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House of X - An X-Men Podcast
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House of X - An X-Men Podcast

Author: Dylan Carter

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X-Men fans (Dylan & Regina) discussing new issues of all X-Men comics and spotlighting the fandom that makes readers feel at home in the House of X.
69 Episodes
We interview amazing artist Ty Romsa
We discuss 05/03/21's X-Books
We have guest host Chandler on to discuss the Hellfire Gala attire and discuss X-Men Legends 3, Cable 10, and New Mutants 17
We review WOMEN OF MARVEL#1 with 4 amazing women who are Marvel fans!
Special guest Ross from Comic Watch joins us as we review SWORD #5 WAY OF X #1 AND XFORCE #19
We give you a run down on one of the newest members of the NEW X-MEN Team!
We discuss Wolverine #11 and Children of the Atom #2
Dylan and Regina assemble their own team of X-Fans to get a reaction to the news of the NEW X-MEN TEAM
We discuss Marauders 19 and Excalibur 20!
We with special guest host Chandler review Marvel Legends #2 and X-Men #19
We discuss the X-Books from the week of 03/21/21
We sit down and chat with current Hellions writer Zeb Wells
We review the X-Titles from the week of 03/14/21
We interview Designer Samantha Rei
We review the X-Books of the week of 03/07/21 with guests from MUTANT WATCH
We discuss the X Related books from the week of 02/28/21
We have some special guests from the House of X fb group join us to discuss Marvel Voices Legacy #1
We review the X-Books from the week of 02/21/21!
We give a deep dive explanation of who Monet St. Croix is.
We discuss the X-Books from the week of 02/14/21
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