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Author: Michael Campion

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My guests are entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and executives. Some famous names and plenty of hidden gems. All have achieved a level of mastery in their field, are gifted communicators, and appreciate the tough introspection required to master their 'inner game'. We discuss what success means to each one of them, try to decode the best parts of their mindset, and gain a deeper understanding of how the stories we tell ourselves affect everything we touch. It is a search for the common threads, principles, and patterns that listeners can apply to their own lives to make themselves healthier, happier, and wiser.
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My guest today is Robyn Lamsam, a former Olympian and holder of 21 National Swimming records. She was a silver and bronze medallist at the 1994 Asian Games and received the Badge of Honour from Queen Elizabeth II herself back in 1997 in recognition of her achievements and contribution to sport in Hong Kong. Robyn qualified for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona at the tender age of just 14 years old. Anyone who has competed on the world’s biggest stage, at an age when most of us are awkwardly stumbling through puberty and achieving nothing of note, is worth talking to. Anyone who has lived and breathed that elite performance mentality is worthy of further examination. What does it take to achieve one’s maximum potential? What are the sacrifices? What are the principles and habits that are transferable to business and just everyday life? She was also a star pupil of the legendary coach and Hall of Famer, Bill Sweetenham, who led Australia, Great Britain, and Hong Kong across 5 Olympic games, smashing records wherever he went. There's a link to Bill’s Life Lessons in the show notes below and if you are a business leader, a coach, a manager of people in any context whatsoever, it’s required reading.  The man is a genius and Robyn has some great stories to tell from working under him. No less importantly, Robyn has also gone through some tough times as a mother and parent. Finding people who are willing to be vulnerable in public and shine a light on one’s emotional and mental health is always valuable. If I can sum up the narrative arc of this podcast, I’d say that it pulls on 3 main threads: Firstly, it is about discipline, desire, determination. The elite mindset. Secondly, it’s about coaching, leadership, motivation. How to manage people.And thirdly it’s about positivity, gratitude, resilience. How to deal with adversity. Framed in this way, I believe there are lessons in here for everyone, sports fan or not. Links: @robynlamsam of the podcastLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionInstagram: @michaelxcampion Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts'
"The starting point always has to be truth. How do we tell the truth about ourselves, and how do we do that in a compelling way?"Bob Sheard is the Founder and Co-Owner of FreshBritain, aka The Brand Vision Company. To characterise FreshBritain as just another Brand Design Agency or Creative Agency doesn’t really do them justice. FreshBritain are the absolute tip of the spear when it comes to redesigning and repositioning some of the wold's most iconic brands. I’ve likened Bob to the invisible hand behind the scenes...quietly controlling the narrative, nudging each brand he works with, back towards their true north. Over the last 20 years he’s worked with giant Private Equity Funds, celebrities like Bear Grylls and Al Gore, and countless iconic brands such as Nike, Levi’s, 2XU, Doc Martens, Ben Sherman, Converse, Renault, Arc’teryx, and New Balance, just to name a few. Bob has this masterful command of the English lexicon, mixed with a salt-of-the-earth Yorkshire accent that I find very pleasing on the ear, and he is very funny to boot. All of which makes for an excellent podcast, and there are many great stories from his life and career here that anyone will find interesting, not only those working in advertising, branding or marketing. We discuss some of his favourite pieces of client work such as, the time he got a phone call from the President of Levi’s saying “Hey Bob, we need you to un-f**k Levi’s for us”. We also discuss why we respect Novak Djokovic but we love John McEnroe, how COVID has changed consumer behaviour and brand behaviour for good, and how we might think about re-designing a new world order. As always, we end the podcast by talking about habits, principles, and words to live by.LinksLinkedIn: Bob SheardFreshBritain WebsiteFreshBritain TestimonialsInstagram: @freshbritainHome of the podcastLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionInstagram: @michaelxcampion Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts'
