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Author: Angela de Burger

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The Creative Pulse is a podcast about people and their creative passions. On each episode host Angela de Burger connects with people who are fired up about expressing themselves by imagining, experimenting and creating. You’ll hear from inspiring creators who’ll give you lots of ideas about how you can explore your creativity too.
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Through her artwork, Andrea Blackman shares special animals that are native to her area in Australia. She brings out the cute, playful, and even mischievous nature of wildlife such as magpies, kookaburras, and sugar gliders. She’s even been known to welcome adorable red pandas to her artistic world as well!In an effort to reignite her creative passion, she embarked on a “Sketch a Day” challenge earlier this year. Considering all she has accomplished since then - taking part in an art market and having the first art gallery showing of her work - she has lots to share about her experiences.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Andrea about how she reignited her creative practice, her process for developing a new design concept, her experience participating in an art market and connecting with people about her work, as well as the inspiration she drew from being featured in her first art gallery show. Say hi to Andrea:  InstagramPeople who inspire Andrea:- Michael Zavros - Hinstow- Dean Rankine----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
John Goudie is a talented, energetic, community-focused entrepreneur. He is a creative arts producer, a photographer, videographer, painter, and a DIY-er. That’s come in handy after his family’s recent move, 5,000 kilometres across Canada, en route to establishing their longstanding vision of creating a retreat centre.The creative arts-based business he runs with his wife, Wendy (last week’s guest!), is made up of several divisions including the Sparkle Dance Academy and Get Bent Yoga.Building community has always been a central part of his personal and professional mission. He’s done this in lots of ways throughout his life, and it always makes a difference. Their business has even been recognized with a Community Support award from the Penticton Business Excellence Awards! On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with John about using his creative talents to capture moments that inspire and create connections between people, his approach to storytelling through his work, developing concepts for artistic projects, why community impact is so important to him, and whether his creative energy is amped up when working with his wife/business partner. Say hi to John:  Facebook  WebsitePeople and things that inspire John:- Christine Marshall (wildlife artist), Maud Lewis, Vincent van Gogh- “Celebrate What's Right with the World!”, Dewitt Jones- “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, Betty Edwards----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Wendy Goudie is an energetic, passionate, determined and talented entrepreneur. She’s a creative movement expert - expressing herself through many different forms of dance as well as yoga, regularly teaching and delivering presentations on both topics. The creative arts-based business she runs with her husband John (next week’s guest!) is made up of several divisions including the Sparkle Dance Academy and Get Bent Yoga, and she is a founder of the Get Bent Active Arts Society - a nonprofit that promotes youth leadership, collaboration and performing arts education.  She has been recognized with an Arts Educator Award from the Penticton Arts Council, as well as a Community Support award from the Penticton Business Excellence Awards.Never one to shy away from an adventure, she (along with her family) recently completed a cross-country move of over 5,000 kilometres, a first step towards their longstanding vision of establishing a retreat centre.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Wendy about how she’s channeled her talents into different forms of creative movement, what sparks her process when beginning a new project, the magic of intergenerational relationships, and whether her creative energy is amped up when working with her husband/business partner. Say hi to Wendy:  Website  Facebook  YouTubePeople who inspire Wendy:Red Hot Chili Peppers, Roger Federer, Freddie Mercury, Andy Kaufman----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Justin Bateman has made all kinds of different artworks over the years - sculpture, drawing, painting, and most recently, land art that’s made of pebbles. You may have seen photos of his spectacular version of the Mona Lisa - his version is called Stona Lisa - or one of his other incredible creations. Last year, just prior to the pandemic beginning, he went to Thailand to pass the impending lockdown there. Time has passed, it’s 18 months later, and he’s still finding inspiration in Chiang Mai. During this time he’s found new ways to express his creativity by making versions of famous paintings as well as original portraits using only pebbles and natural materials that he finds outdoors.He not only creates his own artwork, but he’s also shared his creative passion as a Fine Arts professor at the University of Portsmouth and teacher of Art and Design at Fareham College in the UK. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Justin about his motivation to create, what drew him to making impermanent land art, the importance of getting into a creative flow, whether he tries to convey specific messages with his artwork, and if he feels an extra connection to his works due to the personal, hands-on way they’re made. Say hi to Justin:  Instagram  Facebook  Twitter  WebsitePeople who inspire Justin:René Magritte, Alberto Giacometti, Philip Guston, Robert Smithson, Andy Goldsworthy----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Shawn McCann brings the most incredible images to life using chalk on streets and sidewalks in communities around the world! Over the years, he’s been involved in many kinds of artmaking including making 2D and 3D chalk street paintings, murals, fine art, designs for children’s books, installation art, temporary and permanent art, and commercial illustration.Shawn is the co-founder of Chalkfest at Arbor Lakes, and has also founded 6 additional street art festivals in the United States. His work has won numerous awards and is held in private and public collections.