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Be Informed. Be Well. With John Malanca

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United Patients Group - Be Informed. Be Well. Podcast with John Malanca. Since 2011, John Malanca has been the “go to”, expert and trusted professional in education and information in medical cannabis and the health/wellness sectors. His extensive knowledge of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, patient needs, and disease care, combined with his upbeat and genuine concern for his audience makes him a favorite among industry hosts. John has had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of guests over the years including expert MDs, RNs, Scientists, Pharmacists, Government Officials and Patients. His work in cannabis therapeutics has been globally recognized and praised for its integrity. He possesses a reputation based on trust and truth in a rapidly changing industry. His skill in extracting pertinent information from guests has helped dispel the stigma and many myths surrounding this miraculous plant. John was proud to be the Host, Face and co-creator of the global docu-series entitled, The Sacred Plant, where he garnered nearly a million followers. John is an avid wellness advocate and athlete who is well versed in many aspects of diet, exercise, health maintenance and a healthy lifestyle which he promotes through his interviews. He continuously expands upon cannabis to include interviews which promote wellness, all the while using his influence to combat suffering and the overall decline in health in our modern society. John, has been featured in Forbes and has spoken before integrative oncologists and most notably, at the US Capital in Washington DC.Join John Malanca as he shares the ins and outs of the cannabis and health industry. Be Informed. Be Well.
36 Episodes
Watch this powerful podcast as John Malanca interviews Dr. Charles Bens, a corporate wellness coach, nutritionist, speaker, author and expert in alternative therapies, and treating COVID. John Malanca, in a podcast which is true to UPG’s mission of Be Informed.  Be Well. discusses health maintenance and disease prevention with Dr. Charles Bens.  Dr. Bens who achieved his PhD in his 60s, has made it his profession to promote wellness.  After being told he needed surgery for a urinary tract disorder, he picked up a small booklet for $4.95 on how to treat and reverse urinary problems while enhancing prostate health.  Within 4 months he was completely cured and no longer needed surgery.  Spurred on by this hugely successful outcome, he found his life’s purpose.  Dr. Bens lectures extensively and is an active consultant to large corporations on the benefits of diet, supplements, exercise and disease prevention through his workshops, corporate events, private practice and extensive writing.He has learned that the sooner you expose a trajectory to chronic illness in an individual, the quicker you can prevent and even reverse this linear path to disease.  Assessments including exams, blood work and changing habits which can help change the tract to potential disease.Dr. Bens reveals that the number one problem with health maintenance in adults is something he calls “nutritional delusion”.  Find out why and watch along and learn the benefits which are available to all of us.  As a bonus, Dr. Bens discusses his COVID protocol which has an enormous success rate.   “From the Inside Out” Take a step toward better health and wellness!
