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Author: Rob Cheshire

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In-depth weekly interviews with some of the UK's leading independent Craft Brewers, exploring their background and motivations, hopes and fears, and big plans for the future, all whilst we share and discuss a couple of the beers that the brewer is particularly proud of.
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O'Brother was the brainchild of 3 brothers, Barry, Brian and Paddy O'Neil, who in 2014 swapped the 9-5 jobs for beer 24/7, setup the brewery and haven't looked back since! Barry wholeheartedly recommends the following fine Irish Beer Businesses:
Two Tribes was launched in 2016 as an evolution of founder Justin Deighton's previous beer businesses, and are based at the heart of many of the UK's recording studios in Kings Cross. Two Tribes as a brand is built on collaboration, focused around their passion for Beer, Food, Music and Art. Chris wholeheartedly recommends the following fine establishments:
Founded in 2013 and set on the stunning Kent coast, Time and Tide Brewing are fueled by their passion for beer, their sense of fun and unrelenting dedication to making the best beer they possibly can. Tickets are available for the Smugglers Festival here: Kerry and Sam wholeheartedly recommend the following fine establishments:
Ben and Mick homebrewed for two years before opening commercially in 2014 on the family farm in a stunning rural setting. Ben and Mick wholeheartedly recommend the following fine establishments:
Mark has been a main-stay of the Newcastle Beer Scene for many years, brewing first at Mordue and then at Tyne Bank, before starting Almasty in the sumer of 2014, named after the legendary Siberian Big Foot! Mark wholeheartedly recommends The Free Trade Inn in Newcastle
Ryan started Chain House in September 2017,  with a commitment to provide local beer to local bars, in Preston. Ryan wholeheartedly recommends the following fine establishments in Preston
This is a conversation with my friend and fellow podcast host Mark Peacock. Mark is based in Chicago and has been publishing his popular Travel Commons Podcast since 2005. Mark and I both have two obsessions, travel and craft beer, and I have been listening to his show since the very early days. Whilst Mark's podcast is more about the travel than the craft beer, he is deeply knowledgeable about the US craft beer scene in particular, and like me, he is always planning his next exciting craft beer trip. Listen in for a deep dive discussion about how we each plan our Taproom Travel, with lots of anecdotes about some of the more memorable experiences we have had along the way.  If you enjoy the conversation, I hope you consider subscribing to Mark's podcast, which you can find by searching for Travel Commons on all the popular podcast platforms.
Stuart and Jasper started Yonder Brewing & Blending in July 2018, with three key tenets, an obsession with mixed fermentation, a focus on locally sourced ingredients, and a love of foraging. Stuart and Jasper Wholeheartedly recommend  The Grape and Good in Wells Beer Gonzo in Coventry
Episode 39 - Brew York

Episode 39 - Brew York


Brew York was founded in 2015 by Wayne Smith and Lee Grabham, in the beautiful York City Centre with a mission to make beers with personality that are enjoyed across the globe. In 2020, while the rest of us were hunkering-down trying to get through COVID unscathed, Brew York have opened up a new 2nd Brewery site in York that increased their potential production output fivefold, as well as a new bar 25 miles down the road in Leeds City Centre. Lee wholeheartedly recommends the following fine establishments: Please check them out the next time you are in York!
Hackney Brewery was founded in 2011 by Peter Hills and Jon Swain, in a couple of Hackney Railway arches. Towards the end of 2020, they ran a Crowdfunder, which successfully raised almost £50,000 to fund the development of a new brewery and taproom just up the road in Walthamstow, which is due to open very soon! Hackney Brewery is extremely environmentally conscious, using exclusively green energy, paying all staff a living wage, and with a passionate focus on recycling at every stage of the business. Jon wholeheartedly recommends the Red Hand in Stoke Newington
Padstow Brewing Company was setup in 2013 on the rugged North Cornish Coast. Padstow brew fresh, exciting and fiercely independent beers. They are a true small-batch brewery, with no computers or accountants to run the show. Simon and George wholeheartedly recommend: Vessel Beer Shop and Bulletproof Brewing  Please check them both out the next time you are in the Plymouth area!
Crafty Cats started life in lockdown No.1 as the brothers bunkered down in the family farmhouse to ride out the pandemic. Having dabbled in home-brewing for some time, they decided to start sharing the fruits of their labour with friends and family. In September, following positive reviews and perhaps beginning to believe their own hype, they took the plunge and bought a 4 barrel brew house and set up in a disused barn on the farm. Crafty Cats, born out of lockdown, two brothers, back in the family farmhouse, with nothing left to do, but brew. The Cats wholeheartedly recommend The Hive in Crowthorne. Please check it out...!
Bone Machine Brew Co. are a fierce craft brewery inspired by a love of stoner rock, cosmo punk, Russian music and an idiosyncratic sense of humour. Underpinning the apparent chaos lies great values of honesty, hard work and innovation. Originally established in 2017 in East Riding, Bone Machine relocated to the splendid Taphouse in Hull in 2019, which must be a contender for Britain's largest Brewpub?! Kimi wholeaheartedly recommends
Roman is a Dutchman who was born in Brussels, but he studied for many years in London. After completing his studies, Roman began brewing part-time in 2014 on a farm near Ilford. Inspired by both the scientific and brewing traditions of his birthplace, Roman named his brewery Solvay Society and began producing modern Belgian-style beers with a twist. In 2019, Solvay Society opened a railway-arch Taproom in Leytonstone, East London, and are currently fundraising to relocate their brewery into the adjacent arch. Roman wholeheartedly recommends the following establishments:
Oli and Sam met at Cardiff Uni where Sam began brewing in his bedroom at their shared house. After graduating, Sam moved back to Birmingham and began brewing in his attic. Meanwhile Oli almost escaped to the world of advertising in London, before Sam dragged him back in, to start Attic Brew Co in 2018, in the modern-style of a Taproom led Brewery on the Stirchley beer mile! Olie wholeheartedly recommends Stirchley Wines & Spirits
Jordan began as a home brewer a decade ago. In 2014 he launched Unbarred as a 100l nano brewery in his back garden, and began to win awards. Jordan went on to serve his apprenticeship, volunteering at local Sussex breweries, before joining up with Missing Link in 2017, brewing both for Unbarred as well as for other Contract breweries based there. In 2019 Unbarred were finally able to establish their own home brewery and taproom in Central Brighton. Jordan wholeheartedly recommends Rockwater in Hove
FLOC Brewing was established in Margate in 2020 to brew hop-forward, delicious beers with the finest ingredients. FLOC beers are liquid sunshine - beer that makes people smile! Ross wholeheartedly recommends Time & Tide Brewing
I am delighted to welcome to the podcast Shaz and Mike from Docks Beers in Grimsby. Docks Beers was established in Grimsby in 2018 and was built from the ground-up in a disused Grimsby Mission church.
Named after the mythical carnivorous version of the cuddly koala, Drop Bear was launched by Joelle and Sarah in 2019 with a clear mission - brew game-changing alcohol-free beer and build a better world in which to drink it. Joelle and Sarah would love you to consider investing in Drop Bear via their CrowdCube Campaign here: Joelle and Sarah wholeheartedly recommend Cheers Win Merchants in Swansea
For Joe and his friends, Jon and Russ, it all got a little out of control in 2015, when they first uttered the sentence ‘Hey! Shall we get together on Sunday and brew some beer?’. From the moment they started they knew they weren’t cool and they couldn't grow beards, so they focused on what they knew best… brewing quality beer (and dinosaur puns)! Joe wholeheartedly recommends Check out Staggeringly Good's amazing 2018 CrowdCube pitch video here
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