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Author: Rob Cheshire

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In-depth weekly interviews with some of the UK's leading independent Craft Brewers, exploring their background and motivations, hopes and fears, and big plans for the future, all whilst we share and discuss a couple of the beers that the brewer is particularly proud of.
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Based in Central Manchester, Wander Beyond Brewing launched back in December 2017, as a small team with an ambition to make beers bursting with flavour. Inspired by the outdoors and their love for adventure, Wander Beyond began to develop a surreal and exciting world to reflect the flavour of their beers. Hops climb mountains, barrels dwell in caves and mischievous fruits roam free. Dan wholeheartedly recommends in Burnage, SW Manchester.
Andrew has owned the Pelham Arms Pub in Lewes since 2008. In 2016 Andy stepped up his homebrewing in the cellar of the Pelham Arms (affectionately known as "The Abyss!"), before taking over the old Black Cat Brewery a few miles up the road in Uckfield in 2017, to create Abyss Brewing with his friend, also confusingly called Andy! Andrew and Andy wholeheartedly endorse the following fine local businesses:
The London Beer Factory is an open exploration of beer, modern and independent, never still, always innovating. Globally inspired, locally minded. Sim wholeheartedly recommends Wild + Lees Bottle Shop in Herne Hill
Opened in the summer of 2018, Pipeline Brewing Co. crafts small batches of vibrant, hoppy, juicy beers using fresh ingredients and Cornish water.  They create craft beers that showcase the best of New World hops. Jonny recommends The Cornish Pizza Company in St Agnes, for amazing pizzas and the very best West Country Craft Beers, from the likes of Pipeline, Verdant and Black Flag!
Piglove can trace it's roots back to 2016 when two guys from Venezuela, met by chance in Leeds, and discovered a mutual admiration for Craft Beer. Piglove is the English translation of a Venezuelan expression "cochino amor", which is used to describe a love for something that is so big, raw and passionate, that it becomes filthy and absurd! (I think a lot of people as deep into the craft beer scene as we are, can really relate to that concept!) After three years of hard scrambling, the Brewery launched it's first beer in December 2019.
Episode 8 - Neptune Brewery

Episode 8 - Neptune Brewery


Neptune was founded in April 2015, focused on the principle of brewing quality, consistent beer for all to enjoy. That same year Julie O'Grady also founded the Ladies That Beer Group, with the very worthy aim of getting more women into beer! In 2018 Julie was also involved in the launch of the Everyone Welcome initiative. In May 2019, Neptune opened their 16-line Taproom in Maghull, and the business is widely recognised as one of the leading lights in the Merseyside Craft Beer Scene. Buy Neptune beers online from : Everyone Welcome Initiative information and resources :
Duration Brewery has been created with a considered purpose rarely seen in an Industry that often seems to be in a desperate hurry. Bates and Miranda have built something really special in rural Norfolk. Join me as we dig deep into their back story, and their big plans for the future.
Episode 6 - S43 Brewery

Episode 6 - S43 Brewery


S43 were founded just outside Durham in 2012, and proceeded to build a strong reputation for cask beer in the North East. At the end of 2018, they hired Texan Alex Rattray to launch the Craft Beer arm of the business. The 2020 lock-down forced a 100% focus on Craft, with spectacular results! Join me for a chat with the man responsible for making S43 one of the most sought-after breweries in UK Craft Beer...
Full Circle Brew Co is the latest in a long-line of successful family businesses in the drinks and hospitality sector. Very few Craft Breweries in the UK have hit the ground running harder or faster, and they seem poised for greatness! Join me for a fascinating chat with owner Ben Cleary, and Head Brewer Alex Redpath, to dig into their back-stories, and to discover the grand plans that they have to differentiate themselves, in the fabulous, burgeoning Newcastle Craft Beer Scene!
Join me for a great chat with Mike and Luci, Co-Founders of Double-Barrelled Brewery in Reading. Listen-in to discover how attention to detail drives everything that they do, from the quality of the beer to the facilities at the Taproom!
Mondo Brewing co-founder Tom Palmer grew up in the shadow of Big Beer in St Louis, USA, but it took his immersion in the fascinating, illegal underworld of the Tokyo home-brew scene to convince him that brewing was his calling. Listen in to hear Tom's remarkable journey, that led to him co-founding Mondo Brewing in Battersea, SW London, which includes one of the very first purpose-built UK craft beer taprooms.
Episode 2 - Phantom Brewing

Episode 2 - Phantom Brewing


Join me for an in-depth chat with Dom and Dane, co-founders of Phantom Brewing in Reading. Get the background that led to the epic Leap-Day party this year, and find out why the outlook is particularly bright for Phantom. (Clue: it is related to some recent demolition work!)
We go deep with Ross Holland, Mr Alpha Delta, to discover the origins of arguably the hottest property in UK Independent Craft Brewing.  Listen-in to hear how he was literally running the whole show on his own during lock-down, and how, just like the rest of us, he really struggles to get his hands on a can of Order of the Faith, or indeed any other @adbrewing beers!
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