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Well Being Walks with Kip Hollister

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Welcome to my podcast: Well Being Walks. In each episode, I am joined by a special guest for a walk – in nature – knowing that nature is where our souls sing. We all have a soul song, yet, our soul songs get silenced by our human “doing” – chasing achievement, chasing success, climbing the corporate ladder – DOING more. There is a real imbalance today in human DOING versus human BEING. In these podcasts we focus more on BEING human and what that looks like. We will share a collection of REAL conversations and stories from respected leaders and influencers who are exploring a different kind of leadership and how to live a soulful life that matters. Please join us on a walk! - Kip
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In this week’s episode of Well Being Walks with Kip Hollister, we are joined by Thaddeus Miles, as he speaks about his experiences as a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and community leader. As the pair takes a chilly stroll around the Lowell River Walk, Thaddeus describes what led him to devote his life to helping others: through his work at MassHousing, his time serving in The US Air Force, and the development of several nonprofits. His dedication to supporting, loving, and seeing the Black community is inspiring. His most recent work, The Black Joy Project, was recognized by the Boston City Council in September 2022. We are taken through the complex story of his life and delve into how he found his passions for family, photography, and serving others. Thaddeus explains how his unique experiences have allowed him to move from a mindset of victimization to one of empowerment. You will hear vulnerable conversations about taking action and the importance of genuine human connection. We invite you to listen and learn from this powerful and uplifting leader. Learn more about The Black Joy Project:
In this episode of Well Being Walks, Kip is joined by Juliette Mayers, Founder and CEO of Inspiration Zone – A woman-and-minority-owned business enterprise providing services to companies looking for a holistic approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Inspiration Zone, Juliette is a published author and has her own podcast, Entering the Inspiration Zone.  Kip and Juliette walk through the Norris Reservation in Norwell and discuss the importance of creating an organization that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive, starting from a place of empathy and awareness. This episode shows the importance of human connection on a deep level and understanding the systemic growth needed to create a positive and sustainable workplace culture. Juliette’s knowledge in this area is admirable, and we invite listeners to listen and learn from her experience as we have.  To learn more about Inspiration Zone, click here:
This week’s episode of Well Being Walks with Kip Hollister is the second episode of the two-part series with Jim Derick - President and Co-Founder of SAFE Coalition. They walk again through Noon Hill in Medfield, MA; discussing the devastating loss of Jim’s son, Jack, and how to connect with one another and navigate the grieving process. They discuss the stigma around substance abuse disorder and creating a system that supports those affected. Kip and Jim connect on a soul level, bonding over their own journeys with loss and creating an open space for real conversations. This episode is authentic and raw, and we invite you to listen and learn as you join this installation of Well Being Walks. SAFE Coalition is a community organization committed to educating and supporting those affected by substance use disorder and mental health concerns across southeastern Massachusetts. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder or mental health concerns, please visit their website: In honor of Jack, who tragically lost his battle with his illness on July 15, 2022. 
This week’s episode of Well Being Walks with Kip Hollister is the first part of a two-part series. Kip is joined by Jim Derick, President and Co-Founder of SAFE Coalition – a community organization committed to educating and supporting those affected by substance use disorder and mental health concerns across southeastern Massachusetts. Jim’s son, Jack, struggled with these issues which compelled Jim to create this organization. In the first episode, Jack is still with us. The second episode is recorded two months after Jack’s passing. This series is dedicated to him and his family.  Jim speaks on the importance of living life authentically and the profound steps he took to live in the present moment. He is a leader with a unique perspective on the world that can provide a positive outlook on the sometimes-harsh reality of everyday life. There is so much to gain from this week’s episode, and we invite you to listen and learn.If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder or mental health concerns, please visit SAFE Coalition’s website: honor of Jack, who tragically lost his battle with his illness on July 15, 2022. 
