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The American Carp Society is the USA's foremost resource for Carp Angler's. Whether you are a Fly Fisherman, Euro style or Traditional US Carp Angler it is the home for those that are passionate about this incredible sport fish. The American Carper is our bi-weekly podcast hosted by Sean Manning, Co-Founder of The American Carp Society. Each month we will look at the changing culture of US Anglers and conduct in-depth in interviews with some of the very best Fishermen in the USA, discussing a range of topics and hosting monthly competitions for our listeners. If you love fishing ...then this is your audio home on the very latest in Carp Angling in the USA.Drop us a line at or
26 Episodes
PART ONE:** A 'MUST LISTEN' FOR ALL CARP ANGLERS**Dan Frasier is arguably one of the most significant Carp on the Fly anglers in the USA today.  Along with a handful of others, Dan has been pioneering the approach for our beloved species for many years across the country.  A published author, speaker and all around great guy, with a vast amount of knowledge on the subject, he sits down with Sean to document some of the most significant aspects of the sport today in a wonderful 3 part interview.   Dan discusses his history and gives some incredible insights into his personal methodology and approach for targeting the species.  This is a 'must listen' for anyone that has ever considered targeting carp ....whether on the fly or by a traditional approach. The wealth of information on the species that Dan goes into during this 3 part series is a joy to listen to.... You won't be disappointed! 
Fishing for carp in Tidal waters? That's one of the many topics that we address in the latest American Carper Podcast. Tommy Robinson has been fishing for carp here in the USA for 40 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with Angler's of all experience levels in this podcast. An amazing guy, great angler and ambassador for the sport, Tommy fished the World Carp Championships in 2005 that were hosted by The American Carp Society and spends some time discussing the marathon event and what took place. With Carp over 45lb to his name, Tommy is also an avid multi-species angler and discusses the attributes of the Snake Head as a worthy quarry when he's not fishing for carp.  With plenty of laughs and a great sense of humor this is not to be missed!
Do not miss this incredible episode of The American Carper as we discuss a journey of redemption from former US Bowfisherman Dan Ketterman.  Dan  has been an incredible advocate for the sport of Catch and Release Carp Angling in the USA over this past year and has dedicated himself to spreading the word on the attributes of this incredible fish.  He shares in depth his former life as a bowfisherman and describes in detail the pivotal moment where everything changed for him and he had to start targeting the species on rod and line only. So many anglers can learn from his introspection, thoughts and approach to, what is understandably, a very sensitive topic amongst carp anglers.  There are some great moments in this interview as Dan takes us through his history.... A great angler and example of how to approach this sensitive topic, we can't thank him enough for his courage and leadership in tackling this important topic. 
Jake Downing... US Carp Angler and winner of the 2019 Mill Creek Cup, along with his partner Frank Kessler, is affectionately known  by many of us as ' the most interesting character' in US Carp Angling today....'Dang it!'In this interview of The American Carper Podcast, Jake sits down with Sean and looks at his roots in Texas, how he got started in Carp Fishing and those Angler's that have helped him along the way.  He discusses his approach to new waters, the tournaments, his pleasure fishing and the future of the sport here in the USA.  A wonderful listen with a great angler and true character of US Carp Angling...Not to be missed....'Dang it!'
In this Episode of The American Carper Sean sits down with a relatively new Carp Angler, Malique Lee Way, from Pennsylvania to get his perspective on the growing sport of carp fishing here in the USA . Malique has been seriously fishing for the species for just over a year, although he has been preparing thoroughly for the past 7 years or so.  An angler whose dedication and persistence is unquestionable, walking to the local library in all weathers to research the species, listening and watching others, he came to the attention of The American Carp Society after consistently posting some beautiful captures throughout 2020. Using tackle that can be found in any local fishing store Malique is a great example of how dedication and persistence can overcome any challenge. A humble angler with talent and a prosperous future ahead of him, he is a great example of what can be achieved in a short period of time with dedication and a positive outlook. A great interview where angler's of all experience can learn something!
