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Author: Jerry Cirino, Jr.

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Conservative political discussions where only the truth is told. I dare you to listen.
128 Episodes
Please welcome Sarah Lynn Jones to Fides Podcast as she tells of the story of how she was denied parental rights in her son's life.  No parent should ever have to endure her pain.  She is joined by Bill Amadeo, her Attorney, who is helping Sarah make sure that no other parent has to face this same pain.   
Please welcome Cody Davis to Fides Podcast.  Cody and I talk about local Colorado politics as well as national politics.  Hear from Cody directly about his goals for Mesa County and how he plans on putting the voters first in all he does.  Mesa County residents:  you are fortunate to have Cody as your Commissioner.  
Have you been taught the true history of race in this country?  Did you know that the Democrat Party founded the KKK, opposed the Civil Rights Movement, and were the party of segregationists?  Did you also know that Bill and Hillary were mentored by known racists and KKK members?  Please listen to Nina May, of the Renaissance Women's Productions, as she shares the true facts of the Democrat Party's racist history.
Man, we need more women like Adrienne Southworth!  Please welcome Adrienne to Fides Podcast as we discuss the challenges that face Kentucky and the rest of the Country, specifically government overreach and too much regulation.
Pastor Stephen Broden speaks with passion and wisdom as he discusses the fight against cultural Marxism and government tyranny.  You will love listening as we talk about his group, Content of Character Series, and the way in which Black Pastors must lead their flock.
Please join me as I talk with Guadalupe Radio Network Program Director and Host, Joe McClane.  Joe shares his story of conversion from a life of sin to his acceptance of The Catholic Church.  Joe also shares his thoughts and experience on the importance of Fathers and masculinity.  
Have you ever had a difficult "yes" to God?  What about being asked to care for multiple foster children as well as your own!  Hear the wonderful story of Alana and her husband and how they said "yes" to God and literally changed lives.
It is my pleasure to have Dr. Sharen Ford, Director for Foster Care and Adoption for Focus on the Family, on this episode of Fides Podcast.  Adoption and Foster Care is a bit of an unknown for many of us, but a very important life issue.  Dr. Ford will educate, and inspire you on the importance of fostering and adoption.  Enjoy.
Please join me as I talk with writer/editor Susan Ciancio.  Susan works with the Culture of Life Studies Program, Celebrate Life Magazine, and even Mark Wahlberg's business!  Hear all about Susan's amazing talent of writing and editing and her passion for promoting life.
Reggie Littlejohn is an expert on the human rights abuses in China.  Hear Reggie talk about forced abortion, forced sterilization, forced infanticide, and the real Women's Rights in China.  I promise you will love listening to Reggie and will love her passion and knowledge even more.
Please welcome Lily Kate, host of The Lily Kate Show.  Lily is a dynamic, young speaker on all of our favorite conservative issues and is a force to be reckoned with on social media.  Believe me.  Big tech is after her and that tells me that she is effective.  So you will want to hear her speak!
What is needed today to bring back the fertility rates of black America?  How do you get Black Pastors and Leaders to embrace the pro-life movement?  Well Walter Hoye of Issues4Life has the answers.  Listen in as Walter discusses the "Echo Effect" and "Betrayal Trauma" on black leaders and how to bring back the great black family.
No guest.  Just me.  I lay out my mission statement that the Left is evil and must be defeated.  The Left is about power, pride, control, and murder.  The Left is of Satan and it is our duty to stand up to evil.  Please listen as I discuss the reason and mission of Fides Podcast.
Everything IS bigger in Texas.....including courage.  Hear the story of Shelley Luther and how the Texas government put her in jail for opening up her hair salon during Covid.  Shelley safely kept her business open so that she and her employees could support their families.  I suppose if she had a riot, or a birthday bash like Obama, it would have been ok.
The Ohio Senate is working on a bill to ensure all lives matter.  Meet Amanda Finnefrock, the Mom behind Senate Bill 151 here in Ohio.  Hear Amanda's story of losing her twin boys when a local hospital refused to give them care to try and save their lives.  This is a heart-wrenching story you won't want to miss.
Please welcome Robert Borelli, former Gambino Crime Family associate, to Fides Podcast.  Robert tells his story of being a part of a crime family in New York, dealing and being addicted to drugs, and being in prison.  But his favorite part of the story is his conversion to Jesus Christ and how he went from seeking respect, money and power, to seeking God.
Do only "some" black lives matter to you?  Or only the ones that can be used for political purposes?  Kevin McGary, Co-Founder of Every Black Life Matters, believes all black lives matter and wants to help the black community prosper as they deserve to prosper.  Not by following Marxist ideology and being played by politicians, but by conservative, free market principles.  You will enjoy listening to Kevin.
Please join me as I get to speak with Focus on the Family's Executive Director of Advocacy, Robyn Chambers.  Hear all about the vast number of support FOTF gives to everyone in need of building better families and gaining more out of life.  Please join Focus on the Family and their annual event, "See Life 2021" in Dallas, TX, August 28, 2021.
What does ICU Mobile do for life?  Come listen as Sonya Hartburg shares how Image Clear Ultrasound works to support women in the fight for life.  Without a huge check from the government, ICU Mobile provides life saving care to women and children.   Please support this great group.
Do you believe that we are all one race?  Well, Carlen Charleston, of ERASE Race, thinks so.  This retired Marine is working towards bringing about unity in a country that is obsessed with race.  You must hear about his program that he is taking across the nation and hear his take on issues like CRT, systemic racism, and our country's founding.  And you decide if I, your humble host, oppressed Carlen during our interview!
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