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Have you ever dived with sharks? Do they scare you? What's it like to breathe underwater? What's it like to look into the eye of majestic marine life and see them looking back? Did you ever dream of travelling to a new world and meeting aliens as a kid? Join dive professional Matt Waters as he discusses a variety of topics relating to scuba diving and our blue world. Scientists, dive operators and professionals, marine biologists, conservationists and activists are all welcome on the Scuba GOAT podcast. Join the Scuba GOAT network and open yourself up to a whole new world of knowledge and adventure.
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An absolutely mind-blowing highlight of my Scuba GOAT journey to date is the 2hrs I recently spent with Dr Sylvia A. Earle on the show.  I’m sure this guest needs little by way of introduction; though her credentials, experience, passion and dedication to our oceans is awe-inspiring and incredible to witness.Sylvia is without a doubt one of my lifelong heroes, and when her office contacted me to arrange some time with her on the show, I was stunned and star struck!  But Sylvia quickly made me forget my nerves with her humility and generosity.Vibrant and ever the optimist, Sylvia shares stories from her remarkable career, insights from her lifetime of learning, and her hopes for ongoing preservation and conservation of our blue planet.  We discuss her latest book National Geographic Ocean: A Global Odyssey, which will have readers fall in love with the ocean all over again (along with being a powerful wake-up call that the ocean is effectively the planet’s “life-support system” and needs to be respected as such).I feel truly honoured to have had the pleasure of connecting with Sylvia via the Scuba GOAT podcast.  If you’ve enjoyed the show, make sure to share it with your buddies and spread the word about Sylvia’s book.  Links Find Sylvia's book at the following link: National Geographic Ocean: A Global OdysseyThe Mission Blue websiteSylvia's social media streamsFacebookInstagramTwitterDon't forget to subscribe to the show to be notified of new episodes and join our "Scuba GOAT Network" group on Facebook to maintain a link with all of the shows guests.
I catch up with two of my dive buddies whilst we are stuck in lockdown.  Lissa Rebec is Sea Shepherd's co-ordinator in Sydney, Australia and Don, the Senior Travel Editor for Scuba Dive magazine.  We discuss a few topics that have caught our attention recently and also highlight a number of excellent people working hard to educate the world on how we should be protecting our blue world.  
If the report Queensland Shark Control Program catch statistics for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is to be believed, 286 sharks were captured between June 2020 and July 2021, of which only 57 sharks were released alive.  The report does not specify or account for the animals caught and killed as bycatch. Joining me on this podcast is Andre Borell, who directs the documentary film Envoy Shark Cull.  The film shines a much-needed light on the outdated and antiquated shark control methods deployed in QLD and NSW, that have not changed in methodology since being introduced in 1936.  I was shocked and devastated to learn about this brutal culling program (also discussed with Jonathan Clark on S01 E15) that is not backed by science and urgently needs to be replaced with modern and non-lethal alternatives.It's essential viewing: hard-hitting, heavily researched and brutally honest; culminating in a unified voice for the animals of the Pacific Ocean.  It's a privilege to have Andre on the show.Become an Envoy and 'Act Now'Watch Envoy Shark CullEnvoy shark Cull websiteThe cast:Paul De GelderMadison StewartEric BanaLayne BeachleyJuan OliphantTom CarrollHolly RichmondDr. Leonardo GuidaJonathan ClarkLawrence ChlebekInstagram: @envoyfilmTwitter: @envoyfilmTikTok: @envoyfilmFacebook: @envoyfilmau
Originally from Melbourne, Jeff Hansen resides in Perth, Western Australia and is one of 6 Global Directors for Sea Shepherd.  As leader or co-lead he has played a pivotal role in protecting Australia's coastline.  Stopping the West Australian shark cull, preventing the worlds gas hub titan from ploughing through the largest Humpback Whale nursery on earth and stopping BP from drilling for oil in the rich, fragile and biodiverse waters of the Great Australian Bight.  Jeff is humble, passionate and dedicated to the world's wildlife and joins me on the show to discuss various elements that keep him ticking, his opinions and achievements he and the larger global Sea Shepherd team have made. Jeff's links:FacebookInstagramSea Shepherd links:Sea Shepherd Australia Facebook pageSea Shepherd websiteSea Shepherd donation linkDon't forget to subscribe to the show to be notified of new episodes and join our "Scuba GOAT Network" group on Facebook to maintain a link with all of the shows guests.
Connecting with us from Magnetic Island, Australia, we hear from Dr Andy Lewis who managed the ecotourism activities aboard the luxury vessel True North for over a decade and visited a plethora of remote locations throughout the Coral Triangle.   Armed with his PhD in coral reef ecology from James Cook University, and a passion for the reefs, islands and people of the South-Pacific,  Andy developed the Coral Sea Foundation which has evolved at an impressive rate since its conception.  Andy covers a variety of topics and locations and later in the episode, airs his views as to how we should be focusing our efforts to ensure that life on Earth is sustainable for all.  Facebook link't forget to subscribe to the show to be notified of new episodes and join our "Scuba GOAT Network" group on Facebook to maintain a link with all of the shows guests.
