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Are you a business owner or a solopreneur? Do you want to strengthen trust and credibility with both current and future customers? Then, you NEED a podcast! This show explores the world of podcasting for business and examines the common myths and questions that would-be podcasters always have. After listening to this show, you'll be sure of one thing - that without a doubt, your business needs a podcast! Drawing on two decades of podcasting experience, Neal Veglio from Podknows Productions takes you on a journey through the world of professional podcasting. Each episode will take a look at a different aspect of the podcasting process, and will also carry tips, news and features that any serious podcaster will benefit from.
You may not realise it, but what your voice sounds like on your podcast can make a MASSIVE difference to your chances of success. In this episode I'll be talking you through the different options available to you when it comes to voice recording. Make sure you listen to this, to ensure you don't make a very common mistake that most new podcasters make before they figure out what they're doing. Thanks to Richard Donelan for permission to use his YouTube review! See his channel here: and check out his site:  
Music within the podcasting space creates something of a dilemma for most creators. On one hand you're not allowed to use any licensed (popular) work. On the flip side of the coin, podcasts that don't have any themes or music tend to sound a little dull and 'generic'.  In this episode I'll be explaining to you why it's important to really pitch your place in your space, by really using your identity through your music and sound choices. Also, there's a surprising podcast about dentistry...
If you're thinking of starting a podcast, you've probably decided on the guest of the week format. But not everyone is a natural born interviewer. Follow my advice in this episode to give yourself a fighting chance of avoiding producing episodes as bad as the other 99% of podcasts out there.  The surprising podcast:
Once you've recorded your voice into your computer, that's when the real work starts - editing. But what IS editing? It seems it varies according to who's doing the show. Some think it's just about removing excessive ummms, but as you'll hear in this episode, editing is about so much more. The surprising podcast:
I've saved this one. That's because its really important, and I don't just drop my knowledge bombs right up front, you know. If you want your podcast to work for your business, you need to first figure out this one thing - your 'why'. Without it, you may as well talk to yourself. This episode's 'surprising podcast' is from Britney Gardiner.  
So if you've been listening to the previous episodes, you've probably felt ready to record your first episode. So, if that's you, let me help you get your podcast out there, finding its audience, but the correct way, not the quick and dodgy way. We talk about (usually) Indian based 'podcast promoters', and catch an actual podcast promoter in a lie. His name has been spared to protect the guilty. There's some "lovely listener feedback from an international listener!" The surprising podcast is all about aviation! Check out Woodrow Bellamy (THE THIRD)s silken tones!  
Once you're ready to publish your content to the world, you'll be needing to secure a deal with a podcast hosting provider.  There are many to choose from, and I won't tell you who you must use. But I can definitely help you with avoiding the podcast hosting provider that you absolutely must not! Surprising podcast is from Lead Pages - and it's the Lead Generation podcast.
Marie Rowe is a highly rated travel agent and travel podcaster, and she's already been getting huge recognition, with fewer than ten episodes under her belt. Listen to her story, and let it serve as inspiration for your own dive into the medium. Find Marie's show on her page  This episode's surprising podcast is a real, genuine True Crime format show.
Are you planning on just posting your podcast episodes once they're recorded? Uh oh. You'll find that might not work. There's a lot more to it when trying to get listeners to your brand's podcast. Thankfully, this episode is all about how to do it the correct way. During this episode you'll discover: Why it's important to figure out your title. The importance of starting with the best equipment possible. Choosing the right podcasting host - (Duh! The Libsyn powered Podknows Productions Podcast Marketing Network of course!) Figuring out your show's 'why'. The channels you'll need to use to promote your show. This week's surprising podcast is "Adopting To The New Now" - a Natwest Bank podcast!    
"You can't make money from podcasting" they say. "If anything, it will cost you money" they cry. You can make money from your podcast, if you know what you're doing, and you're willing to play the game wisely, and with long term goals in mind. Podcasting is certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme.  Even the most successful podcasts were years in the making before they started to turn over some serious coin! This episode takes you through the most commonly used methods of monetising a podcast, and then helps you avoid picking the bad ones.  This episodes surprising podcast is from 'Dehns' This episode is sponsored by Want to book your free session? Click here for my Calendly.
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