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Author: Mitch Wallis

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A mental health podcast with someone who gets it. Mitch Wallis' ultimate vision is for people to feel understood. This podcast covers the spectrum of how to cope through tough times. Each episode - Mitch explores his own vulnerable moments so others don't feel so alone, interviews world-leading experts to share the most impactful advice, and provides his own tactical steps for how to deal with complex emotional problems in a step-by-step framework based on evidence/personal experience/experimentation. "Understood" is also a selfish need to understand himself, as Mitch delves into a real-time uncovering of his own mind, traversing the traditionally "secret" insecurities of one's personal life in an attempt to make sense of the weird & wonderful intricacies of his brain. Best yet - the podcast is interactive, featuring a Q&A format where you can ask questions directly to the host. From life advice, to overcoming debilitating anxiety, to relationships and beyond - we hope you get something out of it.
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Today's guest is Margo Lydon. In this episode we cover:The most recent insights relating to corporate mental health in Australia from the country's largest wellbeing survey An overview of the 5 core domains of a thriving workplace What some organisations aren't doing well to support their staff (and what they could be doing more right)How COVID has impacted Australian workers (with a surprising finding)What leaders can do to serve their team more effectivelyAbout Margo LydonMargo has been working in mental health and suicide prevention for 20 years. She is the CEO of SuperFriend - one of Australia's leading Workplace Mental Health Organisations. Margo holds a Master of Science, Positive Organization Development and Change and a Bachelor of Business Degree (Marketing). She was a finalist in the 2019 Telstra Business Women’s Awards (Victoria) in the “For Purpose and Social Enterprise” category.- Show Notes -Indicators of a Thriving Workplace 2020: The latest Report from Australia’s largest workplace mental health study features unique insights into COVID-19’s profound impact on workers around the nation: - SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW  -Spotify: Hotline phone number is -+61419689311- Website Find me on social media -Instagram:
In this episode of Understood with Mitch Wallis we cover:- Borderline Personality Disorder and the unnecessary stigmatisation- Corporates managing people out of the business for mental health reasons- When you change as a person, but your perception doesn't- Stigma of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and how they need to be removed- Power of self-belief as a competitive advantage and it's difference to narcissism- How the brain doesn't care about happiness as much as it cares about control- Why do some of us need to know everything about everything?- Mitch's reflections on his "anger issues?"- Mitch's recent panic attack and what he learned during this surprise visit from acute anxiety- Mitch's insightful learning from his father and how much it helped his coping- A variety of quotes from a Buddhist teacher that offers perspective on control, suffering and the mind- SHOW NOTES - Book reference: "A Gradual Awakening" - Stephen Levine- SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW  -Spotify: Hotline phone number is -+61419689311- Website Find me on social media -Instagram: @mitch.wallis- INTRO SONG CREDITS - What Happens Now - Fransancisco
Today's guest is Dr Dan Brown. In this episode we cover: A world leading expert on attachment psychology gives us a masterclass in how relationships affect our brainA Harvard psychologist perspective on why mental health is so bad in our modern worldWe disclose the #1 thing that can affect your mental healthThe 5 attributes of giving secure attachment to others those we care aboutHow to overcome conflict and ruptures in relationships through boundariesHow we can become more mature in our ow=n emotional regulationAn exploration of child development and the different relational maps as we grow upTop psychological traits of high performers and how to cultivate peak statesNeuroscience insights into attention and how it relates to ADHDHow parents can “wander out loud” about their kids to help them learn about their mindThe subtle nuances of meditation to make sure it “works”About Dr Dan Brown Dr. Brown is an Associate Clinical Professor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School. He has served on the Harvard Medical School faculty for 37 years. He is the senior author of a major textbook on the treatment of attachment disorders in adults, D Brown & D Elliott, Attachment Disturbances in Adults. He has served as an expert witness in the courts in over two hundred lawsuits relating to psychological damages from trauma and abuse; His work as an expert witness or consultant on trauma and memory has included testimony before of International