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A series of short, original podcasts which draws on OpenRoom’s 16 years of experience in connecting global businesses. Informal conversations across a wide range of issues between industry experts, innovative suppliers and their high-powered customers.
23 Episodes
Sin Hin & Mark follow up on Mark’s presentation at ReFuelForum APAC 2022 in Singapore with an emphasis on the strategic framework for the future of P&C retail in the APAC region looking to 2030 and beyond.
It is 2021, the rate of change in fuel and convenience, and that of the consumer, has been exponential.  Yet whilst grocery chains have embraced tech quickly, C-Stores are playing catch-up. Retailers are increasingly reaching out to smaller companies and start-ups to solve their technology problems, embracing the world of cloud to get to market faster, whilst traditional big tech is still pushing legacy technology and slideware.  In this episode, Robert Reiss & Gary Szendzielarz aim to answer why this has happened.
An informative discussion on developing innovations  &  implementing change in response to extraordinary challenges. The veterinary profession has delivered patient care, client education while growing practice health during a time of great difficulty. Leadership, pivoting quickly, empowering all team members and flexibility are evident in practices that are thriving. Innovations in communication, technology and methods to deliver pet health care are what successful practices  will continue.Many thanks to Christina and Pam for coming on the show! Thanks also to Dechra Vet Products for their support of VetForum USA.
As a lead-up to the Big Debate in September, forecourt industry veteran Michael O’Loughlin gets together with PRA Chairman Brian Madderson and Eurotank Service Group’s Paul O’Hare, to mull over different directions retailers might take as the 2030 deadline draws closer.Eurotank is the parent company of Europump Maintenance, ReFuel UK 2021’s platinum sponsor.
This episode of OpenRoom Talks explores novel security risks posed by the rapid digital transformations that many convenience and fuel retailers have taken in response to the pandemic.PDI's Chris Berry (CTO), Cliff Duffey (Executive Advisor) and Mark Carl (CSO) discuss:COVID-19 as a catalyst for tech adoption  The digital risks c-stores and forecourts are exposed to, The quantifiable costs associated with threats such as breaches and ransomwareWhat steps retailers can take to safeguard their business and enable a secure digital transformation.
This episode of OpenRoom Talks takes a deep dive into the state of Energy Transition in Africa. Themes discussed include:The case for energy transition in AfricaCost vs. accessibility The role of natural gasIs it feasible in the near term?
Alex Hinchcliffe (Head of EV Charging Infrastructure Services, Fulcrum Group) and Keith Guppy (Director & Co-Owner, Fuel Supply Solutions) discuss the latest developments in the UK's EV charging network and how fuel retailers can contribute to its growth.Themes discussed include:The EV market's likely growth trajectoryChallenges and solutions with respect to the implementation of EV charging infrastructure.How forecourt operators can future-proof their businessesHow Fulcrum can help in this domain
Jonathan Rons, Mike Igoe and John Heagney (Founding Partners, C-Store Collective) discuss growth strategy for 'miniple' C-Store owners.Themes discussed include:- The C-Store Collective's customer routemap- Building a growth blueprint- The effect of Covid-19 on the convenience retail sector
Steve Watts (Sales Director, TSG UK) and Keith Guppy (Director & Co-Owner, Fuel Supply Solutions) discuss how the fuel retail sector has been adapting to the challenges posed by Covid-19.Themes discussed include:New and innovative safety measures being put in placeThe range of payment solutions available to fuel retailersTSG UK's new customer counting systemThe rise of alternative fuels
Garron Mosley (Co-Founder & CTO, CARAGON) and Dan Duke (Head of Business Insights, Portman Dental Care) chat about the potential value that the smart use of data insights can provide to your business.Themes discussed include:What does 'good' data look like?Data input and output automationData interpretation at Portman Dental CareThe future of corporate data analytics
 Jo Malone (CEO, VetPartners) and Jamie Crittall (Co-Founder/Director, Virtual Recall) chat about how their two different sized business took on the challenges of Covid 19.Themes discussed include: - How each of their businesses adapted to the challenges presented by Covid-19- Lessons learned from the pandemic- The future of veterinary care
In this episode, Keyana is joined by Matt Dobbs (Chief Medical Officer, Destination Pet) & David Tinsley (Managing Director, MWI Animal Health).Themes discussed include: - MWI's 'Distinct Advantage' purchasing platform- The impact of technology on the future of veterinary care- Value added services for vets outside of clinical procedures
In this episode, Keyana is joined by Jörg Heilingbrunner (Managing Director, Scheidt & Bachmann), Max Krawinkel (CEO, PWM) & Holger Mark (Managing Director, AVIA Germany)Themes discussed include:The impact of Covid-19 on the fuel retail sectorThe changes that fuel retailers can expect to see in the mid to long termLessons that can be drawn from the crisis
In this episode, Keyana is joined by Jason Lobel (VP of Sales Growth, PDI Insights Cloud) and Glenn Frazier (Director, Category Management U.S. Convenience, The Hershey Company)Themes discussed include:The impact of Covid-19 on the convenience retail and confectionary sectorsThe swift progress being made in the field of data analytics for convenience retailersHow convenience retailers can leverage shopper data in order to drive sales of CPGs
In this episode, Keyana is joined by Ella Snowball (Co-Founder & CEO, Recruit-4-Vets) And Andrew Curwen (CEO, XLVets).Themes discussed include:The unwritten/social employment contractHow crisis can drive innovation and progressHow to adapt to changing employee values
In this episode, Keyana is joined by Mark Gill (Operations Director, Goddard Veterinary Group) and Seema Sharma (Founder, Smile Impressions Dental & Aesthetics Group)Themes discussed include:Shared learning between dental and veterinary sectors The differing impacts of Covid-19 on the dental and veterinary sectorsHow standard operating procedure is likely to look in the future
In this episode, Keyana is joined by Pete Wedderburn (Owner, BrayVet) from Ireland and Elisabeth Müller (CEO, Laboklin) from Germany.Themes discussed include:Establishing trust in businessHow Elisabeth's veterinary diagnostic facilities have been redeployed in order to help diagnose Covid-19 in humans.The growth of and services offered by Laboklin.
In this episode of OpenRoom Talks, Keyana is joined by David Elsworth (Founding Partner, Vetz Petz) and Thom Jenkins (CEO & Co-Founder, PetsApp).Themes discussed include:Being a non-vet in veterinaryHow Antinol differs from other anti-inflammatory treatmentsVetz Petz unique sales model which guarantees commission for life for vets who prescribe Antinol to their patients.
In this episode of OpenRoom Talks, Keyana is joined by Ian Gordon (Managing Director, Alpha Vitality Group) and Richard Greenwood (Founder Radic8).They discuss Radic8's innovative Viruskiller technology, which takes a novel approach to viral decontamination.
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