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Author: Host: JM Ryerson

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Transcend in Life podcast is a Peak Performance focused interview show that will guide listeners from fear to freedom. Hosted by Amazon Best Selling Author JM Ryerson with featured guests from all walks of life. Listeners will have fun, be inspired and get equipped with real tools to help them live their best life. Simple, practical steps will be found in each show to help everyone Transcend in Life!
58 Episodes
Episode #58:  Are you looking to increase your business, expand your influence or become a better communicator?  I had a chance to interview Pat Quinn and he is an expert at helping people do all of those things and so much more.  He breaks down the process of how to better tell your story to get more of the results you are looking for.  Pat provides tangible take-aways that anyone can use immediately to become a more effective communicator.  You do not want to miss this incredible story-teller and the nuggets he provides!Bio:Pat Quinn is a presentation coach who helps people share their message with the world.  He is the founder of, a software tool that helps people capture and store their stories to create great presentations.Contact Pat:Website (Use code STORY for a free 30 day trial!)Facebook
Episode #57:  Your Inner Dialogue is a Jerk!Contact JM & Lisa:Email: info@letsgowin.comWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
Episode #56:    What do you get when you have a stuntman, fight director, college professor and keynote speaker wrapped up in one human being?  You get one of the most entertaining story tellers that I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Throughout the interview I asked John Davis serious questions and was completely engrossed in the answers because of the wisdom that was intertwined in each fascinating story.  You will learn the 5 F's to hack the fight of flight, and so much more.  Do not miss this opportunity to laugh and learn!Bio:John Davis is an internationally known Speaker, Comedian, Fight Director and Action Hero. As an international entertainer, John has traveled extensively throughout the world speaking to audiences of all ages and backgrounds in 28 countries and over four thousand live performances. Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001 John has dedicated a great amount of time bringing entertainment to the soldiers overseas. On six USO tours, John has performed more than one hundred shows and has taken his comedy to even the most remote bases in both Iraq and Afghanistan.FREE GIFT!Get your free copy of his Corporate Action Hero "5F" Workbook -HERE-Contact John:WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn
Episode #55:  Are You Interested or Committed?Contact JM & Lisa:Email: info@letsgowin.comWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
Episode #54:  How often do you wish you could get advice, guidance and expertise from someone that could help you in life?  I believe everyone feels this on a daily basis yet typically don't know where to turn.  Our guest on today's episode is helping the world answer that question and doing it on a massive scale.  His life purpose is to impact 100 million people around the world and is well on his way to accomplishing it.  Dr. Ravi brings passion, knowledge and inspiration on this podcast and yet his message is so simple.  Want to get better?  Make sure to check this one out!Bio:Dr. Ravishankar Gundlapalli is the Founder and CEO of MentorCloud, a human-powered growth engine for organizations to rapidly grow capabilities and performance of people through guided mentorship connections at scale. Dr. Ravi is a globally recognized thought leader on mentoring and learning. Ravi is the author of "The Art of Mentoring". For his work and vision, Dr. Ravi has been featured in publications such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Harvard Business Review and many more. Prior to founding MentorCloud, Dr. Ravi led supply chain solutions for Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Raytheon and Hitachi Global Storage. Dr. Ravi actively mentors entrepreneurs and professionals in US, India and Mexico, and also serves as a mentor at the Founder Institute in Silicon Valley.Ravi has a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, U.S.A, M.S. from Florida Atlantic University, U.S.A, and B. Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India.Dr. Ravi’s vision and life purpose are to bring the transformative power of mentorship to 100 million people in the world. Contact Dr. Ravi:MentorCloud websiteDr. Ravi's websiteFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
Episode #53:  Why You Need to Share Your Gifts With the WorldContact JM & Lisa:Email: info@letsgowin.comWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
