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Listen to Nova chat with Executive Medicine of Texas CEO Judy Gaman. Award-winning author of 7 books - including Love, Life, Lucille: Lessons Learned from a Centenarian - and a podcast host and holder of multiple degrees. Often featured as a healthy living expert. Judy explains her why – she loves to learn, and equally loves to teach and help others to learn. She had an “epiphany” to ask the people directly. We really know how to live a good life when we are young – but somehow, we lose that. But some never lose that or regain it – particularly those who live to be 100 or more. Nova and Judy talk about the difference between living and waiting to die. Judy speaks about, “the expectation that you’re going to be alive, things are going to go well, and you better be dressed for it.” Judy talks about how she reached a moment where she recognized her life was not sustainable as she was living it. After meeting Lucille, she found her joy in life infectious and inspiring. Nova and Judy chat about multiple life experiences and working to live life beyond – beyond the mundane, the expected, and mere survival.   What is your why? Live a good life Live life beyond Laughter Thrive Living Centenarians Purpose of life Unleash Your Supernova
Listen to Nova chat with author/screenwriter/teacher Sara McDermott Jain. Sara is an award-winning screenwriter and bestselling author. Creator of a book-to-script course and does other writing instruction. Her recently published book is Wolves at Night. Sara explains her why – it all comes back to the power of story. Writing has always allowed her to figure things out and put them into perspective. She also goes into the fear involved in writing and sharing a story a person might want to get out. Nova and Sara discuss how writing empowers. Sara talks about how the growth of her characters in her books reflects what we all go through in life. Sarah works with moving from fear to empowerment via the horror and thriller genre. It’s a natural fit for her because so much in life is about overcoming fears. Horror is frequently about something you must face – a familiar life topic. Moving forward tends to be about overcoming monsters (frequently metaphorical ones). That can lead us from fear to empowerment. Sara suggests that when you identify what horror movie bothers you the most – even just hearing the concept – might uncover something about your thought process, limiting belief, or something that scares you in real life. Going from fear to empowerment comes down to identifying the fear and then making a plan.   What is your why? Writing Fear Empowerment Horror Limiting beliefs Unleash Your Supernova
Listen to Nova chat with entrepreneur Oliver Smykacz. Oliver is the founder of the Be Light app. It uses a combination of light and sound to make mental health and mindfulness easier and more accessible to everyone. Oliver has traveled around the world and has a passion for neuroscience, light and sound therapy, breathwork, and more. He has lived in Asia and learned healing techniques from the monks. Oliver explains his why. He is doing this because he was running through life, traveling all around, and running himself ragged. But then he took a new path – and he was “guided” on his new course to give away less of his power and empower others, too. Being aware and being mindful of yourself gets lost. Learning that, he found new ways to reconnect. He talks about “subconscious programs” and rewiring our habits. Nova asks Oliver about unleashing our superpowers. Oliver gets into the power of manifestation, frequency, and energy – and how we can choose to control that. They go on to talk about true, genuine mindfulness and how they each define it. Making mindfulness and meditation easy and fun Oliver says that making mindfulness and meditation easy and fun is a matter of perspective. He goes on to explain how frequency is energy. And frequencies are our brain waves. Outside frequencies can be applied to stimulate our brains. The Be Light app uses a combination of light and sound frequencies for a new approach to meditation for mindfulness. Oliver talks about how activating the body (such as by dancing crazily) is a fun way to make yourself mindful. Then, you are in a good place to meditate and be mindful. Recognize and accept that perfection of practice is not necessary for mindfulness and meditation. Nova shares a profound moment she had with meditation.   What is your why? Meditation Fun and easy Superpowers Mindful Conscious Breathing Beta waves Brain waves FREE LINK - LIGHT & SOUND EVENT - FREE LINK - BE LIGHT APP -