Richard Koch is an entrepreneur and prolific author, his seminal work, 'The 80/20 Principle', is one of the most successful business books of all time, and has been translated into 30+ languages, selling well over 1+million copies. In essence, the book is about how to achieve more with less. It’s about recognising the asymmetries between inputs and outputs. 80% of your revenues stem from 20% of your customers. 80% of your happiness is derived from 20% of your activities and relationships. It’s all about focusing our efforts on the small subset of activities that really move the needle.He was also a very successful management consultant, having worked at the Boston Consulting Group, making Partner at Bain & Co, and subsequently founding his own strategy consulting firm, L.E.K, which now employs thousands of people worldwide. I’ve admired the way this man’s brain works for a long time. Reading The 80/20 Principle many years ago has influenced me more than perhaps any other business book out there. It was an honour and a pleasure to have Richard on the show.  LinksTwitter: @richardkoch8020Site: The 80/20 Principle  Book: Unreasonable Success and How To Achieve It Home of the podcastInstagram: @michaelxcampion Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts'
"Your worst days don't break you, they make you"Molly Dare Hillenbrand is a successful entrepreneur in the PR, Marketing, and Media space who’s spent many years behind the scenes on the production side, and many years in front of the camera as a TV host. Molly is the Founder of Hillenbrand Media and host of the excellent podcast ‘On Air with Molly Dare’.Molly and I first met in 2019 and I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her over the past couple of years - I wanted her on the show because she typifies the new breed of businesswoman that can be held up as a real role model to so many. Yes she’s good looking and glamorous but she’s also gritty, and scrappy in just the right measure. She’s someone who has built a successful career for herself from the ground up in Retail, Marketing and Media, all whilst being a single working mother of two.    This conversation is really upbeat, she’s an incredibly positive and optimistic human being who’s been through some tough times and processed them. The podcast is punctuated throughout with moments of clarity, laughter, and motivational gems a plenty. Appearances can be deceiving, and Molly is someone that reminds us once more that everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. We discuss the constant tension between work life and family life, her battle with Lyme Disease, and how losing her ability to speak ignited a passion to give other people a voice. We talk about the challenge of being soft enough to feel things, but being hard enough to survive in the cut-throat world of business. We also discuss her new podcast and the art of interviewing - we cover a lot in the space of an hour. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I IG: @michaelxcampionLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionInstagram@mollydare@hillenbrandmedia@onairwithmollydareHillenbrand Media website
Oliver Proudlock, or simply, ‘Proudlock’, as he is widely known, is a Reality TV Star, Model, Designer, and Entrepreneur.He first shot to fame in the UK when he was cast on the hit reality TV series ‘Made in Chelsea’ which chronicles the glamorous lives of West London's well-heeled crowd. He quickly became one of the most likeable and central characters on the show, and he’s leveraged that fame to evolve into an entrepreneur in his own right since leaving the program. He’s involved in several business ventures, most notably as the founder of the men’s fashion and jewellery brand Serge Denimes, his company now entering its 10th year of operations. Ollie and I were introduced a few years back through mutual friends, some of you know that I manage a Japanese sake brand, and I was told that Ollie had picked up a bottle by chance. He loved the whole concept and our friend thought it might be wise for the two of us to have a chat. We hit it off instantly, and we’ve been friends and business partners ever since.This was a lot of fun, we’ve been meaning to catch up for a while, and I thought it might be nice for my audience (and Ollie’s millions of followers) if we just recorded our chat and let everyone be a fly on the wall to our conversation. It’d give them an insight into how his brain works, we could talk about his whirlwind wedding in December, and we’d try to touch on some areas that he hasn’t covered in the past. For example - what he thought he would be when he was younger, people who left a mark and influenced him, how the pandemic has forced him to simplify his life, words to live by, and he reveals the new business venture he is launching with his wife Emma Louise in the next few weeks.LinksInstagram @proudlock@sergedenimes@fourfoxsakeofficialwww.sergedenimes.comwww.fourfoxsake.comHome of the podcastInstagram: @michaelxcampion Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts' relevant links@emmalouiseconnolly@thegreedymodel