Join John Malanca as he speaks openly about his grief journey after the passing of his beautiful wife Corinne. He shares his thoughts and experiences with mother and daughter grief counselors, Drs. Gloria and Heidi Horsley, even as they embark on their own grief journey after Gloria’s son died suddenly in an accident also leaving her daughter Heidi without her beloved brother and the recent passing of Gloria’s husband, Heidi’s father. Listen in to this poignant yet hope filled podcast. In the early 80s Dr. Gloria Horsley lost her son in a tragic accident. Realizing there was little support for siblings and watching her three daughters grieve his loss spurred her to action and to her life’s work. Ultimately, the Horsleys started the “Open to Hope Foundation”. Now, shortly after experiencing the loss of her husband, both Gloria and Heidi speak openly with John Malanca about grief and the journey of Hope and a purposeful life. These courageous ladies discuss the death of a partner, beloved or not, a child, sibling, parent or any loved one. They offer important information, such as there being hope after loss, that real men do cry, there is no research of any kind showing an increase in divorce after the death of a child or loved one, and that a baby after the loss of a child is referred to as a “Rainbow Baby”. Some other topics of interest in this compelling podcast is that there is no right or wrong way to grieve, and that losing a parent even as an adult can be much harder than one might think. Listen in, or watch John, Gloria and Heidi discuss this difficult yet most important topic. Whether you have experienced personal loss or are just interested in the process, grief remains one of the most profound of human experiences. You will be happy you tuned in! Follow Gloria and Heidi on Podcasts, national news, on their website; or via Visit us at: Follow our Podcast: Follow us on Twitter: Facebook: 
John Malanca interviews Mary Biles, a Harper-Collins Published Author of “The CBD Book.  The Essential Guide to CBD Oil”  Mary Biles, a former English teacher and journalist with a rich employment and educational history, assisted her dear friend in the care of her mother who suffered from Pancreatic Cancer.  Distressed by her suffering, the family decided to try cannabis which they found to be helpful.  Mary, impressed by the efficacy of CBD, like many curious cannabis professionals, began to study the Endocannabinoid system and went on a quest to inform and promote use of this powerful plant.  Stunned to see Spain export cannabis while denying their own resident’s cannabis, she began to increase her knowledge of this super-herb and the rules surrounding its use.While her book delves into the benefits of CBD, she agrees that whole plant medicine is best when using cannabinoid therapy.  Commenting on European laws which either classified drugs as illegal or legal and nothing in between, she seeks to bring legal access to all humans through her knowledge, education and writings.  Even Epidiolex (the first and only FDA-approved prescription cannabidiol/CBD) is limited for use in Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome in Europe.Listen in to this very compelling discussion on the European and American markets, and how location, cost and availability affect the health of millions!Check the video version here - reach or follow Mary BilesMary Biles O'MahonyMedical Cannabis Journalist and EducatorAuthor of 'The CBD Book' (Harper Collins)Podcast: Cannabis VoicesSkype: mary.bilesEmail:  marycbiles@gmail.comWeb: www.marybiles.comTwitter: @Mary_BilesInstagram: @marybiles Linkedin:
Fighting for the Rights of Pain Patients and their Doctors with Claudia Merandi & Dr. Arnold FeldmanJoin John Malanca as he discusses the struggle Chronic Pain Patients endure and the threat to their doctors who prescribe opioids responsibly for these unfortunate individuals.Did you know the same surgeon who just performed complex spinal surgery without oversight, is regulated by the government, CDC, DEA, insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid and the Medical Board in your state, when they write a prescription of opioids in the treatment of short-term pain, making recovery challenging?  Did you know that if you suffer from chronic pain, your chances of obtaining relief with a legal and appropriate opioid prescription is nearly impossible?Did you know, chronic pain patients rarely get euphoric and rarely if ever seek out illegal drugs?Tune in and watch the truth about the government’s interference of the patient/doctor relationship in the management of chronic pain in America.
John Malanca talks with Elana Frankel who is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Women and Weed, a biannual magazine that focuses on the power of personal narratives to bring a better understanding to complex cannabis issues. She is a co-founder of Indigo and Haze, a plant-based, CBD marketplace for health, wellness and living, that provides access, education and inspiration. She is a yoga teacher, as well as a meditation mentor. She is a frequent public speaker on cannabis and wellness and consults regularly with companies who value creative thinking. Elana’s previous work as a creative director, editor and writer has appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s Off Duty, The New York Times and The New York Time’s magazine, One Kings Lane, New York Magazine, Architectural Digest and Martha Stewart Living, among others. 
