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Quote about change: "Learn to pace. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you."Have you ever wondered what it takes to pivot from a successful career in a for-profit sector to lead a non-profit organization? Cara Bahr, the current CEO of YWCA in Saskatoon, did just that and she reveals her motivations, challenges, and accomplishments in this journey. As a certified professional accountant, Cara was deeply entrenched in the financial industry.  It wasn't just the job posting that drew her to the YWCA, but a deep-seated value of giving back, instilled in her by her parents. She discusses her leap of faith into the non-profit sector and the unique experiences that came with it.Transitioning to a CEO role is challenging enough, but Cara faced the added pressures of the global COVID-19 pandemic. She shares how she tackled this new role while battling imposter syndrome and juggling her home life. Hear how she learned to refocus on the internal workings of her organization while maintaining her mental wellbeing. Cara's approach of showing up with mindfulness and positivity, even in trying times, is truly inspiring. She discusses the conscious planning that went into her transition and the power of being a steady anchor during periods of change.Cara  speaks candidly about the discomfort and frustration that comes with leading from the front, and the importance of understanding and fostering relationships. Contrary to common misconceptions, ambition and driven leadership are integral to the success of non-profit organizations. This podcast is a must for anyone contemplating a career transition or seeking an in-depth understanding of the non-profit sector.
Quotes about change: "Never lose hope."When we consider the resilience and courage it takes to survive in the face of adversity, few stories are as powerful as that of Maryam Masoomi. This extraordinary woman, an Afghan refugee, offers an intimate glimpse into her life before the Taliban's control forced her and her family to flee Afghanistan in 2021. Maryam's compelling narrative takes us through her pursuit of education and her passion for arts and journalism, even while leading an influential all-female music group, Sound of Afghanistan. Maryam walks us through every detail of the high-stakes journey, the terror of the unknown, and the emotional impact of leaving her homeland. Her account of life post-escape presents a vivid picture of the emotional upheaval when finding safety, especially in a foreign land like Canada.Transitioning from Afghanistan to Canada wasn't easy. Yet, through hardship, she found joy, particularly in her ability to share her Afghan music and experiences. Maryam's journey, told through her lens, is not just a testament to the strength of the human spirit but also a reminder to us all about the profound resilience and courage of refugees. Join us as we shed light on her inspiring story.
Ever reevaluated your life at a milestone age and realized something had to change? Shelley Marenka did just that, and her story is one you don't want to miss. After ending a two-decade-long marriage at the age of 50, Shelley faced a period of grieving before she discovered a newfound passion for physical activities. This was more than just a hobby. It was a form of self-expression that led her on a path of self-discovery and personal growth.Join us as we unpack Shelley's transformative journey, from living a life driven by external self-care to embracing a path of spiritual connection and self-love. As a result of her  coaching work, Shelley sheds light on how to navigate the tumultuous waves of change and cultivate a deep sense of self-love. Her insights on internal self-care, self-worth and mindfulness will leave you pondering long after the episode ends.In the final part of our conversation, Shelley explores the power of seeking support amidst life's challenges. She candidly shares her experience in finding mentors to bridge the gap between her true self and her limiting beliefs. Her deeply personal experience with grief and loss brings an enlightening perspective on mourning. Tune in for this inspiring and empowering episode with Shelley Marenka and prepare to be transformed.
Get ready for a breathtaking journey that will shatter the mundane and thrust you into an invigorating world of transformation. Meet our inspiring guest, Connie Anne, who will share her riveting saga of self-discovery. From being broke and homeless to finding her purpose, Connie reveals how the book 'The Secret' sparked a radical shift in her mindset, setting her on the path to greatness. Have you ever felt the urge to question established norms or explore different spiritual paths? Connie did just that, her curiosity leading her through tomes of wisdom from authors like Eckhart Tolle, fueling her understanding of life and alternative thinking. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of positive thinking. She walks us through the dark times, her two steps forward, three steps back journey, and how influential figures like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor helped her take back the reins of her life.Finally, we delve into Connie's newfound perspective on life, her choice of positivity, and the journey of personal growth. She shares how she moved beyond her 'okay-ish' life to create a life of purpose and happiness. Her inspiring narrative underlines the importance of self-reflection and positive thinking. Tune in, be inspired, and embark on your journey from 'okay-ish' to 'great'. This is not just a podcast episode - it's a beacon of hope for anyone seeking to take control of their lives. Don't miss it!