Elaine Brett is a dive professional, the resident manager and co-owner of one of the oldest and most successful dive centres on Koh Tao, Thailand. The northernmost of 3 islands in the Gulf, Koh Tao has attracted many tourists wishing to dive and obtain their certifications (with the added chance of seeing a Whaleshark).  At times Koh Tao has been frowned upon for how busy it can get however, this tiny island is without a doubt a fantastic location to visit and is currently having some major rest from activity.  Cue the aquatic life... I'm going to put it out there that post pandemic, Koh Tao should be on every divers wish list! During this episode I catch up with Elaine and hear about life on the island and the exploratory diving she is conducting alongside other long-standing local dive pro's. Master Divers webpage: https://www.master-divers.comMaster Divers Facebook: Divers Instagram: diving Koh Tao, Facebook: diving Koh Tao, Instagram:'s email: info@master-divers.comDuring the show, we mention the book "Nudibranchs and sea slugs of Koh Tao and nearby islands" – written by Rahul MehrotraAvailable from www.conservationdiver.comDon't forget to subscribe to the show to be notified of new episodes and join our "Scuba GOAT Network" group on Facebook to maintain a link with all of the shows guests.
Libby Sterling is a dive pro who specialises in teaching solo training for divers wishing to be self-sufficient.  She's a dab hand with a camera and doesn't mind sharing her knowledge with those who ask. You'll regularly find  Libby on one of the many boats operating out of Cairns, Australia and as a member of the Nautilus dive club, she's also won a couple of tasty awards for her camerawork too. Facebook: Libby Sterling Photography | FacebookInstagram: Libby_Sterling_PhotographyNautilus dive club: to local Cairns operators  Libby dives with:Passions Of Paradise: Passions of Paradise - Great Barrier Reef Tours CairnsDeep Sea Divers Den:  Great Barrier Reef - Dive & Snorkel Tours | Divers DenFrankland Island Tours:  Frankland Islands Reef Cruises | Cairns Day Tours | Island Day TripsMike Ball Dive Expeditions:  Cairns Liveaboard Scuba Diving - Great Barrier Reef, Osprey Reef, Coral Sea. ( hope you enjoy the episode and as usual, you will find Libby on the Scuba Goat Network on Facebook should you have any questions for her.  Click to join and answer the 3 questions, that's it. 
Connecting with us from Costa Rica, Pete Bethune has committed his life to wildlife conservation.  Following his world record journey circumnavigating the world on a bio-fuel driven trimaran, Pete joined forces with Sea Shepherd in their fight to prevent whaling in Antarctica.  When Earthrace became low on fuel a Japanese whaling vessel took the opportunity to ram the boat with Pete and his crew still onboard which ultimately led to its sinking.  Following this, Pete boarded the Japanese vessel in a bid to present the captain with a bill for his boat.  Since that day Pete's story has led him to prison in Japan, leading special forces teams into hostile environments, producing a TV show called The Operatives, assisting governments in the fight against poachers and illegal fishing, shot at and even stabbed.  Pete doesn't claim to be a diver albeit he has 4-500 dives under his belt and an amazing story to tell.  For an adventure of a lifetime, you can get in touch with Pete and volunteer to become part of the team. Ted Talk:  Find a cause worth dying forwebsite:  www.earthrace.netDonate: have recently created the Scuba Goat Network group to maintain connectivity between listeners and guests.  The network will be available through the new website coming soon and is available now via Facebook, all are welcome to join. 
