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Exceptions Welcome

Author: Ben Wilhelm and Collin Miller

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The podcast for coding bootcamp grads. Ben Wilhelm and Collin Miller have a lot of things to share with you that didn't fit into your curriculum.
8 Episodes
Former startup CTO turned technical writer Karl Hughes joins us to talk about how to build a fulfilling career for the long term, especially if you're not one for the straight-and-narrow.You can find Karl online at:His personal site: karllhughes.comHis technical writing firm: draft.devTwitter: @karllhughes
Collin and Ben discuss the role of documentation in a project and on a team, and how best to navigate documentation when getting started in a new codebase.
Kevin Kelly, Julia Pollack, and David Lu join us to talk about their experiences in their first year of their first jobs as software developers. We cover everything from documentation and code review to productivity and imposter syndrome.
Chris Ferdinandi helps people learn vanilla JavaScript. He believes there’s a simpler, more resilient way to make things for the web. His developer tips newsletter is read by thousands of developers each weekday. Learn more at
As Collin begins a new job, he and Ben discuss what they would have done differently in their early careers with the benefit of hindsight.
Career Coach Meg Duffy joins Ben and Collin to talk through the practical, mental, and emotional realities of getting to your first tech job. Meg's Website: meghan-duffy.comMeg on Twitter: on Instagram:
Roughly two years out of their bootcamp training, Mary Warrick and Aurora Vaughn join Collin and Ben to discuss what it's like working for companies of various sizes and maturity early in your career.
Collin and Ben discuss reasons for using any tool or framework, and why "because it's the one I was taught" might be a perfectly good reason to use one.