Listen to Nova chat with bestselling author Jen Nash (The Big Power of Tiny Connections). Canadian-born world traveler, IFC-certified executive coach, entrepreneur, and high-level creative strategist. She loves supporting powerful shifts. Jen explains her why – to ultimately support the world in the way she wanted to as a full-time coach and corporate trained – and “lean in to” that side of her offering. Why does she do it? Joy. “This brings me lots of joy.” Jen shared that there were moments that were challenging and unhappy. She allows herself to be vulnerable by talking about how the pandemic massively impacted her life in multiple ways. From there, she coached herself forward into a new life. Jen wrote her book about how important connection is for living an amazing life. Connection for more money, better jobs, relationships, or whatever – leaning into connection is powerful for building that. People have commented on her ability to make connections and talk to anyone naturally. That led to her book. Jen and Nova talk about loneliness and how it has a similar impact as many health hazards and physical illnesses. But connection can be a tool to use to combat this. Nova and Jen talk about being okay with being vulnerable. Jen says the 4 most powerful words in the English language are, “I need your help.” Jen asks Nova to share a random, life-changing connection event that she has experienced.    What is your why? Joy Support and nourish clients Flow Connection Lean-in Share the magic
Take notes from Jayden Sage, Wall Street mathematician, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence expert, and Future Author, He helps us break free from conditioned negative beliefs associated around money. By diving into the past, he shows us how we can create a future centered around our chosen purpose and how we can use our unique skill set to create our own niche and achieve success.  He gives tips to rising entrepreneurs on how to capture investors with less stress and reminds us all that we have a genius inside that is ready to fly.. Jayden breaks down all of the trends from cryptocurrency, to NFTs, to collectibles and teaches us how to take control of our money.
Listen to Nova chat with #1 bestselling inspirational author John Strelecky. He’s sold more than 7 million copies of his books worldwide. Inspiration is what led him to his writing career. In addition to being an author, he’s a kayaker, surfer, and traveler. “What’s the adventure I want to be on?” John talks about the “adventure days” he would take his daughter on regularly (and still does). He talks about bringing in that “what did I love as a kid and why” and still living with that approach to life. Why am I here? John says his why is because he spent a time lost and feeling very alone. He felt nobody else asked that question. Then, when he learned others felt the same and asked the same questions, he decided he needed to be the “steward of the cafe” and help others find their why, too. Asking “Why am I here?” gets you in touch with your purpose, which attracts the people you need and who need you to you. Living your life as your dream life might seem bold and audacious – but why can’t it be you and your life? Every day is precious. What happens when you treat it like this? Having near-life experiences is more powerful than near-death experiences. John references his “Big 5 for Life” to this. “You are the game master. You’re the one controlling the game (of life).”   What is your why? Manifestation Adventure Finding your way Not alone Perspective The game of life Gratitude John Strelecky
Listen to Nova chat with Mike Harsanyi. Mike is the CEO of Woodpecker Software. He’s an AI-supported cording pioneer, author (The Book of Mankind), musician, and a former fashion company owner and creative director. Mike explains his why. Fascinated as a child by science and science fiction, he realized these were interconnected with the human mind and started to look in that direction. Nova asks Mike about his different approach to AI. Mike explains how using that which AI excels at might help humans in building a better world for humans via collaboration. Nova asks Mike how he has gotten where he is from where he was and has been. Mike explains the digital workforce. He explains how it all communicates between everyone in a company and helps with overall communication between them all. Digital workforce lets both sides build greater trust, collaboration, and harmony. Mike asks Nova what the psychology of fashion means to her. They then get into the power and potential of manifestation.   What is your why? AI Thinking machine Harmony Collaboration Manifestation Perspective
Listen to Nova chat with Ben Giroux. Ben is an actor (known for the cartoon Big Nate), voice artist, director, and producer, who knew he was always destined to be an entertainer. As an entrepreneur, he runs a company called Small Red Cape. Ben does what he does every day because he wants to make people laugh. He feels laughter is the greatest feeling in the world. Ben talks about some of his challenges and how to get comfortable with them. He explains how some people choose what they do, and some people are what they do. Just make stuff Ben talks about a hip-hop music video he did – because he wanted to. He talks about going from should, to want, and being proactive. Nova passes the mic to Ben, and he asks her what she does for fun.   What is your why? Passion Laughter Tenacity What do you do for fun? Do good work. Be a good “dude” or “dudette”
Let Adventure Lead You

