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Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails

Author: Allan Langer

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Are you struggling with your sales? Is your marketing costing you more money than you’re making? Do you procrastinate or spin your wheels trying to move your business forward? If so, join best-selling author and award-winning sales expert, Allan Langer, as he interviews the best minds in the business and dives into everything sales and marketing, with a few life-hacks along the way. Always entertaining, often hilarious, and definitely helpful, grab your preferred beverage and meet your next favorite expert for a drink as you discuss Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails!
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You can't sell if you don't feel good, especially about yourself.So is the message from this week's awesome guest, Brian J. Hines, a mindset consultant and creator of the Manifestation Mastermind as well as The Ally Group, to help you get clear on your gifts, your vision, and the mindset skillsets necessary to manifest your vision.This week's episode is chock full of great eye-opening nuggets that will really get you thinking about what your real purpose is as a salesperson. Is it just to make money? Does money really buy you happiness?Are you on what he calls the "Golden Hamster wheel of Sales?" Where the money just isn't enough at the end of the day?So what can a salesperson do to find their why? According to Brian, you first need to figure out your “North Star” by asking yourself three questions:What do I want to contribute to the world?What do I want to experience?How do I want to grow?Then ask yourself where you want to be in a year, considering each of the following six areas:RelationallyProfessionallyPersonallyEmotionallyFinanciallySpirituallyLet go of expectations and let your imagination run wild. When you connect with these six areas, you’ll feel connected to the process and your goals will make sense. Mindset is a critical part of the process. Life is all about what we choose to focus on. We’re hard-wired to focus on the negatives so we need to reprogram our minds and choose to focus on the positives. According to Brian, a daily meditation practice is the fastest way to change your state.What’s Inside:●       What are your gifts and how do you find them?●       How to find your “why”.●       Why is mindset so important and how do you change it?●       How to reprogram your mind through meditation. Mentioned in this Episode:www.brianjhines.comBrian Hines on LinkedInBrian Hines on InstagramShoot me a questionAllan Langer website 
Have you built your website to look pretty, or to get customers? Does your website have amazing bells and whistles, but no one is clicking through and inquiring about your services or products?Isn't the real, ultimate reason for your website to attract your ideal client and get business? Well say hello to website guru from England, SAM DUNNING of Web Choice, who joined me on episode number 51 of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, to go over some real nuts and bolts on how to optimize your web presence to get clients. Sam started out as a camera salesman, quickly got hired by Web Choice, and is now one of Web Choice’s owners. Web Choice is a company that helps small businesses build websites, strategize SEO, and help businesses grow from a website and social media perspective.  According to Sam, these are the three main things to consider when building your website:Did I design this website considering my ideal customer, or did I build it with own preferences in mind?Will this engage my ideal customer within seconds? Does it build trust and make them want to work with me?Does my website let my ideal customer know how I can help them, instead of just talking up my business?What’s Inside: ●      The top three ways to get traffic to your website. ●      How you can optimize LinkedIn. ●      What NOT to do when building a website to attract your ideal client.  Mentioned in this Episode: Ask Allan!Web ChoiceConnect With Sam DunningBusiness Growth Show
Did you know that social media, and advertising, and networking, and all of those popular and easy exposure vehicles, could pale in comparison to an interview on a morning radio show? Or a quote in a widely-read publication?Say hello to nationally-known publicist, TRACY LAMOURIE,  who joins me on milestone episode NUMBER FIFTY this week on Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails!Tracy, author of Get Repped: Build Your Brand with Effective Public and Media Relations, and the owner of her agency, Lamourie Media, positions her clients as experts and builds out their brand using editorials and content-rich interviews. She discusses how you can become the go-to expert for magazines, reporters, or radio and TV stations.She’s gives us all tips on how you, even solopreneurs, can use the same PR strategies to become the trusted authority in your industry. You’re going to hear her plans on how to:●       Get quoted by and other huge publications.●       Talk on the biggest radio morning show in your area.●       Figure out how to present yourself to media so they love you.●       Turn that publicity into free advertising.What’s Inside:●       How you can get quoted in the paper, and then how you can promote the heck out of it.●       What the difference between an editorial and an advertorial is, and how you can use editorial content to promote your business.●       Solopreneurs have the perception that they can’t afford a publicist, but there are some quick wins a publicist can provide that can’t be matched with a regular advertising budget. ●       Tracy’s favorite websites that can instantly connect you with a reporter that wants to talk to you.Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comLamourie MediaSourceBottle.comHARO
