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Creating Impact Through Giving

Author: Oklahoma City Community Foundation

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You’re listening to Creating Impact Through Giving, a podcast brought to you by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation providing you with the stories, techniques and tools around impactful giving. On the show, we’ll talk to donors, professional advisors, nonprofit leaders, and our own in-house experts to identify the charitable strategies that have resulted in some of our most impactful gifts. To be notified about future episodes, subscribe to our email newsletter at For all episodes and more information, visit
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Join us for a special episode this holiday season as we dive into the Foundation's relationship with the Meals on Wheels of Oklahoma City. Learn from our special guests how we can make an impact, together.Visit to learn more!
Join us for this Creating Impact Through Giving episode as we dig into the recent opening of the Willa D. Johnson Recreation Center. We bring on Kelley Barnes, Vice President of Community Engagement with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, Councilwoman Nikki Nice, who represents Ward 7 in Northeast Oklahoma City and Melinda McMillan-Miller, Director of Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation.Visit to learn more!
Join us on the latest Creating Impact Through Giving episode as we dive into iFunds! These funds, designed to support our community, work to tackle the topics closest to home, fully funded by you, the OKC community!We bring in special guests Kelley Barnes, VP of Community Engagement here at OCCF; Jenean Yanish, CEO of the Health Alliance for the Uninsured; and Star Yellowfish with the Oklahoma City Public School District, Native American Student Services.Visit to learn more!
This week on the OCCF Pod, we talk with our very own Jess Schwager, Scholarship Programs Director here at the Foundation. We also brought in Kathy Hahn, who started the Elaine Hahn Memorial Business Scholarship, and Jessi Cortez, an Elaine Hahn scholarship recipient!Join us as we dig into higher education funding and all that goes into it.Visit to learn more!
This month on Creating Impact Through Giving, we meet back up with Trisha Finnegan, President & CEO of OCCF, as she takes us through her journey in the first several months of her time at the Foundation and in the community.Listen in as she discusses her vision for the Foundation, her meetings with community leaders and more!Visit to learn more!
This month, we're diving deep to learn all about Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) and how they can help donors to impact their community while also saving taxes on their IRA distributions. OCCF's Julie Dais and Laura Moon walk Dan through this tricky topic, and OCCF donor Richard Opdyke explains how he is helping students accomplish their goals through QCDs from his IRA. Visit to learn more!
You've heard us talk about endowment, but what is it and how does it really work? On this episode, we're taking a deep dive into our Charitable Organization Endowment program with OCCF's Jennifer Meckling, the Kirkpatrick Family Fund matches with Liz Charles and how donors can maximize their impact by giving to organizations participating in the match program with Dr. Joe Leonard. Visit to learn more!
'Tis the season to count your blessings and help those around you. Year-end also happens to be the busiest time of year at the Community Foundation and nonprofits all around the community. Listen in as we dive into year-end giving and the importance of investing in the community with OCCF's Vice President of Development Joe Carter and Ron Ward of Ward Construction on this month's podcast. Visit to learn more!
Have you ever wondered how to find a nonprofit to support? On this episode, we're diving into GiveSmartOKC, the Community Foundation's online platform to help donors research and make informed decisions about their charitable giving.Visit to learn more!
In this episode, we're sitting down with OCCF Vice President of Development Joe Carter, Kendall King with Castle Point Wealth Advisors and Kendra Robben with Robben Law to discuss the significant role professional advisors play at the Community Foundation and what this means for donors. Visit to learn more!
In this episode, we're sitting down with OCCF's new President and CEO, Trisha Finnegan, for a one on one to learn about her background and vision for the future of OCCF. Visit to learn more!
If you look around the OKC metro today, you'll notice how beautiful some of our city and neighborhood parks look, but it wasn't always that way. This month, we're digging in to city beautification and the impact OCCF's Parks & Public Space Initiative has had on this effort. We sat down with OCCF's Lanc Gross and OKC Parks' Scott Copelin to talk about our city's transformation over the past couple decades and how grants from OCCF have helped make this happen. Visit to learn m...
In this episode, we're talking philanthropy and how individuals can create an impact or leave a legacy. Join Dan as he talks to OCCF's Vice President of Development, Joe Carter, Nonprofit Solutions', Jeri Holmes, and Kayla Cawood from Robben Law as they discuss the individual philanthropy and the advantages of advised funds.Visit to learn more!
Did you know OCCF has one of the largest Charitable Organization Endowment Programs in the country? This month, we're sitting down with our COE Program Director Jennifer Meckling, Bruce MacIntyre with the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma and Dana Gibson from the El Reno Schools Foundation to talk everything COE.Visit to learn more!
The OCCF was looking for a way to fulfill the wishes of their donors without a specific organization or charity in mind - enter iFunds. On this episode, we're sitting down with OCCF's Kelley Barnes, Oklahoma Dental Foundation's John Wilguess and Hilltop Clinic's Clarissa Watkins to find out what iFunds are and how they're making a difference in the community. Visit to learn more!
Spring is in the air, and that means it's the perfect time to get out and get moving. In this episode, we dive into our city's parks and trails and discuss how we can meet our wellness goals while also exploring and discovering new places throughout the metro. We are joined by Marsha Funk, director of the Greater OKC Parks & Trails Foundation, KeepMovingOKC's spokesperson Leah Philpott and OCCF's Lanc Gross and Brian Dougherty. Visit to learn more!
Scholarship season is heating up, so we've brought in our resident experts, Jessica Schwager and Rick Fernandez, to discuss how OCCF can help, how to apply for scholarships and the role counselor's play in the process. And, you won't want to miss our conversation with Carolina Garcia, an OCCF scholarship recipient, discussing the impact scholarships have had on her education.Visit to learn more!
In a recent survey of the 100 most populous cities in America, Oklahoma came in dead last. That's right, we were voted the unhealthiest city in the country. Today, Dan sits down with Nancy Anthony, OCCF president and Kelley Barnes, vice president of community engagement, to discuss OKCGetsFit, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation's wellness grants designed to take action to turn some of those stats around. Learn more at and find ways to keep moving at keepmovingo...
We're back and diving into how you can make a difference with your year-end gifts. Community Foundation President Nancy Anthony joins us to discuss this year's changes to charitable giving, how donors can make the most of their gifts and much more. GiveSmartOKC manager Rachel Mouton is also here to walk us through how donors can learn more about charitable organizations and give smarter this holiday season.Visit to learn more!
This month, Dan revisits, a recently launched communications initiative to promote free and low-cost physical activity events and organizations in central Oklahoma. We chat about the campaign's launch and positive reception with Kelley Barnes, Oklahoma City Community Foundation vice president of community engagement, and get to know Leah Philpott, who serves as the official spokeswoman for KeepMovingOKC. Visit for free and low-cost resources around...