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Author: James Knight & Eliot Raymond

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Hundreds of Ways is a podcast celebrating entrepreneurship. Each week, our hosts James and Eliot sit down with individuals who have found their ideal path in life, so they can show you exactly how they found their way. We'll be chatting with real entrepreneurs doing everything from art to personal training, from animation to writing. You'll hear stories from freelancers, startup founders, and small business owners, as well as people who work with and have advice for aspiring, budding, and existing entrepreneurs. Join our mailing list at
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Kat Jamieson (formerly Tanita) started writing her blog; With Love From Kat 11 years ago. While working in the fashion industry and living in NYC, Kat found herself endlessly inspired. What initially began as a creative outlet, quickly turned into a blossoming career. Today, Kat is an expert in all things lifestyle. She is known for her elevated yet attainable style across the fashion, beauty, travel, food and decor sectors. Her goal remains to inspire and uplift women through every piece of content she shares.
This week's guest is Steven Wilcox, founder of the PARKIT Movement and creator of "the world's greatest outdoor chair," The Voyager. Since Steven was our first product-founder, we spent a lot of time talking about the intricacies of Product design and development. If you've ever had an idea for a physical product, but were never sure how to make it a reality, this week's episode is for you.Learn more about PARKIT: the Voyager chair: out their successful Kickstarter:
On this week's episode, Anna Bogdanova—founder at Shiba500 and expert in all things branding—shares her experience building one of the most fun and innovative brands in startup marketing. We also talk about:What makes a brand work.The importance of positioning your business.Building an all-remote, global team.Working alongside the world's foremost dog marketing expert, Brutique, Chief Shiba Officer at Shiba500.Learn more about Anna and Shiba500 at their site: 
This week's guest is Drew Sing, author of recently released book "Work From Abroad". We chat about how he manages to travel full-time, all while maintaining his 9-5 job back home.You can learn more about Drew at his site:
This week's guest is A.J. Bond, founder of Discomfortable: a "shame education" platform and podcast. We discuss how shame and other negative emotions can hold entrepreneurs back, and A.J. shares some tips for getting comfortable with discomfort. We also talked about his work on Discomfortable, including his successful podcast, and his upcoming book.Here's A.J. describing a bit more about Discomfortable:“A few years ago, I had a crazy breakthrough about shame that dramatically improved my life. I started this podcast to help others demystify their shame as well. Getting Discomfortable is all about getting comfortable with the discomfort of shame and other unpleasant emotions so that we can get closer to understanding ourselves and connecting with others. Topics include psychology, philosophy, self-help, and of course a whole lot of shame. To learn more about me personally, check out the episode on Identity.”Learn more about A.J. and Discomfortable at his site.Here are some of the episodes we mentioned on the show:
This week we chat with Rishon Blumberg—founder of 10x Management and author of upcoming book "Game Changer: How to be 10x in the Talent Economy"—about what it means to be 10x across all aspects of your life. He shares his 25 years of experience protecting talent, starting with rockstars at Brick Wall Management, then "rockstar developers" at 10x Management. We also give you a sneak peek into his upcoming book, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at what the non-fiction writing and publishing process looks like.If you want to learn more, check out:10x Management: Changer: Wall Management:
If you're interested in learning more about Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, check out:The Fit Father ProjectThe Fit Mother ProjectReviveryThe Fit Father Project on Youtube
This week, Tom Critchlow talks to us about his career as an Independent Strategy Consultant. We cover his early days in SEO, through his time as a Product Marketing Manager at Google, as well as his transition to working as a freelance strategy partner for clients like the New York Times and Gartner.We also chat about his prolific writing career, how "thinking in public" has helped him grow his network, and discussed his newest project, "Little Futures."You can learn more about Tom at his site, and check out Little Futures here.
