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Author: Coach Kalina

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Let's be real: life is messy. And that's okay. We learn so much from cleaning up. Welcome to The Judge Free Zone. Transformation Coach Kalina Leopold chats with some amazing humans about some of life’s most valuable messes.
22 Episodes
On episode 20 of The Judge Free Zone, Kalina and Emily talk about her intuitive healing practice and what it's like to have a lot of witchiness in you. The two discuss the energy frequencies of different emotions and how Emily's process helps clients move through different emotions and into a healing space through the use of coaching, holistic therapies and Reiki. 
On Episode 19 Kalina is joined by Carla Carreira. Carla is currently completing an M.S. in Sexology and a PhD in Psychology, honing her leadership skills as an assistant for the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute practitioner’s course in Belgium, evolving her movement theater therapy group classes, and writing a semi-autobiographical novel about intergenerational trauma, grit and resilience in a context of immigration and intercultural experiences. We discuss somatic coaching and how Carla's own journey has shaped her insightful abilities with her clients. To schedule a free session go to
On this episode, Kalina is with Francisco Oller Garcia, a community builder, an active civic member, community builder, and champion of lifelong learning. Francisco is a Digital Operations and Marketing Specialist for BeniComp Health Solutions, a health tech company in the insurance space. He is the Marketing Chair for the University of Tampa's Board of Counselors, on the Digital Marketing Advisory Board Member for The University of South Florida, and involved with Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay. Earlier this year Employee Benefit Adviser recognized him as a Rising Star and recently he was named a LinkedIn Sales Star. He holds a B.S. in Management from Providence College and an MBA with a Marketing concentration from the University of Tampa.Don't let his age fool you - Francisco is wise beyond his years! Kalina and Francisco discuss why mindset is so important when it comes to faces life's challenges as well as how someone so young got to be both so accomplished and so insightful. Find & Follow Francisco: Linkedin: Twitter: VitaminciscoInstagram: Vitamincisco
Kalina is with Mansi Jain, a Mindset Transformation Coach who will help you break your limiting beliefs which are preventing you from living your Dream Life with Joy, Enthusiasm & Abundance! You will identify the patterns that are preventing you from a living Your Best Life and learn tools & techniques to move forward! Mansi and Kalina discuss how limiting beliefs are often what holds people back the most. Mansi shares examples of the four main areas in which people have limiting beliefs: mindset, wealth, health, relationships. We also offer up some practical tools for getting out of those limiting beliefs and how to make daily affirmations work for you! Find & Follow Mansi: www.mindsutra.inBlog Mansi's Channel Page
Cassie Christopher is a Registered Dietitian and Mom to a busy toddler. She supports women in their 40s-60s to get a handle on emotional eating so they can feel more confident in their bodies without depriving themselves of what makes them happy in life. Kalina and Cassie discuss how she helps women address the REAL root of their food issues and inability to lose weight, that is the stress hormone cortisol. In her 6+ years of experience helping women lose weight, Cassie has discovered that high levels of the stress hormone keep them constantly craving food and feeling too tired to do the things they know they need to do for their health. Reducing levels of cortisol helps women get their energy, confidence and control back. If you struggle with stress eating - or if you have found yourself stress eating or eating out of boredom during the pandemic - this episode is for you! Find & Follow Cassie: Facebook: cassiechristopherRD & The Stress Less Weight Loss MasteryFacebook Group: Emotional Eating & Womens Wellness Community to connect and get the 11 Tips on how to Stop Stress Eating. 
Dr. Jenn is such a delight! Dr. Jenn Edwards is a Wellness Advisor, scientist, CEO of Refinne Skincare, and 4th generation entrepreneur.She sits down with Kalina to talk about the importance of ritualizing self care, particularly when it comes to women. Dr. Jenn marries mental wellness with physical wellness in her Wellthy Academy! Combined with her skin care line and her yoga program, it's a mind-body wellness trifecta. We discuss self care in the pandemic and how we can create a positive experience for our children during this time of continued social distancing. Find & Follow Dr. Jenn:
On episode 14 Kalina is with Yvette Bodden...Yvette and Kalina discuss what it's like to be a writer, how she became an author, her first book, Awakened Woman, and the online community of the same name where she offers up free writings and guidance for other women. A calm and gentle conversation with a lovely human! Find & Follow Yvette: Site: Awakened-Woman.comInstagram: @womanawakenedFacebook: AWinspiresTwitter: @Princesa9954Debut book: "A Journey to Becoming the Best Self" - July 2019 is about the journey from loss of a marriage, identity to finding purpose. It is how I initiated the work to become the best version of myself and create a life envision - work that is ongoing.