Join us for the first Zoom episode of Well Being Walks! Things were done a bit differently this month as Paul Rubenstein, the Chief People Officer of Visier, is located in Canada. Kip sits outside to instill the essence of nature as Paul describes the story of his shift from data analytics to working in HR. You can tell that he understands what leadership is all about. He talks about the importance of bringing your true self to work. Paul’s story is an interesting one, as he offers a unique perspective on how data can support how to lead people more effectively. We invite you to listen and enjoy his unique story.  Learn more about Visier:
In this episode of Well Being Walks, Kip is joined by Richard Sparacio – Founder of ÁCIO Consulting, and Professor and Coach of Franchising and Family Business at Suffolk University. Join Kip and Richard as they take a walk through Willard Woods in Lexington, MA. They talk through Richard’s shift from selling the companies he invested in, to the new chapter in his life as a Professor where he speaks on the importance of personal connections. Richard is a believer in the power of growing others and focusing on being as much as doing as a leader. He models the true essence of leadership in action. You can learn more about ÁCIO Consulting and all that they do here:
Welcome to season two of Well Being Walks with Kip Hollister. Kip is so excited to be launching this next season, with new episodes released monthly.In this episode, Kip reflects on season one and some of the themes that came up from powerful conversations with many people. She spoke with people from diverse backgrounds and shares a number of recaps from these wonderful moments.Season two will capture many of the same themes and the importance of disconnecting from the outside world to bring together minds at a soulful level. At a time when human beings have been so isolated, Kip has the ability to create vulnerability in these conversations which opens up a new space for leading differently. Life is about connection and leadership is about the art of exploring REAL and authentic conversations that bring out the best in each of us. Being out in nature allows for a deeper connection to be made, which we are all craving these days. Take note of the new music written by Chad Hollister and Kip Hollister called “Inner Sovereignty."“We must learn to lead differently during these times of worldly crisis. It is about being HUMAN first.”-Kip Hollister
In this week’s episode of Well Being Walks, Kip walks with Art Papas, Founder and CEO of Bullhorn, Inc., a global leader in software for the staffing and recruiting industry.  Kip and Art walk in scenic Centennial Park in Wellesley, MA.  Art discusses his journey from math major, to aspiring engineer, to entrepreneur and ultimately, CEO.  He also talks with Kip about how being laid off early on in his career presented one of the greatest opportunities for him to follow his passion.  For more information about Art and his company, you can visit:
In this episode, Kip walks with Libby DeLana - Co-founder of Mechanica and previously Design Director at MullenLowe. Libby and Kip walked in beautiful Maudslay Park in Newburyport, MA. Libby is also the author of Do Walk - Navigate earth, mind, and body. Step by step, in which she talks about her 10-year commitment to walking each and every morning. Kip and Libby discuss how their definition of success has evolved and what it means to be a woman in leadership. For more information about Libby and her book, you can visit here:
In this episode, Kip walks with Beth Monaghan - CEO of Inkhouse, an integrated PR agency specializing in B2B  technology, with offices across the country.  Beth shares her experience coming through the pandemic while running a company and recovering from a cancer diagnosis.  You will hear many pearls of wisdom around discovering the value in embracing your authentic self.  
This week Kip walks with Andrew Graff, President and CEO of Allen & Gerritsen - a creative-led branding agency.  Andrew’s leadership style is one of introspection and self-reflection.  He talks about the many lessons he learned as a young leader, including giving himself and those around him permission to fail – as some of the most important learning opportunities happen while recovering from setbacks.  
Today Kip walks with Charlie Saponaro, CEO of Medical Records Associates (MRA), a healthcare services company. Charlie talks about his path to becoming a CEO and working in industries in which he had no background or experience. Kip and Charlie also talk about leadership styles, management challenges, and what success looks like today and how that picture has evolved over time.
