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Discover your new favourite bands with the Real Rob Taylor. Monthly podcast featuring the best new music from the hottest new independent artists, bands and labels. Where we go, the zeitgeist follows. Never miss an episode: Get on the guest list at
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MONASTERIES frontman JOSH DAVIES joins us with a special preview of two tracks from the UK extreme metallers' mindblowing new EP SILENCE, released Friday 23rd April 2021, and very patiently answers my noob questions about how to death growl without dying, and how many feet his drummer really has.
STONESIDE lyricist and frontman CRANE joins us to preview the Texan alt-metal duo's debut single HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and tells us the extraoridinary story story of the band's origins, his musical inspiration and convening with the dead. NOT TO BE MISSED.
RICHEY from FURROWED BROW joins us to listen to both sides of the band's new single PUNCTUAL PUNK and THE NARRATIVE OF HUGH GORDON PYM as well as talk about pared-back drumming, the punk ethos and his favourite flavour of ice-cream. Cover photo by Jimi McDonald.
HUNTED BY ELEPHANTS are a four-piece from London who play real rock n roll, reminiscent of LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH. They released their epic album CARRY ON in January and the new single from that KEEP ON GIVING ME LOVING is out on the 9th of April. Bassist RAY PHELAN joins us to talk about that, classic rock n' roll and more.
From Ghent in Belgium SHTEVIL are a seriously hard rockin' band with influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad to Thin Lizzy, Prince and even Kanye West. Shtevil’s second single from the EP THANK YOU is called STINK and Shtevil's STEVEN VERGAUWEN joins us for a playthrough.
Out of London, rapper Madman State released a string of singles in 2020 and he’s hit the ground running in 2021 with his new track Unproblematic. He joins us to talk about his range of musical influences, music video production, freestyle webcasts and who is currently on his radar.
Funk-rock trio The Final Clause of Tacitus were formed in Reading in 2016 and have shared stages with the likes of Hacktivist, 808 State and Senser. Frontman Matt Dunne joins us to talk through the band's new single Something's Gonna Break and gives us a preview of the band's upcoming EP, Asinine Music For The Solemn and Staid, out on 14th May.
Mark Lawrence, frontman of UK dark-rock trio BROKEN LINKS walks us through the band's new single, PIONEERS taken from the forthcoming album CONFLICT::STATES, as well as taking the time to talk about Metallica, the perils of automation and what he keeps in his garage...
Recall the Remains guitarist Zach Bowden joins us to talk through the extreme metallers' two latest singles DARKER PATH and THE NIGHT WILL BLEED, both of which feature on their upcoming debut EP, DEAD DREAMS, to be released on Friday 5th March 2021.
Founder and frontman of Manchester prog-rock quintet TWISTED ILLUSION Matt Jones joins us to listen to the band's new singles APOCALYPSE... #LOL and A MOMENT OF LUCIDITY and to talk rock operas, social media and a passion for Meatloaf.
Dave Brady of ForeignWolf joins us for a play-through of the band's new single, Alone, and to talk about the Belfast music scene, big sound production, mental health and more.
Its New Year's Eve 2020 and the world is locked down. (Most of it, anyway.) What better way to vent that fury than with this premium selection of EXTREME METAL fetured in the third and final part of the RRT Winter Hard Rock Special. Get on the guest list at and never miss a show.
Part two of the massive three-part winter hard rock special, featuring 21 brand new tracks of epic, symphonic and anthemic metal, metalcore and prog metal from the very best independent bands, artists and labels in existence.
Join the Real Rob Taylor for part one of a MONSTER THREE PART Winter Hard Rock Special for winter solstice 2020. Featuring music from UnCuT, The Hyena Kill, The Rhubarb, LUT, Anuryzm, Scarlet, Heave Blood and Die, Plini, Need and more. Never miss an episode: Get on the guest list at
The Real Rob Taylor presents the second part of the December Edition featuring more new music from independent bands, artists and labels from across the world. Get on the guest list at
The Real Rob Taylor presents another premium selection of the finest new music from independent bands, artists and labels from across the globe for December 2020. Get on the guest list at



The Real Rob Taylor November 2020 edition.



The Real Rob Taylor NOVEMBER EDITION 2020
Part 2 of Hard Rock Halloween, featuring new music from Growth, Pteroglyph, Ironed Out, Plague Years and more.
Part one of a two-part Halloween hard rock special. Featuring hard and heavy sounds from DJERV, LITTLE TRIGGERS, TUNGSTEN and more.
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