War Crimes Tribunal. He has studied under leading eastern meditation teachers (even meditation originators i.e. people who developed the actual practice itself) and has spent 46 years translating meditation texts from Tibetan and Sanskrit into English. He has the only scientific study identifying the neurocircuitry of the meditative experience of awakened mind. Dr. Brown’s background in both Western psychology and Eastern meditation traditions offers a unique integration of the contemporary Western research on peak performance and positive psychology and the classical Buddhist meditation lineage traditions. - Show Notes - - Note: This episode was recorded in 2019 -- SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW  -Spotify: Hotline phone number is -+61419689311- Website Find me on social media -Instagram:
In this episode of Understood with Mitch Wallis we cover:- How to check in with someone when they're not ok using the 1-10 scale- Mitch's recent conflict that left him feeling flat- The perils of comparative suffering- How starting, stopping or changing medication can affect your chemistry- Weird warning signs from your body that something is going wrong (e.g. music "high")- The inefficiencies of the hospital system for suicide inpatients and discharging protocols- Managing poor behaviour whilst supporting someone through a tough time- Mitch's step toward redefining his own sense of masculinity- The guilt of parenting- How a single marijuana smoke affected Mitch's mental health- The 10:3:2:1:0 sleep tips from Ben Greenfield- Show notes -PMDD conversation: - SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW  -Spotify: Hotline phone number is -+61419689311- Website Find me on social media -Instagram: @mitch.wallis- INTRO SONG CREDITS - What Happens Now - Fransancisco
In this episode of Understood with Mitch Wallis we cover:- what it was like to grow up having a worldwide spiritual guru as a parent- Mallika shares incredibly beautiful insights around the power of gratitude and what setting an intent really means (beyond just what we may have read in books like The Secret).- We discuss the usually messy and sometimes dark journey of figuring out who we really are and what we really want- Mallika gives some invaluable advice and perspectives on parenting, and of course, meditation.About Mallika ChopraMallika Chopra is one of the most prolific meditation teachers in the world. She has spoken at TedXSan Diego and TedXBerkeley, Ideacity, Business Innovation Factory, Wisdom 2.0, Women’s Conferences around the United States, and the Parliament of World Religions. She has been featured in Time Magazine’s Special Issue on Mindfulness, as well as Women’s Health,, Mind Body Green, and Huffington Post. She has worked with companies such as Coca Cola, Disney, LinkedIn and Google. Mallika has published several books – including her most recent project called 'Just Breathe: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement and More' where she empowers 8-12 year old kids to learn how to deal with stress, sleep better, build self-confidence, and manage the anxiety so many of them face today. She also wrote the book 'Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy'. A lot of people would be familiar with her father Deepak Chopra – a.k.a. male Oprah Winfrey. He is essentially the face of self-help globally and a large reason why meditation is mainstream in today’s Western world.- Note: This episode was recorded in 2018 -- SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW  -Spotify: Hotline phone number is -+61419689311- Website Find me on social media -Instagram: @mitch.wallis- INTRO SONG CREDITS - What Happens Now - Fransancisco
In episode 7 of the UNDERSTOOD podcast with Mitch Wallis, we cover:- the lack of reward or motivation for working hard during COVID- the biological time bomb of women and how it can create a scarcity mindset- Mitch's reflections on feeling sad in the afternoons- the science behind men not wanting cuddles after sex and how that can affect a relationship- a breakdown of how to start using cold showers to change your biochemistry- how to support a grieving friend who is a losing a parent to terminal illness- what 3 things triggers Mitch the most- how to journal about self worth to overcome negative thought patterns- SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW  -Spotify: Hotline phone number is -+61419689311- Website Find me on social media -Instagram: @mitch.wallis
