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Big tip on a repair and a Space Cocktail!
Episode #84: Rudeeeee!

Episode #84: Rudeeeee!


Who sez you can't find good deals these days!Rudy is in da haus! Also: Thanks Radio Shack!
Repair Breakthroughs!Pinball Meetup and Swap Meet!New and Homebrew!So much Pinball going on! Yay!
No, I ain't dead. Yes, I still know how to talk pinball. Just been on what they used to call "hiatus."
I'm Back! Back to 'casting! Back from Vegas again with a PHOF update!
New Fave Machine and Construction Equipment!
Uncle Pinball gets a sneak Peek at the new PHOF location and lots more! Yeah Baby, I'm back!
Headed for PHOF Sunday! Noobs! Bubbles! More!
All the machines set up in Uncle Pinball's Haus of Pinball working at the same time! Que Milagro! Let's go look!
Plus other good and bad stuff...
I love the game Old Chicago. But the one I bought was cursed!
Episode 73: Sold!

Episode 73: Sold!


I haven't actually sold a machine in a long time! Thanks Mike!It's not so bad if you have another one of the same game! LOLAlso Pinbalm!
Repairing a Mata Hari in beautiful San Simeon. With zebras.
I finally got my wav trigger board, and I sounded up my new Trident Project. Sofa King Killer!Also: More mourning of the Golden State Pinball Festival Campcade.Also, go check out the competition over at Top 20 Pinball Podcasts. Yours Truly is at #11 already.
Going back in the archive cuz mebbe summa you newer Uncle Pinball converts ain't gone back and listened to the old ones.  PLUS I repackaged 3 episodes into one handy container for those of you looking for longer shows.The story of Lou Ferrigno, a beauty Gottlieb Hulk, Pinside, and me!
Welp. Golden State Pinball Festival done been canceled again. F a Duck. F all the Ducks. Uncle Pinball has some thoughts. Hrrrm.But today's good news was how my Noob bet paid off. 'Member that guy who had a Hollywood Heat he thought he wanted to sell? He's up to 8 machines and already fixing and flipping! Yeah, Baby! Plus, I might still end up with that HH... if I can talk HIS MOM out of it!
Various Pinball Rants!
Uncle Pinball likes it better than TSPP. Good thing too, cuz it's a whole lot cheaper!
Episode 66: Wishlist!

Episode 66: Wishlist!


The title pretty much sez it! Uncle Pinball talks about his wishlist machines.
OMG Trident is so fun. And it's even funner with an Arduino Nano running new code! Tim Arnold Haters can eat it.MORE!
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