One of the most clinically knowledgeable physicians in the U.S. in the field of medicinal marijuana. He has spent 40 years working in substance and drug abuse treatment and prevention programs. Dr. Bearman was a pioneer in the free and community clinic movement. His career includes public health, administrative medicine, provision of primary care, pain management and cannabinology.His almost 40 year professional experience in the drug abuse treatment and prevention field includes being the Co-Director of the Haight-Ashbury Drug Treatment Program, being a member of Governor Reagan’s Inter Agency Task Force on Drug Abuse, a member of both the Santa Barbara and the San Diego County Drug Abuse Technical Advisor Committees, and a consultant to Hoffman-LaRoche, Santa Barbara County Schools and the National PTA. He has been recognized by the Santa Barbara Medical Society with the Humanitarian Recognition Award.Dr. Bearman is also the author of Drugs Are NOT the Devil’s Tools: How Discrimination and Greed Created a Dysfunctional Drug Policy and How It Can Be Fixed in 2 volumes.
Dr. Susan Trapp’s vision is to accelerate cannabis and endocannabinoid research, in a challenging federal environment, through education and research. Dr. Trapp’s segway into the cannabis industry is her extensive terpenoid research background. Susan’s Ph.D. and postdoctoral research examined the molecular evolution of the largest class of plant natural products – TERPENOIDS (terpenes). Susan has been consulting in the cannabis industry for the past several years and in 2018, co-founded an ancillary database cannabis company –TreatmentX – with the mission to advance scientific understanding of cannabis and treatment legitimization through the collation of patient outcomes and cannabis consumption DATA. Susan has over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology field both as a plant-microbe molecular biology researcher and “beyond the lab bench”. She has held scientific, management, and early-stage development positions within the biotech industry, academia, government, and start-up community, from algae biofuels to genomes. Dr. Trapp participated directly on the human genome project with Dr. Craig Venter early in her scientific career.
Elana Goldberg, is a writer, journalist and Australian native living in Israel who interviews and educates on cannabis therapeutics. She is passionate about spreading the good word, dispelling stigma and works primarily with cannabis activists in the US. You’ll enjoy hearing her story and why this plant is important to her and her team. Elana entered the cannabis industry after a career in writing which was not focused on cannabis but hard, middle east news. Two years ago, she had the opportunity to join which is everything on cannabis via the website. She finds global acceptance is typical and retains its stigma similar to the United States. However, with 35 states legal for medicine and 15 joining for adult use, we see walls crumbling under the weight of the science. While the US trails other countries in testing, Israel is at the top in acceptance, study results and excellence in cannabis therapeutics. Listen as John and Elana discuss global cannabis, her personal journey and why she is passionate about Cannigma.
Cannabis. My Life, My Motivation. With Karyemaitre Aliffe, MDJohn Malanca interviews Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe, who earned a BA from Harvard University in Organic & Medicinal Chemistry, and MD with Distinguished Honors (magna cum laude), from Stanford University School of Medicine in an MD-PhD Training Program in Cancer Biology, Departments of Molecular Pharmacology, Chemical and Systems Biology. His postgraduate clinical training, also from Stanford, is in Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Management.John and Karyemaitre discuss his current work which covers many potential new applications of Hemp•Cannabis, so they have plenty to discuss!  Dr. Aliffe believes the key issue is the clarification that Hemp•Cannabis does not produce THC when processed fresh at low temperatures. This misconception can be misleading to patients and degrade the definition of Hemp vs full spectrum cannabis, various chemovars, terpene profiles and cause continued confusion.Dr. Aliffe, now a Cannabis expert, is devoting himself to his work, "A Fresh Look at Hemp•Cannabis-Clarifying misconceptions about one of the greatest medicines in Nature's Pharmacy."An engaging guest, United Patients Group followers will enjoy this interview while learning the power and importance of the acid form of hemp, which will assist patients in promoting wellness and enhancing health! 