Dr Simon Pierce is the worlds top whale shark conservation biologist.  Co-founder of Marine Megafauna Foundation, he also founded MMF’s flagship global research program on whale sharks.  Simon led the research team whose efforts resulted in whale sharks being recognized as globally endangered for the first time on the IUCN Red List, led the technical proposal that successfully listed whale sharks as globally protected via the UN Convention on Migratory Species, and led the first IUCN Green Status assessment of the species.  Simon is a scientific advisor to the global whale shark database ( and a member of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group.He has recently co-edited a textbook, 'Whale Sharks: Biology, Ecology, & Conservation', which will be available in August.  Simon has also been involved in the publication of over 50 scientific papers.Simon is not too shabby with a camera either and co-hosts a wildlife and travel photography gig called Nature Tripper, a website and magazine with his better half and conservation designer Madeliene Pierce aka Mads. Oh and to top it all off, he’s a Kiwi so not only is he a brainbox but he’s got a sense of humour too!Social MediaInstagram:
Trying out something new with this episode, entitled "Surface Interval."  My idea is that once a month we have a few people in the studio and have a wee catch-up with what's caught our eyes in the scuba news from around the world.  I'm joined by an old favourite, Don Silcock and a newbie to the show, Lissa Rebec. Don and Lissa both come to the show with some big announcements linked to their involvement with Scuba Diver magazine and Sea Shepherd respectively.  During this episode, topics range from conservation to travel, upcoming documentaries to home-based Australian diving, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Maldives and the Bahamas. All whilst having a beer, or in Lissa's case, a cup of tea.  Dons website: Indo Pacific ImagesLissa's next event: EveryFin MattersSea Shepherd AustraliaScuba Diver magazine:Australia & New ZealandGlobal edition
Mike Scotland has been diving since 1976 and taught over 1,000 divers during his career as a dive pro.  In 2019, Mike stepped up and took over as the editor of Divelog magazine and has been collating scuba news from across the Australasian region ever since.  With a passion for photography and education as a Marine Biologist, Mike regularly shares his knowledge of the underwater world within each publication.  He actively invites divers to share their own knowledge by writing articles and sharing their photographs to create a bumper edition in the region of 112 pages every 2 months.  During this episode, Mike talks about the magazine, career highlights, his passion for the underwater world and his thoughts on the future for Divelog.  To get a FREE copy of Divelog emailed to you please follow this link: Divelog registrationand if you are interested in sharing your stories and photo's make sure you hit Mike up via the website too! 
Don Silcock joins me in the studio today to talk about Papua New Guinea.  Having travelled to PNG many times over the last 20 years Don guides us through the country as we highlight many of the stunning locations available to tourism and in particular, divers. Dons website: Indo Pacific ImagesTopics of discussion include: The history of various locations, the people who explored and created what we have today and the origins of the phrase "Muck Diving."Locations:  Tufi ResortKokopo KaviengTawali ResortWalindi Plantation ResortPort Moresby and LoloataMilne BayKimbe BayNew IrelandRaja AmpatRabaulMadangLiveaboards:MV ChertanMv FebrinaMV OceaniaDuring the show I mentioned my good buddy BJ Glover who is an amazing photographer, check out his website at BJG Productions If you would like assistance with your logistics, planning and bookings in PNG shoot me (or Don) a mail or comment below and we'll be happy to help.  
Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that campaigns to defend, conserve and protect the world’s oceans.  Jonathan Clark is the Coordinator of Sea Shepherd's Apex Harmony Campaign in Queensland, Australia.  During this episode, Jonathan talks to Matt about the methods used in Australia to control shark numbers focusing on the Queensland and New South Wales coastline.  Explaining the two main methods, Drumlines and shark nets, Jono goes into detail as to how these pieces of equipment are used and the indiscriminate killing of marine life that occurs because of their presence.  Developed and introduced decades ago, the drumlines and shark nets are simply designed to kill, however, they do leave many people with the belief that they aid in the safety of surfers and bathers alike.  Quite the contrary.  Even more so when we hear of the variety of marine life being caught up and killed by these systems.  Dolphins, Turtles, Rays and even Humpback Whales are also in danger of being culled indiscriminately.  Further topics of discussion include an Australian documentary soon to be released - Envoy Shark Cull - Directed by Andre Borrell, the documentary draws on 7 years of covert footage, it is narrated by Eric Bana and features Sea Shepherd along with a number of well-known conservationists.  The adversity Jono and his teams face when filming and photographing the wildlife caught in nets and on lines. Listen in for the truth's about the control methods currently in use, the facts and figures, opinions about the contractors used to maintain them and the obvious more modern options to improve the archaic systems currently in place.  Further links:Sea Shepherd AustraliaOperation Apex HarmonyApex Harmony Campaign on Facebook#netsoutnow is a common tag for the Australian campaign.Sea Shepherd survives on donations no matter how small, should you wish to support their projects please use this link to make a donation or visit the online store to purchase some merch. 
