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Author: John Parker

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Personal and Professional Growth
28 Episodes
Do you believe YOU can make a difference in the world around you? Let me tell you that you can and let me tell you how! Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces
Are you a Winner?

Are you a Winner?


Are you doing your best or are you the BEST? What does it take to have a winner's mindset? Listen in to find out!Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces
How important is communication? If you can't answer that, listen to this podcast! Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces.
What kind of impact could good teamwork have in your business? Song "Sunday's Best" by the Surfaces
Lead Like a Preacher

Lead Like a Preacher


In this episode, we will unpack the qualities and characteristics that make Preachers great leaders! Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces.
Join in while we discuss with our special guest, Steve Ruggerio, how your character plays a role in transformational leadership!Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces.
Join me while I break down the basics of Leadership. In this episode we focus on the inner self. You have to develop the inside to be able to have an impact on the outside!Song "Sunday's Best" by the Surfaces.
Everything we do is a choice. What are your choices saying about who you are on the inside?Song "Sunday Best" by The Surfaces.
Fear is a reaction, courage is a choice!Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces
If you are going to be successful you have to put in the work! Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces.
Are your fears holding you back? Are your fears your anchor to moving forward? Are they limiting your potential? Today we talk about facing those fears!Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces
Welcome to our first episode in our new series, Personal Growth. Join us while we discuss how we can't allow our past to hold us back from becoming what we were meant to be. Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces.
Our last episode in the "Serving" series, "Serving our Country". We have a very special guest, Chief Master Sargent, Teresa Parker. We discuss what serving has done for her and what it can do for you!Song "Sunday Best" by The Surfaces
Third episode in our "Serving" series. Listen in while we talk about Serving through Faith. How do you serve through faith? How does that benefit you and those around you?Guest Speaker Spenser Hart.Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces.
Bonus episode to our Serving Series. What does a Servant Leader look like? How do we become a Servant Leader? Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces.
Serving your community. What does it mean? How to get started? And how does it benefit you and those around you?Guest Speaker Leif Welhaven.Song "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces.
Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself


Learn to love yourself first! Guest speaker Amy Schulte. Song is "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces
"Act as if" What does that mean? And how does it help you get to where you want to be?Song "Sunday Best" by The Surfaces
Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself


To reach your potential, you must first believe in yourself. Special guest Nicole Clausen.Song "Sunday Best" by The Surfaces



This episode we will talk about your greatest ally or maybe your greatest enemy, your Attitude.Song is "Sunday Best" by the Surfaces