When surveyed by Hubspot a few years ago, over 1000 people said that they trust their barista more than they trust a sales person, or a marketing ad or company.Think about that for a what's the problem here? Let's find out with this great episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails when marketing guru, GINA BALARIN talks about this and the many other relationships between sales and marketing, and your business and customers.As the founder of Verballistics and the author of The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing & the Power of People, Gina spends a lot of time thinking about how marketers can increase trust with a suspicious audience.  Bringing the value in episode 49 by discussing how you can flip the marketing funnel around and work your way backwards to find out what your customers want so they truly want to see your ads. You’re going to hear:●       What IRATE is and why you should apply it to your marketing.●       Why you should ask your customers questions.●       And why you should brace yourself for raw and honest answers What’s Inside:●       What does couple’s counseling look like for a dysfunctional sales and marketing team?●       In the old days, marketing communication models were about the sender and the receiver, but those days are turned on their head with internet marketing.●       Bad conversion rates are going to come back and bite you if 75% of the people who see your product walk away.●       What “big rock content” is and why it’s so incredibly valuable for your marketing. Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comThe Secret ArmyGina Balarin on LinkedIn
Do you turn into a "salesperson" right before you meet your potential client?Are you still following sales scripts?Are you a solopreneurs or business professional passionate about your area of expertise, but don't know how to quite close the sales conversation, or take those appointments and turn them into customers? Then say hello to sales and business coach, Rachel Crocker, hot off the presses with episode 48 of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails! Rachel, who has been helping folks just like you get your online coaching business off the ground, not only from a "how do I start?" standpoint, but also from a "how do I close sales?" standpoint as well.With over 6,000 followers on Instagram, Rachel’s get's into some of the following topics on today's episode. ●       How you can close better.●       Why you don’t need a brick and mortar business anymore.●       How to have a great impact without being face-to-face.●       Showcasing your expertise in today’s crazy world. Stop the painful and expensive revolving door of salespeople by training them better from the start.What’s Inside:●       Young reps want to sell their product so bad that they lead with the product instead of leading with the problem.●       Sales scripts strip your personality out of the selling equation. ●       How to reject the one-size-fits-all selling approach and find the right tool for the right audience.●       If you haven’t figured out that 97% of people start the buying process online, then you’re going to be left behind. Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comRachel Crocker Consulting
With one great tagline after another, business coach and all-around badass business owner, KATIE MCMANUS joins me this week on Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, and you will want to carve out some time for this one!Totally fun, slightly irreverent, and usually the smartest person in the room or on the Zoom, McManus tells us how she went from an online dating coach for men, into one of the more sought-after business coaches on LinkedIn. Her tagline, “Stop being a weenie and start your business already!” tells you all you need to know about her coaching style.In this fun-filled interview with lot's of laughter, you’re going to hear Katie’s advice for:●       Heart-centered service providers who want to make a living wage.●       Niching down without cutting off potential clients.●       Small businesses who are ready to scale up.What’s Inside:●       Coaching programs do not prepare you for running a business, so Katie’s taken on that challenge to help coaches dream bigger.●       When you choose a niche, prepare to dance with the universe as you figure out what people really need.●       If you want to gag when you think about selling, you need to try out Katie’s “holistic selling.”Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comKatie McManus 