In this episode of Well Being Walks, Kip walks with Jadi Tavares. Jadi is Head of School at Esperanza Academy - an independent, tuition free middle school for girls in historic Lawrence, MA.Jadi talks about the school’s unique model, which includes a 12-year commitment to their students during which the school provides ongoing social and emotional support as students navigate high school and college. The school’s mission centers on culturally responsive teaching, restorative justice, and a relationship-centered ethos. This is so critical for our future leaders.We invite you to listen to their conversation, which covers vulnerability in leadership, open communication, and the value in showing up as your whole-self. You can learn more about the Esperanza Academy here:
In this week’s podcast, Kip walks with Judy Giovangelo to talk about their shared experiences with loss. Judy discusses being “a Ben”—someone born into an environment with trauma and challenge, and a unique intuition and sensitivity to their surroundings. She tells her son Ben’s story, and how he inspired her to start her foundation, Ben Speaks.Judy and Kip discuss how grief can allow a person to lean into their spiritual essence and guide them to love. Judy discusses how investing in the grief process, finding service work, and self-care can allow a grieving person to move forward. She and Kip discuss how mindset and taking control of subconscious behaviors can help a person find direction and be resilient through life’s challenges.Judy Giovangelo is the founder of Ben Speaks, a foundation where families can access a full spectrum of resources, including Emergency, Therapeutic, Healing, Mental Health, Addiction, Nutrition, and Grief Support. She is also a healer, yoga instructor, artist, and author of the book Phoenix Rising. Find out more about Ben Speaks here:
This week, Kip walks with Lynn Margherio through the historic Mount Auburn Cemetery. Lynn is the founder of Cradles to Crayons – a nonprofit organization that provides children and families living in poverty with the clothing and everyday essentials they need. Lynn talks about how she adapted amidst the pandemic by encouraging her team to innovate and to find new ways to connect with one another. Lynn and Kip go on to discuss how stepping away from traditional ‘professionalism’ and embracing vulnerability has been an asset in leadership and in life. Listen along to hear Lynn explain how important it is to become involved in your own community, and to also engage with issues faced by those who you may not be exposed to in your everyday life. To learn more about Cradles to Crayons and about how you may be able to support this organization and community, please visit their website:
This week Kip walks with Helen Russell in the woods of Hale Reservation.  Helen reflects on her experience working at Hale as a young adult and how it inspired a life-long love of the outdoors and learning through doing.  Kip and Helen discuss how this experience informs her current role as Executive Director of Apprentice Learning where she serves more than 200 8th graders by providing them with hands-on work experiences.  Kip and Helen also share some engaging conversation around scarcity, fear, and making decisions in the face of adversity.  The ease and flow of the conversation mirrored the  natural beauty all around them.  Helen Russell is Founder and Executive Director of Apprentice Learning which connects middle schools students with real-world job opportunities.  To learn more about Apprentice Learning and how you may be able to help, please visit their website:
This week, Kip walks with Seth Rotberg along the Charles River in Cambridge.  Seth talks about discovering his mother’s Huntington’s Disease (HD) diagnosis at 15 years old and subsequently learning that he too, carries the gene that will lead to him developing HD at some point in his future.   Seth explains how this experience, which at times is very isolating, led him to seek out support and connection in the HD and broader rare disease communities.  As a result, Seth went on to found a non-profit organization dedicated to serving those struggling with rare and chronic conditions to provide emotional and social support.  Kip and Seth also share their thoughts around vulnerability, judgement, fear, and embracing the present moment.  Seth Rotberg is Co-Founder of Our Odyssey, a non-profit established in 2019 to improve the quality of life for young adults with rare or chronic diseases.  For more information about Seth and Our Odyssey, you can visit: 
This week Kip walks with Manny Lopes. Manny shares his incredible story of rising through various roles at East Boston Neighborhood Health Center starting when he was just 18 years old. Having grown up in East Boston,  Manny talks about how rewarding it is to work in, and serve, the community that raised him. Kip and Manny also discuss the importance of lessons learned in the past year around racial justice and equity and the opportunity we now have as a society keep the momentum of those lessons going. In addition to his professional work in healthcare, Manny also reminisced about his love for music and his ten-year stint as a DJ. Manny Lopes is President and CEO of East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, which provides easily accessible, high-quality health care to all who live and work in East Boston, Chelsea, Revere, Everett, Winthrop, and most recently, the South End. 
This week Kip walks with Dr. Estee Sharon.  Kip first met Estee as a result of a personal tragedy through which Estee helped guide Kip and her family.   In this episode, Kip and Estee discuss their work together on “Recovery Works”, a program founded by Estee to help those recovering from substance use get back into the workforce.  Kip sits on the board of the organization.  Estee also shares how the commonality of fear and uncertainty around the pandemic has had a surprising way of uniting us all.  Dr. Estee Sharon, Psy.D. serves as the Director of Recovery & Relationship Enhancement Program at West End Clinic, MGH, and is one of the founding team of the Diversity Center at the Department of Psychiatry at MGH. Dr. Sharon is a licensed Clinical Psychologist at MGH, and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Sharon is also the Founder and Director at RecoveryWorks Program at Mass General Hospital (MGH), initiated to create employment opportunities for people in recovery and facilitate their re-entry to the workforce. 
This week Kip walks with Attorney Will Nystrom.  Will talks about proving himself as a young, aggressive lawyer, and the importance of risk-taking and learning from your mistakes as you mature.  He and Kip also discuss the role that shame plays in in the work that Will does with his clients, and how he helps them transmute shame into awareness.  Will is a partner at Nystrom Beckman & Paris.  As an adept trial lawyer, Will focuses on complex financial litigation.
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