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The Word of the Lord

Author: Jeffrey Lord

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News and opinion from legendary author, political strategist and commentator Jeffrey Lord
70 Episodes
The Big Lie Is Insurrection
The January 6 Investigation Does Not Want Real Answers
The Financial Corruption of the Biden Administration
The Russia Hoax was a true attack on our country
President Trump Is The Big Winner In Virginia
Evil Dr. Fauci is Needlessly Killing Dogs Now
Cancel Culture Comes From Netflix
Jeffrey Lord describes why history says voter fraud is real.
The Establishment Hated Reagan, Just Like Liz Cheney Hates Trump
The Allegations Against General Milley Must Be Investigated
The Rise of Liberal Facism
Jeffrey Lord explains how Joe Biden has always been on the wrong side.
Jeffrey Lord weighs in on the developing crisis in Afghanistan
Jeffrey Lord discusses rampant super spreader hypocrisy
The Democrats' Big Lie

The Democrats' Big Lie


Jeffrey Lord details the Democrats' big lie
Jeffrey Lord explains why he thinks the January 6th commission is a con.
Jeffrey Lord explains why he feels the media is causing vaccine hesitancy
Jeffrey Lord discusses how many Leftists have announced they hate our country.
Jeffrey Lord asks, "Just how secure are our elections?"
Jeffrey Lord discusses Joe Biden's painfully apparent cognitive decline.
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