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A Scrap Life

Author: Recycled Media

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Follow Brett Ekart as he finds people throughout the country living "A Scrap Life"
8 Episodes
You don’t need a college degree to be successful in life... but you do have to be willing to bust your ass, and Berry Prescott is the king of busting ass. From truck driver, to dispatcher, to head of our maintenance department company-wide... to say Berry knows his stuff is an understatement. Check out this podcast with my brother from another mother, and an all-around great guy: Berry Prescott!
If you are going to design a new form education in the scrap industry you better have a strong foundation with a ton of real world experience. My buddy Brad Rudover, one of the owners of Detroit Scrap has just that, along with a cool new idea on how to engage and teach more individuals about the nuances of the scrap metal recycling industry and the products we handle every day. Listen to Brad and I discuss our personal history, how far we have come as an industry, and why we love SCRAP so much!
Bill has been living the Scrap Life for a long time, and nobody represents our industry better than this guy. Not only is he an all around good dude, he knows scrap as well as anybody I have dealt with over the years. He is part of a great company, CASS, and they are on the cutting edge of aluminum smelting in California. Thanks for listening and please leave a review if you like this podcast!
In this special 9/11 episode Brett has Nick from Recycled Idaho and United Metals on where they discuss the importance of our troops and what Patriot Day means to them. Brett also signs a check for The Semper Fi Fund.
Sometimes vacation travel turns into work travel, or just the opportunity to sit down with a fellow scrap guy that you have a lot of scrap history in common with. Hank Doane from PNW Recycling came to town and we discussed scrap, life, business partnerships and his family roots in the scrap game.
Listen as Brett gets a chance to sit down with Amie Oldham from United Metals Recycling. Amie is a great person with as much grit, hustle and ambition as you will find in someone. Amie is truly living "A Scrap Life"
In this episode of "A Scrap Life", Brett talks to long-time scrap guy and friend, John Sacco. Take a listen
In this first episode Brett is able to sit down with his parents Rod and Debbie. We are in for a treat as we get to hear some of the history of how United Metals became what it is today. And how this family business is truly living "A Scrap Life"
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