Zack McGlothern is a biologist from the State of WA...he is also an American Carp Society member and passionate advocate for the species. In this episode of The American Carper we look at some of the issues that young biologists face from their peers whilst working in the field.... misinformation, ignorance, personal bias and an easy scapegoat to blame - regardless of scientific facts. This is of course expected from the general public, but not from those trained within the field....we take a look at some of the reasons why a young biologist wanting to move into the profession....walked away to pursue independent scientific research on the subject . As a relatively 'new carp angler', but someone who has fished his entire life and is also a guide, this is a fascinating interview with an anglers obsession on the species and a little perspective that exposes some of the things that go on within the scientific field....that cannot be ignored.
In this episode of The American Carper Podcast, we sit down with Nate Satterelli, the official 'Carp on the Fly' guide for The american  Carp Society in Oklahoma, to discuss his love of fly fishing for the species... An accomplished guide and passionate fly angler, Nate looks at his early influences and the journey he has taken with the sport, helping others along the way including disabled veterans through both the 'Project Healing Waters' and 'Native Waters Outfitter's' organizations...  We discuss the various approaches he takes to fishing for them including the 'drag and drop' method as well as the 'two fly' rig.
A wonderful story of a top US catch and release Carp Angler...who many years ago actually started as a Bowhunter. Mark discusses his early beginnings and the Journey that the Carp has taken him through...becoming more passionate for the welfare of the fish as the years go by, he is a great example of someone whose understanding and growth of the sport and the species has encouraged others .  A passionate float angler, he and Sean discuss together the art of tackling large fish on very light tackle and the 'art' of float fishing that can be enjoyed by every US Angler. They look into the 'boilie' conundrum that faces young anglers who have yet to discover the difference that a solid baiting campaign can yield with the size of the fish being caught... and go into the details of what is needed to correct things. A lot of laughs ensue and some wonderful lessons to be learned for anyone in the USA that fishes for carp.
In this episode of The American Carper we sit down with Malissa Marie Saia and discuss the changes that she is seeing in the perception of the species amongst female anglers. Making the move from CA to Washington State took some planning and time... and now new  opportunities are presenting themselves to spread the word amongst the local Anglers in Washington State. From a background and family in the commercial fishing Industry, we look at the changes that she has personally gone through as an Angler and advocate for the carp....sharing that experience with family members and other female Anglers across the globe.  Some great messages and  insight in this episode!
Probably the most well  known Carp Angling brothers in the USA,  Austin and Brendan Pass sit down with Sean to discuss their personal history with the species, as well as their special bond with Carl and Alex from the UK. They look at the cultural differences between the two countries and their experiences fishing overseas for the very first time.  They discuss the cultural changes that are going on with the next generation of Carp Anglers in the USA as well as some particularly challenging venues that they have faced in the past.If you are a lover of exotic food combinations and want to hear from a US Anglers perspective of life travelling overseas to fish for carp in the UK, then this is a must listen!
Lorenzo Sandoval is at the forefront of introducing youngsters to the sport of Carp Fishing here in the USA. He is a passionate angler and teacher and has taken the time to help mentor and encourage the youngest of our US Anglers....the 'Guppies' he affectionately named them. In this interview we look at the changes made by youngsters once they hook into a carp and how they are changing the attitudes of their own parents...We look at Lorenzo's personal approach to carp and specifically the 'Tenkara' approach to fly fishing. Not to be missed by any Carp Angler who has a foot in the future of the sport by encouraging youngsters to get involved....a great episode!