Quotes about change: "Trust your intuition and get out of 'Supposed to ville.'"Imagine waking up one day and deciding to abandon everything you know to find your true self. That's precisely what Lisa Rose Lodeski did when she left her successful career as a private art dealer, turning her world upside down. As we chat with Lisa, she walks us through her soul-searching journey that took her from Hawaii to Europe and back, all in the bid to understand who she truly was without the constraints of societal expectations.But life had more twists in store for Lisa. Just as she was adjusting to her new life, her husband suffered a catastrophic accident, forcing her to pivot yet again. In the midst of this unexpected change, Lisa discovered the strength to navigate her husband's health crisis and accept help from her friends. She opens up about the challenges she faced, and how trusting her intuition provided solace and a sense of control, even in the face of overwhelming uncertainty.Throughout our conversation, the recurring theme of trusting one's intuition becomes apparent. Listen as Lisa shares how she harnessed her intuition to attract almost magical solutions to her circumstances. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that we all have the ability to take control of our own journeys, trust our intuition, and embrace change. If you're on the brink of a significant life transition, you won't want to miss Lisa Rose Lodeski's inspiring perspective.
Quotes about change: "I went to the hospital. That is where my transformation began but at the time, it didn't seem like a transformation." How do we find the strength to keep going when faced with life-altering adversity? Join us as we explore this question with Kelsey Kendall, who shares her incredible journey of resilience and recovery after suffering a stroke in her 30s while battling Multiple Sclerosis.In this captivating conversation, Kelsey takes us through her harrowing experience of being paralyzed and refusing a ventilator, as well as the emotional support she received from her family during this challenging time. She shares the invaluable lessons she learned throughout her recovery, such as setting goals, practicing gratitude, and embracing mindfulness. Kelsey's story serves as a poignant reminder of the power of the human spirit, even in the face of the most daunting challenges.We can't help but be inspired by Kelsey's unwavering determination to rebuild her life and regain her strength and mobility. Her journey is a testament to the importance of support, perseverance, and finding gratitude in even the most difficult circumstances. So tune in, find your own inner strength, and learn from Kelsey's incredible story of resilience and recovery.
Quotes about change: "Use your mind to help yourself heal."Jennifer Juniper considers herself a writer and a wanderer and is a healing and well-being coach. Jennifer has firsthand experience at what it takes to be healed and to be well.  As a young person, Jennifer was sick – a lot.  She was 15 years old, suffered constant stomach pains and told no one how she was feeling until she was 21 years old when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  It was an incredible burden, and Jennifer describes her experience in a hospital bed that changed her life, and how the advice of one doctor and one nurse put Jennifer on the road to recovery.Jennifer went on to get her social work degree, is a coach for healing, and lives on wheels, having moved from Wisconsin to the Florida Keys where she’s living…for now.
Quotes on change: "Navigating change is about finding your tribe."Kim is the owner of Holistic Physiotherapy and Wellness.  As a practicing physiotherapist, Kim saw the gaps in her clients’ treatment.  She was searching for more of a connection with their whole being when treating them and knew she needed to change her approach.  She was going into peoples’ homes, teaching them how to listen to their bodies, and integrating yoga in her treatment.Kim studied how our hormones are regulated and how our monthly cycles impact us – there are ways to set up our work and home life to take advantage of the stages of our monthly cycles.  Like most entrepreneurs, there are parts of running a business that are challenging, and Kim found a way to keep the things she liked and delegate the things she didn’t enjoy.Kim’s advice to running a business, marriage, raising children, continually finding ways to treat the whole body – have grace
Roberta Bain had a profitable business with her hair salon and fell in love with being an entrepreneur.  She sold her business to go into a joint venture shortly after marrying her husband, a horticulturalist.  Their start-up company of micro-greens was successful and their product was distributed across Canada.  Roberta loved the culture that she was building with her team – a culture that supported a sustainable food product and a culture that supported the core values of the team.  It was exciting to be part of a company providing a sustainable food product.Then, overnight, it became legal to grow cannabis. Having all the growing infrastructure made it easy to transition to growing cannabis.  But Roberta found this change very difficult.  It changed the way people thought about her (not everyone agrees with cannabis), it changed her marriage (not easy when you are the COO and your husband is the CEO), and it changed the culture of the team (culture is the most innovative part of business growth).Roberta talks about all these changes, how she had to get back to doing what was important to her after losing herself,  and how difficult it was for her to get back into the workforce when she wasn’t the leader.
