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Author: Michael Campion

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My guests are Entrepreneurs, Executives, Olympians, Artists, and Creatives. Some famous names and some hidden gems. We discuss what success means to each one of them and decode the best parts of their mindset. It is a search for the common threads, principles, and patterns that we can apply to our own lives to become healthier, wealthier, happier, and wiser.
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*Aside from the 60 second introduction, this episode of the podcast is a raw and unedited version of my conversation with Philipp Knuepfer, General Manager of the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. As time passes and the longer the podcast goes on, I sense that there is a universal desire for greater authenticity.  Sharing our conversation in its entirety, imperfections and all, should bestow a more natural sense of being a fly on the wall.  This will also be the first episode of Playing The Inner Game to be released as a video podcast on YouTube, which hopefully adds even further to the sense of connection between speaker and listener...* Philipp has been with Mandarin Oriental Group for over 20 years, taking up leadership positions in Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand, Taipei, USA, and Singapore. He generously shares with us his principles on leadership, service standards and hospitality, the importance of choosing the right life partner, following your gut instincts, going against your father's wishes, and how happiness, positivity, and career success are ultimately a choice you make.  I hope that you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.P.S. If you enjoyed this you may also enjoy Episode 13 with CEO of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, James Riley.Guest: Philipp KnuepferWebsite: Instagram: @philippknuepfer LinkedIn: Playing The Inner Game Podcast:Homepage: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampionCoaching & Speaking Enquiries:
*This episode first appeared on the Eurasian Society podcast and sees Michael Campion step in as guest host.  Sophia Hotung's family were trailblazers in this city; her great great Grandfather Sir Robert Hotung being the first one to really pave the way for Eurasians in society during a time of racial segregation in HK. Naturally, we touch upon some of that fascinating history but we also wanted to ensure that we captured the present and did justice to Sophia’s journey, because she is an inspiration to many and a very talented artist and writer in her own right.Sophia is the illustrator behind 'The Hong Konger' and we talk about dropping out of the corporate rat race early, the struggle of entrepreneurship against the backdrop of her 7 (yes 7) autoimmune diseases. We discuss Eurasian identity, disability, and belonging. We talk about the pressures of tiger parenting, societal scorekeeping, self-esteem, and thus the importance of keeping something sacred. Having a hobby or passion that is yours, that nobody else can touch. We end the podcast on some principles and inspirational words to live by. Sophia is wonderfully articulate with a lovely turn of phrase, and I felt that throughout the entirety of our chat there was a great generosity of spirit. She shares things openly because she believes it will help motivate, illuminate, or open doors for others, and the world needs more people like that. I hope that you enjoy this wide-ranging conversation as much as I did. ______The Eurasian Society is a charity that aims to promote and improve the lives of Eurasians through awareness, education and opportunity. To provide scholarships and funding to the most vulnerable members of our community. Follow Eurasian Society:Website: Sophia HotungWebsite: The Inner Game Podcast:Homepage: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampionEmail for Coaching & Speaking Enquiries:
My guest today is Chris Lowder, the Co-founder of Lowder Tascarella Hospitality ( or LTH for short). Chris is one of the world’s most sought-after talents in corporate and multi-venue luxury bar consulting and LTH deliver thoughtful hospitality for the modern era. Helping property owners to program, open & operate profitable, memorable, and socially significant hospitality destinations. Some of his happy clients include: The Four Seasons Hotels, Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), Swire Hotels, Accor Hotels China, Aman Hotels, Capella Hotels, Starbucks China, DisneyLand China,  ABINbev etc.During his nearly 5-year tenure as GM of Proof & Company in China, Proof’s consulting team placed at least 2-3 creative projects in the World's 50 Best Bars every year, and 5-8 creative projects in Asia’s 50 Best Bars every year. No other beverage consulting team on Earth has ever achieved this level of sustained excellence. Did I also mention that he’s also ridiculously fluent in both Mandarin and Japanese and over the last few months has been absolutely blowing up on TikTok. Despite our paths crossing in the wine and spirits world, this episode and this show is never really about one specific industry, it’s about one’s inner game,, it’s about how lessons and principles learned in a field can be transferred and applied elsewhere, and Chris’ incredibly diverse range of hard-won skills and life