Mark Worster RN, BSN, author, host of Nurse Mark Cannabis Podcast and a former Marine seemingly lost his purpose along the way despite running several successful businesses.  In a spiral of mental illness, depression, hopelessness and nearly suicidal, he began to study cannabis therapeutics.  He is now getting ready to graduate from the first Master’s program from the University of Maryland in Cannabis.  Mark now finds himself helping others as they struggle with their health and demons.Mark Worster RN, BSN, author, host of Nurse Mark Cannabis Podcast and a former Marine seemingly lost his purpose along the way despite running several successful businesses.  In a spiral of mental illness, depression, hopelessness and nearly suicidal, he began to study cannabis therapeutics.  He is now getting ready to graduate from the first Master’s program from the  University of Maryland in Cannabis.  Mark now finds himself helping others as they struggle with their health and demons.Nurse Mark, a fitness and wellness enthusiast, embraces his third career after serving in the US Armed forces, to health care entrepreneur who subsequently sold his business; to finally discovering his true calling as a nurse.  Not wanting to work at the bedside, Mark embarked on a road of exploration and stumbled upon the miracle which is cannabis.Tune in to watch John Malanca as he hosts this remarkable man.  Personable and joyous it is hard to believe Mark has struggled with mental illness and depression most of his life.  At a time when many of us would sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor, Mark opened the books and became an RN, BSN and now will be among the first health care professionals to receive a master’s degree in Cannabis Therapeutics. During his road to discovery, Mark traveled the world spending time with top researchers.  He worked with a dynamic CBD marketing exec who helped him understand the healing powers of cannabis.  Acting on a hunch and fascinated by the science behind cannabis, Mark, never a cannabis user; had the desire to promote this remarkable plant.Now he takes his knowledge, shares it with the public and patients, he has a line of products and coaches clients through the use of cannabis to both enrich their lives and promote wellness.Check out the Video Version of this interview - Click HereWebsite - UnitedPatientsGroupPodcast - Be Informed. Be Well. with John Malanca
John Malanca interviews Dr. Becky Lynn who specializes in gynecology and has one of the few practices in the country which includes cannabis therapeutics to address sexual dysfunction. Dr. Lynn is well versed in all aspects of women’s health including treatment of painful conditions as well as improving sexual function.Sex and cannabis is the combination of two taboo subjects simply due to stigma, embarrassment, and the federal status of Cannabis. In this discussion of sex, sexual problems and women’s health, John and Dr. Lynn take the embarrassment and hesitation out of the real dilemma faced by many women and couples. Some of the more distressing issues include the destruction of self- confidence, feelings of loss of sexual function, which includes painful conditions, that may result in the deterioration of relationships. She also discusses the impact of hormonal and physical changes women experience at various times during their reproductive years. Watch this engaging, warm and informative podcast during which John and Dr. Lynn discuss real problems such as painful sex and pelvic floor disorders, loss of libido, lack of lubrication along with endometriosis and other health issues. She also explains endocannabinoid system function, CBD for pain relief, safe and consensual sex, partner involvement, and her personal brand of lubricant, Evora, St. Louis. You may reach Dr. Lynn at You can find Dr. Becky Lynn at: @beckyklynnYouTube:
Cooking with Cannabis: Thanksgiving Edition featuring Dope Dinners Boston with Edgard and Anna HuntJoin John Malanca for an interactive food experience!  UPG proudly hosts husband and wife team Anna and Edgard, Founders of Dope Dinners Boston (@dopedinnersboston) who walk John through a dope cooking class!  We’ve given you the ingredients list (see below), so follow along.  This Thanksgiving will be like no other.Edgard, an Executive Chef and his wife Anna have delighted sophisticated diners in the greater Boston area with cannabis infused gourmet meals, drinks, desserts and more.  Now you can follow John, step by step to create a special Thanksgiving. John cooks with this dynamic duo as they make an appetizer and mocktail which can be infused with your preferred cannabis or CBD tinctures.  Talented and popular with private dinner/function guests, you no longer need to live near Boston to enjoy the magic of Dope Dinners. Their culinary delights may take the turkey nap to a new level! It is 2020 after all.WATCH THE COOKING SHOW HERE - Appetizer Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque charred butternut squash, maple agradulce, lemon creme fraiche, pepitas CBD Mocktail/Mixer Spiced CBD Chai spices & coconut/almond milk Ingredients/Shopping List (feeds 4)Squash Bisque:1 lb cubed butternut squash 2 medium yellow onions6 cups veg or chicken stock1 3/4 cup heavy cream1 Tbsp cumin1 Tbsp corianderBay leaf (1 fresh or 2 dry)Maple Agradulce ingredients1 cup maple syrup1/2 cup finely diced shallot2 lemonspicy Thai chili saucePeptias or Pumpkin seeds - toasted1 cup Creme Fraiche (or sour cream)Cannabis infusion can be done with infused butter, olive oilSpiced CBD Chai ingredientsChai TeaLow-fat coconut & almond milkCinnamonYour favorite CBD tincture Visit us at: https://www.unitedpatientsgroup.comWatch the complete video at:
John follows up his interview with Paul Bregman, MD in this Facebook live Q&A recorded November 18, 2020.