Straddling both sides of the sales and marketing worlds, the Senior Director of Marketing for First Orion (a company change since the podcast was first recorded), Sherri Schwartz took her experience as the number one sales rep in a male dominated industry, and turned it into a highly successful career in both sales and marketing. Get ready for a Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails episode filled with high-end advice for both sides of the sales and marketing aisle. With experience in startups, military sales, and fintech, Sherri shares her brilliant advice and experience navigating the ecosystems of sales and marketing and getting them to work together.  In this episode, Sherri and I dive into what it’s like to thrive in the sales bro culture; what it means to be a sales champion to the marketing team, and how to get ahead with hard work and extensive preparation.  You'll also hear:●       How her sales and marketing background helps her integrate the two teams.●       Why she uses educational meetings to get key constituents together.●       Her perspective on building a marketing system for startup companies.What’s Inside:●       What to do when you’re building a startup’s marketing from the ground up and you don’t have a benchmark from the previous year to measure against your success.●       If you feel like your sales pitch is stuffy, I’d encourage you to start a TikTok account. ●       Why you should monitor the words people use to discover you so that you don’t miss out on what consumers want.Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comSherri Schwartz on LinkedIn
If you think the contracting world is full of misfits and hacks just trying to take your money, you would be very wrong. Yes, those misfits and hacks do exist, unfortunately, but the majority are smart, competent, successful small business owners that know how to run teams and schedules and everything else you need to master to have a successful enterprise.And my latest guest on Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, TORLANDO HAKES, is a great example of the successful contractor we all could emulate, no matter what business we run.A former very successful painting company owner, now in the corporate world, Torlando talks about how he has used many of the skills he learned running his own contracting business, including the SCRUM Method, which focuses on three very specific questions that you need to ask everyone in your company, every morning.In this highly informative episode, Torlando talks about:●       How to gain leverage over your competition by selling your expertise.●       Why podcast marketing is so effective in the trade industries.●       Detailing all of the steps of a job can help you pinpoint exactly where you’re losing time and money.●       How Torlando figured out how to communicate his processes successfully to his employees.Also inside:●       Torlando painted his way through college, and by the time he graduated from college, he had a business on his hands.●       How Torlando built a system that eliminated the need for a production manager in his business.●       Using the Scrum approach, Torlando has streamlined efficiency to the nth degree, and he wants to teach other contractors and small business owners how to improve their business processes too. Mentioned in this Episode:Sprint: The Scrum Playbook for Paint Professionals & Craftsman ProfessionalsTorlando Hakes on LinkedInTorlando.Periodic.sitePaintED podcastMarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on
How do you solve problems?With force? With money? With conversation? Or, with better thinking? Meet critical thinking expert and author of the great book, "Thinking Better: Critical Thinking & Creativity Through Trusting Collaboration ," DAN MANNING, as he joins me in this fascinating and entertaining episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails.A former A10 fighter pilot for the Air Force and then a military diplomat who speaks fluent Russian, Manning will drop your chin with his stories and insight on how he became an expert on how to actually THINK BETTER. Sit back and enjoy as we discuss the importance and significance of collaboration, creativity, and proper strategy in all types of situations, and how most of it can be applied to your sales processes, and your business.Listen as he describes that thinking "outside the box" is only the first step, and that the "fear of future regret" is real and debilitating. What’s You'll Hear:●       How guessing the weight of an ox can teach us about collaborative critical thinking.●       How do you come up with great ideas to improve your company? ●       Why the fear of future regret is holding you hostage, and how you can break free of that limiting belief. ●       Are you treating your beliefs as a fact? How to tell the difference between the two.Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comDan Manning on LinkedInHi.TrainingThinking Better: Critical Thinking & Creativity Through Trusting Collaboration
Is anxiety stopping you from the success you wish to attain? Or getting into the relationship you want to have? Or possibly even preventing you from chasing after that promotion you've always wanted?Well, you're not alone. Anxiety is everywhere, and ALL of us deal with it, or should I say, try to deal with it. In this fascinating episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, Anxiety Coach, Bibinaz Onsori understands all of it. While in a previous high-pressure sales career, she dealt with terrible anxiety and had to learn and figure out how to manage and fix it. She visited over 25 different psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists before she found the proper help, and today, she's figured out a way to help you.  