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Welcome to the summer version of Stories for the future - my Summer shorts, and the last one in this series of shorter episodes.Today I want to share with you a kind of awakening I had related to plant based food. I do not put myself into any category when it comes to food; I am not vegan or vegetarian. Flexetarian would be the closest. My approach to more plant based eating has mainly been to reduce the animal products. More vegetables, less meat etc. But this summer we had some summer guests who made me start exploring. And the fun I have had in the kitchen this summer as a result of that is worth sharing! Check out for resources and contact information. 
Welcome to the summer version of Stories for the future - my Summer shorts.Today I am inspired by my recent travel to the UK. I haven't travelled by plane for more than three years, both due to COVID, but also because I am conscious about my carbon footprint.But the feeling that I am left with after this short week in a different country is: We need to keep travelling! We need to explore different people, cultures and ways of doing things, and we have so much to learn from each other.Now I am very eager to learn more about sustainable travel, so if anyone knows someone I should get on as a guest to talk about this, please let me know! Check out for resources and contact information. 
Welcome to the summer version of Stories for the future - my Summer shorts.Today I am talking about how clinging to our work identities might slow us down when making (or thinking about making) a career transition.I have my own vivid memory of this and how it was one of my biggest struggles even after I realized I wanted a change.I now use my mental image of my work identity being a book I can put up on a shelf and take down whenever I need it. Try it for yourself and see if it opens up new and exciting opportunities! Check out for resources and contact information. 
Welcome to the summer version of Stories for the future - my Summer shorts.Today I am talking about how staying comfortable is a habit that is worth breaking, and what an amazing feeling it is when you see that you have managed to stretch your comfort zone.I take you through my journey of stretching my comfort zone during the last few years, and how looking back makes me realize how much that has made me grow.Here is the link to the video challenge I mention in this episode, and the reason I am now in the middle of another stretch. Ignite Video ChallengeAn amazing experience - highly recommend it! Visit for more links and resources.  
Are the business schools of today doing enough to educate the leaders we need in the future?What kind of knowledge do we actually need in order to secure a sustainable future? Katarína Halušková and Karolina Sobczak from The Academy of Business in Society (ABIS) have been working a lot on these questions and today they are here to share some of their findings. No doubt there are positive changes on the way, but there are also big gaps that we need to close, sooner rather than later. And how do you feel about playing a game to explore alternative futures? At ABIS they are also working on something called Scenario Exploration System Workshops where they enable participants to build knowledge and at the same time explore different plausible futures. Find all the links and contact info at
We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, but the spaces we create very often doesn't serve our health and overall wellbeing in the best way. Do you want to learn more about how you can change this? My first guest this season is interior designer Johanna Winter. She has specialized in biophilic design; a concept used to bring natural elements into our indoor environments. This conversation and Johanna's practical tips will give you tons of inspiration to change your own surroundings. For more information about the episode, including all links, go to
Finally, Stories for the future is back! And today I will be introducing season 4 along with a new friend: the famous elephant in the room. When it comes to sustainability and how to create a better future, we often talk about what businesses can do and what we can do as individuals on our "home territory". A part I often feel we forget is what we can do as individuals when it comes to the choices we make in our careers. And this is what I want to address in season 4. You will still meet people with stories to inspire you and get you thinking outside the box. But I will also bring on people with an expert view of this subject, alongside the people who have made a transition already. As I mention at the end: You can find my brand new guide to more impactful work on my website
This is a message to tell you that season 4 is just a couple of days away!Season 3 ended in an unintentional way, with an involuntary break from my side. But with 20 episodes all together I am very pleased with the season and the break marks a natural transition to a new season.