Episode #52:   What if I told you, that you can learn everything you need to know about human potential, commitment, and grit by talking to a runner?  That was absolutely my experience talking with Scott Abbott in this highly entertaining and educational episode.  Lessons ranging from "Attribution Theory", building relationships, creating a lasting impact and so much more.  I am not personally a runner but I received so many great insights by getting to "pick the brain" of a gifted runner.  Please join us on this amazing journey!Bio:Scott Abbott is an experienced sport professional in the running industry.  He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Sacramento Running Association which is known for putting on the California International Marathon, one of the nation's premier running events and one of the world's largest marathons.  Abbott has over 20 years of experience working in the sport industry, and has worked with athletes of all levels from youth to college to professional.Contact Scott:WebsiteCIM FacebookCIM InstagramScott's Instagram
Episode #51: Forgive for YOU!Contact JM & Lisa:Email: info@letsgowin.comWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
Episode #50:   Do you want to improve your speaking skills?  Have you ever felt like the world is just not hearing you?  We all have felt this way at some point in time and my guest this week has some practical, tangible tips to help anyone improve their communication.  Did I mention that you will have a great time hearing his stories?  One starts with "My Dad was a Drug Dealer, my Mom was a Witch and I ended up a Pastor".  The crazy part is that isn't even the most entertaining stories he tells.  Make sure to join us to laugh, learn and get better at the communication game!Bio:Mike Acker is an executive and communication coach, a keynote speaker, and the author of four books including the bestselling Speak With No Fear, which has appeared on numerous booklists even getting designated as the #1 book on overcoming fear of speaking on passionately coaches business professionals to lead and speak with confidence. In presentations, he entertains and inspires audiences using stories of growing up as the son to drug smugglers who turned missionaries. He retells and relates lessons learned on how to overcome insecurity and exclusion in a cross-cultural setting. And he unpacks the path from employee to manager to leader.Mike also enjoys rock-climbing, wake surfing, skiing, church, building Legos with his son, and going on dates with his wife, Taylor. Mike believes in the power of prayer, exercise, journaling, and real community to counter the stresses of everyday life. Contact Mike:WebsiteFacebookLinkedInInstagram
Episode #49: It's OK, Let it Go!Contact JM & Lisa:Email: info@letsgowin.comWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
Episode #48:  What happens when you bring on an attorney who typically asks the questions?  In this case, you get some of the most captivating stories imaginable.  I was inspired and intrigued as Nisha Bacchus recounted tales of how she became one of the best Family Law attorneys in the Country.  It was not a road paved with roses but rather one that required determination and desire.  Nisha smiled her way through it and has a unique ability to see the blessings in every adversity she's faced.  Do not miss this show, it's one for the ages!Bio:Nisha E. Bacchus, a founder of Bacchus Law Firm, received her Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad Law Center.While attending Nova, Ms. Bacchus was an active member of the American Trial Lawyers Association and earned a scholarship through The Florida Bar for her pro bono work throughout the community.Prior to attending law school, Ms. Bacchus graduated with Honors from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in Forensic Science.After earning her J.D., Ms. Bacchus passed the Florida Bar Exam and was subsequently admitted to practice in Federal Court in the Southern District of Florida.Shortly thereafter, Ms. Bacchus started her own law practice, Law Office of Nisha E. Bacchus, P.A., and several years later co-founded Bacchus Law Firm and the Florida Women's Law Center.She now handles a wide range of complex family law litigation issues and personal injury claims.Contact Nisha:Website
Episode #47: The Power of the CircleContact JM & Lisa:Email: info@letsgowin.comWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
Episode #46:  How much courage would it take to completely challenge your belief system, be shunned from your family and ask for help because it's all too much?  That is exactly what was facing Michael Gallagher when he decided to find happiness and start his personal transformation journey.  Hear Michael share his story and be inspired by how simple the process really can be!  If you are looking for a change and want to get better, make sure to check it out!Bio:Michael has spent a lifetime studying what causes some people to adapt and transform to match their circumstances while others struggle to find their way.  In his research on transformation, Michael realized there were only a few big blocks that everyone needed to build upon to create lasting change.  He is the author of Waking Up: A Guide to Transformation, and has a passion for sharing these life changing tools with others.  Michael has successfully built several businesses, overcoming challenges that should have left him a statistic. When Michael is not speaking at conferences, coaching or writing, you'll most likely find him traveling with his family, learning about something new or telling one of his four daughters a Dad joke.Contact Michael:Buy his bookWebsiteLinkedIn