In this compelling interview, John Malanca hosts Paul Bregman, MD as he discusses his battle with a late diagnosis of Bi-Polar type Two at age 41 at the pinnacle of his career as a radiologist.  He discusses the isolation, personal care concerns, electric shock therapy and his use of inhalation THC in the treatment of this challenging disorder.Mental Illness remains a taboo topic and is particularly challenging for professionals who ultimately suffer under the strain and stress of their chosen careers.  In this podcast, John discusses the moment Paul Bregman, MD was essentially “diagnosed” by a colleague during a work conversation.  Dr. Bregman discusses coming to terms with his illness, best care for him, his use of Electric Shock Therapy, Ketamine, anti-depressants and THC cannabis via inhalation only.  His openness and personal sharing will keep you interested while rooting for this remarkable doctor.HOPE is his ultimate message. 
Title:  Psychedelics and Mental HealthJohn Malanca raises the bar by discussing the emerging field of psychedelics in the treatment of mental health and the distressing symptoms of chronic illness.  His guest, Brad Burge, BS, MA, Director of Communications and Public Relations of MAPS (Multi-disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) from 2009-2020 and a psychedelic expert, was instrumental in organizing the 2017 largest Psychedelic Science conference in history.  Tune in to learn the truth about this emerging field of Psychedelics and how they have the potential to change lives.While cannabis is considered a treatment for many different diseases, psychedelics are used as part of psychotherapy to assist in the efficacy of treatment.  These chemicals and naturally occurring substances are not considered a cure nor necessarily part of a daily health routine.  Psychedelic therapy may involve an altered state of consciousness and can be beneficial in the doctor/patient relationship during structured and monitored therapy of growing interest is the practice of “micro-dosing” psychedelics.  This is a naturalistic event which allows for a more conventional experience with some benefits and may or may not require therapy.  Some of the properties of micro-dosing psychedelics mimic the use of pharmaceuticals to treat depression, migraines and other distressing and life changing chronic illness.  All psychedelics are Schedule 1 along with Cannabis.Join the discussion of the fascinating effects of psychedelics, whether they are naturally occurring or created by man to assist in the expansion of the mind and the treatment of chronic disorders. - - Podcast
John follows up his interview with Chelsea Cebara with this Facebook live Q&A recorded October 27, 2020.
Join John Malanca as he discusses both the impact of cannabis on sexuality and the use of cannabis for sexual enhancement.  His guest, Chelsea Cebara, is a professional sex educator who has been helping people combine cannabis and sex since 2010. As a Medically Certified Cannabis Consultant she untangles the complex issues surrounding both of these “taboo and stigmatized” topics.  Sex is a taboo subject for most adults.  Sadly, we rarely speak about sex or our sex life even with our partners.  Cannabis, by its effect on a variety of receptors, has the ability to increase intimacy, decrease inhibitions, allow for expression of deeply held feelings and enhance the physical experience of sex.John and Chelsea acknowledge and discuss the importance of simple intimacy in this COVID  world where anxiety is creating distance between us.  This can be both physical and geographic with travel restrictions, masks and 6 feet between us; as well as a fear of touching, hugging and kissing those we live with.  Sadly, we are seemingly more emotionally distant than ever as we digest and adjust to revolving openings and shutdowns.  In a 2020 world where consent is no longer implied, Chelsea and John discuss preparations for adding cannabis to your bedroom.  Chelsea explains that the use of cannabis begins with a discussion which Chelsea states is often “the most difficult part” of adding the super herb to intimacy.  She adds how important safety is, including safe words and touches to clearly indicate consent when using any intoxicant.As you watch the discussion of these issues and more, ask yourself if the cannabis you are using to enhance your life and quell difficult symptoms could also be used to deepen intimacy, leaving you happier and more satisfied.