"I don't know how many moments of clarity anyone is afforded in life.  But I knew in that moment with 100% clarity that I wanted what they felt. More than what they had. I wanted what they felt, and I would do anything to get it."An American figure skater, Evan Lysacek reached the absolute pinnacle of sporting achievement, taking gold at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. In 2016, he was inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame. He is the first Olympic gold medallist on the show, and frankly I could not be happier with the result. This is a deep-dive into the mindset of a winner, and I consider this conversation an absolute privilege. It is stacked full of universal principles and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.This podcast is not just about skating - we discuss how he’s reinvented himself after sport and channeled those competitive instincts into the world of business, how failure shaped his eventual success, and how happy he is to have found and married the love of his life, a relationship that just wasn’t possible when he was in blinkered pursuit of gold. Follow EvanInstagram @evanlysacekYoutube - his winning performancehere and hereHome of the podcast @michaelxcampionLinkedInTop Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts' MentionsFrank Carroll
My guest this week is Joshua Lisec, the International Bestselling, celebrity recommended, #1 Ghostwriter in the world right now. His output is prolific, he’s written 57 books before his 30th birthday. We talk about his journey to becoming a ghostwriter, stepping off the college to career conveyor belt, the life of a soloprenuer, building and thinking in public, and great tips on becoming a more persuasive writer. If you feel like you have a story or a book in you that deserves to be told, Josh can help you figure out the best way to say it. If you’re on the entrepreneurial journey, there’s good advice here on creating your dream job and finding your own unique skill stack. I start the conversation by asking Joshua about his love of writing, and how he ended up on this fascinating and unlikeliest of career paths.Follow JoshuaTwitterWebsiteTEDxTalk on SolopreneurshipHome of the podcast Instagram: @michaelxcampionTwitter: @michaelxcampionLinkedInTop Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts' Mentions Dilbert Future by Scott AdamsInfluence by Robert Cialdini
The best way to introduce Kevin Dahlstrom is in his own words:"Through hard work and an unfair share of luck, I’ve done some cool “bucket list” things in my career:- Raised VC from the worlds’ top firms- Helped build 100’s of millions in revenue from nothing- Rang the bell at the NYSE- Met & did deals with billionaires & business iconsThese are things I dreamed about when I was young and I treasure some of the memories. But when they finally happened I felt surprisingly unfulfilled.  I was scoring lots of points but didn’t feel like I was winning.Then a few years ago during a board meeting I had a moment of clarity. I looked around the table at 10 people, all absurdly successful by financial measures. There wasn’t a single person I wanted to emulate. Most were unhealthy and several had told me that they were unhappy.Within months I walked away from from a 7-figure salary, moved my family to Boulder, and haven’t looked back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a capitalist and I like money as much as anyone. But for me it's not the thing, and more of the wrong thing is less."Kevin splits his time between Boulder, Colorado, and Honolulul, Hawaii, where he is currently EVP and CMO at Pacific Central Bank. He has 20+ years of experience heading marketing, product strategy, and e-commerce for leading financial organizations. Kevin was CMO at Mr Cooper, CMO at Elevate, and been a founder or early in multiple high-growth fintech startups in the USA.Follow KevinTwitterLinkedInHome of the podcastwww.michaelxcampion.comInstagram: @michaelxcampionTwitter: @michaelxcampionLinkedInTop Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts' MentionsPaul Graham - Makers Schedule vs Managers Schedule Seth Godin - Purple CowMr Money Mustache Youtube TalkJeff Bezos - Regret Minimization FrameworkThe Enneagram - Personality test