Bibi works with clients as the Anxiety Coach, helping them identify the source of their anxiety and offers solutions and strategies to address it. In this podcast, Bibi talks about how anxiety holds many salespeople back from their goals, their potential, and getting ahead.  She gives strategies for working through it, like:●       Writing down all of your wins.●       Practicing diaphragm breathing.●       Identifying the source of your anxiety.What’s Inside:●       While working through anxiety issues, many of Bibi’s clients say “I don’t know”, which is really just a common way for someone to say “I don’t want to go there."●       For most people, the specific root causes of anxiety are all very similar to each other. ●       How to deal with business anxiety, or the fear of failure, the fear of judgement, and the fear of the unknown. Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me an "Ask Allan" question on MarketingandSalesPodcast.comTheInnerRoommateVisit my website at
You’re at the point in your career where you know that you want a promotion, but the competition in your office is fierce. It’s completely normal to feel nervous or unsure about your success, but pull up a chair and listen to my next guest, Melissa Worrel-Johnson, who is going to help you step over your fears and walk into an amazing new position.On the next episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, business and entrepreneur coach, Worrel-Johnson, with 18 years experience in the sales and marketing world, talks about her passion in helping small businesses develop leadership skills, and succeed. When business leaders come to Melissa for help on upskilling their leadership expertise, they’re usually looking for help with the same three problems. In this podcast, Melissa lays out how you can:Overcome Imposter SyndromeDevelop better time management skillsCreate a positive team cultureFor Melissa, people, purpose, and passion are her three core strengths, and all of her work revolves around their focus.  Learn how she takes those three beliefs and uses them as a roadmap to success.What’s Inside:●       How you can create the power of external motivation to move you toward your goals.●       What it looks like to “manage up” and “manage down”. ●       You can create better work/life balance with these time management skills. Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comMelissa Worrel-Johnson on LinkedIn
Buckle up MASOC fans for one of the most insightful and fascinating interviews yet, as this humble host was graced with having a conversation with a true pioneer of business.Sit back and get ready to geek out on a journey that takes us from Russia in 1970, to Artificial Intelligent travel concepts at the turn of the century. Meet TERRY JONES, known as a "Digital Disruptor," an author and a venture capitalist. And oh yes, he also started these two tiny little companies called Travelocity and Kayak...ever heard of them?All totaled, he has founded five startups, with the two billion dollar IPOs - Kayak and Travelocity, his most famous and lucrative.  He has also served on 17 corporate boards, and his success has established him as a thought leader on innovation and disruption in the business world. In today's podcast, Terry discusses how the speed of business today is “faster than a speeding bullet."  You need to be ready to adapt to where your customers are going, or you’re going to get left behind. Terry also discusses how you can turn the pandemic into the biggest and most amazing pivot in your business’s history.What’s Inside:●       How is automation going to change your industry?●       There are ten new technologies coming to disrupt your business, so what are you going to do about it?●       By focusing on selling the outcome you can outsmart and outmaneuver Google and other big tech solutions. Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comTBJones.comDisruption OFFON Innovation 
So how do YOU use LinikedIn?As a place to find a job? As a platform to tell people how good you are? Or do you use it the proper way?To build a PERSONAL BRAND.Introducing AMY QUICK, Navy mom and wife, and Fortinet Account Manger extraordinaire, Amy has been in the sales world for 17 years, but was one of the original "brand builders" on LinkedIn, before brand building was a thing.Now, with close to 24 THOUSAND followers, she is one of the experts when it comes to using LinkedIn to help sell.  Settle in and check out this fun and fascinating interview where Amy talks about what is important on LinkedIn and what isn't; how to navigate that tenuous relationship with your supervisor who doesn't think that any time should be spent on the platform; and how, if you do run or own a business, you would be foolish not to embrace the power of your people being on LinkedIn.You will hear:●       The power of building a micro-community online.●       How to get the engagement ball rolling.●       How to be smart about when you’re engaging.●       The networking structure you can build to help get your foot in the door.What’s Inside:●       Should you throttle back your emoji use? When is it too much?●       The challenges of trying to network on LinkedIn, but in the eyes of your boss, you’re on LinkedIn too much.●       If you’re smart, LinkedIn networking can eliminate most of your cold calling because of your personal brand.●       Is this really the Year of the Pivot? How Amy had to shift her sales outreach during the pandemic.Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comAmy Quick on LinkedIn
