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Author: Mark Levien

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Mark Levien interviews successful and aspiring creative to better understand how they have achieved their success. As there is an abundance of information on technical how-to information this podcast focuses on soft skills essential for any creatives such as expanding your comfort zone and dealing with failure. Hearing from actors, musicians and entrepreneurs this is an excellent podcast for any growth minded creative.
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Amy Rose Mitchell is a set and costume designer as well as working technical theatre. From a young age Amy was always searching for the culmination of her interests of art, drama and Design Technology when a teacher suggested she explore set design. Amy now works on west end shows including War Horse and The Lion King and skilfully dissects the skills and attitudes that have helped in her creative career. In this episode we discuss: • How passion can be a compass • Building Confidence • And work experience vs university
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Happy New Year…. well kind of… In the UK we find ourselves in yet another lockdown uncertain when things will return to any kind of normalcy. For many creatives these are very stressful times. In this episode I’d talk about my observation of January and give you some tips and tactics for achieving your goals and what to do if you feel particularly stuck. I'd love to hear about how you've been staying motivated through lockdown. Drop me a DM @thecreativeventure FOLLOW THE PODCAST: Instagram: Web:
Jennifer Kempson AKA Mamafurfur is a money and mindset educator passionate about investing, passive income and personal development. Her story begins when her now husband had over £24k in consumer debt. Jennifer with her logical engineering mindset set about finding way to pay off this debt leading her to discover Youtube, passive income and investing. She is an author, podcaster and Youtuber, guiding her over 49,000 subscribers to financial success. In this episode we discuss: - Limiting beliefs - Creativity - Passive Income And Side hustles. 
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This episode was recorded remotely.
Cassie Bradley is an Actor as comfortable on stage as she is on screen. She is known for her work with Sam Mendes and Marianne Elliott at the National Theatre, with performances like King Lear, in addition to appearances on the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, History Channel and more. She currently plays the character Natalie on Coronation Street and is a passionate about improving opportunities for actors from low socioeconomic backgrounds.Over lockdown Cassie has also started her own social enterprise to help disadvantaged women and victims of abuse through acting and employability skills. In this episode we discuss: • Untangling your worthiness from your art • Shame around having part time job • Moving Camels, Emotional Pyjamas and more… 

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This episode was recorded before lockdown was in place, adhering to social distancing.
Mike Hill is a Music Producer and Touring Live Sound Engineer for artists like Island and Arlo Parks. Mike formerly owned the Studio Focus Recording where he produced the Island Album, Feels like Air, which has seen over 30 million downloads. In this episode we discuss: • Learning how long a job really takes • The importance of relationships• Why you should share your work • And how making time for personal life can give you more time in professional life Remember to support those creatives most effected by covid restrictions, musicians and creative within the live and event space particularly. Follow Mike: Insta: -Arlo Parks: -ISLAND: THE PODCAST: Instagram: Web:
Emilie Cotterill is a French photographer based in the Midlands working under the brand name Transluceo.She currently works with musicians and creative business owners to create authentic, personal branding photography that helps them grow their presence online and promote their work confidently. She has a strong aesthetic style and has a focus on creating connection and providing value for clients. In this episode Emilie skilfully discusses setting up a successful freelance business and the and the challenges involved. In this episode we discuss: • Working for free • Getting Clients • Part time jobs • Listening to your body If you enjoyed this episode please rate and review the podcast on iTunes! Follow Transluceo: Web: THE PODCAST: Instagram: Web:
Jay Riley is a professional jazz musician, educator and manager of a popular midlands jazz club. His career has taken him on tour around Europe, and onto Chicago and mid-west of the USA. Jay has played at notable venues like the London 2012 olympics and the Foreign Office in Westminster. In this podcast we discuss:• Overcoming Fear • Learning Styles • And how you can define your own success.If you enjoyed this episode please rate and review the podcast on iTunes! Follow Jay Riley: Web: Stratford Jazz: -FB: FOLLOW THE PODCAST: Instagram: Web:
Tanya Collins is a Transformational Coach who has trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and a number of other other coaching modalities. Tanya currently assists clients both in personal and professional settings to breakthrough emotional and belief based barriers that are holding them back. Tanya's skills allow her to support issues as far ranging as improving sports and business performance to helping individuals with PTSD, depression or addiction. She has a degree in physiology and has had a career working in operationally challenging environments such as senior roles in the prison service, social services in the USA, and working in a charity for socially excluded young and disabled individuals.In this episode I chat to Tanya about some of the key themes holding creatives back and what we can do about them. Tanya gives some great insight having exhibited her own artwork on several occasions and talks about the creative journey as both a coach and an artist. In this episode we discuss: The Key things holding creatives back.Daily routines - Meditation, Gratitude and Affirmations.How language patterns can improve business and romantic relationships.Why you might want to become emotionally clearer. I really hope you enjoy the Asking Experts series, I’d love your feedback. Our next episode will be back interviewing a creative! Contact Tanya: Web: Facebook: FOLLOW THE PODCAST: Instagram: Web: and Terms:Binaural Beats: An emerging method for therapy, relaxing and focus that works by playing two sound waves of differing frequencies in each ear. Your brain creates a third frequency call the beating frequency. Depending on the “pitch” or rate of the beating frequency different outcomes can be achieved such as sleep or increased focus. All you need for this is a pair of headphones (not speakers) and to choose a beating pattern.Brain waves states Delta pattern: Exhibited in deeper stages of sleep. Frequency range: 0.5 - 4Hz Theta pattern: Meditation, flow state and REM sleep. Frequency range: 4-7HzAlpha pattern. Relaxation. Frequency range: 7-13HzBeta pattern: May help promote concentration and alertness. Frequency range: 13-30Hz Learning styles Kinaesthetic - Preference towards acting out or performing a task to learn Auditory - Preference towards listening and speaking to learn Visual - Preference towards reading, writing and flash cards to learn AffirmationsA practise of repeating positive present tense phrases to code positive beliefs into the subconscious. Getting clear After doing work with NLP you often reach a breakthrough where you become “unstuck” or are no longer held back by a limiting belief. In the episode we discuss that when you become unstuck this may lead you to make decisions you didn’t expect like to leave a job or relationship. If you enjoyed this episode please rate and review on Apple Podcasts!
