagram  Best Life Imaginable
When we don’t take care of our bodies by movement we tend to have low energy and it effects our lives. When we don’t give our self time to relax we can get overly stressed. It’s all linked together.Book your free 30 minute call with me: Join my Facebook group me on Instagram Best Life Imaginable
Are you feeling sad and lonely with Covid? This episode is about creating opportunities.Book a free call with me my Facebook group me on Instagram Best Life Imaginable Check out my website
Guest Speaker Amanda Ingram Intuitive coach works with highly sensitive people and Empaths. Get a hold of Amanda
Have you ever ate all of the Halloween candy before Halloween? You bought extras but somehow you are running out the day before to try and trying to find more for trick or treaters? Join my giveaway 5 star rating review take a picture of the review and send it to I will chose a lucky listener to win the book I am enough and WIN A 4  week  1 on 1 coaching program with me. 
Handstand push up

Handstand push up


I tired to do a handstand push up and realized how hard it was. This episode is about pushing yourself out of yourself out comfort zone.www.bestlifeimaginable.comFacebook group best life imaginable instagram best life imaginable 
Hating my body

Hating my body


Have you ever hated your body? Picked out your own flaws and focused on them? If you've ever felt this way this episode is Free ebooks on website Coaching packages availableBook a free call with me. 
Anger gets us no where

Anger gets us no where


We can get really angry but is it serving us?  How can we let go of that anger and start enjoying our lives?Instagram Best life imaginableFacebook Group Best Life Imaginable  Free Ebook self love out my website  Coaching 1 on 1 program on my website. Bringing Happy Back and Transform undesirable eating habits. 
Listeners have been sending in workouts for me and I have tried them. Listen to hear my thoughts on them.  If you have any crazy workouts you'd like me to try send me a message on my website Follow me on instagram best life imaginable, Join my facebook group Best life imaginable. Go to my website and get free ebooks self love, Setting yourself up for success with eating)
In the episode we talk about why comparing yourself to others isn't serving you.  Also I get really honest about being miserable and deciding it was time to change my life. www.bestlifeimaginable.cominstagram best life imaginable Join my facebook group Best life imaginable  monthly self improvement challenges.2 spots available for my Bringing happiness back in 90 days program. Book your free discovery call www.bestlifeimaginable.comYou have nothing to lose and everything to gain so book the call :) spot available for my coaching program Transform undesirable eating habit in 90 days. Book a free discovery call your free Ebooks Setting yourself up for success with eating and self love
Heather Hamm has homeschooled her kids since they started school and now has a child ready to graduate. She wants to help empower parents to be able to home school their kids with ease. www.savvyhomeschooler.comFacebook savvyhomeschoolerInstagram savvyhomeschooler 
In this episode I talk about losing your identity when becoming a mother. You are always known as  your kids mom. You don't even have a name anymore. Also I cover some of the struggles I had as a new mother. Free Ebooks available on my website bestlifeimaginable under free stuff. Set yourself up for success with food and Self love . 
Amy Agur Gut Anxiety

Amy Agur Gut Anxiety


Amy’s life was turned upside down by IBS. But instead of giving up, she turned it into a life-changing experience. Today, Amy connects the IBS community with the low FODMAP diet and has started a private health coaching practice to help people complete the low FODMAP diet and tackle their gut anxiety. Amy is currently looking for new clients to join her practice, but spots are limited! Book a free strategy session with her at can also check out her Youtube Channel Flip Your Leaf or check out her instagram page @fodmapformula for more free resources and low FODMAP recipes
RTT with Zoe Taylor

RTT with Zoe Taylor


 Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be hypnotized?  Zoe Taylor takes us on a path of her new career and what it is all about. Zoe is fun, inspiring, and empowering. Zoe Changed my life when she hypnotized me. I was very skeptical but amazed at the powerful results. Connect with Zoe at She is looking for Beta clients so send her an email. Spots are limited.  Zoe also mentioned a work out she does by Zuzka Light. You can check her out at I will try this and report back :) 
I talk about how people often feel misunderstood and that can impact their lives.
The Power of Guilt

The Power of Guilt


In this episode I talk about how guilt can affect our lives so negatively.  How to heal and how to finally forgive yourself.
Health Myths

Health Myths


We go over some popular myths and I give my opinions on them. www.bestlifeimaginable.comJoin my Facebook group best life imaginable.We do free challenges in this group. Follow me on Instagram best life imaginable. Ask questions, leave comments, tell me about workouts you love, mediations you enjoy and any delicious healthy recipes you may have at under podcast. Thanks for listening. 
Quit Smoking forever with Hypnotherapy. the Eliminate Smoking Cravings book 
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