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The 20th episode of the ILTexas Podcast has Founder, CEO, and Superintendent, Eddie Conger sharing encouragement and gratitude for all teachers, staff, and students in ILTexas. 2020 was a long year, but there are plenty of reasons to be excited for this spring. Mr. Conger talks about how the Texas Legislature directly affects ILTexas, and what teachers and staff can be doing in the meantime to support each other and their own well being! Congrats and enjoy the 20th episode of the ILTexas Podcast! 
Virtual teaching methods were accelerated through the pandemic. Mr. Matthews takes us through the teacher experience of teaching virtually, maintaining quality, while also encouraging innovation in education curriculum. Turns out his PhD studies are coming in perfect use! 
Mr. Adrian Apodaca and I go back a long way to one of the first China Trips before there even was an ILTexas. As principal of the exceptional GRAND Grand Prairie K-8 campus, he excels at being a servant leader through optimism and respect.   
Xinke Li (North Richland Hills K-5) and Yaoyu Chen (Keller K-8) have been with the ILTexas family for a couple years now. Who knew 2021's Lunar New Year would have Texas covered in snow and ice?! 
The Academic Success Program is just one of the many incredible programs offered at ILTexas. Designed to provide direct and interactive counseling and support for college applications, student financial aid, and university goals for all ILTexas students and families! This program helps ILTexas compete with and often outperform many of the best private schools in the state. Sara Urquidez is the Executive Director, and takes us through the outstanding Academic Success Program. 
Angela Marcellus has been with ILTexas since before day 1 of opening. Exemplifying exceptional leadership was has endlessly helped ILTexas grow and achieve its mission. Angela has always been on the forefront of ILTexas education innovation, most recently the shift to ILTexas VS. 
Eddie Conger, founder, CEO and Superintendent takes us through a successful, albeit a very unique 2019-2020 school year. ILTexas will continue to grow and become even more successful. Special thanks to all listeners who have supported the ILTexas podcast thus far. This episode will certainly leave you with some things to think about going into the summer break!
Kirsten Santos speaks 4 languages, English, Spanish, Mandarin and Tagalog. You can hear her passion for learning in her voice. We talk about her experiences at ILTexas, her love for learning, her Championship at the National Spanish Spelling Bee. Listen in and hear how Kirsten responds to my impromptu spelling bee! She plays on hard mode and loves the challenge.  
10 years of experience teaching English and Spanish as a second language in Spain, England, United Arab Emirates and now at ILTexas Orem Elementary! Irene brings her wealth of international experience to the discussion of an ILTexas education. 
Yunchi He (Helen) Spent years teaching in China AND ILTexas. She brings a wealth of perspective to ILTexas. Listen in as we reflect on teaching in an American classroom, and now her roles and responsibilities as the Director of Confucius Classroom Coordination. 
Carrie Hutchinson is the Director of International Teachers, and speaks 4 languages English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Her extensive international experience provides an excellent support for ILTexas' International Teachers coming from Spain, China, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and more. 
With time spent teaching in both Thailand and China, and now pursuing his doctorate, Mr. Matthews brings a wealth of experience and perspective to the ILTexas education experience. 
Mr. Esquivel shares his respect for the ILTexas mission, and praises the hard work of teachers, students, and parents during the transition to ILTexas virtual school. 
Dr. Laura Carrasco talks about her two greatest passions, bilingual education and leadership. 
International Students live campus dormitories at the Garland High School Campus. ILTexas is looking to expand the International program, so that each High School campus will have International Students. Linda and Iker are Chinese Students attending ILTexas and have a unique perspective on the ILTexas experience. 
Yan Jin is the General Manager of ILTexas China, the marketing and recruiting branch of ILTexas. We talk about the uniquely difficult challenge of marketing and recruiting in China, her experiences working with ILTexas, traveling to the States, Axe-throwing, and her favorite food from good ol' Texas.    
Nicholas Goldring is an ILTexas Graduate of the class of 2019. His exceptional work in learning Mandarin Chinese earned him a full-ride scholarship to Beijing Language and Culture University. Now he's BACK after a full semester living in China! Also NEW RECORDING MICROPHONES that SOUND GREAT!
Eddie Conger takes us through an average work trip to China. Building relationships with Chinese schools, government officials, and the easy 14 hour flight. 
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