It's been quiet here for a while. In more than one way. Today I share with you a short status update and the reason behind the silence. Having temporarily lost the ability to hear, and as a consequence, also to communicate, I have learned the hard way how important our hearing is for all areas of life.  Alongside my quick update, I share a lovely voice note I got from my dear friend and podcasting mentor, Regina Larko. This friendship and her support is a result of connecting over a common passion for the medium of podcasting.  You can find links and resources related to this episode at
Did you know that in addition to stage fright and the fear of public speaking, the fear of dealing with authority figures is one of the most common social phobias? Why does it suddenly feel so scary to approach people when you know them to be some kind of authority or celebrity? And how can not knowing them, because you are new to the area they are known for, lead to the most interesting and fascinating experiences?Being a beginner and the new kid in the playground can have its' perks, and the lack of any reason to feel starstruck, is one of them. In this episode I share a couple of examples, one of them involving royalty. Link to original blog post (in Norwegian): Coconut MomentsMy home on the web: Storiesforthefuture
Today I talk about necessity and how I use it to move forward. It's a great tool to use to nudge yourself into action - I highly recommend it! You know this saying, Necessity is the mother of invention. I think we can elaborate on that and say that Necessity is the mother of action. Necessity is the father of collaboration. It might also be the brother of self discipline. And the sister of moving out of your comfort zone. This episode is partly to keep you a bit in the loop about what I am working on at the moment and how I use necessity related to that, but also to give you some tools to use for yourself. Is there a part in your life or in your career that could use some change? Is there room for considering to use necessity as a small nudge to get you to act, to invent, to collaborate or to move out of your comfort zone?Check out for more resources.  
A keyword for this episode and today's guest is collaboration. I think we can all agree that the times we are in call for more and better collaborations and better ways to leverage all the different skills we all have. How do we match the right skills with the right challenges? And how do you find the right people to collaborate with? These are things we will definitely talk about today. Mark Hooley is a marketing and communications specialist, a founder of CollabMaker and a Climate Reality Leader. He is a soon to be dad, who enjoys running marathons, cycling across countries, hiking in the mountains and from last year thanks to the snow in Sweden, cross-country skiing, he is also a life-long Nottingham Forest fan, loves traveling and culture. His workdays are powered by an eclectic music selection and a passion for making a positive difference to the world.Check out CollabMaker here. And don't just look. Sign up and start collaborating!CollabMaker on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.The CollabMaker Podcast
I have a big plan, and I am now using a strategic move to get myself to follow through: I tell you about it! I did this in order to get myself to launch this podcast and I have done it before by sharing plans in my blog Coconut Moments through the years. I haven't succeeded every time, but I am absolutely sure it improves the odds. Back in 2016 I watched this TED talk by a man called Scott Dinsmore. The name of the talk was "How to find work you love" and it completely changed the course of everything I was doing. It made me sign up to every course that Scott and his network and movement Live Your Legend, provided, and I am forever grateful for everything I learned from those courses.In this episode I am sharing with you an idea I have had for almost five years and why I think this is the time to do something about it. You can find the link to relevant resources mentioned in episode at
How can we solve the biggest problems facing humanity and the planet by leveraging the power of businesses to create positive change?My guest this week has dedicated his time, skills and resources to address this question in the most impactful way possible. Anders H. Lier  is an international impact investor and a leader in the field of innovation and technology. He has been pioneering early stage impact investing, he is Co-founder of Katapult Group and he is an active angel investor. We talk about how he has experienced a number of pivotal moments (Coconut moments, as I call them) through his life and career, and how these moments have lead him down new paths. One result being his long involvement with girls' education in India.We also discuss the power of exponential thinking and how this brings hope to solving some of our biggest problems, especially related to the climate crisis.  This conversation left me with a great deal of hope and a huge boost of inspiration and I hope you will have the same experience! You can find all details and links related to this episode at
Have you heard about serendipity? And do you know the magic this beautiful word can bring to your life?Listen and learn!This word was elected elected Britains most favorite word in 2000, ahead of love, peace AND football! It's also on the list of the 10 most difficult words to translate into Norwegian.... Merriam-Webster defines it like this Serendipity — the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. If you google serendipity + entrepreneurship you get 6,860,000 hits.  And that is not surprising at all, if you look at history. Penicillin, X-ray and the microwave are all results of something starting as something completely different than what it ended up as - all because of coincidences and to some degree failures along the way. I rediscovered my old blog a few weeks ago, and in one of the posts I write about serendipity and how I my path to a large degree has been affected by this phenomenon. I am sure you can see the same in your life if you look for it.I learned something from this old blog post, and in this week's Behind the scenes, I am sharing this learning with you! For Norwegian listeners, you can read my blogpost here:
What are the metrics that really matter for a podcaster? For many, me included, the download numbers often determine the mood of the day. Or at least my feeling of success or lack of it.But is this the right metric for me and for my vision for Stories for the future? Thanks to one of my new favorite podcasts called Mastering the Podcaster Mindset, it dawned on me, how frustrating and dissatisfying these numbers are. Even if they improve and give me a sense of accomplishment in the moment, I will only set my bar higher and in that way I am never satisfied. So instead of counting downloads I will now set my own personal metrics and keep reminding myself of why I started the podcast in the first place and what I want people to get from it. You can get the links to all resources mentioned in this episode on my brand new website - check it out here! 