"So few of us actually spend the time to design our lives. We have this vague idea of what our life might look like. But vague and fuzzy plans, yield vague and fuzzy results."Simon spent over 25 years in the private banking and investment banking industry, holding senior positions at Goldman Sachs and Citibank in Australia and Singapore. Through all of this, Simon was also honing his skills as a Jeet Kune Do instructor, the form of Martial Arts coined by one of his biggest early influences, Bruce Lee. Simon became disillusioned with advising UHNW clients, people who frankly didn’t need his help building greater wealth. He wanted to make a bigger contribution and actually help people who needed it. He took all the financial acumen he’d acquired over the years, and fused it with the lessons he’d learned as an expert in the martial arts. Since 2017 he has been an entrepreneur, teaching and consulting ordinary individuals how to trade successfully for themselves and create wealth on their own terms. In July 2020 he released his book 'The Tao Of Trading: How to Build  Abundant Wealth in Any Market Condition'."I've got a 'No High-Fives rule' when it comes to trading. If I start feeling euphoric, then I start cutting positions very quickly. It means I'm in a high risk psychological state. When you feel like you've finally got markets figured out, the market is about to hand you another lesson"This episode is full of universal principles. Anyone who has even the slightest curiosity about making their passion their profession, leaving the rat race, running a side hustle, or just wants some motivation to know that it is possible to live life on your own terms, this episode is right on the money.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with Simon as much as I did.Links to SimonSimon on LinkedInTwitterThe Tao of Trading: How to Build Abundant Wealth in Any Market Condition - Amazon/Kindle Home of the podcastwww.michaelxcampion.comInstagram: @michaelxcampionTwitter: @michaelxcampionMichael on LinkedInTop Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts' MentionsVictor FranklSteven Pressfield - The War of ArtThe Dao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce LeeDavid Yarrow on Playing The Inner GameSeth Godin - Quarter Inch DrillbitJim Collins - Fire bullets then cannonballs
"The passion AND the challenge is an important combination. Make sure it's hard enough. Everything rewarding I've done, has been hard."Malcolm is best known as a leading influence in the F&B industry and cofounded the multi-award winning Maximal Concepts. He has opened over 35 different concepts in his career and is best known for the flagship restaurant brand Mott 32, one of the most awarded Chinese restaurants in the world. A passionate environmental filmmaker and social entrepreneur, he was heavily involved in the production of  “A Plastic Ocean”, described by Sir David Attenborough as “the most important film of our time”.  His follow-on film “The Last Glaciers” is set for release in 2021 and will be the most comprehensive film ever produced about the relationship between climate change, mountain environments, and glaciers. One of the world's few experts in paralpinism, Malcolm was also recently selected as the first paraglider, speed flyer, and filmmaker to join UN Environment’s campaign ‘Mountain Heroes’. This wide-ranging conversation reflects the incredible breadth of business interests Malcolm holds across the Steelhead Group. We discuss: identity, managing fear, entrepreneurship, filmmaking, extreme sports, sustainability, climate change, and parental wisdom.  Links:IG: @malcolmgwood | @thelastglaciers | @maximalconceptsSteelhead GroupThe Last Glaciers Trailer Maximal ConceptsARC'TERYXHome of the podcast:www.michaelxcampion.comInstagram: @michaelxcampionTwitter: @michaelxcampionLinkedInTop Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts'
"Only those who are not afraid to push, will ever see how far they can go"In 2004 Annabelle Bond became the fourth British woman ever to ascend Mount Everest.  She then went on to scale the ‘Seven Summits’ -  the highest peaks on each continent,  in just 360 days, making her the fastest female climber in the world. In her first ever podcast interview she tells me what it’s like to stand on top of the world on all seven continents. Incredibly, just weeks before tackling Mount Everest, a doctor’s visit revealed that she had a tumour, something of a cruel irony, given that she was already deeply involved in raising funds for The Eve Appeal Cancer Foundation. She went under the knife to have it removed and after summiting Everest against the odds, the next six mountains succumbed to her will one by one. Our first turn down memory lane starts with her recounting her childhood, the exotic sights and sounds of Asia in the 70s, before we discuss the influence of her esteemed father Sir John Bond. We then dive into what it takes to climb Mount Everest, we talk about near brushes with death, the importance of setting goals, of healthy competition, life as a single mum, and some final words to live by. Links:This episode was recorded at The Madame Fu Grand Cafe ChinoisLaureus AmbassadorTwitter @annabellebondHome of the podcast:www.michaelxcampion.comInstagram: @michaelxcampionJoin the weekly newsletter