In this episode we cover:- Parenting pitfalls and how to avoid passing on your insecurities to your children- The science of presence and how it can be used to overcome trauma- How being "real" is not just an ethical choice, but a psychological benefitDr Dan Siegel Daniel J. Siegel received his medical degree from Harvard University and completed his postgraduate medical education at UCLA with training in pediatrics and child, adolescent and adult psychiatry.  He served as a National Institute of Mental Health Research Fellow at UCLA, studying family interactions with an emphasis on how attachment experiences influence emotions, behavior, autobiographical memory and narrative. Dr. Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA. An award-winning educator, he is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and recipient of several honorary fellowships. Dr. Siegel is also the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, an educational organization, which offers online learning and in-person seminars that focus on how the development of mindsight in individuals, families and communities can be enhanced by examining the interface of human relationships and basic biological processes. His psychotherapy practice includes children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. He serves as the Medical Director of the LifeSpan Learning Institute and on the Advisory Board of the Blue School in New York City, which has built its curriculum around Dr. Siegel’s Mindsight approach.- Note: This episode was recorded in 2018 - - SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW  -Spotify: Hotline phone number is -+61419689311- Website Find me on social media -Instagram: LinkedIn: @mitch.wallis- INTRO SONG CREDITS - What Happens Now - Fransancisco
In this episode we cover:- 5 tips to finding the right professional help: what are the barriers, where to start, what to look for in a psychologist/therapist- The biggest way to kill chemistry in a conversation- How body language can be subconscious and affect our interactions- The exploration of eating disorders and those who have a history of dance- The ingredient that can reduce anxiety related to caffeine consumption - SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW  -Spotify: Hotline phone number is -+61419689311- Website Find me on social media -Instagram: LinkedIn: @mitch.wallis
In this episode we cover:- A real story from a successful black man who has experienced racism his whole life to humanise the reality of racism in the 21st century- The difference between white privilege & racism - What we can do to help lift up our black brothers & sisters and do small acts to push society forward- How the Black Lives Matter Movement extends beyond an issue of police brutality- An exploration of the incarceration issue and the layers that build up to perpetuate or perception a stigma over time- The “child state” of trauma that can last into adulthood and how parenting can have such a big impact on thisThis episode’s guest is Pervis Taylor, III, M.A. Pervis is an award-winning celebrity life coach, speaker and author of “Pervis Principles” Volumes 1&2 and “Single Man, Married Man”. As a result of his own trauma, Pervis has dedicated his life to the betterment of one's mental and emotional growth. Through his honing methods, he continues to transform the lives of his extensive client roster that reaches both celebrities, executives, organisations and most importantly inner city youth by pinpointing their needs and goals. Pervis has his Bachelors in marketing from University of Miami and his Masters in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University.- SUBSCRIBE - For more mental health content.Please rate & review the show! - PODCAST LINKS - Spotify: Hotline phone number is - +61419689311- Website - Find me on social media - Instagram: Facebook:  LinkedIn: @mitch.wallis
In this episode we cover:- Mitch's mental breakdown that took him out completely and what he learned from the experience- What lies at the heart of "covid anxiety"- Black lives matter and how we can play a more active role in driving the movement forward- How to find the balance between "creepy" and "cute" in the modern era amidst so many sex scandals
In this episode we cover:• What is your “idle state” – i.e. how are you when no one is looking as a default and how that is affecting our life without knowing it• How to change the energy you put out to the world• Mitch explores an internal narrative of “I need to suffer in order to get what I want”• How to rewire a long-standing belief and challenge it’s validity through challenging and pivoting it’s “truth”• A discussion around mental health in the workplace – how to manage your mental health whilst getting your job done, and how your organisation plays a role in that• A review of Mitch’s self-care framework and the core tactics he uses to keep himself afloat
In this episode we cover:- Why Mitch is starting a Podcast- The relationship between Mitch & Heart On My Sleeve- How to interact with Mitch on the podcast- A discussion around: can two alpha personalities connect? The search for equality in relationships- Mitch shares his struggles with needing control in all domains of life- How to recognise a signpost in your life that is trying to tell you something- How to balance a mindset of “f*ck the universe everything is out to get me” to “the universe has my back”- The #1 way to recognise depression in someone and how it can mask as a different emotion- Mitch encourages people to not use mental ill health as an excuse to not take actionThe phone number for the hotline is +61419689311
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