Mark Bothwell's 20+ year career has taken him from trackside at Brands Hatch, to the Sahara Desert, into East Africa and beyond. He has shot for clients like Aston Martin, The Tower of London and the NHS. Mark now receives commissions for bespoke portraiture and wedding photography shot in a documentary style. If you're thinking Mark is your average wedding photographer think again! He is one of the recommended photographers for venues like Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, Royal Hospital Chelsea and The National Gallery.We have a really honest and open chat and discuss topics like: • Doing the work for YOU• How perspective can help keep you motivated • How and When to work for free If you enjoy this episode please share it! Follow Mark Bothwell: Web: www.markbothwell.comInstagram: THE PODCAST: Instagram: Web: on Apple Podcasts? - Please leave a us review.
In this episode I’m talking to Martial arts instructor and stunt performer Dr.Jon Xue Zhang,an expert in seven different martial arts disciplines. Jon has trained members of the armed forces, police and the Saudi Arabian national taekwondo team. Jon has worked as a stunt performer, an actor and has been involved with films like Marvels Dr.Strange, The Eternals, 47 Ronin and The Gentlemen. In this episode Jon tell us about his experience working along side The Rock, how meditation saved his life and transitioning your hobby into a full time job.If you enjoyed this episode please share it! Follow Jon Xue Zhang: Facebook: Instagram: www.xue-zhang.comFOLLOW THE PODCAST: Instagram: Web: on Apple Podcasts? - Leave a us review.
Matt Price is most well known for his youtube channel which has served as a useful resource for individuals wanting to get started in film sound. Completing over 600 projects spanning documentary, commercial and more Matt has recorded presidents, covered events like the Royal Wedding and worked with talent like Cameron Diaz and Benedict Cumberbatch.Matt talks us through how he took 11hr coach journeys from Dundee Scotland to take on work in London and how he overcame odds when they seemed stacked against him. We discuss the importance of positivity, how to get clients and learn about the steps Matt took along the way to building his business. FOLLOW MATT: Instagram US:Instagram: Enjoyed the episode? 
DM for feedback and leave us a Apple Podcasts Review! DISCLAIMER: This episode was recorded before social distancing was in place.
Terrence Wilkins is a self-made Director of Photography creating a new niche in film making and commercial space. He has worked for Bosch, Toyota and Verizon mobile. In one of the most down to earth interviews yet Terrence tells us how he doesn't believe he had natural talent and how film school wasn't for him and how just having raw talent isn't actually enough. We dive into topics like fear, starting from the very beginning and the importance of people. Please note this interview has strong language from the start. Follow Terrence:IG: Vimeo: Terrence is represented by under-cranked: FOLLOW US: IG: on Apple Podcasts? Drop us a rating and a review! ⭐️Disclaimer:This episode was recorded before social distancing was in place.
In this episode I’m talking to Indi Brodley, music producer and audio engineer operating out of own her purpose built studio in Oxfordshire. Not only has Indi built a successful freelance business but also works in musical theatre for The National and is deputy head of sound at the Playhouse Theatre, Oxford. We have a really honest chat covering topics like networking, social media and dealing with self doubt. Check out her social links: IG: W: www.indibproductions.comFOLLOW US: IG: on Apple Podcasts? Drop us a rating and a review! ⭐️Disclaimer:This episode was recorded before social distancing was in place.
Ben Molyneux successfully ran his own photography business for over 20 years until, following his intuition chose to pursue a different path. Ben takes us through how he gained the skills to start and run a business and gives advice on how to deepen your intuition, deal with low mood and describes despite the challenge of dyslexia, how he went on to write two books. Today Ben is director and founder of the Oxfordshire project, a resource for businesses to support, connect and empower each other to achieve more together.**Due to the current situation with social distancing the Oxfordshire project & Mahwe are currently closed**DISCLAIMER: The episode was recorded before social distancing was in place. FOLLOW THE PODCAST Instagram:, Review and DM me! Let me know what you though and how we can improve!
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