experiences create a rich tapestry full of interesting threads to pull on. When you marry intellectual curiosity and intellect, with the work ethic of an athlete, and the creativity of an artist, this is what you get. You get the vortex of positive energy that is Chris Lowder and the next 90 minutes are full of great soundbites and ‘cheat codes’ for life that anyone can apply to make themselves happier, healthier, wealthier, and wiser. Links:LTH Hospitality @getlowdernowTikTok: @getlowdernowMy personal favourite TikTok of his (time to get educated!)LinkedIn: The Inner Game Podcast:Homepage: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampionMentions:Momofuku by David ChangThe NoMad Hotel NYCProof & Co & Jason WilliamsRich Dad Poor Dad by Robert KiyosakiRich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom Solve for Happy by Mo GawdatDerek Sivers on The Tim Ferriss Show
The Return: Season 2

The Return: Season 2


Took a little break. Moved from Hong Kong to Singapore. At long last, the podcast returns.Next episode dropping in 24 hours...Preview of the Eurasian Society Podcast, Ep 6 - Listen here on SpotifyWebsite: Sophia HotungWebsite: of the Podcast:Coach & Speaker Profile: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampion
My guest is Vishal Tolani, CEO of Dartmouth Brands. He’s helped bring multiple watch brands into the world under the Dartmouth umbrella such as Spinnaker, Avi-8 and Earnshaw. As well as playing in the world of brands, he’s also deeply embedded in the watch industry as a second-generation manufacturer.Vishal and I talk about what it means to be made in Hong Kong, what keeps him up at night as the custodian of the family business, and how he hopes it will one day live on without him. We discuss what goes into creating that beautiful combination of art and engineering that resides on your wrist, and in a time when (thanks to mobile phones) the idea of timekeeping is more emotional than essential, we discuss the primacy of storytelling and brand-building in order to infuse a product with real heart.We also talk about the positive side-effects of the advancing years, the peace that comes with it, as well as how he finds inspiration in the people all around him. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.Links: of the podcast:Coach & Speaker Profile: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampion
I'll continue to share these shorter soundbites, in-between regular guest episodes, in the hope that some of you find them valuable.- The true value of a career break / sabbatical / gap year- The struggle and what gives life meaning- Consequential environments- Living a self-authorised life- What to teach children Home of the podcast:Coaching & Speaker Profile: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampion
Sean Carter is the founder and Design Director at Carter Hales Design Lab. Sean’s an extremely talented graphic designer that’s been in the agency game for 30 years now and someone whose creativity and eye for detail that I really respect. Full disclosure, there will always be a part of me that is heavily indebted to Sean because he is the beating heart of the team that helped us create Four Fox Saké when it was still embryonic. I’ve had the pleasure of spending time at the design lab in Vancouver, and we also stood side by side on stage in Shanghai as we collected the award for “Best Luxury Alcohol Packaging Design in the World” back in 2016. This is a conversation I’ve been wanting to have for a long time, life got in the way, but I’m very happy that we got there in the end.If you work in the fields of design, branding and marketing then the benefits of tuning in are obvious, but even if you aren’t involved in these worlds, there’s plenty in here to chew on with regards to creativity, self-expression, the relationship between commercial growth and personal growth, the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship (he is after all someone who has been eating what he kills ever since he left university), and why it’s imperative to take some risks, and stay out of the safe and mushy middle. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.Links: LinkedIn: @sean-carterHome of the podcast:Coach & Speaker Profile: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampionMentions:Four Fox SakéThe Wickaninnish Inn 
My guest today is the inimitable Andrew Cox. He and I have known each other for a little while now and I’ve always admired his energy, enthusiasm, and zest for life which is also backed up with a great breadth and depth of knowledge, especially when it comes to the realm of health and fitness. He is a director and co-founder of Joint Dynamics, a multidisciplinary studio that provides a bespoke approach to injury prevention, combining personal training, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and psychology with intelligent movement at its core.We discuss the secret to his energy levels and what allows him to motivate his clients, some biohacking tips for better physical and mental health, the magic of reciprocity and what he calls ‘selfish benevolence’, the importance of playing to your strengths, of surrounding yourself with good people, principles for business and negotiation, and as you’ve just heard, why we all need a healthy amount of stress in our lives. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.Links: @jointdynamicshongkong IG: Andrew Cox Movement MedicineHome of the podcast:Coach & Speaker Profile: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampion
I was recently invited to speak by the social entrepreneurship platform  Impact Circles on the topic of storytelling. How can we become more persuasive storytellers? How do we adapt the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves? Why is finding your 'WHY' so important? As Dr Jim Loehr so eloquently put it: "The power broker in your life is the voice that no one hears. How well you revisit the tone and content of your private voice is what determines the quality of your life. It is the master storyteller, and the stories we tell ourselves are our reality."I'll continue to share these shorter soundbites, in-between regular guest episodes, in the hope that some of you find them helpful.  Home of the podcast:Coaching & Speaker Profile: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampion
"Don't sell your soul because you can't buy it back. Selling out is something I just can't do."My guest this week is Justin Fornal and I’m incredibly lucky to have him. He’s someone who has lived and continues to live such an exciting and technicolour life that he very much resists categorisation. To describe Justin as an international explorer, cultural detective, award winning writer, filmmaker, culinary celebrity, and extreme athlete is about as close to the mark as you’ll get. In 2018 Men’s Journal simply ranked him as the #3 most adventurous person in the world. As a cultural detective, in search of secret societies, lost rituals and ancient talismans, he has travelled to the far corners of the earth, living with hunter-gatherer tribes, meeting with witch doctors who (still to this day) believe in human sacrifice, and taking part in ritual exorcisms, so just be aware that some parts of our conversation are not for the squeamish or faint-hearted.   Everywhere Justin goes, he always sets off with a deep respect for each culture that he interacts with, and sharing whatever he finds with integrity and a real commitment to the truth of a place, not adherence to institutional narrative. He is the Co-Founder of the History, Arts, & Science Action Network (HASAN) a non-profit organization that focuses on relic repatriation, historic justice, and documenting vanishing cultures. He’s also the co-host of TV show UNEXPLAINED AND UNEXPLORED, alongside one of my previous guests Emiliano Ruprah, a show that has been airing on the Discovery Channel and Science Channel since 2019.Justin has also written extensively for National Geographic, VICE, The Explorers Journal, and Parts Unknown. I strongly recommend you read some of his articles which I’ve linked to below. He is also an extreme open water swimmer and having swum 100 miles around the Whisky Island of Islay on Scotland’s freezing West Coast, he is currently planning the longest unassisted swim in history for Summer 2022.  The GREAT ARCTIC SWIM will be the first attempt to swim from Canada to Greenland across the Nares Strait. Truth is, unless there’s a documentary made about his life, I’m not sure one CAN do Justin Fornal justice. The sheer depth and breadth of his experience makes keeping pace with him an impossible, yet very very enjoyable and joyous task. He truly is larger than life and a real polymath in every sense of the word. We start the conversation with him lighting up one of his rare pipes collected on his travels, before journeying through his culinary, cultural, and sporting adventures in that order. I hope that you find this conversation as interesting as I did.Links: @justin_fornal Homes, Atlas ObscuraHome of the podcast:Coaching & Speaker Profile: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampion
If you watched the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, or you're one of my listeners in Hong Kong, Siobhan Haughey will need absolutely no introduction as she is essentially a national treasure and the most recognisable celebrity in the country right now. Siobhan made sporting history last year,  winning two Olympic Silver Medals in the 200m and 100m freestyle events.  Not content with that she stormed to a new World Record in the 200m freestyle at the 2021 World Short Course Championships. As a general rule I prefer to have guests who are a bit longer in the tooth. People who are further along in their journey through life. Age is not a proxy for accomplishment, but there is something to be said for having done a few more laps around the sun. However, there are exceptions to every rule and this 24 year old is certainly one of them. The chance to learn from someone who is at the absolute peak of their profession so early in life, and a role model to millions, is an opportunity that I didn’t want to pass up. She retains the infectious positivity and optimism of youth that makes her so likeable, but there’s also a very mature head set on those young shoulders. She’s given countless interviews since taking the podium at Tokyo 2020 and I wanted to make sure that this conversation had no sponsors, no corporate agenda, and that it went a little differently. I wanted to take a couple of off-ramps that might reveal a different side of her. I think that we succeeded. I thank Siobhan for being so open and generous in sharing how she is developing her inner game. Join us to find out what motivates this Olympian and what she is most proud of... Links:IG: @siobhanhaughey01Wikipedia Home of the podcast:Coaching & Speaker Profile: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampion
“I only loved doing well. I never really allowed myself to enjoy it. Enjoyment came through performance and feeling like I contributed to the team. If I didn’t perform well I felt a huge sense of emptiness. I felt insecure. I felt pretty damn fragile a lot of the time.” My guest this week is Nick Compton, former first class cricketer and England’s opening batsman. Nick had an excellent first class cricket career, making 194 appearances and clocking up 12,168 runs. He represented England in 16 Test matches, scoring back to back centuries against New Zealand, and was part of the dynamic duo with Alistair Cook that famously beat India on their own patch for the first time in 28 years.  The cricket and football fans among you will no doubt recognise his surname, the entire Compton family has huge sporting pedigree. His Grandfather Denis is sporting royalty, famously playing both cricket AND football for England and Arsenal, was one of the finest cricketers to ever walk the planet, and has a stand at Lord's named after him. Nick and I became mates at Durham University back in 2002 where we lived on the same corridor and despite not having been in touch for ages, I was delighted that he accepted my invitation to come on the podcast. He has had an exceptional career and been in the limelight for much of his life. More recently he has been spending more time behind the camera lens rather than in front of it, so I wanted to hear about his burgeoning professional photography career too and future plans. Nick and I talk about what it takes to reach the top of elite sport, we talk about peak performance, mindset and visualisation, we talk about growing up in the shadow of greatness. He also generously shares the difficulties that he’s facing as he transitions out of sport, when his identity and self-worth have been so tightly wound around this one profession for so long. I’m very grateful to Nick for not holding back and rendering himself somewhat vulnerable by revealing the various challenges he’s faced with his mental health over two decades. I know that he would have it no other way, but it always makes for a better episode when high-profile guests bring their authentic selves to the table. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Links:IG: @nick.comptonTwitter: @thecompdog Highlight Reel: of the podcast:Coaching & Speaker Profile: www.michaelxcampion.comLinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampion
"The first question you must ask yourself is - do you believe, or do you not? If you do believe - are you doing everything that it takes? We believe that if you’re in, you're in. With all of the consequences."So many great answers on this podcast, but so many great questions to sit with too. The way in which Manuel has built up Pirata Group over the years has been truly impressive to watch. Even more so when you realise the consistency and integrity that runs through everything he does. There's something very special about sitting down in a restaurant when there's nobody else around.  Just you, the owner, a bottle of Malbec and honest conversation. We cover so much ground in this one, from his early rap career to getting fired as a dishwasher, how to scale culture, optimising for kindness, day architecture, the infinite game, why he always wins twice,  the 80/20 principle, and how pictures and notes from his journal manifested into the restaurants you see today.Whether you're a food lover, entrepreneur, business leader, or just someone looking for more motivation to attack the day, there's plenty of gold in here for everyone. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!Shoutouts: IG: @piratagrouphk IG: @manuelpiratahkLinkedIn: @manuel-palacioHome of the podcast:LinkedIn: @michaelxcampionIG: @michaelxcampion'Thursday Thoughts' & Speaker Profile:
If there was one man I wanted to have on the show in the first week of January, right when people are busy making New Year’s Resolutions and setting health and fitness goals, then it was the man who whips superheroes like Wolverine and Deadpool into shape. He’s built like a Greek god, runs an ever-expanding health and fitness empire, is a loving family man, and possesses a rolodex that’s the envy of most people in Hollywood. His list of clients past and present is frankly ludicrous: Hugh Jackman, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Sebastian Stan, Jake Gyllenhall, Emily Blunt, Cindy Crawford, Anne Hathaway just to name a few. More importantly, Don Saladino is a man who loves to help and finds joy in serving others. He’s a natural giver, not a taker, which is a large component of why he’s enjoyed the success he has. The celeb clients are a nice draw for the podcast, sure, but they’re really just an indicator from the marketplace that the man is good at what he does, that he adds value, that he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to strength and conditioning. More importantly, I know firsthand that the guy has a big heart, he’s opened up his home to my family when he didn’t need to which speaks volumes to the kind of man he is, and anytime you come across someone with that blend of kindness, positivity, and discipline, there’s always lessons worth unpacking.A well-known celebrity trainer, Don founded Drive 495, has graced the cover of the iconic Muscle & Fitness Magazine, is on the advisory board of Men’s Health Magazine, and has appeared in the media countless times on the likes of Cosmo, People, US Weekly and the Today Show. He and I talk about the fundamentals of patience, passion, consistency, and plenty of hard work. Lots of hard work. Shoutouts: @donsaladino Instagram: @jenny.campionInstagram: @fourfoxsakeofficialInstagram: @ouraringHome of the podcast:LinkedIn: @michaelxcampionInstagram: @playingtheinnergamewww.michaelxcampion.comWeekly Newsletter  'Thursday Thoughts'