Episode #45: 3 Keys to Succeed in Our New NormContact JM & Lisa:Email: info@letsgowin.comWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
Episode #44:  Get ready for a high energy, exciting and fun podcast.  Pam Christian sat down to chat and we explored topics that everyone is touched by, yet few are as equipped to handle as her.  She is kind, smart, funny and knowledgeable on subjects such as self-sabotage, meditation, how to rise above self limiting beliefs and so much more.  The conversation was entertaining and filled with tangible take-aways.  Make sure to check this one out and share with your friends!Bio:Pam Christian is a mindset coach, motivational speaker and host of The Juice podcast, where she features in-depth conversations with thought leaders across a range of industries. Pam’s work encompasses helping her clients transform their lives by eliminating self-created barriers, maximizing their full potential and dramatically increasing their effectiveness on both personal and professional levels. Prior to coaching, Pam built a successful career in real estate where she was ranked among 100 Most Influential Realtors in New Jersey and earned the most prestigious awards in the industry including Circle of Excellence. Pam is a social-media influencer whose mission is to help heal humanity by inspiring and motivating others to live their best lives. Contact Pam:WebsiteInstagramFacebookLinkedIn
Episode #43: Quotes to Unlock Your True LeadershipContact JM & Lisa:Email: info@letsgowin.comWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
Episode #42:   What if you could take all of the setbacks you encounter and use them to create opportunities to fulfill your dreams.  Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco is an expert at doing that and is influencing people around the world to do the same.  In this podcast we explore the mindset that it takes to capture opportunities and how to show up as your best version every day.  Come be inspired by C-Roc's energy and join his mission to make the world a better place!Bio:Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco is the CEO of People Building, Inc., and the powerhouse behind the “What Are You Made Of?” movement.He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build people. He is driven to Inspire others and he measures his success on how he is able to help others achieve greatness. C-Roc had a fire lit in him at an early age. That fire has ignited him with a fierce desire to compel people to see the greatness inside themselves using past life events to fuel their fire.C-Roc has mastered the ability to zero in on the linchpin of an organization and has helped many businesses exceed their initial goals and expectations. He’s consumed with the passion to help people break free from the confines of complacency and propel to untapped levels of success.No stranger to setbacks himself, C-Roc has built a highly successful mortgage division with his best friends, twice!  In 2020 he was named #1 on the list of Top Mortgage Professionals by Yahoo! Finance. Whether it is his business partners, employees, clients or anyone looking to excel at their business, personal life or develop a winner’s mentality, C-Roc is ready for the challenge.C-Roc currently resides in Ocean City, MD with his wife Jennifer of 17 years and their two children, Nicolas and Sophia.Contact Mike:WebsiteInstagramLinkedIn
Episode #41: Benefits of an Attitude of GratitudeContact JM & Lisa:Email: info@letsgowin.comWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
Episode #40:   This episode is like life, there were curveballs thrown throughout and my guest Adam Mendler knocked them all out of the park.  This baseball junkie has become a wildly successful entrepreneur and it's easy to see why.  With ease and grace, Adam answers questions with such confidence and insight that you can't help but get better.  Hear the 3 questions that you should ask to be successful in any endeavor.  I truly enjoyed having him on as a guest and know you will love the conversation too!  Enjoy guys and thanks Adam!Bio:Adam Mendler is the CEO of The Veloz Group, where he co-founded and oversees ventures across a wide variety of industries: Beverly Hills Chairs, the leading seller of refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chairs in the country; Custom Tobacco, a one of a kind e-commerce platform where customers can create fully customized, private label cigars in real time; and Veloz Solutions, a technology consulting and software development practice. Adam is also a nationally acclaimed thought leader, writer and speaker on topics including leadership, entrepreneurship and management. Adam is the creator and host of the podcast Thirty Minute Mentors, where each week he goes one on one with one of the most successful people in the Country on how they got to the top and how listeners can too.Contact Adam:WebsiteInstagramTwitterPodcast
Episode #39:  Find Your Trigger To Be Your Best!Contact JM & Lisa:Email: info@letsgowin.comWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
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