Jake Felice, ND on Illness, Inflammation, and the Endocannabinoid System; the “Bricks and Mortar” of HealthJake Felice, ND gives a fascinating look into the endocannabinoid system and its historical development in all animals except insects.  John Malanca and Dr. Felice discusses single molecule treatment and its flaws, whole plant medicine, and specific routes of administration.  Watch this special pod cast as Dr. Jake Felice uses many examples to dissect the truth about Cannabis, CBD, THC and more.Jake Felice, ND has both a broad and yet detailed understanding of plant medicine most notably cannabis.  Through his consulting he helps patients utilize Cannabis to its fullest, thus restoring balance and reducing inflammation.Inflammation, the major source of all illness, has increased as we have become victims of a chemicalized world.  As we have moved toward ingesting fast food, processed meats and increased sugars all while decreasing our use of natural treatments, we have become a sicker society.  In our stressed out COVID world, we need to look at balance, and the balance discussed by Dr. Felice is cannabis, CBD and THC and the Endocannabinoid System.  Find out why this Naturopathic Doctor respects plants and their role in health.  Listen in as to why he no longer recommends cannabis for patients….it’s not what you may think!United Patients Group - Be Informed. Be Well.
“Your health is a life-time river, winding and flowing throughout the years, and it reacts to what you do, how you treat yourself, your life experiences.  Eventually everyone hits the waterfall which is that free fall into a health event.”  Dr. Kevin HoffarthTreat yourself to better health and wellness as host John Malanca discusses the impact of stress, life events, nutrition, cannabis and more in this informative podcast with Kevin Hoffarth, MD.  Dr. Hoffarth, self-described as anti-cannabis, changed his mind as the science became undeniable.  In a complex world, John opens up about his beloved wife, Corinne’s life, her work in cannabis and eventual diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  As we listen, Corinne’s legacy lives on as she continues to teach each of us that stress events may create a silent cascade which puts us on the precipice of our personal waterfall. Dr. Hoffarth’s knowledge of rehab medicine reminds all of us to treat ourselves well and that you are what you eat, and ultimately high school science was right; a body at rest stays at rest…which is not healthy in today’s stressful world! John and Kevin wrap up the podcast by discussing immunity boosting in a COVID world.  Listen in!
In this podcast, John Malanca speaks with long-time friend and colleague Dr. Bonni Goldstein, pediatrician, author, educator, and doctor to children who suffer primarily from uncontrolled seizures.  A determined specialist, she fully understands the peril these children face.  In her honest and engaging manner, Dr. Goldstein discusses what cannabis means to patients who have failed conventional therapy and is often the last resort.Bonni Goldstein, MD is a sought-after speaker and educator whose goal is that all medical professionals become educated in cannabis therapeutics.  She openly discusses her frustration that more study is needed for federal legalization, despite the thousands of years of Cannabis use by humans.To quote Dr. Goldstein, “Do we know the consequences of long-term cannabis use in children? No, not formally.  However, what I can describe to you is the long-term effects of uncontrolled seizures in these same patients and it can be devastating.”  Cannabis is safe and effective.  Listen in as John and Dr. Goldstein straight talk cannabis use, efficacy, the government and caring for the most fragile children.
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