This week's episode features Julia Xu, Independent Startup Business Consultant. Unlike our previous guests, Julia has just recently made the shift into entrepreneurship, having left her job at Alibaba North America earlier this year. We talked about what drove that decision, going in-depth into what that change was like and how she found her first clients,We also chat about:How Julia uses modeling to help startups chart their path forward.How being a consultant has allowed Julia to experience a multitude of business models and industries.Why your "dream job" might not actually be that much of a dream.How you can leverage your existing networks to find your first clients.How to sell without being "salesy".What a great sales page looks like.Read more about Julia here: out Intimately here:
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"It's a simple question. But for being so simple, it rarely has a straightforward answer.Maybe that's why we stop asking it so soon.For most of us, the last time we heard the question was when we were kids—or maybe one last time at the end of high school. After all, having arrived at the terminus of our youth, haven't we grown up?For CJ Johnson, that question comes up daily. And the answer keeps changing. At six, he wanted to be Batman. When that didn't pan out, he settled for the entertainment industry. But cameras brought egos and attitudes, and CJ wanted something better. His interests shifted from Hollywood Boulevard to Venice Beach, where LA's competitor to Silicon Valley—the so-called "Silicon Beach"—was separating itself from that area's bohemian past. CJ found himself shifting from entertainer to marketing consultant. But his journey was far from over:"I was having more and more conversations as a consultant, as a marketer, and as an influencer. And I just kept getting asked more and more personal questions. And I realized my purpose: it has nothing to do with me being an actor, or writer, or director, or CEO. It has everything to do with inspiring someone."With 31K followers on Instagram and a total social reach of over 10 million people, it's safe to say that CJ is inspiring more than just someone. And for good reason: his career has seen him co-found one of the top digital agencies in Los Angeles, become the "on-demand marketing guru" of Silicon Beach, and be recognized as both a Google NextGen Policy Lead and GQ Insider. On this week's episode, CJ shares his experience as an entertainer, marketing consultant, and influencer. He explains what it means to "empower emerging generations," how you can monetize your interests, and how to find opportunity in times of crisis. We also chat about:CJ's work at NextGen and GQ.How Technology has fundamentally reshaped entertainment.The pros and cons of there being "Hundreds of Ways."How to keep focused in times of crisis.What it's like balancing the Influencer life with being a single dad.You can find out more about CJ on his site, or reach out to him directly on his Instagram.
The sun rises. We wake, shower, dress. And then it's off to work. The daily commute. Traffic, or waiting for the train. We arrive at our office. We sit.The day goes by. Meetings, calls, and deliverables. A break for lunch, then back we go. Eight hours pass and we pack our things and leave for home—maybe stop for happy hour on the way. We rest, we eat. The sun sets and we go to bed.Tomorrow, it will rise again.Days become weeks, then months, then years. And those years become careers. A life measured in promotions and projects, job titles, and three-year stints. For most of us, this is the way things are. The only way we were ever told that they could be.And so we wake up, day after day, week after week, and continue to walk the path that we're on.But not all of us.Some of us wake one morning with an itch. We step out of the current and ask ourselves: is this it? Will my life be measured in quarterly figures? Is the sum of my life's contribution going to be totaled in lines of code? Or is there something more?Three and a half years ago, Tim Chow asked himself that very question. It wasn't that he was unhappy, unfulfilled, or unrewarded—six years in, he had just received a lucrative offer to continue his sales career as part of his employer's acquisition by a larger company. The pay and benefits were good, and Tim enjoyed what he did. But something was bothering him:"It really scared me to think that I'd spent five, six, seven years in this world without much critical thought—without thinking about whether this was what I really wanted to do. I don't have that many five-year stints."On today's episode, Tim describes how he worked through this period of doubt, emerging on the other side as a professional photographer and videographer. From his humble beginnings as a wedding and family photographer, to his recent work as co-founder of Wilco Productions, Tim illustrates how success can sometimes be the thing that traps us, how entrepreneurs can combine what we know with what we love, and how the hardest part of anything is getting started. We also coverHow Tim got started as a photographer and videographer.The difference between running a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) company.How Tim taught himself photography and videography.How leveraging your existing skills can change the kind of business you run.The pros and cons of having a business partner.You can find out more about Tim and catch his killer reel on his company's website and follow him on Instagram here.