"It doesn't matter how trying the circumstances, how challenging the environment, how difficult the task. Ultimately, strength is shown through calm"James Riley is the Chief Executive of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. He joined the Board as Group CEO in 2016 and has held a number of senior executive positions within the Jardine Matheson Group. He was Group Finance Director of Jardines from 2005 to 2016, and was a non-executive director of HSBC from 2012 to 2016. He is also the Chairman of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Geographical Society. Despite being the CEO of one of the world’s most loved luxury hotel brands, you will find very little online about his professional or personal life. Therefore, I am honoured to be the one to bring this conversation into the world and am grateful for his trust in me to do so. I hope that the hundreds of thousands of Jardines employees around the world, who have worked alongside James over the years, both recognise the man on the mic, and also learn something new about a man whose energy, zest for life, and company, I find very enjoyable. We ease into this conversation on common ground and our shared love of books, discussing his favourites and the one that moved him to tears. We then pick up steam and he speaks candidly about how he copes as CEO of a huge organisation despite recently losing his sight. We chat about his people-centric leadership philosophy, and why he’s stayed with one group for so long. We also discuss living with no regrets, the importance of luck in one’s career, what makes him most uncomfortable, and his excitement around the ambitious drive to totally eliminate single-use plastics at Mandarin Oriental by 2021. We end with him revealing how watching a loved one suffer, ultimately shaped his career ambitions and determination to succeed. I hope you enjoy listening to the 'Life of Riley'.Links:This episode was recorded at The Mandarin Oriental HKMandarin Oriental Hotel GroupJardine Matheson GroupLinkedInJames' Recommendations:Heywood Hill BookshopA Little LifeLes MiserablesKim The Lady in Number 6 DocumentaryHome of the podcast:www.michaelxcampion.comInstagram: @michaelxcampionJoin the weekly newsletter
In 1997, Andy Barrow was playing rugby for his local club when he suffered a spinal-cord injury that left him paralysed from the chest down, with limited use of his hands. He was aged just 17.Following this life-changing injury and many hard months of rehabilitation, his life was transformed when he discovered wheelchair rugby – also known as “Murderball”.  Andy’s wheelchair rugby career encompassed three Paralympic Games, three World Championships, and five European Championships. He captained Great Britain from 2005 to 2010, and led the team out at the Beijing Paralympics before bowing out on home turf at London 2012.Andy is incredibly inspirational and it was so powerful to hear him say that despite all the setbacks he's faced in life, he wouldn't change a thing. This is a moving story of resilience, self-belief, and the ability to overcome. Links:Andy Barrow websiteAndy on TwitterLinkedInOther Mentions:Indochina Starfish FoundationLaureus 'Sport for Good'David Whyte Poem - Everything is waiting for youHome of the podcast:www.michaelxcampion.comInstagram: @michaelxcampionJoin the weekly newsletter
"When I commit to something, I COMMIT to it. No baby steps. It might be an extreme path for some, but I've always learned the most from trying the extremes and then working backwards" Isabella Grandic is one of the most interesting teenagers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Ambitious and enthusiastic in equal measure, Izzy is part of The Knowledge Society, a human accelerator for young minds that seeks to produce the next generation of innovators. At just 15 years old, she was invited by the Microsoft Senior Leadership Team to keynote on the topic of food tech. At 16, she was flown to Sweden to present at the IKEA Leadership Summit, and later that year she spoke at the world’s biggest Tech Conference, Web Summit.  She’s consulted for companies like Walmart, Google, and Aleph Farms, a food-tech startup that grows cuts of meat from beef cells using a 3D tissue engineering platform. Lab Grown Meat is not that far from becoming a commercial reality on our supermarket shelves, so it was interesting for me to learn a little bit more on the topic, and how this might really move the needle when it comes to solving for animal cruelty and climate change. I also wanted to catch up with her to discuss her latest project (a social enterprise run entirely from her bedroom during the pandemic) which has the lofty and admirable goal of ending maternal mortality in Nigeria. Izzy only just turned 17, and there is plenty to be worried about in the world just now. But, if the rest of Generation Z turns out to be anything like Izzy, it’s easy to feel more optimistic about the future of our planet. The kids are most definitely, alright. Links: Izzy on MediumThe Knowledge SocietyAleph Farms - Meat without the animalsSapiens - Yuval Noah HarariHome of the podcast:www.michaelxcampion.comInstagram: @michaelxcampionJoin the weekly newsletter