*Turn the tables episode* This week sees a slight change in your regular programming as I vacate my usual role as host, and take on the role of guest. Historically, there have been other opportunities to record this type of episode but it never felt quite right. However, when an old friend of mine Jason Mountford got in touch to say he’d love to catch up and have me appear on his Spotify UK Top 20 Business podcast called The Hedge, previously known as The UK Money Podcast, I was very happy to oblige and accepted the invitation without hesitation. I think Jason did a wonderful job of probing the right areas for conversation, and I thank him for deeming my inner game, worthy of further exploration.Let me know what you think of the gear change, but either way Playing The Inner Game will be back to its regular format later in December, where I’ll be bringing you more incredible entrepreneurial and inspirational guests that we can all learn from. Links:Youtube Trailer - The 3 Pillars for Achieving Wealth & Happiness w Michael Campion - The Hedge PodcastHome of the podcast:LinkedIn: @michaelxcampionInstagram: @michaelxcampionWeb:  www.michaelxcampion.comWeekly Newsletter  'Thursday Thoughts'
My guest this week is Tess Collins - a brilliant singer and songwriter who has most recently been the artist in residence at Carlyle & Co, the exclusive private members club that sits atop The Rosewood Hotel. She grew up on a lumber yard in rural Maine and followed the big city lights all the way to Hong Kong over a decade ago. She has performed all over the globe - everything from Canadian jazz festivals to London Clubs, to the Beijing Olympic Stadium. From 5 Star Hotel Lobbies to partnering with BMW, Chanel and Estee Lauder. She’s shared the stage with Ne-Yo, Coco Lee, and opened for the legendary Dionne Warwick. That's all well and good, but to read her accomplishments from the page does nothing to prepare you for the force of nature that is Tess Collins. To see and hear her perform live, on stage, is really the only way to experience the full extent of her magic. There are singers, and then there are artists. Tess belongs firmly in the latter category. My goal for this conversation was to capture a small piece of that magic through the spoken word. I hope that I’ve succeeded. My biggest takeaways from this chat with Tess? The importance of compassion, connection, and confirmation (if it were needed) that all great art is born from a place of sensitivity and vulnerability.  Our biggest superpower lies right next to our deepest wound.This episode is also very special because it is book-ended by a sneak preview of her upcoming single which has not yet been released. The single is out soon and is called “Sober”. Links:Instagram: @tesscollinsmusicWeb: LinkedIn: tesscollinsmusicSpotify: Choosing HappyFeatured Single: "Sober" (release date tbc)Home of the podcast:LinkedIn: @michaelxcampionInstagram: @michaelxcampionWeb: Newsletter  'Thursday Thoughts' Cameron - "Remembering" carlyleandco
My guest this week is the brilliant comedian, Jocelyn Chia. The speed of her ascent in the comedy world has been impressive to watch, given that she had absolutely zero involvement in the world of stand-up before 2014. She’d barely watched any stand-up let alone performed on stage, which makes her opening for the legendary Bill Burr last month even more impressive. As well as having appeared on AXS TV, MTV and Comedy Central, she’s rapidly gaining recognition in industry circles and is becoming a firm favourite on the New York circuit where she holds down a regular spot at two of the city’s most iconic clubs, the Comedy Cellar and Gotham Comedy Club. Only a few days ago, Jocelyn was also chosen as the face of comedy for the new NYC campaign celebrating the reopening of New York's arts scene, alongside some Broadway legends.Born and raised in Singapore, Jocelyn gave up a high flying career at law firm Weil, and later as a management consultant, in order to pursue what she felt to be her true calling. Chatting with comedians is always good fun and if any of you feel like you might have a true calling that you’ve been ignoring up until now, this conversation might be just the motivation you need to start walking that path. Links:Instagram @jocelyncomedy of the podcast:LinkedIn: @michaelxcampionInstagram: @michaelxcampionWeekly Newsletter  'Thursday Thoughts' Cope - The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True CallingJason LeongSam MorrilTJ Miller in Silicon ValleyAziz AnsariAnthony JeselnikAli WongJerry Seinfeld
