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Author: Rob Cheshire

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In-depth weekly interviews with some of the UK's leading independent Craft Brewers, exploring their background and motivations, hopes and fears, and big plans for the future, all whilst we share and discuss a couple of the beers that the brewer is particularly proud of.
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I am delighted to welcome back to the podcast Jack from Anspach & Hobday on the eve of their 10th Anniversary Celebrations, for the first time since we last spoke on Episode 101 back in March 2022.
I am delighted to welcome back to the podcast Jonny from Pipeline Brewing Co. based in St Agnes in Cornwall. We had a lot to catch up on, as we last spoke in Episode 60.
I am delighted to welcome to the Podcast, Steve, Tom and Huw from The Escapist Brew Pub based in Chichester, West Sussex. Steve and Tom opened the Escapist as a Craft Beer Bar in 2020, in a desire to create the sort of venue for Chichester that they would like to drink in. In the summer of 2022. Huw joined the Team as Head Brewer, as the Escapist officially became a brew pub!
Join me as I catch up with Dave from Nothing Bound Brewery based in Bewdley, Worcestershire for an update 18 months on from our original conversation. Nothing Bound was launched by Dave in 2018, to produce beer for all to enjoy. Brewed with care and without compromise. For family, friends and beer lovers everywhere.
Join me as I catch-up with Ryan for the first time in almost 3 years!
I am delighted to welcome to the Podcast, Nige and Shippo from Bang The Elephant Brewery based at Langley Mill in the East Midlands. Bang The Elephant was launched in 2017, with a mission of being different! They would hate to get bogged down brewing the same styles again and again, that's why their recipes will always be evolving and new beer releases will come as often as possible.
Episode 184 - The Rake

Episode 184 - The Rake


Join me for a fun chat recorded at The Rake with owner Mike and Head Brewer (of Tap East) Terry.
I am delighted to welcome to the Podcast, Neil and Danny from Firerock Brewing based in Sutton-in-Ashfield in the East Midlands. Firerock was launched by Neil and Danny in 2017 to create modern, hop-forward beers and they are now based at their own Brewery and Taproom in Sutton.
Join me for a catch-up with Will from Bullhouse to hear how successful Belfast's first Craft Beer Taproom is proving to be!
I am delighted to welcome to the Podcast, Ben from Pressure Drop Brewing based in North London. Pressure Drop started life in 2012 in Hackney Garden Shed, and have been on a journey of Pale Fire, railway arches and daft forklift jokes, winding their way to their current home in Tottenham, which is where we are recording from today. Pressure Drop has become known for juicy New England Style beers, but they also love to produce everything from crisp lagers to rich and luxurious stouts. As long as it tastes good, they will give it a go! 
I am delighted to welcome to the Podcast, Jack from Baron Brewing based in East Hertfordshire. Baron Brewing is a playground for beer, with an ever-changing range made for the fun and the love of the process. The next beer will be the best beer!
Join me for a fun chat with Tom, recorded in-person in Central Newbury at what will soon be the new Delphic Brewery and Taproom!
I am delighted to welcome to Podcast Damian from Emperor's Brewery, based in the East Midlands.
Welcome to the Podcast, James from Verdant Brewing Co.
It was great to catch-up again with Chris from Pastore!
Join me for a fun chat with Joe and Will from Drop Project, as they announce their exciting growth plans.
Join me for a fun chat with Alex, owner of BMAN Brewery in Oxford.
Join me as I chat with Tom Ainsley about both Derby Beer Con and the latest news from Neon Raptor.
We catch up with Joe and Ryan from Pentrich recorded in-person at the Alex Hotel, on the eve of Derby Beer Con!
Join me for a fun catch-up with Garry, Chris and Mark at Stannary, as they put the finishing touches to their exciting new premises!
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