"I can say to you hand on heart, almost every single one of my successful entrepreneurial friends has been through depression. Every single one. We're not designed to be on our phones all day. We're not designed to be constantly on airplanes."Jamie Hunt is one of the co-founders of 2XU, the high-performance sportswear brand worn by many of the world’s top athletes and celebrities, from LeBron James to Kanye West. He helped create the brand back in 2005 and the business was eventually sold by Jamie and his two co-founders at a 9 figure valuation.With so many brands now playing in the highly competitive apparel and athleisure market, it’s well worth listening to someone who has managed to build a $200m brand. Never content to bask in former glories, Jamie is at it again with Aviro, an antiviral clothing and facemask company, as well as a brand new performance sportswear brand Pressio which launches in January 2021.Jamie was a world-class Triathlete and we discuss the agonising sliding doors moment that saw him controversially miss out on the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. We talk about the transferable skills he’s taken from sport to business, as well as the high rates of depression among founder/entrepreneurs. Jamie himself admits that on paper, he shouldn’t have been as successful as he has been. He wasn’t well-educated, and had a speech impediment to overcome, but he credits hard work and his religious faith for enabling him to exceed those early limitations.Links:Jamie Hunt / LinkedIn2XUAviroPressioHome of the podcast:www.michaelxcampion.comInstagram: @michaelxcampionJoin the weekly newsletter
"If you have to back someone in your life, surely the starting point is to back yourself"Born in Scotland and now living in England, David Yarrow is one of the most famous fine-art photographers in the world, known for his striking images of the natural world. He has built a cult following among A-list celebrities and collectors worldwide and deservedly so, with his unique perspective and attention to detail that borders on the obsessive. In 1986, as a young university student, David took the now iconic photograph of Diego Maradona lifting the World Cup in Mexico City. Before committing fully to photography later in life, David ran a large hedge fund, Clareville Capital, and we discuss what the world of high finance both gave and took from him, starting with the split-second decision he made on 9/11 that changed everything.David is an amplifier of nature, a romanticist, and has a deep seated fear of the mundane. His career has brought him into contact with presidents, Hollywood stars, sporting legends and supermodels. He has visited remote places that very few people on the planet have access to, and he generously shares many lessons and anecdotes from this rich tapestry that all of us can apply to our own lives.Links: @davidyarrow - 100% worth following Home of the podcast:www.michaelxcampion.comInstagram: @michaelxcampionJoin the weekly newsletter mentions:Josh Waitzkin on the Tim Ferriss ShowFooled by Randomness - Naseem Nicholas TalebUBS Ambassador
"You should do what you love, not what you feel you're supposed to do"Voted the 25th most powerful person in the world of wine in Decanter's 2013 Power List, Jeannie Cho Lee became the first ever Asian Master of Wine in 2008; an exclusive title that fewer than 450 people in the entire world currently hold. A hedonist and great lover of food and wine, she is an award winning author, founder of Le Pan and has been a contributing editor for Forbes, Robb Report and Decanter magazines. Aside from judging at global competitions, she also has the enviable jobs of consulting for the Galaxy Macau and curating the wine list for Singapore Airlines. She is also the resident Professor of Wine at HK Polytechnic University.  Most importantly, Jeannie is someone that has made her life's passion her profession, and done it in such a way that always respected and protected the things she loves the most. Her values and principles are incredibly admirable and we cover:- The language of wine and achieving 'multiple palate orgasms'- How 'acceptable stress' is good for you- Balancing career and family - Having a student mindset- Not everything that can be monetised should be monetised - Writing as therapy- The words that changed her lifeLinks: Instagram: @jeanniecholeeTEDx Talk - How wine keeps you slim, healthy and humbleHome of the podcast:www.michaelxcampion.comInstagram: @michaelxcampionJoin the weekly newsletter mentions:Recorded at: Madame Fú Grand Café ChinoiseOz Clarke