Let Adventure Lead You


Listen to Nova chat with Elise Krentzel. Author, ghost-writer, mentor, entrepreneur – she has lived in 5 countries over the years. While living in Japan she was a DJ, music journalist, Tokyo bureau chief for a magazine, and much more. Elise explains here why – toxicity. The pool from which she emerged. She made many choices to choose for herself and choose better for her life. Elise survived a divorce, a change of business, and a breakdown. “We can focus all we want on others – but it has nothing to do with others, it’s us.” When Elise takes the mic, she asks Nova why she started getting into the world of podcasting.   What is your why? Adventure Transformation Turn negativity to positivity Life is a process Not a quick fix Podcasting Life is an adventure
Listen to Nova chat with Bobby Kunta. Bobby left his day job in agriculture to become “full-time crypto”. He’s building game-fi, block-chain communities, and fostering an open metaverse. Co-founder of nonfungible events. Bobby gives a brief description of all that he is doing in the metaverse. He shares his vision of aiming to empower players and gamers to come out from behind their avatars. He also touches on play to earn gaming. Bobby’s why has always been about bringing people together, and he has done so in many ways via many venues. Work as play is part of the notion behind gamification. Bobby explains how what he’s doing now – using the virtual world for interaction – will help connect us both digitally and virtually. Nova talks to Bobby about his “child-like” energy, his love of play, and his imagination. “We can gamify anything, really.” Nova and Bobby talk about how the community-building element of Web 3.0 is very unique from Web 2.0. They also talk about multiple elements of “IRL” (in real life) versus the virtual.   What is your why? Web 3.0 Crypto Metaverse VR Gamification Guilds NFTs
Listen to Nova chat with Ryon Anderson, Esq. Ryon is a business and peak performance coach. He helps increase mental performance, mindset, and relationships. He is a winner of the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who 2020. Ryon is the “wingman” for his seeing-eye dog, Ziggy. Working on his mission statement was what gave Ryon his why – lead, inspire, and challenge the status quo to change the world. He loves to challenge the norms because he has always asked why about everything. Solutions always follow a question. Ryon initially felt as though he was holding back his energy by being humble and staying in his place – but he discovered that you can be “arrogant” and allow for freedom of expression. That clears some limiting filters, allowing for more freedom of flow. Quit chasing and start allowing Allow the energy to flow and the thoughts to happen – not necessarily by putting it all out there publicly. Allowing your true self to shine is a matter of wellness and wellbeing. Realize if you are chasing ideas that are not true to you. In the process of chasing, you may not be allowing true solutions and genuine ideas to come through. Allow the information to come in as pure as you can, rather than chasing the solution which might be biased by your current knowledge and life experience. You know that it’s coming – and that’s allowing. It is keeping an open mind to be flexible, intuitive, and in-tune to different solutions. Allowing an abundance mindset rather than chasing a scarcity mindset.    What is your why? Quit chasing and start allowing Asking questions                                    Being intentional Leveling up                             Allowing Chasing Confidence
Listen to Nova chat with Nikki Nash, creator of the Market Your Genius podcast and founder of the Genius Profit Lab. International speaker, author, and marketing expert. Nikki talks about why she does what she does. She shares that while in a corporate job full time - following a potential genetic predisposition to cancer scare - realized life can be really short. This led to her pivot and make new, creative choices to start her own business.  After some fits and starts, she did so in March 2016. Why? She “wants every person on the planet to have a life they are madly in love with.” As a black female, she wanted to help people beat all the race and gender odds. Pivot for you Whatever pivot you do – it can be part-time, a hobby, or a side-hustle - whatever works for loving your life and being happy. “Other alternatives are better than being completely miserable.”  “The only box you will be in is the one your put around yourself.” Maintain an “effing fabulous” list. Keep writing the list of why you are fabulous frequently. Then read it - and read it again. What is the thing that you need more of in your life to create a life that you are madly in love with? What is your why? Pivoting Pivot Entrepreneurs Female entrepreneurs Madly in love with your life Make choices Limitless Empowerment
Listen to Nova chat with Dr. Christian Brillinger, discussing how to get to fun and easy. Dr. Billinger has a PhD in philosophy and is a quantum mechanics expert, CMO, out-of-the-box doer and thinker. Dr. Brillinger writes his to-do list down daily – but has created a process to better parse out what top items solve the most of his given problems. If you solve 60—70% of your main problems every day – rather than working on the less important ones - you can get yourself off the hamster wheel. With insight from that – Dr. Brillinger realized he doesn’t need to carry the burden of the world on his shoulders. You can contribute to the world without doing so all the time. But time to focus on fun is good and healthy for our lives. Nova and Dr. Brillinger explore taking the perspective of framing out goals and tasks from what we love to do and what comes easy to us. Truly helping ourselves helps us to help the world. Easy is very individual. Easy for you might not be easy for someone else – and fun for you is tied to this, too. “Be good at what’s easy. Because – why not?” “When you think of easy – what’s the first picture that comes to your mind?” – Dr. Brillinger Philosophy What is your why? Making lists Mitigate and prevent burnout Increase creativity Fun and easy
Listen to Nova chat with Matthew Learning. A unique, out-of-body Kundalini experience inspired him to be the person he is today. He guarantees to never stop growing – or help others to grow as well.  Matthew has two important slogans: “Through you the universe is becoming aware of itself.” “The utmost of life is Service.” Matthew loves history. He loves how history has passed on innovation, language, ideas, and more from experiences. He references the telephone game - where the message is passed on – but in the end, tends to be a totally different lesson. That is how history works, too. And that is the message we hold now. Eventually, we get to pass it. Communication with the Source brings miracles into our lives. The message is love. Being an ally to ourselves and others helps us all figure out the message. There is wisdom – a deep art – to figuring out your purpose.  Make a decision that the future will be different. “Living in the moment is the biggest trend that will ever exist.” What is Your Why? Service Awareness History Gratitude Love The Law of Association Kundalini
Digital Fashion Stars