Hey there  dive buddies and welcome to the show.  Let me tell you about my next guest.  This wonderful lady is a course director, shark behaviorist, conservationist , public speaker, and founder of the nonprofit organization - People of the water, a member of the explorers club.  She has also been inducted into the women divers hall of fame, is a member of the ocean artists society and the recipient of the platinum pro 5,000 as well as being a writer and listed as an actor on IMDB.  Also known as the shark dancer, the shark whisperer, and the mother of sharks. Join me as I discuss a range of topics with Cristina, including her exploration and mapping of the uncharted caves hidden beneath the Bahamas, shark conservation, life on an island, living with hurricanes, fitness and tuition of budding shark enthusiasts and that's before we get onto the topic of hook removal! Cristina's website People of the Water non-profit websiteFacebook, Instagram, TwitterYoutube video - Cristina removing hooks from sharks (9 mill views)
Kirsten Sheppard is a dive pro and the owner of Dive Ningaloo based in Exmouth, Western Australia.  The 604,500 hectare marine and terrestrial property of Ningaloo Coast, on the remote western coast of Australia, includes one of the longest near-shore reefs in the world.  Annual gatherings of whale sharks occur at Ningaloo Coast, which is home to numerous marine species, among them a wealth of sea turtles, Manta rays, Humpback Whales & numerous shark species. Without a shadow of a doubt, Ningaloo should be on everyone's everyone's bucket list.   Join me as I discuss a variety of topics with Shep including the imminent arrival of their new liveaboard, which Scuba Goat is DEFINITELY going to visit for a trip around this epic location.  Links: Dive Ningaloo websiteFacebook pageInstagram
Kai Steinbeck has been diving since the dawn of time and is now utilising his skills and experiences to pass on significant knowledge to the next generation of dive instructors.  As a PADI Course Director, Kai conducts Instructor Development Courses operating on the Sunshine Coast, Australia at Sunreef dive centre, Mooloolaba PROMO ALERT – KAI ANNOUNCES A GREAT OFFER DURING THIS EPISODE and Matt gets a gift!! Kai talks to Matt about his move to Mexico and quick about-turn back to Australia, suffering a Covid infection, the move to Mooloolaba and diver training.  Kai’s enthusiasm and love for diving really do shine through during this episode, a true advocate of the sport and indeed a shining example of the character required to fulfil the role of ensuring our future instructors receive the very best in training.  For more information on professional training contact kai: Email: Website: DiveInstructor.comSocial Media:FacebookInstagramYoutubeTwitter LinkedIn 
Gareth Lock is the inspirational founder of The Human Diver. On leaving his 25-year career in the RAF he was already an experienced diver having started to learn the sport in 1999. His very first dive took place in Greece while on holiday. However, it was while on work trips to Cape Town and San Diego that he knew diving would become an important part of his life.As he became more experienced in diving, he realised that it was all about teamwork and there’s one thing the military do very well – working as a team. They know through extensive training and experience in the theatre of war that little mistakes around behaviour, poor decisions, lack of situational awareness and complacency costs lives.Sadly, Gareth found that often in diving that holistic ethos was lacking. Teams were not always led well, did not get on with each other and members often operated in separate silos without any consideration for those also sharing that diving experience. Dysfunctional teams were often left to cope by instructors who had become complacent and disconnected. Much training focused on technical expertise – which is critically important – yet didn’t touch on the equal importance of human behaviour and team development.Gareth decided to do something about it and has set himself a mission of introducing human factors training into the diving profession globally. It’s not always easy. There has been resistance to his systems-based approach. However, he’s remained committed and has travelled the world sharing his story.The Human Diver on FacebookThe Human Diver on InstagramThe Human Diver on TwitterGareth's website: The Human DiverGareth's book: Under Pressure
Michael McFadyen began diving in 1988 and started logging his dives… he hasn’t stopped since.  Over 33 years Michael has logged thousands of dives, explored the New South Wales Coastline, found, mapped and shared his findings with the world, for free. The Michael McFadyen website contains over 1,000 pages of information and specific details on where (and how) to dive in New South Wales, Australia. Since 1996 Michael has selflessly shared his findings via his website, written thousands of articles for dive magazines and led many trips at home and overseas. Should you be interested in contacting Michael or joining one of his expeditions you can reach him via his website email links. Find out more at
Born and bred a Kiwi, Dr Matt Carter is Australasia’s leading technical diving marine archaeologist.  Currently residing in Melbourne, Matt is the Research Director for the Major Projects Foundation.  The team are focusing on the  WWII wrecks in the Pacific, with plans to remove the potentially devastating oils before they leak into the Ocean.  Join us as we discuss this and other topics during Episode #9 of Scuba Goat.Links for Matt CarterEmailTwitterFacebookInstagramMajor Projects FoundationMajor Projects FoundationFacebookTwitterInstagramFurther interestsAustralian Institute for Maritime ArchaeologyScuba Goat is produced in collaboration with Sydney Podcast Studios and financed by Matt Waters.  If you would like to help maintain a constant stream of episodes then a contribution by way of a coffee or two would be highly appreciated.  Thank you all.Buy Matt a coffeeFind out more at
CCR Tech Instructor Trainer, owner of Koh Tao Divers & KTD Malta, explorer and wreck hunter, absolute hero as part of the rescue team during the Tham Luang cave rescue in Thailand. We chat about life before, during and after the events of 2018.If you're keen to dive with Mikko on one of his expeditions or receive some top-notch training... you can reach him by:His pro website: dive shop: dive shop: you can also reach him via FB and Instagram Goat is recorded in Sydney Podcast StudiosFind out more at
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