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Back & Forth with Blue Ridge Wealth

Author: Blue Ridge Wealth Planners

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Two financial professionals go back and forth on the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and general comparisons of one topic per episode.
10 Episodes
Can life insurance be a part of your tax plan? Is a Section 7702A plan really a super Roth? What if the rules change?
Is real estate an uncorrelated asset? Is illiquidity a problem? Should you incorporate a pooled investment in commercial properties as a source of diversified income?
Annuities (Ep. 8)

Annuities (Ep. 8)


What happens if you live longer than your money? Are annuities all bad? Are any of them useful sources of lifelong income as they promise?
The Election (Ep. 7)

The Election (Ep. 7)


Do elections really affect markets? Does it really matter which party wins? Are our elected officials affecting the markets or is it the fear or hope that comes with our own expectations?
Can you take care of your finances on your own? Should you? What can a financial advisor do that you can't or don't want to do on your own?
Are the darlings of the stock market worth the hype, or should you stick to the tried and true giants of commerce? Are dividends a useful source of income, or are you better off letting companies reinvest in themselves?
Are money managers worth their fee? If nobody can time the market or pick the best stocks, is the guidance and accountability an advisor provides worth what they charge?
The big tax gamble: Will taxes be higher now or when you retire? When does it make sense to invest pre-tax versus after-tax? Is there a role for both in your retirement plan?
Do stimulus checks actually help prevent recessions, or do they just dig us unnecessarily deeper into debt? What are we learning from these momentary experiments into universal income?
Is the Fed's main tool for a slipping economy effective? What happens when they cut the rate all the way to zero? Are negative Interest rates a useful idea or simply un-American?
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