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Look no further if you want knowledgeable in-depth conversations between film historian Jamie Benning and some of the greatest artists in all the movie making crafts from effects to editing, stunts to storyboards.
25 Episodes
For episode 25 I had the distinct pleasure of talking to film journlist (for Empire Magazine among others) and author of the new book "Women Vs Hollywood - The Fall and Rise of Women in Film."I spoke to Helen the morning after the Oscars, in which of course Chinese filmmaker Chloe Zhao won the best picture award for Nomadland. Lets hope we are at the beginning of something great for female filmmakers.Helen's book can be purchased here - the show (
For this episode, number 24 (April 2021), I have a conversation with director Peter Macdonald. Peter was in fine fettle and was happy to answer all and any questions I had about his career as a cameraman, a cinematographer, a second unit director and a director. I would love to talk with Peter some more as it’s clear he has so many more stories about working with some of the great actors and directors of cinema. Including Attenborough, Guinness, Harris, Forman, Borman, Henson, Donner, Lucas, Kershner, Fossie, Bowie, Hackman, Minnelli, Striesand, Burton. Just incredible really.Check out Peter's extensive list of work on IMDB - a nice article about Peter here on the British Cinematrorapher site - the show (
For Episode 23 I spoke with camera assistant Madelyn Most. Listed as “second assistant camera” on both Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, Madelyn offers another unique perspective from within the 70’s and 80’s film industry. Despite that period of  the industry being dominated by men, I didn’t want my podcast to be. So I was glad to be able to reach Madelyn.  Hearing the point of view of a woman who worked in a sexist industry at a time when representations of women were typically what we might now call problematic is part of the education I wanted for myself in doing this podcast. These aren’t the stories that are widely told and they are important. Madelyn's partner director Peter Macdonald is my guest on episode 24 coming later this month (April 202....1)Robert Watts - A Life in Film - Behind the Camera - Peter Macdonald - the show (
Episode 22 is my conversation with associate producer and writer Ivor Powell. Ivor worked for many years with RSA, though his career started working in the press department on 2001: A Space Odyssey for Stanley Kubrick. Ivor more recently co-wrote a script for a forthcoming film, BIOS, which will be the subject of both a forthcoming video and podcast episode.The video version of part 1 of my chat with Ivor can be found here - the show (
For episode 21 of The Filmumentaries Podast I spoke with model maker and visual effects supervisor Patrick McClung.Pat has worked in the industry since 1979 on some of the biggest films of the last 40 years. Including The Empire Strikes Back, Star Trek The Motion Picture, Blade Runner, Aliens, Ghostbusters, Die Hard, The Abyss... the list just goes on and on.I hope you enjoy it.Support the show (
In February 2021 I spoke with Gavin Rothery, Director of "Archive" (2020). He was also the production designer and VFX supervisor on Duncan Jones's "Moon" (2009). Gav is a real creative force of nature and I'm sure we'll be seeing his name connected to some big projects in the not to distant future.Check out Archive on your favourite streaming service.Here's the trailer - can become part of the Filmumentaries family at the Ivor Powell documentary I mentioned in the outro is available here - the show (
For this episode, episode 19, I’ve returned to Jaws. If you don’t already know my work… from 2006 to 2014 I created some feature length documentaries, or filmumentaries as I called them on some of my favourite films. Inside Jaws is still available for FREE on vimeo.So, last weekend here in February 2021, I spoke to legendary production designer Joe Alves. He collaborated with Steven Spielberg on a number of projects going back to Steven’s years in television. I spoke to him about his origins in the industry as well as his time on Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Joe has a book called “Joe Alves, Production Designer” it’s written by Dennis L Prince with a foreword by effects artist Greg Nicotero.You can buy it here at Joe's site - Jaws - A Filmumentary - the show (
For Episode 18 I spoke again to the director of Dangerous Days (the amazing Blade Runner documentary), Charles de Lauzirika and also Bruce Wright who works for Disney Animation. But more importantly for this episode, Bruce was at the legendary Workprint screening of Blade Runner at the Fairfax Theatre in May 1990.The Workprint is important in Blade Runner Lore because it was that very screening that snowballed to the extent that the true Directors' Cut got released, ultimately culminating in the release of the The Final Cut in 2007. Which is considered the definitive cut of the movie.Really this is a conversation about how releasing the multiple versions of a movie really gives us a wonderful, iterative history of filmmaking, through the films we love.As mentioned in my intro - The Ivor Powell documentary can be found here - the show (