My guest this week has been right in front of me for a while, and suddenly I realized that what she is talking about and working on is highly relevant to the topics of this podcast.Efwa Hagström helps sustainability leaders to get buy-in and speed up the action needed to progress positive change. Efwa is passionate about upskilling leaders with simple communication methods that fast track collaboration, innovation and implementation. She is the founder of and author of ‘Working Smart in the AI-era’ (Fremtidsrettet Ledelse). Born in Sweden, she has lived in Germany and Belgium for 10 years, in Norway for 21 years, and is dedicated to help leaders fast-track sustainability - no time to lose! You will find all links and relevant information to this episode on
A few weeks ago I talked about how I use deign thinking to try to design my work life and also try to use that in many parts of my life, I quoted Bill Burnett. «No plan for life survives first contact with reality» This quote came up and tapped me on the head this week.  Like; you said this out loud, now I will show you this in real life. I had all these plans this week. I was going to do an interview that I was really looking forward to, I was going to record this great solo episode, I had a very important meeting with a local project I am involved with.  And so on and so on.But then Covid came along. No drama there, I am totally ok, but of course Covid puts a few restrictions on life. So with very limited voice and also a little less energy and obviously not being allowed to go out, I had to postpone everything and make some adjustments. So now I am doing a little time traveling, using my voice from a year back, and also someone else’s brilliant voice. This brilliant voice belongs to Danielle Anderson from Step & Stone.  She was my very first guest after I changed the language of this podcast to English, and this episode is one of my favorites! The topics we discussed back then; of pivoting, of designing your life, and of allowing yourself to change your mind, are so relevant to what I have been talking about in other episodes lately. So I hope you enjoy this replay. You can find all the relevant links to things mentioned in the episode at 
Imagine you woke up one morning and realized that you would have to build your life back up again, almost from scratch. You would leave the network and safety of your people, most of your family and friends and you would walk away into the unknown - set out on a journey to find your new tribe. And maybe the hardest part - you would have to rediscover who was the real you. What were your values, beliefs and what opinions would you have on all sorts of issues. This is hard to imagine for most of us, and I don’t think we reflect much on this on a daily basis: what opinions and beliefs are truly ours, and what is inherited from our family, our friends and our close surroundings. Todays guest, Morten Westerheim, has first hand knowledge on building a new tribe and starting over again, as he left a strong network and safe community as an adult. Morten grew up in a very strong and tight Christian community in Norway, and the consequences of leaving this community were many and really life changing. You can find all the links mentioned in this episode at
For those of us who always work best under pressure, we are now busy doing the planning for this new year, the part we should have done in December of course. But I always feel so motivated in January, so for me, these first few days are the best for making plans. I have this great new planner - the same as the last four years - it’s blank, empty, clean pages and there are so many opportunities to fill those pages with interesting stuff I want to try out. So as I am planning, sorting out what I will spend my time on, how many hours a week on the different projects, what my goals will be and what actions I will have to take in order to reach those goals, I start reflecting. And I thought I would share some of those reflections with you.I am design thinking my way into the new year.By the way; check out my new website! Burnett's TED talkBook: Designing your life, by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans
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