In this episode our guest is Master Carp Angler Scott Osmond...Scott is one of the most consistently prolific Carp Anglers in the USA today and with 38 years of Carp Angling experience under his belt the info given in this episode is not to be missed! We look at the details of his approach to sessions and love of Bread as his 'go to' bait. With a recurring theme of 'watercraft' that we are seeing with the best Anglers in the USA, Scott looks at how water temperatures factor into his approach and emphasises the need for constant 'failure' to get to success. Some great insights into his personal stalking approach and watercraft skills are shared as well as some 'first time' reveals of how his Angling mind works....A great in depth interview that will help any Angler in their approach.
In this special edition of The American Carper we look at the incredible work that is being done in the Denver South Platte River from Denver Trout Unlimited - A 503c Charity that hosts the annual 'Carp Slam' fly tournament...For the last 14 years this PRO - AM tournament has attracted Carp Anglers from across the nation and has shined a spotlight on our beloved species by educating others and raising funds for the rehabilitation of the fishes environment for future generations of Carp Anglers. We discuss the incredible fishery that resides in the center of the City and what steps are being taken to continue the legacy. We also discuss how you, the US Carp Angler, can get involved personally to make a difference and join us at The American Carp Society in helping the cause. 
Daryl Angler - Fly Carper - Fly Tier and all around fishy dude....In this episode Sean and Daryl discuss what went into the decision making process of the 'CARPSIDIOUS' ACS fly design and the elements of what's needed for a really Carpy Fly.  A passionate discussion on the Denver South Platte River - the CARP SLAM, it's cause and the ever growing Colorado Carp scene. They discuss the importance of mentorship in Carp Angling and look at what it really takes to understand the subsurface movement of a fly and why it's so important for success. A great deal of subject matter is covered for Carp Lovers in this very fishy episode.
In this episode of The American Carper Podcast, Sean sits down with top US Angler and Head of Bait development for The American Carp Society... Mr. Erick Maybury. Erick has been making carp bait here in the USA for over 25 years and has thousands of hours of R&D on the subject with an impressive collection of fish captures. They discuss the importance of bait introduction to a new water and what goes into making a bait that gets consistent results of catching the larger specimens throughout the year. Any Angler interested in why certain baits produce the results that they do is sure to love this episode!
In this episode of The American Carper Sean interviews Wayne on his personal fishing journey as they take a look back on this history of the organization here in the USA and recount some memorable sessions together including:The infamous 'Jack Quist' session where multiple 30lb and 40lb fish were captured that later became the 'Town Lake' DVD. Midnight visits by German Shepherds and Law Enforcement on Lake Perris.700lb of Carp in 18 hours.The $250,000 carp captured in the Texas Carp Challenge and won by Al St.Cyr.Sessions at Blackfoot, Chicago, The St. Lawrence, Wisconsin.The discovery of the species in Malibu Creek CA where it all began.Featuring:Sleeping on the bank... in a Body Bag.'Are you growing Weed Boy!?'Two forties in an hour - "Dude..That just ain't right!"Do you have an interest in fishing?  The American Carp Society is the USA's leading authority on Carp Fishing and has membership in all States....drop us a line at or visit for more information and don't forget to join us every 2 weeks for a new podcast and monthly prizes!
In this episode host Sean Manning interviews US Carp Angler and American Carp Society member John Lilly discussing the approach of catching carp on the surface as well as photography and the great Hudson River. John goes into depth on self take photography and the importance of presenting the fish well to the public.Do you have an interest in fishing?  The American Carp Society is the USA's leading authority on Carp Fishing and has membership in all States....drop us a line at or visit for more information and don't forget to join us every 2 weeks for a new podcast and monthly prizes!
In this very first edition of The American Carper, host Sean Manning discusses the attributes of the species with American Carp Society member and passionate Fly Angler Brandon Tourigny.  They look at the culture of fly fishing here in the USA and how the next generation of US Fly Anglers are embracing the species as a challenging sport fish. Do you have an interest in fishing?  The American Carp Society is the USA's leading authority on Carp Fishing and has membership in all States....drop us a line at or visit for more information and don't forget to join us every 2 weeks for a new podcast and monthly prizes!
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