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Featuring the charm of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan and the comedy stylings of Martin Short, Joe Dante’s sci-fi comedy Innerspace spins the concept of Fantastic Voyage into a caper about secret government technology. More than 3 decades later, is it still fun to inject this romp into the Blu-Ray player?
One year after Gremlins, Joe Dante delivered a loving homage to the spirit of invention and imagination with the decidedly kid-friendly Explorers. Starring the up-and-coming Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix, does its loving homage to 1950s sci-fi still resonate?
Joe Dante’s Gremlins became a phenomenon and merchandising gold mine, but generated enough controversy that it helped give birth to PG-13 as a rating in the US. Does it hold up as a movie nearly 40 years later, or does it find itself trapped in a cocoon of 80s sensibilities?
One of John Candy’s signature roles, Uncle Buck was the penultimate work of John Hughes’ directing career. While a broad comedy like his earliest works, does it reflect a more mature outlook on life and responsibility?
One of John Hughes’ lesser-known works, She’s Having a Baby remains a useful choice in any game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Looking at how pregnancy changes the dynamic of a couple, is there a reason this one is the forgotten work of a highly-regarded director?
Looking to break away from high school adventure stories, John Hughes wrote and directed a story fictionalizing something he knew from his ad agency life: the commute home from New York to Chicago. Steve Martin and John Candy journey together in a story many regard as one of the best comedies ever made.
Matthew Broderick became a household name thanks to John Hughes’ fantasy tale of a high school boy who can’t lose no matter what brash choices he makes. Acting as a love letter to the city of Chicago, does the film still resonate?
John Hughes returns to raunchy adult comedy with teenage boys as the focus, their libidos powering a strange experiment that brings a sexual fantasy to life. Is it a step forward, or a cynical step back?
Perhaps John Hughes’ signature work, the story of several high school malcontents in detention struggling to understand each other and themselves has remained a cultural touchstone for decades. Does it hold up for modern audiences, or is its reputation a mirage of nostalgia?
With his first film, John Hughes exploded onto the scene, not just capturing but shaping the zeitgeist of 1980s teen cinema. Houselights looks back on a film awash in nostalgia but regarded as problematic in execution, and debates what value there is within.
Released 21 days after The Thomas Crown Affair, this adaptation of Michael Crichton’s Eaters of the Dead starred Antonio Banderas and caused Omar Sharif to temporarily retire in disappointment. A big-budget bomb, Houselights closes out the House of McTiernan to ask, “Is this an overlooked gem?”
Starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo, this remake of Norman Jewison’s 1968 film was looking to be a surefire hit in the summer of 1999. But there was, fittingly, a twist only M. Night Shyamalan could write: Another box office sensation waiting to undercut John McTiernan’s latest.
Searching for a hit and retooling a good script, John McTiernan reteamed with Bruce Willis to salve the let-down of Harlin’s Die Hard 2 with "Die Hard with a Vengeance". Attaching Sam Jackson and Jeremy Irons, did they create new magic or dilute the memory of an action classic?
Grab your magic ticket and break the 4th wall to revisit Arnold Schwarzenneger flexing his muscles and clout to make a star-studded action-comedy, helmed by John McTiernan. Powered by high-profile talent and one of the biggest box-office draws ever...what could go wrong?
Houselights goes off the beaten path to discover Sean Connery in John McTiernan's film "Medicine Man." Did they discover a lost classic full of chemistry or a ruinous rainforest excursion?
Houselights enters the House of McTiernan with his work from the 90s. The classic "The Hunt for Red October," is first up and we ask that you give us one ping only, please.
In Houselights final Tim Burton film of the 90s, we travel to the town of "Sleepy Hollow."A creepy and genuinely funny movie with a powerhouse of cast makes this a go-to every Halloween. Listen to our take.
This week, Houselights discusses Tim Burton's "Mars Attacks!"Does this homage to B-movie sci-fi films of the past hold up or should it have never left the 90s?
Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" is beloved by critics but was a massive box office failure. The opening credits cost more than the original Ed Wood's "Plan 9."@DrScifi, @kesseljunkie, and @TheInsaneRobin take a look at this film about bad films.
The last Houselights episode of 2021 discusses the superhero Christmas classic "Batman Returns."Tim Burton's final directorial outing with Batman is extremely polarizing in the fanbase. Where is it in your rankings? Listen to our take.
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