Do you leverage humanity in your sales process? Do you have the core skills that not only impact your sales success, but your sales "happiness?"Pull up a chair and check out my latest episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, as I sit down with JORDANA ZELFDIN, a sales expert and owner of Spriing Training, a coaching consultancy that helps seller and sales teams leverage their human-ness to become more effective sellers and build richer, more open relationships with their prospects.Inject a little of yourself into the sales process and watch your closing rates soar when you heed Jordana’s advice. We’re talking about how:●       Tone●       Transparency●       Honesty●       And openness Create a psychologically safe space for the buyer to open up. Her acronym DISARRM can help a customer put down their armor and engage with you. (You'll have to listen to find out what that means) 😉What’s Inside by Jordana:●       Why and how I subconsciously prepare my customers for the price so that they’re not distracted by price anxiety.●       Are you interested in closing more than 25% of all of your sales meetings? Take my #1 tip and use it as your sales technique.●       How choosing to not sell to a customer can actually help you sell even more in the end.Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comJordana Zeldin on LinkedIn 
We define ourselves by the things we choose to buy. Simple as that.Understanding that key concept can help you unlock marketing strategies that will help you cut through the noise and reach your target audience. Join me as I talk to the brilliant Michael Solomon, a premium expert of consumer behavior, prolific author, and a professor of marketing, on the latest episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails!Your primary motivation to buy one brand over another is about what the brand means to you, and not how much the brand costs. With every purchase that you make, you’re creating a lifestyle that you believe reflects who you truly are.The modern consumer changes their identity rapidly, even as quickly as daily as they shift from work to home to the gym. Savvy marketers know they can’t rely on one channel or one marketing campaign to reach these prospect, known as “chameleon customers." With that tribal marketing concept, you’re going to hear strategies for how to:●       Build marketing personas●       Create brand allegiance with tribal marketing●       Understand what your customers truly wantWhat’s Inside:●       Making assumptions about where your customers are means you’re going to miss the chance to catch their attention.●       When you realize that everyone is a work in progress, you won’t get caught up in outdated stereotypes about who your customers are.●       How to use personas to help build allegiance to your brand.  Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comConsumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and BeingThe New Chameleons: How to Connect with Consumers Who Defy Categorization Michael Solomon on
We all want to improve, right?We all want to get better at sales, at marketing, at running our own business...but are we willing to do what it takes?Did you know that 94% of people who buy self-help books or programs never follow through or finish them? For once, keep your New Year’s resolutions and make 2021 the year you make real progress towards your goals with  high performance coach and author of The Morning Fire, Jeff Wickersham. In this awesome conversation, Jeff shares fantastic tips for putting goals into bite-sized pieces that are easy to work on daily. You’re going to learn how to make new habits permanent by:●       Bookending your day●       Starting small●       Sharing goals publicly●       Getting in some early wins If you’re the kind of person who’s overwhelmed by your own goals, Jeff also shares tips for busting through the procrastination; finding an accountability partner, what to do every mornin g and every night, and so much more.Help jump-start your success by developing the right habits that will catapult you into the best year ever.What’s Inside:●       How to reinforce your goals with small steps and preplanning.●       Strategies to get over negative feedback so that it doesn’t suck the joy out of your day.●       Setting yourself up for success means starting the night before.  Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comRise Fight Love RepeatThe Morning Fire
If 2021 is the year you’re aiming for that promotion, then you need to know the skills that senior leaders are looking for. Should you really schmooze more with your boss, or is it really  time to improve your communication skills?Are you a woman or minority looking to break through the status quo? Are you a college student trying to figure out how to get into a leadership position, or what to do during an interview?Take a seat and grab a whiskey as leadership and business coach, CATHERINE CANTEY holds nothing back in this great and eye-opening interview on episode 36 of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails. As a woman who broke barriers in the male-dominated financial and banking industry for decades before moving into coaching, Catherine has had to learn how to control her own narrative so that senior leaders paid attention to her. In today’s podcast, Catherine talks about the 3 skills senior leaders are looking for, and how you can casually employ them in a way that will knock their socks off. Learn how:Listening better makes you a better leader.Following up with more than a text will set you apart.Practicing public speaking every chance you get will give you a leg up over the competition.What’s Inside:●       How you can move your career along with what Catherine calls “hallway conversations”.●       Learn the difference between a mentor and a sponsor, and why that will make a critical difference in your future promotions. ●       Catherine explains the 2-2-2 follow-up method that will destroy whatever weak follow up your competition offers. ●       What future-focused advice is, and how you can ask for it from your boss.Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comCatherine CanteyCatherine Cantey on LinkedIn
