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The Contempo Coding Podcast focuses not only on medical coding, but stories and struggles of being a work-from-home mom. We talk about the industry, changes, hot tips, and information to build you up for success in the medical coding field.
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This podcast is in response to the inquiries I got on the new coding software that is being hyped as a medical coder replacement. 
As coders, we see a LOT of different patient cases, and some of them can be very tragic and invoke high emotional responses. In this episode I discuss managing your emotional response, a visualization technique, and what NOT to do with these cases.
Breaking The Mold

Breaking The Mold


This episode we discuss advancing by breaking outside the typical mold of medical coding and gaining insight from other industries.
Are you considering getting a degree but not sure if you should pursue that or additional certifications in coding? In this podcast I discuss the differences and opportunities in a degree versus extra coding credentials.
This episode focuses on tips for medical coding success when your budget is tight. How to get CEUs, build your network, and get ahead.
In this episode of the podcast, I sit down with Elizabeth Burke to discuss the fascinating story of how she became a medical coder and the ways she's maximized her growth potential in the industry.
What separates the good, great, and expert medical coders. This episode we take a look into characteristics of medical coders as they grow their expertise and what sets them aside beyond just coding knowledge and skills.
There's lots of certifications these days, but will they result in a better chance at a job? Better pay? I discuss the most popular medical coding certification and what other credentials to look at and how they may play into your coding career.
One of this week's YouTube videos discussed LinkedIn and connections with recruiters. This podcast goes further on the discussion in the role of the recruiter and the need to understand the massive role the recruiter takes and the need for kindness towards them.
Documentation Pitfalls

Documentation Pitfalls


This episode discusses some documentation pitfalls that have come into play with the usage of EMRs.
It's a small world in healthcare and you run into the same people over and over again. In this episode I touch on the importance of keeping positive relationships and then segway into some pointers for ABNs.
The Introduction

The Introduction


Introduction episode for Contempo Coding. I discuss landing my first job in auditing, climbing through the ranks, and handling being work-from-home auditor and mom. 
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