For episode 17 I spoke to the wonderfully talented industrial designer, illustrator, concept artist and producer Nilo Rodis-Jamero. I’ve been pretty much obsessed with Nilo’s work since I was four or five years old, after looking at The Empire Strikes Back Sketchbook and later, The Art of Return of the Jedi. Two books that I still own to this day.Nilo worked on The Empire Strikes Back, Poltergeist, Return of the Jedi and several Star Trek films coming up with amazing concepts thanks to his talent and skill in industrial design. He also worked on costumer design for RoTJ. This impact of which still resonates today in the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. I enjoyed talking to Nilo immensely. He was intelligent, warm, kind, funny and wise. Just as you'd want him to be! Better in fact.Take a listen. Trust me. You're in for a real treat.Do check out the following books: - The Empire Strikes Back Sketchbook Return of the Jedi SketchbookThe Art of The Empire Strikes Back-The Art of Return of the JediAlso check out Mark Burman's wonderful Empire 40th radio doco the show (
For episode 16 I spoke to the wonderful, talented Mark Mangini. Academy Award winning Supervising Sound Editor for Mad Max: Fury Road and the talent behind the sounds of so many of our favourite films including Gremlins, Innerspace, Blade Runner 2049, Poltergeist, Star Trek The Motion Picture... The list goes on! Check IMDB and you'll see what I mean.The Kuleshov Experiment - Mark's blog and site can be found here. Be sure to check out the blog and the amazing behind the scenes photos - He's also on Twitter @mark_mangini and on facebook at Also do check out this great in-depth video about the sound department's work on BR 2049 - the show (
For episode 15 of The Filmumentaries Podcast I spoke with animaiton and visual effects expert Martin Meunier. Martin has worked on some great movies including James and the Giant Peach, Starship Trooper and Coraline. He also has some great stories to tell! He even won an Oscar for his innovative work on Coraline.Support the show (
For episode 14 of The Filmumentaries Podcast, I spoke with Ben Dimmock, stunt performer and stunt coordinator on movies and television. Ben's had a pretty cool career in many big film franchises. Including Marvel, Star Wars and Jason Bourne in which he doubled for Matt Damon!His website is - instagram he is - - @ragestuntsAlso on Youtube at - to Ollie Green for setting this one up.Support the show (
Back in March 2018 I spoke to actor Paul Blake about his role as Greedo in Star Wars (1977). This is a bonus episode, not charged to my patrons on Patreon.Be warned, there is some strong sweary language in this episode.Support the show (
In this episode I speak to Industrial Light and Magic veteran Marty Brenneis. Also known as Droid! He was there for all the big movies, building camera systems and doing his thing!If you were at ILM, you knew who Marty was and what he could do.A big thanks to Johnnyb aka @agraphafx on twitter for linking me up with Marty!Support the show (
For Episode 11 of The Filmumentaries Podcast I was very fortunate to be able to speak to Jonathan Rinzler. Author of THE best behind the scenes movie books ever made. Please do check out his work and his most recent book, his first novel "All Up". He's going through a difficult time at the moment so you have even more reason to support him and his amazing work. the show (
Sylvain, an intelligent, talented storyboard artist and I spoke just last week (9th October 2020)about his career working with Ridley Scott, David Fincher and Stanley Kubrick. I really enjoyed this conversation and felt like I'd been educated by the end of it. I hope you enjoy it too!Regarding Sylvain's new book:Publisher's website: the show (
In September 2020 I spoke to journalist and editor Kenneth George Godwin about his book "Dune - The David Lynch Files: Volume 2. Six months behind the scenes on one of the biggest science fiction movies ever made". It really is a unique perspective. I suggest you buy the book at and dive right in!Support the show (
In early September 2020 I had the fortune of being able to chat with behind the scenes expert Charles de Lauzirika about his documentary work. Charles and I discuss what it takes to make a good content and also some of the elements involved in being not only an observer and documenter but also someone who is serving the film itself.Support the show (
Episode 7 of The Filmumentaries Podcast is up. This time I spoke with Jabba the Hutt puppeteers Tony Philpott and Dave Barclay as well as sculptor and builder John Coppinger. Support the show (
For Episode 6 I spoke to my friend Dan Lanigan, movie props collector extraordinaire. We chat about the origins of his interest in movie props as well as some of the key items in his collection. Dan is the presenter and producer of the Disney+ show "Prop Culture". Make sure you check it out after you've taken a listen to this.Support the show (
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