Is customer service a main focus of your business, or is it reactionary? Do your employees know what real customer service is, and how to deliver it? Do they, or you, have a plan?Well if you've answered the wrong way on any of those questions, then pull up a chair and get ready to take notes as the king of customer service, Dr. KELLY HENRY joins me on the latest episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails.Did you know that many business owners treat their employees as liabilities instead of assets? And the trickle-down effect from that is there is no way those same employees will treat your customers well either. It all starts from within, and Dr. Henry explains how to turn it all around.In this episode, Dr. Kelly lays out his five-step process for rebuilding, revamping, and repositioning customer service as the core tenet of your small business. He discusses how these steps will not only improve company morale, but also can help close more sales. And be prepared at the end for the mantra every business owner should adopt, today!What’s Inside:●       Training has to come from the top down if the entire culture of the company is going to change. ●       How Dr. Kelly helps companies plug in the holes of their customer service process.●       How can you change poorly entrenched attitudes?Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comDr. Kelly Henry on LinkedIn
How much fun can two people have in one interview? Well find out here as the “the Social Media Sherpa" herself,  Shaily Hakimian  digs in and let's lose (with a few shots of tequila to help along the way) as we get into all things social media, including a dive into my recent venture onto TikTok!One of the highest-energy people I know, fasten your seatbelt as Shaily takes you on a fast and hilarious journey into the hacks of the social media world. Since her MySpace days, Shaily has been making friends and connecting on the internet, and so stepping into her role as “the Social Media Sherpa” was easy for her because she was already an early adapter to social media platforms. Pop in some earbuds as we talk the do's and don’ts for small businesses on social platforms, how to properly connect, what to do and what not to do, and how to utilize all of it to increase your business.  Shaily’s going to cover when small businesses should:●       Use referral network amplification●       Plan social media content●       Fix the broken parts between marketing and sales●       Choose between organic outreach or paid advertising And also, wait until the end where she shares her social media "golden rule," which you won't want to miss. You won't listen to a more fun episode than this one!What’s Inside:●       How do you choose a secondary social media platform?●       Shaily’s Facebook hack for creating more engagement and publicity for a livestream or event.●       My method for figuring out what a client values using LinkedIn.Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comShaily Hakimian on LinkedInYour Social Media Sherpa 
Why is your sales team closing just 28%?If you ask the marketing department, it's because they don't know how to close. If you ask sales, they will tell you the leads suck.The truth? The blame really lands at the feet of the upper management teams stuck in the past, still believing that quantity will always win out over quality, basing success on number metrics and nothing else.  Drive as many leads as possible, and we will be successful. This however, no longer works, and produces a marketing team that simply generates as many leads as possible, quality be damned, and a sales team that can't close these leads because they are not the ideal customer in the first place.Get ready for a marketing wake-up call in my latest episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, as I sat down with digital marketing guru and all-around great guy, CHRIS WALKER, as he talks about how the above philosophy is a thing of the past, and so many other golden nuggets, there are too many to list here. Just a sample of what you will hear, and see:What’s Inside:●       Should you put your pricing on your website?●       Figuring out when you should jump from organic marketing to paid marketing depends not only your goals, but your current revenue amount. ●       Google gets way too much credit...find out why.So pull up a chair or don those ear buds and enjoy some eye-opening marketing advice.Mentioned in this Episode:MarketingandSalespodcast.comThe 7 Secrets to Selling More By Selling LessShoot me a question on Allanger.comState of Demand Gen podcastRefine Labs 
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