On episode 13 Sydney Rae Chin (she/her) is a queer intuitive sex guide empowering APIDA (Asian American Pacific Islander Desi American) women and non-men survivors to reclaim their sensuality....In this episode Kalina and Sydney discuss Sydney's new program which opens today, September 10th! We also talk about how she became a coach and how she incorporates intuitive healing into her practice with her clients as well as a look at Title IX and what survivors on college campuses are saying about sexual trauma during the pandemic.This is an intriguing and deep conversation you will want to hear! Find & Follow Sydney Rae: @sydneyraechin
It's episode 12 and Kalina is with Yael Rosenstock Gonzales, a sex & identity coach and educator, author, speaker, publisher....Yael works with children and adults around sex positivity, communication about sexual desire as well as boundaries and so much more. We discuss her book, An Intro-Guide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips (purchase here on Amazon!). We talk about what we wish our 14 year old selves knew about menstruation and how to talk to your kids about sex. This is a do not miss episode! Find & Follow Yael:Sex Positivity@yaelthesexgeek Soon to be released, Inclusivity & self awareness @diversebodiesproject@kvibrations.publishing & Personal Growth (with Katherine Kolios) @kaleidoscope_perspectives 
On episode 11 Kalina is with yoga therapist and teacher Kristen Boyle... Kristen works 1:1 or with groups and teaches other yogis how to become instructors. Her newest 300 Hour training program kicks off in early 2021! On this episode we talk about yoga practices and the interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our beings. We discuss the ways in which yoga, much like mindfulness coaching, helps to keep us in the present moment. Namaste. Find & Follow Kristen:
Wow! Can you believe it is already episode 10 of the podcast! Today Kalina is with Krista Garrett, coach and owner of Garrett Music Academy. She is also the owner of I am Flawsome and Freedom Through Music, two programs specializing in promoting mental health through music....We discuss how music, art and creativity can heal the soul and help people get through difficult moments in their lives. Krista is no stranger to challenge; from addiction in the family to taking over the family business to that business literally going up in flames at one point! We discuss the satisfaction of finding purpose in life and silver linings in the pandemic. Find & Follow Krista online: iamflawsome.me
Kalina is with Justine Hwang, an Asian artist, burnout survivor, mental health advocate and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She hosts workshops teaching people creativity and lettering as a tool for mindfulness and self care. She's all about getting real and sharing the raw parts of the journey, and how resilience grows from the valley. We discuss calligraphy and how creativity can help unlock our minds and our hearts. We also talk about the importance of slowing down, especially as the world is up and down during the COVID pandemic. We talk about how art can be used as a way to open up the race conversation and heal old wounds. Justine has such lovely energy! This episode was a lot of fun to record. Find & Follow Justine: IG: @itjustflowsTwitter: @itjustflows
Kalina is with Brandy Champeau, author, speaker, and a curriculum developer. Brandy helps parents become the very best expression of themselves so that they can make learning fun, easy and natural, not just for their children but for themselves as well. We discuss why it's so important to raise learners and not students along with how to make learning so fun, that you and your kids will enjoy it! Brandy's model is that learning doesn't have to be hard or boring. To listen to her programs and curriculum ideas, you will believe it too! Find and Follow Brandy online: https://ExploringExpression.com
Kalina is with Carleeka Katrina Basnight-Menendez is an Award-Winning Life Coach and Accountability Partner here to help you on your journey to discover who you are, where you are and where you want go. Carleeka is such an inspiring and dynamic human! You will fall madly in love in with her. We talk about being coaches, having a child graduate high school during the COVID-19 pandemic, empowering yourself to stay true to your commitments and having the courage to be vulnerable enough to transform your life! Find Carleeka online at: www.Carleeka.com
Kalina is with Connie-Anne Holman, LMHC, NCC, an Intuitive Heartcentered Coach and Psychotherapist that specializes in helping people live empowered, healed, heart- led lives by getting to the heart of the matter; a life with more love, more peace, more joy and more presence.Join Connie-Anne and Kalina in a conversation about how slowing down amidst the pandemic has been a perfect way to reflect on what is truly valuable in this world. We also discuss coaching, what it's like to be a coach and a client! Most importantly, about why asking ourselves what we really want out of life is the most important step towards alignment. Find Connie-Anne online: IG @connieanneholmancoaching
Kalina is with  Patty Holmes, author, life coach, and the producer and host of Mente y Actitud Positiva, a YouTube show all about having a positive mind and attitude. Patty has been through many up and downs while becoming a citizen of the United States. Her positive energy is absolutely infective!! For Patty, facing adversity is what has brought her the most strength and growth.Patty embodies strength, perseverance, joy and hope. She wants everyone to keep believing and to never give up on their dreams, because - after all - dreams are free! You can find Patty online: 
Kalina is with Arianna Bradford, lead writer and editor of the NYAM project and host of the podcast by the same name. Her new book is called Shame On You: Big Truths From a Bad Mom which came out earlier this week! We discuss her new book, mom-shaming and starting the NYAM project, why having empathy is so important, the pre-historic size of creatures in Austin, TX, and how to handle racist comments on social media. Arianna is hilarious and unrelenting in her ability to not take any of your bullsh*t. She is also very passionate about the shaming that goes on between moms and about being a mom in general.   You can find Arianna online at: the book here: more about the NYAM project go to: Find the group on social media @thenyamproject
Today's Judge Free Zone is with Julianna Quijano, Transformational Guide who assists and empowers others on their journeys in life emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.Julianna incorporates various tools, tips and techniques that organically guide individuals to reascend their consciousness and support their inner landscape to Awareness.Bonus! Julianna takes us on a guided meditation at the end of the episode! (Time Stamp: 27:04)Her new course, Master Transformational Empowerment, gathers together small intimate groups of 3 or 4 for transformation. Individuals get to co-create with her by creating their own group of those they resonate with, whether it be loved ones or friends who want to journey this way. Find out more about Julianna: Channel: JuliannaOfSource 
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