Professional golfer, Zane Scotland grabbed the attention of the media in 1997, when he was hailed as Britain’s answer to Tiger Woods at age 14. A year later he was a scratch golfer and in 1999 at just 16 years old, Zane became the youngest English player ever to qualify for The Open Championship. He was Europe's #1 amateur player and represented both England and GB & Ireland. As well as progressing to the European Pro Tour he also holds a record 11 wins on the MENA tour. Zane now runs his own golf academy, based at The Wisley in Surrey, England. He also works as an expert analyst on Sky Sports and is a brand ambassador for Callaway. There are some great sporting anecdotes and stories in here, so golf fans will hopefully love this podcast, but this episode is not just about golf. It’s about mindset, it’s about race and identity, it’s about using the feeling of being an outsider as fuel. We discuss dealing with injuries and setbacks, the reality of borrowing money from your parents, driving through the night, cheap airport motels, and buying golf shirts on a maxed-out credit card before making your big breakthrough. It’s also about the power of goal setting, visualisation, and creating your own reality.I love golf, so I won’t apologise for getting excited about this one and milking it for coaching tips. But I was cognisant the entire time (as I am with every pro athlete on the podcast) that I should look for patterns to parlay into self-development, business, and life lessons more generally. I wanted to steer him towards topics and motifs that bleed into others. How can we extract the general from the specific? What can we learn over here that also applies over there? Playing the Inner Game is all about mentality. It’s about adjusting the aperture through which we view life’s events, and in that regard, I think Zane absolutely delivered.Links:Instagram @zanescotlandgolfTwitter @ZaneScotlandYoutube Vodcast of the podcast:LinkedIn: @michaelxcampionInstagram: @michaelxcampionTop Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts' WisleyGrant Cardone - Be Obsessed or Be Average
Peter O’Hanlon is a well-recognised sports presenter with one of the best voices in the business. His commentary has been featured on major channels like Sky Sports, Fox Sports, Eurosport etc and his passion for the sport of rowing has taken him all across the globe.  Most recently, he achieved his long-held ambition of receiving a prestigious invitation to provide commentary for the Olympic Games. I caught up with Peter as he returned from a very strange games in Tokyo, to recount how he accidentally fell into the world of sports presenting over 10 years ago. He’s a good example of someone who has created their own luck, who has diligently honed their craft, and someone who has turned opportunities into passions. He’s such a great presenter and I wanted him to help unpack some of the mystery that surrounds great communicators. There is a tendency to look at people in the spotlight and ascribe to them some mystic, innate talents that have eluded us. Hopefully, someone who is as polished as Peter is will help demonstrate that real life is much messier, and prove that when we see a flawless live performance on TV (athlete or presenter) we are only seeing the final rep. Not the thousands of reps performed in the dark.You’ll know by now that I always enjoy finding guests who wear double hats and “Corporate Peter” holds a serious job with HSBC as a Digital Transformation Director having joined the bank in 2019 as their Global Head of Methods and Capabilities. Prior to that he held senior leadership roles at the Lloyds Banking Group. We talk about how these two parts of his identity feed and complement one another, as well as his most helpful habits and guiding formula for success.Links:Instagram: @pdohanlonLinkedIn of the podcast:LinkedIn: @michaelxcampionInstagram: @michaelxcampion Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts'
Emiliano Ruprah joins me on the podcast this week. Born in Mexico to an Italian mother and an Indian father, he grew up in Washington DC.  He is an explorer, adventurer, writer, tv presenter, and documentary filmmaker, who continues to walk the path less travelled. He has traveled to some of the most inaccessible places on earth, documenting wildlife, conflict zones, and vanishing cultures for the likes of Discovery Science, Smithsonian, National Geographic and Atlas Obscura.Emiliano has managed to retain the sense of wonder and intellectual curiosity that this world needs more of, and he’s got so many interesting stories that we could likely fill several episodes. I caught up with him just after he landed back in the US, having returned from some time in the rainforest tracking the movements of endangered Jaguars. Most notably, his latest documentary on epic animal migrations called NOMADS, which he directed, received an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Cinematography. I was lucky enough to watch it, and if you’re a fan of famous programs like BBC’s Blue Planet or any of the David Attenborough specials, you’ll love NOMADS too.I hope that you enjoy listening to Emiliano speak to all the inner work he has done, all the interesting places that he has seen, and all the lessons he’s learned on his travels across the globe. Links:Instagram: @emilianoruprah TrailerWar Tourist FilmOscura Productions Writing: Home of the podcast:LinkedIn: @michaelxcampionInstagram: @michaelxcampion Ten Public Speaking Tips + 'Thursday Thoughts'
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