"There will always be someone who has more than you, and someone who has less than you. Deal with it."Arthur Hayes is the CEO and Co-Founder of the 100x Group, the group behind BitMEX, one of the largest cryptocurrency derivatives trading platforms in the world. Never one to mince his words, Arthur is a flamboyant and often provocative figure in the world of crypto. His team created the most traded cryptocurrency product of all time, with overall trading volumes on the BitMEX exchange approaching $1 trillion USD last year according to Euromoney. It has been a remarkably rapid rise for Arthur Hayes since being released from his trading job at Citibank in 2013. He's accumulated generational wealth in just a few years and all before his 40th birthday. Luckily for me, Arthur and I have some great friends in common, so I was delighted when he agreed to carve out 60 minutes for the podcast. My first question reveals a softer side to the man, before we go on to discuss:The @cryptohayes approach to Twitter Philanthropy and giving back to his communityThe power of FOMOIf getting fired by Citibank fuelled him The best thing about having moneyLinks:Twitter: @cryptohayesBitMEX blog100x GroupIf you want to send Arthur a gift 'Lindy effect' in literature explainedFour Fox Saké Home of the Podcast:www.michaelxcampion.comIG: @michaelxcampionJoin the weekly newsletter
“It’s a bit of an extreme challenge. I’m sure people think I’m insane and it’s stupid, but it’s not. It’s going to work.”Jeff Rotmeyer is a special human being. The founder and CEO of two NGO's, he was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada and moved to Hong Kong 15 years ago as a fresh-faced young English teacher. In 2017, reluctant to pay lawyers for two days work instead of one, he registered two new charities on the same day. Giving up his career as an English Teacher, Jeff doubled-down on his commitment to helping some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised communities. ImpactHK serves the city’s homeless population with cooked meals, love, and friendship every single day of the week on their now famous ‘kindness walks’. Driven by a dedicated team of volunteers, the charity has helped hundreds of people with finding accommodation, drug rehabilitation, and gainful employment. Half of their full-time employees used to live on the streets, and many more have had their lives transformed as a result of Jeff’s vision for a kinder world.Love21Foundation exists to help the families of kids with Autism and Down Syndrome reach their full potential. Emphasis is placed on helping low-income and single-parent families who would otherwise struggle with the enormous financial costs and lack of access to activities that many of us take for granted. Both organisations have been enormously successful in recent years in building awareness and delivering real change, thanks in large part to Jeff’s insatiable work ethic and passion for creating a more inclusive and compassionate society. We talk about:Why he never gets discouragedGuilt at not doing more (yes even he feels guilty)Why a former school teacher doesn't send his kid to schoolThe healing power of mother natureThe legacy he hopes to leave behindLinks:ImpactHK Facebook PageLove21Foundation Facebook PageHome of the Podcast:www.michaelxcampion.comIG: @michaelxcampionJoin the weekly newsletter
"When you do your first big punchline, and you have a crowd whiplashing and applauding...something happens to you. It's an out of body experience. That particular skillset is a good gift to give back to the world"  Ben is the Founder & CEO of Quinlan & Associates, an independent strategy consulting firm, specialising in the financial services industry. He set up the firm back in 2016 having paid his dues in the Investment Banking world at UBS and Deutsche Bank, and in the Management Consulting world with Oliver Wyman. You’ll often see Ben quoted for his market views on Bloomberg, CNBC, and Reuters. Ben is also heavily involved in the rapidly growing Fintech scene here in Asia and just a few days prior to recording this he was elected as the new Chairman of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong.The secret sauce that makes Ben unique is that come Friday night he leaves the boardroom, swaps his suit and tie for a t-shirt and jeans, and performs on stage as a Stand-up Comedian. He is a regular headliner at Comedy Clubs all across Asia, won the 2017 Hong Kong International Comedy Festival and has opened for a number of big international comedians on their Asian tours, including Russell Howard, Kevin Bridges and Tom Segura. One of my favourite sayings is that clarity of speech, reflects clarity of thought, and in that regard, this episode is an absolute masterclass. We touch on many topics including:Ben's philosophy on leadership and building successful teams The importance of doing what you loveThe sacrifices involved in running your own business His worst ‘bomb’ on stage as a comedian How humour gives him an advantage in the workplace How watching his father live out his dream was the best lesson he ever got in what it means to live a successful life.Links:Benjamin Quinlan on LinkedInQuinlan & Associates Comedian & Speaker ProfileTEDx - Creativity at your feetTEDx - Supercharged FearHome of the Podcast: IG: @playingtheinnergame@michaelxcampionJoin the weekly newsletter mentions:Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now
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