Christine Knight is a certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and IFS practitioner. Her change story is about dealing with traumas in life that we often keep hidden until a major life event occurs. For Christine, it was a painful divorce that made her realize that she have to determine the root cause of repeated behaviours that caused her ongoing problems.Her awareness that she had a problem led her to take a “scenic route” to heal. It took many years to discover how she avoided childhood developmental trauma so that she didn’t have to face the trauma. Her story of change is inspirational and shows how resilience, grit, and dedication can create a life of connection, safety, and fulfillment. Her ongoing commitment to understand trauma recovery has led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Human Service Counseling.
Laurie has experienced more change than many of us could ever imagine. She left a senior position at Cameco to accept a job at UEX as their Vice President of Corporate Relations. During the beginning stages of working at her new job, tragedy struck.  Her son, Evan Thomas, lost his life in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in 2018. An unbearable loss for Laurie, her husband, and their daughter.  After the crash, she was let go from  her job.  Still reeling from her grief, she learned that she needed to give herself more space to heal from the tragedy of losing her son. Laurie talks about her grieving process, losing her job, and how sometimes we have to put our ego aside and ask for help.
Quotes about change: "Don't put a lid on your emotions."Tracey was influenced at an early age by her Mom. Her father had health problems, and her Mom had to  run the farm.  At eight years old, she saw her Mom asking for money because nothing at the bank or on the farm was in her name. This had a profound impact on Tracey.At a young age, Tracey became her Mom’s partner and  they managed the farm together. She left to pursue her education working four jobs at one time to make ends meet. Tracey’s approach to life was to be tough – face life with toughness and you’ll get through. But her life changed when she changed her approach to being more vulnerable.  The old Tracey was broken, and she needed a different way to put herself back together. Her vulnerability and resilience gave her the support she needed when facing a heart-breaking loss.Today, she has her Masters in Leadership and is a Leadership Development Coach.  Tracey still holds space to be vulnerable.Leadership Outside of the Box  http://traceykowalchuk.com
Quotes about change: "Give yourself permission to be human."Shannan Corey had a demanding job with long hours, big decisions, and huge responsibility as well as a young family to take care of.  She was noticed changes in her health because she wasn’t taking care of herself but kept going. Her health deteriorated to the point where she was in and out of the hospital dealing with serious allergic reactions.  She made the decision to quit her job and lived in a bubble for an entire year where she did absolutely nothing, because she couldn't. Shannan was trying to heal.  She wasn’t getting the answers from the medical professionals, so through research into what would work for her and strong support from her family, her health started to improve. Slowly, she started to reintegrate herself back into life.  Now, she listens to the signs her body gives her.  Today she is the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Pension Plan. She continues to remind herself of the importance of positive thinking, and to not wait until you’re less busy to take care of yourself.
Quote about change: "How can I tap into my abundances to make this place better?"Palash Sanyal is the Strategic Partnership and Project Manager for the Global Institute for Water Security. Palash’s relationship with water started as a very young boy, and it has shaped and changed him.  Born in Bangladesh, Palash saw how valuable water was…every day… as he stood line to collect water for his family.  Palash's father died with he was young and he grew  up in poverty. But his mother was educated and valued education for Palash and his sister.  Palash made his way to Canada and shares his thoughts on how some immigrants have a mindset of abundance when they leave their home country, but when they arrive to their new country, it changes to a mindset of scarcity. Saskatoon is Palash’s home now.  He is working to make meaningful connections with people who want him to be his best, and he in turn does the same. It’s not easy to move to a new country.  Palash describes how he is successfully making changes to make this his new home.
Quotes about change: "I had to start living again. The old Leane wasn't coming back."Leane Durand grew up in a home where family values and expectations included that one would get educated, get a job in that field, and then work there until retirement.  So when she decided that teaching wasn’t for her, it was because teaching didn’t line up her HER values, not her family’s. She left a good paying job with benefits and summer holidays to …. she wasn’t sure what.After trying a few different things, she opened her own business which she operated very successfully for 15 years – until her declining health made it untenable for her to carry on her business.  She went from great physical health and  running  half marathons to a nightmare of fatigue, severe pain, and severe weight loss.  After years of searching for medical answers and trying alternative approaches, she was finally diagnosed with Lyme's disease.Leane describes how her change in health led to her closing her successful business, finding a way back to good health using resilience and perseverance, and embarking on a  new and fulfilling career.
