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While striving towards our goal of adding value to our readers, we stumbled upon an idea. An idea to learn from the best. To fathom the intricacies of how inspiring personalities think and operate (differently). To figure out why do successful people, do what they do.

To transform that idea into reality, we started To a T(alk).
A show which rekindles the spirit of conversations in a world where messaging has become the "new normal."

We focus on not so much as the destination, but the journey of people who have made it big in their lives, starting from the same place as us.
5 Episodes
It isn't just creation and promotion; it is the process as well, which a lot of people forget. Today we speak to Ms Anisha Motwani, who is a multi-faceted business leader & draws from her rich experience of over 30 years in diverse industries - advertising, auto manufacturing, financial & health services. She is also the Managing Partner of Strom the Norm Ventures. She has also been the strategic advisor to the Max Group of companies guiding them on key brand & digital transformation projects across several lines of businesses. She also serves as an Independent Director on the board of Abbot India Ltd, L&T Investments, Welspun India, and many other companies. As an industry expert, she advises the World Bank on the prestigious 'Swachh Bharat Programme' and 'National Mission for Clean Ganga.' In recognition of her achievements, she was voted as one of the '50 Most Powerful Women in Indian Business' by Business Today for three consecutive years since 2009. Brand, Digital, and Innovation Expert, an Author. She is the marketing guru of India. She has worked with brands and seen them live and breathe. She believes it right that a brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room so, one should do little but do it right. She also believes that Indians will also have a globally recognized brand and we shall be the first mover in future, with her passion for her work and remarkable vision today she has several notable contributions to the business world. Tune in as we go through an Inspiring journey, accompanied by the women herself.Music: https://www.purple-planet.comFollow us for more such inspirational talks.Official WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedIn
"If you need to raise funds from donors, you need to study them, respect them, and build everything you do around them."Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money in a short period of time, by channelising small contributions from the public for specific purposes, nowadays we have different ways to utilize this and the medical needs are being covered extensively through this platform nowadays.Presenting you our 4th speaker Mr Zaheer Adenwala, co-founder and CTO, Ketto, the largest crowdfunding platform in India.An individual who has been working on his idea since "we lacked transparency in the system of online transactions" and so much as they accepted cash as means of funding, building a team of young minds who think likely and allowing them to be really comfortable with their environment is what forms a strength of ketto. With huge potential in this industry, the TEDx speaker wants to build a very strong platform where investors would desire to invest and they could raise large amounts for different objectives.Completing his studies from the National University of Singapore and being a Stanford University graduate, he proved that it takes great vision and determination to be an entrepreneur.Come, as we take you to this enriching journey of a man who showed us age never matters, opportunities do and a budding mind never fails to cease it. Tune in as we go through an Inspiring journey, accompanied by the man himself. Music: Follow us for more such inspirational talks. Official Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
A conversation, characterized by an impeccable sense of candour and honesty, transforming a bumpy entrepreneurial ride into a smooth one. Mr Dharamveer has a straightforward approach when it comes to life and that is to assume the risk and more importantly to wear one’s failure with pride. He believes that the only person, who can push you to take that plunge, is you yourself. To have the vision to build futuristic businesses and not obsess over fat paid job is something that our guest bats for. When told that his educational background has been picture perfect, he says it’s no big deal to be in the top institutes and interestingly enough he does not even look up to them, as a matter of fact. We’d always heard that entrepreneurs are different, today we conversed with one from the best seat possible. Follow us for more such inspirational talks. Official Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Have you ever found yourself befuddled when it comes to figuring out how to deal with your own mental health? Have you ever been through a situation that has deeply impacted you but you've had to push yourself to move on and strive forward? In this conversation with Vani Kabir, famously known as The Divorce Monk along with being a senior creative director and founder of Vani Kabir Worldwide, we talk about the several aspects of mental health, how technology plays a huge role in everyone's life and how we still aren't able to completely tap into its potential. We also explore the topic of divorce, what women have to go through in a majorly male dominated society and Vani also speaks about her own personal experiences when it comes to divorce and bringing up her son. Join us in this intriguing conversation while we explore various avenues with the modern sufi herself!
Mr Venkat Krishnan N is the founder and director of GiveIndia Foundation, India's first philanthropy exchange. A graduate from IIM Ahmedabad, his persona resonates with integrity, wisdom and calm. With a deep dive into the philanthropic world, Mr Venkat's words accentuate the unconventional. From having a dramatic transition from the corporate sector to that of the social development sector, our guest has seen it all. He doesn’t believe in personal mileage when it comes to actions undertaken for the society and feels that a true spirited activity will definitely reach its destination. His ideas and thoughts are simple, so is his food as he says, ‘It’s all good old home-cooked food.’ Tune in as we go through an Inspiring journey, accompanied by the man himself. Follow us for more such inspirational talks. Official Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn.
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