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Author: Daisy Noh

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The Bright-Eyed is a podcast that strives to amplify the voices of our generation and empower teens to be change makers. Each week, I interview teens who have a passion, a purpose, and are doing something about it. Our generation is more than capable of changing the world. Let's see who is rising to the occasion!
56 Episodes
Today's episode features Sophia Greene: a seventeen year old who has found her passion in helping other kids living with chronic illnesses or who are affected by prolonged hospitalizations. She is the founder of the Hearts for Healing Project, a community service organization that shares this mission. Hearts for Healing also serves as a platform that actively raises awareness about ableism and provides the media representation disabled and chronically ill individuals didn’t receive before. We discuss the amazing work Hearts for Healing has been doing, the importance of providing a platform for disabled and chronically ill individuals to share their story, and the impact of ableism on young people. Take a listen!Hearts for Healing Project: GET CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube:
Today's episode features Tej Shah: a rising junior based in Chicago. He strongly believes in the power of presence, using his work to help build communities that empower each other.  As the co-founder and leader of his organization called Words for Essential Workers, Tej works to spread kindness and offer support to frontline workers during the pandemic through the personal act of letter-writing. Words for Essential Workers has been able to send almost 4000 letters to 20 essential businesses and medical facilities, and this number keeps on growing.  We discuss the experience of essential workers during the pandemic, the power of presence in making an impact, and why writing a letter can make such a  big difference. Take a listen!Words for Essential Workers:  GET CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube:
Today's episode features Riya Cyriac: the Executive Director of The Young Writers Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, servicing, and inspiring young writers. She is also a singer, Bharthanatyam dancer, model UNer, and, of course, a writer with work published in a variety of magazines. She will be attending the University of Texas at Austin as a business and Plan II honors major, and hopes to pursue a career in law and business. We discuss how being a reader and writer has impacted her perspective, the power of writing as a platform for others, and her journey starting and running TYWI. Take a listen!The Young Writers Initiative: GET CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube:
Today's episode features Zeynep Cildir: a 3rd-year Biomedical Sciences student who is passionate about helping immigrant families transition into their new lifestyle as well as an advocate for education & sciences. In addition to being the founder & president of Refugee Support Association (RSA) and the co-founder & co-executive director of Passionate Minds (PM), she also loves teaching and helping students transition into university through mentoring them. We discuss the experience of refugees in Ottawa, how Zeynep’s immigration story inspired her nonprofit work, and how she is making educational materials more accessible for high school students. Take a listen!Refugee Support Association: @uottawa_rsa on InstagramPassionate Minds: GET CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube:
Today's episode features Stacy Zhang: the founder of Justice For Society Magazine and @foradvocacy on Instagram. She is a sixteen year old activist from the Greater Toronto Area. She currently attends Unionville High School for its intensive arts program for piano and intends on pursuing business and law in the future. Stacy is passionate for expression through creative arts: from music, fashion, to makeup! In her free time, she can be found leading their organization, Justice For Society, or working on their activism project @ForAdvocacy on Instagram. We discuss the harms of performative activism, the role of intersectionality in allyship, and their experience running their magazine and activist platform. Take a listen!Justice for Society Mag: Advocacy:  @foradvocacyGET CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube:
Today's episode features Vhon Michael:  student leader, writer, climate and equality activist, and grassroots organizer. Vhon started his environmental activism in 2015 after his National Science Quest journey and contemplating on what happened during the 2013 super-typhoon haiyan disaster that devastated his island. He currently organizes with Zero Hour and serves as the Director for Zero Hour Asia and founded Zero Hour Philippines. We discuss how climate change has personally affected him, why youth activism is important, and the effects of discrimination and racism in activism. Take a listen!Zero Hour: CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube:
Today's episode features Bianca Jortner and Savanna Jiang: the co-founders of the nonprofit organization Youth Promise.  Bianca is a rising senior based in Connecticut and Savanna is a rising junior based in New York. After seeing the disparity gap in access to education, they were both inspired to start Youth Promise and provide educational opportunities for inner-city youth, youth from low-income households, and more. We discuss their organization, the importance of educational equity, and how they’ve been both impacted by the work they do. Take a listen!Youth Promise: GET CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube: TEEN CHANGE MAKER CON:Register: @teenchangemakerconMore Info:
Today's episode features Olivia Zhang: the founder of the nonprofit organization Cancer Kids First.  Olivia is a 16 year old sophomore who is passionate about helping others. As the CEO and founder of Cancer Kids First, Olivia oversees 17K+ volunteers and 60 chapters across the world. Cancer Kids First, or CKF, works towards providing kids with cancer with a chance at a normal childhood and aims to normalize the hospital environment through events, fundraisers, care packages, and more. We discuss Olivia’s personal connection with cancer, how the pandemic has affected cancer patients, and how Olivia manages such a large organization. Take a listen!Cancer Kids First: GET CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube: TEEN CHANGE MAKER CON:Register: @teenchangemakerconMore Info:
Today's episode features Claire Skowron, the founder of and online platform called Adoptees of China,  an online network for Chinese adoptees to see their stories represented and share their experiences with others.  Her organization was created after she realized how little her story represented online. After starting it, she met so many other adoptees who also agreed that this was one of the first times they've seen their stories represented in media, and it truly motivated her to keep growing. We discuss her inspiration for starting Adoptees of China, why representation for adoptees is important, and the power of giving people a voice.Adoptees of China: GET CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube: TEEN CHANGE MAKER CON:Register: @teenchangemakerconMore Info:
Welcome to the July minisode! This minisode is all about team leadership and how you can effectively lead a team. After interviewing founders of things like nonprofits and blogs, it seems like a common challenge people run into is team leadership. So I took some time to reflect on things I’ve learned as the leader of a nonprofit, gather advice from past episodes, and do some research on how to effectively lead a team. Take a listen!GET CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube: TEEN CHANGE MAKER CON:Register: @teenchangemakerconMore Info:
Today's episode features Haiqa Faheem: a junior and founder of Houston Helping Hands. Houston Helping Hands is a nonprofit organization that works to provide students with volunteer opportunities throughout the Houston area while shedding light on local organizations in need of assistance and aiding underprivileged Houstonian communities. We discuss the importance of volunteering, how volunteering impacts volunteers, and Haiqa's incredible organization.Houston Helping Hands: GET CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube: TEEN CHANGE MAKER CON:Register: @teenchangemakerconMore Info:
Today's episode features Shiva Chopra, an LGBTQ+/women's rights activist and founder of The Metamorphosis Magazine.  Shiva Chopra loves meeting new people and helping them express their voices through writing and raising awareness on social media. We discuss the experience of LGBTQ+ youth in India, how education systems can better support LGBTQ+ youth, the value of diverse perspective, and how to turn passion into activism.The Metamorphosis Mag: CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: @thebrighteyedpodYouTube: CHANGE MAKER CON:Register: @teenchangemakerconMore Info:
Welcome to Season 3 of The Bright-Eyed! Today's episode features Stephanie Hu, the Executive Director of Dear Asian Youth and CUSD Against Racism.  Her identity as a Chinese American has pushed her to passionately uplift marginalized voices into intersectional activism. We discuss the importance of intersectional activism, representation, the challenges of running a large-scale organization, and how to fight for greater equality and inclusion within your school.Dear Asian Youth: Against Racism: CONNECTED W/ THE BRIGHT-EYED:Instagram: CHANGE MAKER CON:Register: Instagram: More Info:
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I got to interview Chloe Mshana: a mental health advocate and the creator of Mentality Masterpiece on Instagram. Chloe creates self-love reminders to share on her Instagram page, @mentalitymasterpiece, which has over 4,000 followers. As a teenager, Chloe knows that social media could often be toxic and hopes to change this. Tune in to hear about how to take better care of your mental health, the intersectionality of mental health, and Chloe's journey inn creating Mentality Masterpiece.For brightness in your feed and gentle mental health reminders, follow @mentalitymasterpiece on Instagram!
In today's episode, I interviewed educational equity advocate, grassroots organizer, and violinist Alanna Li. She is the founder of the nonprofit Lifting Lives, has mobilized thousands of activists, has managed projects allocating tens of thousands of dollars to a variety of great causes. In addition to Lifting Lives, Alanna contributed to the Jon Ossoff for Senate campaign, is a student ambassador to her city's human rights council, and toured in both Europe and North America for violin to use her art to spread awareness on poverty. We discuss Alanna's personal connection with activism and equity, how legislation can impact educational equity, and all the amazing work she has been doing through Lifting Lives. Check it out!To get involved with Lifting Lives, visit their website to apply to be an officer or to start a Lifting Lives chapter at their school. You can also donate and contribute to some really amazing causes on their website as well!
Welcome to the April minisode! Since we have a lot of new listeners, I thought I'd share the story of this podcast and answer some Q&A questions to help you get to know me a little better. I also talk about some podcasting tips, so if you are interested in starting a podcast, I hope this helps you! Take a listen!
In this episode, I got to interview Nur Güzeldere, a photographer, filmmaker, and founder of 9-Magazine. 9 Magazine is a free, bilingual, online magazine for young artists to find a platform to share their opinions and artworks with an audience of over 160 countries and 22k+ visitors. We talk about Nur's experience as a photographer, the amazing work 9-magazine is doing, and the importance of teen voices. Take a listen!9-Magazine is always looking for new visitors and new artists to join them! Check it out at and follow their Instagram at @9magazine_.
Today's episode features author and speaker George Couros who provides some insight on innovation and leadership. As a worldwide leader in the area of innovation, he is the author of the book, The Innovator’s Mindset; Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity and his latest book, Innovate Inside the Box. In this episode, we talk about how to develop an innovative mindset, how young people can make an impact, what makes a good leader, and so much more. Take a listen!Tune in to George's podcast and his YouTube channel at!
In this March minisode, I provide some tips on how to be productive and how to combat toxic productivity. If any of you are the type of people who like to keep busy or are looking for ways to be more productive, this episode is for you! While bring productive is great, it's important to take care of yourself as well. Remember: productivity is not a lifestyle!I am excited to bring another minisode next month, so stay tuned!
Today's podcast episode features teen poet and writer Sara Guo. She wrote a book in light of the rise of anti-Asian sentiment as a result of the pandemic called "One Point In Time: To All East Asian Youth". It features a compilation of free-verse poems depicting the shared experiences of East Asian youth growing up in a Westernized country. In this episode, Sara shares her what inspires her writing, the self-publishing process, and how to combat the increasing xenophobia against East Asians. Check it out!Purchase your own copy of Sara's fantastic book on Amazon:
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