Quotes about change: "Change has made me appreciate who I am."Deborah Smith is the Former Chief of the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation in Manitoba.Deborah grew up on the reserve, moved to Winnipeg to pursue her career, and was asked to return home to run as Chief.  She was successful and wanted to bring change by reclaiming women’s voices – voices that had been lost in their community.Deborah talks about how she and her team brought change, found ways to seek progress,  and how she personally relied on her mentor during her time as Chief.Losing an election can be a painful and public experience, and Deborah describes her unique approach following her election loss to find what was important to her. Deborah has changed despite and through trauma and challenges – her story is one of resilience and reclamation.
Quotes about change: "Feel your feelings through change."Brigette Marquette grew up on a dairy farm, giving her a strong  work ethic, which was to serve her well in the years to come.  She married at 23 years old, and at around the same time, found a love and passion for pole dancing.  At the time, this was new as a form of fitness, and Brigette describes the judgement pole dancers continue to experience.Brigette’s life changed when she went through the trauma of her divorce, losing her hair, and then having to undergo a hysterectomy at the age of 34.  She was under tremendous stress and was suffering from depression.  At one point, her puppies were the only reason for her to get out of bed.  Her turning point was when she decided she wanted to be proud of herself in 5 years, and she started to surround herself with people who helped her get back on track.Values, hard work, and working at things she is terrible at have guided Brigette.  Today, she is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and owner of  Gilded Cage Counselling.  https://www.gildedcagecounselling.com
Quotes on change: "Can I step out of my safe bubble?"Jana Danielson  is an Amazon Best Selling Author, owner of Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies, her bricks & mortar businesses and the Metta District, her online wellness community.Jana knew for a very long time that she wasn’t healthy.  She looked healthy and happy on the outside, but inside, things were not going well and living in pain was taking a toll.  After many visits to medical specialists she was diagnosed with  having "undiagnosed" digestive pain. She counted on her doctors to be the healers, but it wasn’t until she discovered that she had the ability to heal from within that her journey back to health began. She empowered herself to make change.Jana started practicing Pilates and then teaching it.  Her physical issues began to resolve. She found Pilates connected to her purpose and led to her opening a studio.  Jana talks about how she had to listen to herself, and to someone close,  to make the changes she needed to lead her to the joy and fulfillment she is enjoying today. She now works with others to empower them to make change through health & wellness.
Quote about change:  “You can’t change your personality type, but you can change your behaviour”.Jolene Watson is a professional speaker and trainer and the owner of Clarity Coaching & Development. Jolene has changed professions several times during her working life.  She started as a Veterinary Technician and worked in a cat hospital.  After a period of time, she decided she wanted and needed a change to learn more about psychology and communications.Through hard work and professional development, Jolene made her career changes.  It was her mentor who gave her the insights and encouragement she needed to take the leap to become an entrepreneur.Jolene describes her very disciplined approach to personal change as first identifying the behaviours she wants to change or improve for herself, and then setting a plan to make it happen. Constant improvement and development are Jolene’s key to success.
When Maja Jakic was 5 years old,  her family fled Bosnia (former Yugoslavia) when civil war broke out in 1993. Her parents were practicing medical physicians, and she had 2 smaller sisters.  They escaped to the basement shelter in their grandparents’ home, where it was decided that Maja would go with her father to Germany, and her mother and two sisters would go to another part of Bosnia. It was a chaotic and frightening time for the family.Maja learned to speak and study German and stayed in Germany until she was 11 years old.  The family was sponsored to come to Canada by a family in Herbert, SK, where they stayed for a year before moving to Saskatoon.Maja has university degrees in nursing and psychology, and a Master’s degree in public heath, and today is a Clinical Nursing Educator with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  Her entire life has been about change, and she reflects how her childhood experiences have shaped her. Her parents were the same age she is today when they made the decision to flee their country, and she admires how they navigated incredible change to provide a safe and better life for their family.
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