Digital Fashion Stars


Listen to Nova chat with Mel Thadea, visual fashion designer; and Irina Blagochevskaya, Moscow fashion designer and 3D Freelance apparel designer. Together, they discuss the world of digital fashion today, the future, and winning the Challenge Monte-Carlo 2021 Digital Fashion Forum Supernova Fashion Award. Mel talks about combining fashion film and digital design. Irina, at the start of COVID, threw herself into 3D design after losing her job and taught herself the necessary skills. They met online a year ago and only met in person recently.  Nova discusses with Mel and Irina their winning film production, “Kintsugi”. They talk about the creation, how the digital could be blended with the real, and what inspired it. Nova, Mel, and Irina discuss how 3D design is the future. Digital fashion will clothe the Metaverse. What’s more, digital design is sustainable, less wasteful, and more cost-effective. Nova answers questions about the vast range of potential in the Metaverse. Mel and Irina explore what it takes to be a digital fashion designer. Digital Fashion Fashion Creativity The Right Why Inspiration 3D Design Metaverse
Listen to Nova chat with Genevieve Piturro – best-selling and award- winning author, founder of Pajama Program, finder of true purpose, coach, and speaker. Genevieve and Nova go way back. In fact, Genevieve wore an outfit designed by Nova on the Oprah Winfrey show. Genevieve talks about living your life with purpose and the quest for peace in life. She talks about struggling and seeking to find your North Star of life guidance. The Passion 4 Purpose Steps 1. Set aside 90 minutes in a quiet place where you can be alone, totally alone. 2. With pen to paper (absolutely no laptop, no iPad, no notes on a phone, get a real pen and a pad of paper) take a deep breath and ask your heart, "I'm looking for my life's purpose. What are the things I love to do, the things that bring me the most joy?" 3. Slowly read or say aloud each of the 10 things on your list. 4. Assign one week to each of your 3 items and for each week, spend one hour - just 60 minutes - immersed in that "thing." It’s not about the power of one – it’ about the power of one another. Vision Boards Oprah Winfrey What is your why? Purpose Living in your purpose Find your North Star Passion 4 Purpose Leaps of Faith
Listen to Nova chat with Jayden Sage – investor, speaker, author, founder, and CEO. Together, they explain and educate navigating into the Metaverse.  Jayden explains how the Metaverse – like the Universe - is one verse, one big “song” encompassing lots of “verses”. Further, how the Metaverse is evolving to become a global economic platform. Three vectors of the Metaverse: VR – virtual reality via goggles and the like Immersive (gaming) – games like Fortnight. Binge-watching with greater immersion Augmented reality (AR) – coming down the line – interaction between the Metaverse and the real world simultaneously Jayden and Nova explain centralized versus decentralized (DeFi) elements of the Metaverse. They also talk about how the Metaverse provides a community full of potential to increase earnings and recognition. The ability to Unleash your Supernova creativity like never before is here - and growing. Get on the train now!
Listen to Nova chat with Doug Gordon – speaker, CEO, performance optimization coach, and lover of life. Doug is also the host of a popular radio show that reaches over 2 million people.  Nova and Doug explore the various “whys” of life. Doug explains why he left the corporate investment world to become a speaker, coach, and workshop leader.  Doug and Nova talk about mindfulness and flow. Doug explains how to connect to your life every day and get into flow via GLEAM: G – Gratitude / Giving to others L – Learn 1 new thing every day / Let go of what doesn’t serve you E – Exercise to energize / Emotional intelligence A – Awareness / Affirmations M – Mediation to reduce stress, connect to inner/higher self, and visualize what you want in life / Meaning Together, Nova and Doug reflect on the meaning of life – to learn, to grow, to evolve, love, emotional intelligence, and more. Leadership CEO Meaning of Life Speaker Connecting to your true self What is your why? Being in the flow The meaning of life
The Magic in Names

The Magic in Names


Listen to Nova chat with Minter Dial – international professional speaker, branding and transformation specialist, author of 4 books, and entrepreneur. Minter works to elevate the debate (two sides of a given coin) with gratitude and connect the dots between people.  Names represent a tremendous amount of magic. They tell interesting stores, such as how many brand names have evolved and come from forgotten or unknown origins.  Minter and Nova talk about unique names, how they shape people in multiple ways, and the magic they represent. They explore how “the world” may be referring to only our homes. No matter your name – known or not – you have magic in you, and you count just as much as anyone else. Leadership Transformation Book Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship Writers and creators The magic of names
Designing with Gold

Designing with Gold


Listen to Nova chat with Konstantina Mahlia – a custom, hand-work jewelry artist/designer. Taking a look back to the classics of the past provides an amazing blueprint for the future. Konstantina talks about how use of gold on her part is intentional, connecting her to her Greek cultural heritage. During the episode, she and Nova discuss hand-work artistry with metals and textiles and whether such craftsmanship is dying? If so – how can it be saved/revived? How does all of this tie into sustainability and our overall human heritage? Intention Artistry Hand-crafting Leaders and teachers Crafted with love Sustainability
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