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It's All About the Story: Personal Grief Stories
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It's All About the Story: Personal Grief Stories

Author: Rick Bergh

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Your Grief Story is important. Share it with others. Encourage one another. Each of our episodes explore a specific type of loss that is unique and important. Guests openly share their personal stories.
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What does it mean to “re-member” a loved one who has died? Rick Bergh invites us to consider healthy ways to grieve our loved one whom we’re missing this Thanksgiving. Rick Bergh share some insights and strategies to help us include the person who died into our holiday celebration and recognize some of the challenges within every family. 
People experience many transitions in a dementia journey – both the person diagnosed with dementia and the family members. Caregivers can feel overwhelmed and surprised by the unexpected twists and turns and the need to make many hard decisions. In this podcast, you’ll hear Wendy share her powerful story. Her goal is to help break down the stigma that surrounds dementia by bringing it into the public arena through the arts. 
Behind every story is a deeper story.Leslie McBain’s son, Jordan, died of an overdose at age 24.This is one mom’s story of grief and loss. You’ll learn about Moms Stop the Harm, an organization that is having a huge impact on thousands of people’s lives. Her story and the movement she’s involved in will help us look at drug addiction through a different lens.
In 41 days, David Richman rode 5000 miles to meet the individuals and families he had interviewed for his book, Cycle of Lives.What he learned from these cancer stories will touch you deeply and provide information that will help you enter into the difficult – but necessary – conversations with those who've been diagnosed with cancer.Come and hear these stories and discover some helpful strategies.www.david-richman.comCycle of Lives is available in bookstores and on Amazon.
By the age of 22, Maria-Teresa Allaire had experienced the death of her mom, her dad and her fiancée.Over the years, Teresa has engaged her own grief journey by intentionally including personal rituals in her life in order to remember and continue the relationship with these special people.Teresa shares her insights into the importance of rituals and offers practical strategies for each of us to consider in our own grief journey.
A grief journey is unique for each person. But how might it differ when the death is Medical Assistance in Dying ? What are some of the differences, if there are any?In this episode on It's All About the Story, Lindsey Mansfield shares her thoughts and heart following the death of her grandpa.
Dr. Joshua Black has studied the role and meaning of dreams in a person’s grief journey. Join us and learn about his research and why your dreams could become an important part to your journey forward following the death of a loved one.
First responders have been forced to adjust the way they provide their service during COVID.First responder and paramedic, David Kopperud, is here to tell us about the changing landscape of his work as a result of COVID, how paramedics have adjusted to the changing circumstances, and how David personally manages his own mental health in the midst of trauma and loss in in his everyday work.
At 54 years of age, Karen Potts chose to change direction in her life…during COVID.It wasn’t easy, but it was necessary. Karen shares her ups and downs, her journey that includes loss, self-examination, hope and joy restored. 
Miscarriage and GriefWhat makes it different?Anna Spray, an Anglican priest shares her professional experience of coming alongside women who have experienced a miscarriage and opens up to share her own personal story.Anna helps us open up the conversation in an area of grief that still remains silent by many.
Grief in the WorkplaceWhat happens when a co-worker dies? Reg had worked alongside Sherry and Ron for 15 years. Then he was diagnosed with cancer and died.A deep friendship had developed between the “3 Muskateers” that went beyond the working relationship. Now there’s a special person missing in their lives each time they come to work.Sherry talks about this relationship – the grief that is unique to a co-worker who has died – and shares her insight 
Dawson Died at Age ThreeThe Twists and Turns of His Parents’ Journey Dawson was diagnosed with Leukemia at 18 months. After numerous treatments, hospital visits and the hope brought by remission, he died at age 3. As Steve and Karen navigated the loss of their special boy, a new path emerged. It was a chapter that would still include their son, but with a different purpose they believed was from above.Listen to their powerful story of faith, hope, love and purpose.Available on amazonComfort for the Day: Living Through the Seasonsby Karen and Steven Nicola"I went to one of the author's workshops and found the information I received very helpful in how to support those who are grieving. I began giving this book out to friends who are going through grief. I keep a couple of the books on hand and even though I have not experienced grief recently, I have browsed through the book and found the prompts for daily writing very inspirational. Friends who have received the books as a gift truly love the material that helps them through the days following the death of a loved one. Sharing the book has been an excellent way to reach out and share love to those going through grief."Contact Steven and Karen for grief coaching or to access other programs, resources and services.  
From Olympic Rower to Brain Injury to Renewed PurposeMeet Linda SchaumleffelLinda’s life changed when a serious car accident left her with brain injury and ensuing complications.Listen to the amazing story of this Olympian – how she turned her story of loss into one of passion and legacy in order to help others.
Wendy said, “Life is good, I can’t imagine it being any better. And then a mental illness not diagnosed pushed her into a dark place.”   Wendy continued, “I would liken it to If I was in a fire, I was trying to get away.”Hear Wendy’s gripping story as she honestly shares her journey with Bipolar and offers us wisdom and hope to live fully as one diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.Rescue from Darkness by Wendy Roste Wendy:email:
In this episode, Rick Bergh reflects upon the death, dying and grief experienced by the family of Walter Gretzky.Rick identifies 4 take-aways that are important in moving forward after the death of a special person in our lives.
Both his parents died within five weeks of each other. He wrote each parent a poem and read it at their funeral. Those two poems changed the course of his life and career forever. Neil Beresin, is now an inter-faith chaplain, a specialist in grief, loss and transition, and poetry plays a major role in his work.Neil Beresin, M.Ed. (he/him)  Grief and Loss Support Services (Private Practice) 
Why You Need to Develop a Relationship with Grief  During COVID Rick Bergh invites you to consider developing a “relationship with loss” by identifying the problem stories that are the heaviest in your life and by adding healthy interventions to lighten their impact.
Where and from whom can young people learn about grief and loss?Why might it be important to bring the generations together?Seniors are often well versed in various life transitions that include resilience in loss.Why do seniors and young people need each other?We invite Dr. Debra Sheets, Associate Professor, School of Nursing at the University of Victoria into this important discussion.For more information about Memory Café VictoriaContact: Debra Sheets, Ph. D., MN, RNEmail:
Concussion and Grief: Stigma, Facts and WisdomDisenfranchised in many ways and not easily diagnosed – those who suffer a serious concussion experience grief and loss on so many levels.As one who continues to live with the side effects of his concussion, Mark shares his personal story and offers an honest perspective on prevention, education and treatment.Please contact Mark through his facebook account.
The pregnancy went well.Conversations about the hopes and dreams of bringing their first child into the world occupied the minds of Stef and Layna, the parents-to-be.Then, the unthinkable. Could it really be true? No heartbeat of our precious baby?Listen to a mother who continues to miss and love her child who would have been 14 years old. Discover how they have chosen to include their first child, Madelaine, in their family forever.
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