Earlier this year, people everywhere faced restrictions as lockdowns went into effect around the world. For most of us, we met these challenges from cities we call home. Justin Poore isn't like most of us.Justin's spent the last three years of his life living out of a suitcase, documenting his travels on YouTube, and building a following of over 18K subscribers in the process. Since starting this journey, he's embedded himself in over fifty different cultures, living like a local for a month each time. This January, Justin and a handful of his nomad buddies—like-minded folks whose lifestyle similarly revolves around travel—headed to Cape Town with plans to stay for six months. But as COVID-19 grew into a global crisis, everyone decided to head back home and weather out the pandemic from somewhere more familiar.Everyone except Justin.On this week's episode, Justin shares what made him decide to stay put in Cape Town (the answer isn't what you'd think) and how his career as a freelance animator has given him the freedom to live a life of adventure for three straight years. You'll also learn:How life as a nomad can help you save thousands in taxes each year.Why travel isn't as expensive as it looks.How Justin found his first projects and how he continues to grow his client base.What to do when you're faced with a gig that pushes the limits of your skills.Why it's important to publish your work, no matter what you do.How a project Justin did "just for fun" landed him a major client like LEGO.You can find out more about Justin on his website, or follow his journey across the globe on YouTube and Instagram.Episode NotesAs Justin mentioned in the episode, below are some resources for learning about animation and finding inspiration online.Animation Resources:Motion Graphics TutorialsMotion Graphics TutorialsMotions Graphics CoursesCharacter Animation Animation Accounts to Follow on InstagramMotion Design SchoolStudioMutiMotionLoversTheDesignTipMotionGraphics_CollectiveFolioArtOther People I Like:Johnny Harris Iz Harris
Running a business is tough, but running two takes something special. And launching that second one in the midst of a global pandemic—now that's a challenge of Herculean proportions.For Lauren Simonis, overcoming such challenges—and coaching others to do the same—is all in a day's work. On this week's episode, Lauren shares her experience working as an Entrepreneurship Coach online and starting Cozy Yoga + Community in Porto, including: How Lauren transitioned from helping African entrepreneurs at a non-profit in Arizona to coaching founders around the world from Porto.How Lauren's experience as a coach helped her in building a physical business, Cozy Yoga + Community.The differences between starting a digital business and a brick & mortar one.The importance of being adaptable in 2020.The benefit of leaning on crutches as you take on new risks.How to navigate the emotional challenges of running a business, especially when things get dark.What was difficult about moving abroad, and why ultimately it was worth it.You can find out more about Lauren on her site.And if you're ever in Porto, Portugal, be sure to swing by Cozy Yoga + Community.
On this week's episode of Hundreds of Ways, Eliot plays the role of interviewee as we chat about his experience traveling the globe while running a digital marketing agency. He describes his journey from Hollywood editor to global brand storyteller, talks about how he nails big-name marketing clients like McDonalds and United Airlines, and shares the life experiences that started him down his path towards independence. We also chat about what makes entrepreneurship different—how the challenges you find as a freelancer or agency owner can be a source of motivation, and not frustration. When you're working for yourself, everything is on the line. For some people, that sounds terrifying—but for many of us, the high stakes table is the only place to play.If you're one of the loonies, join us as we explore which of the Hundreds of Ways belongs to Eliot.
This week, Eliot interviews James as he shares his journey as an entrepreneur: from teaching himself to code in college, through moonlighting as a freelance iOS developer while working at Google, all the way to his current life as an independent developer and agency owner on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.Throughout the episode, James and Eliot provide actionable advice for anyone looking to start down the road towards career independence. They discuss the omnipresent fear before you take that leap, the joy that comes once you're in the air, and the realization that it doesn't stop once you've hit the ground: you just have to keep running.
About Hundreds of Ways

About Hundreds of Ways


2020 has been a change-filled year. While change can bring difficulty, it can also open us to new opportunities. These shake-ups offer a chance to make drastic changes in our lives under cover of greater trends. Whether you're one of the 30 million Americans who lost their job due to COVID, one of the 200 million worried if yours is next, or just one of the 850 million full-time workers unsatisfied with their careers worldwide, there has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur.If none of those categories describe you, good for you! But if you're looking for something more out of your life, we want you to know that there are other ways of living—not just one, but hundreds.We believe in entrepreneurship. And we believe that everyone is capable of being an entrepreneur—some of us just need to find our way. Join us as we sit down with those who have already found which of the Hundreds of Ways belongs to them.
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