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Shawn about what excites him about creating street art with chalk, how he approaches a new design concept, the way he is able to envision and then design optical illusions, what’s special about creating images that are here today and gone tomorrow, and what inspired him to organize street art festivals close to home. Say hi to Shawn:  Website  Instagram  TikTokPeople who inspire Shawn:Leon Keer, Ahmad Raza----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Alexis Airington uses her creative talents to take amazing-smelling supplies and turn them into incredibly-decorated treats. She creates edible works of cookie art thanks to her imagination and incredible skill.Through her Improv Cookie Company, she makes people smile every single day. Who can resist a delicious cookie that’s decorated with a favourite cartoon character, a TV or movie theme, or a sparkly design that celebrates a special moment in life?She uses different colours of icing in a way that brings to mind a painter’s process - carefully selecting pigments and using them to make her designs come to life right before your eyes.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Alexis about how she used her skills as an improv actor to jump into the world of cookie art, her ability to see things as they could be and not just as they are, how she developed her signature style, and the way her creativity shows up in different situations.Say hi to Alexis:  Instagram  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Dave Gee has an instantly-recognizable drawing style that he’s made his own through lots of practice. He’s a doodle artist, creating his trademark maps that combine his unique doodle style with cartoonish illustrations. He creates maps of cities that are unlike any you may have seen before. To give you an idea, they’re often wall-sized, and much more fun than a typical map! Dave is based in Manchester, UK, and has traveled across Europe, as well as to Hong Kong and the USA to create large scale wall murals.He’s also the co-founder of OverDrawn - Interactive Art Events, bringing creative arts events to community locations. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Dave about developing his signature style, his creative approach when starting a new design on a massive white wall, what it’s like seeing his work on products such as Lancashire Tea and rum bottle labels from the Salford Rum Company, and why he's inspired to bring people together through community-based arts events.Say hi to Dave:  Website  Instagram  Facebook  TwitterPeople who inspire Dave:Keith Haring----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Hello friends!This is the one year mark of the podcast and today I’m taking a moment to thank all of you for being here. And to the 51 guests who have joined me on the 50 episodes that have come out so far, a huge thank you to you too!I think this community we’re creating, and everyone in it, needs to be celebrated! So that’s what we’re doing today.New episodes will start up again in September, and in the meantime, the next few weeks provide the perfect opportunity for you to catch up on any of the episodes you may have missed!Thank you for an amazing first year!- Angela de Burger ----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Inspired by her grandfather’s talent and love of creating stained glass, Chantelle Elsligar took the opportunity to learn the basics of the art form from him. Although he was dealing with memory issues they managed to share these special moments together, creating a family tradition in the process.Once Chantelle started experimenting with designs of her own, she fell in love with the creative process. Whether she’s creating a design with a realistic style or something more abstract in nature, she’s having a lot of fun and can’t imagine her life without stained glass art in it.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Chantelle about why it was important to her to learn as much as she could from her grandfather, what kickstarted her own passion for the art form, the creative process she follows when making a new piece, and how she’s developing her creative voice.Say hi to Chantelle:  Website  Instagram  Facebook  TikTokPeople who inspire Chantelle:Hanna Hastings (Sand and Fire Works), Kara Bussey (Glimpse Glass), Erin (Erin Glass Works), Sarah Fitzpatrick (Witch Way Glass Co.), Donni (Blue Planet Glass).----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Alex Jepson designs and hand carves different types of wood, shaping unique, puzzle-like pieces that come together as incredible pieces of art. His subjects include iconic Canadian landscapes, animals, and creative interpretations of some of his favourite artists’ favourite subjects, such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Sunflowers.Luckily for his fans, he shares lots of behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress photos and videos of his work.Alex says that hand cutting and carving his pieces using high quality wood from local businesses, and then showcasing them in handmade frames, creates a deeply personal and unique piece of artwork.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Alex about the creative spark that started his exploration of creativity and artmaking, what drew him to using wood as a creative medium, where he finds inspiration for the subject matter he tackles, the way his design style has developed over time, and how surrounding himself with art made by four generations of family members fuels his creative energy.Say hi to Alex:  Website  Instagram  FacebookPeople who inspire Alex:Faith Montgomery (@woodensense), Dan Nguyen aka Nuge (@nugeandwood), Daniel Popper (@danielpopper), Vincent Van Gogh, Lawren Harris.----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
TJ McGrath has loved flowers forever, always an admirer, thinking about how amazing it would be to work with them every day. Until one day when he didn’t have to dream about it anymore - he took a giant leap from another career path entirely, straight into the world of floral design.He learned a lot, quickly. And built a community of fellow floral enthusiasts and professionals.Now he has his own floral studio! Is there anything better than hearing about someone making their dream come true?!On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with TJ about what inspired him to make such a big leap to his dream career, how he immersed himself in all aspects of the floral world, whether his design style is evolving now that he’s established his own own floral studio, his creative process when developing a new design, and the value of a supportive community.Say hi to TJ:  Website  Instagram----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Over the past year, longtime artist Anna Chan has found newfound inspiration on a nearby beach. Listening to the call of the materials she found along the way, she began creating ephemeral works of art - meaning they last a very short time. On a beach, that’s usually thanks to the elements, like wind and water.Using found materials such as sand and seashells, she’s made sculptures of a lion, a panda, a whale, a chickadee, a peacock, hedgehog and toucan, to name only a few. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Anna about where she finds the inspiration for her sculptures, why she’s drawn to using found materials, how she gets into a state of creative flow when designing and building pieces, and her creative process when working on a new project.Say hi to Anna:  Website  Instagram  FacebookPeople who inspire Anna:  Louise Bourgeois, Coderch & Malavia----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Keryn Nicholson had a lifelong love of hats, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that the idea of creating handmade, customized hats professionally was ignited in her mind. She’d never before thought of becoming a hatter but now she says she can’t imagine doing anything else.Turning a lifelong love into an unexpected second career takes a lot of passion and hard work. Now she’s a full-time hatter with her own company and plenty of fans.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Keryn about what drew her to this craft, how she customizes each hat for every person she works with, her creative process for design and production, and how her own creativity is impacted by working with so many creative artisans.Say hi to Keryn:  Website  Instagram  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Stacey Robins has been an artist since she was a child, working in a variety of mediums at different times in her life. She says her goal is to make the world more colourful. Painting was a big part of her life for a long time but there came a time when that art form didn’t work for her any longer. That’s when she discovered digital illustration and it’s captured her imagination and led her to create all kinds of fun things. Through her Crafternoon website, she designs and offers products like mini and GIANT colouring posters so that everyone can bring more colour into their lives. She even took over a garage door in her city recently, creating a bright, beautiful design that is an absolute joy to look at. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Stacey about how artmaking helped her navigate challenging times in her life, how she added digital illustration to her creative painting practice, her approach when designing a new product, and the role music plays in her creative process. Say hi to Stacey:  Website:  Instagram  FacebookPeople who inspire Stacey:   Mandy Stobo, Heather Buchanan----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Candace Birger (aka PlexiCosplay) is a talented cosplayer who has been recognized with multiple awards for her incredible costume designs. She even took first place in the armor category at the New York Comic Con Eastern Regional Championships!She’s accomplished all of this by teaching herself how to create all of the elements of her elaborate costumes, including sewing and molding thermoplastics.Who could have guessed that she’d also be able to use her skills in a new way this past year, when she served her community by making masks in support of health care workers and first responders, helping them stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Candace about what drew her into the cosplay community and why she loves it so much, her creative process when creating a new costume, why she shares her design tips and tricks so openly, and what led her to use her talents to support fellow community members.Say hi to Candace:  Website:  Instagram  YouTube  Facebook  Twitter----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Jackie Han discovered origami at a very young age - only 6 years old! His passion for this art form has only grown since then. It’s amazing to see all of the things he can create by simply making a series of folds and creases in a single piece of paper.He’s studied a variety of origami methods and models over the years, so much so that in addition to making things for himself, he also started teaching other people how to do it. He’s offered workshops at schools, libraries, community centres, and over the last year, he’s also offered lots of online sessions.He even started Origami Canada, a youth-led nonprofit that shares origami teaching resources for kids, parents, and seniors.Considering he’s currently in grade 12, you can probably understand why he’s been recognized for his many accomplishments and service to his community, including receiving the Ontario Volunteers Award and a Richmond Hill Arts Awards for Youth. Say hi to Jackie:  Website:  Instagram  YouTube----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Pamela Gaizutyte is a talented dancer and amazing performer who has entertained audiences in her home country of Lithuania as well as internationally for years. Building on her love of dance she started a shoe company called Swingin’ Shoes, where she designs and makes swing dance shoes.She’s won Lindy Hop swing dance competitions, taken on the role of judge in others, and taught dance to people all over the world.Pamela shares her love of dance on her social media channels, giving an energy boost to everyone who watches. There’s no shortage of inspiration when you hear and see Pamela talking about all things swing dance. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Pamela about the ways dance captured her imagination, what inspired her to create a handcrafted swing dance shoe company, her creative approach when developing a new shoe design, why it was important to incorporate sustainability practices into her process, and how she’s found new ways to connect with her dance community. Say hi to Pamela:  Instagram    - Pamela    - Swingin' Shoes  Facebook  Website: Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Sophia Trinh  refers to herself as a creative nerd, loving everything to do with the creative process. She shares her love of artistic expression with others and takes the opportunity to talk about creativity whenever possible. Her family supported her creative pursuits growing up and her education further fostered this love. Through these experiences she was inspired to use art as a tool to engage others and communicate ideas.Sophia is a painter who’s inspired by nature and by teaching. She guides other people as they discover the wonder of the creative arts too. She even joined up with a friend this year to host a conversation on creativity, welcoming multiple speakers and an enthusiastic audience. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Sophia about how she nurtures and shares her creativity, the value she finds in welcoming others to the world of creative expression, and why she feels compelled to facilitate conversations on creativity.Say hi to Sophia:  Website:  InstagramPeople who inspire Sophia:Grace Bonney - In the Company of WomenMarina Abramovic - Walk Through WallsNikki Frumkin - Mountaineer and ArtistJames BaldwinShow mentions:BEDx: Creativity speaker video playlist----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Danielle DeFiore co-founded Anellabees Honey Candies with her young daughter a few years ago with a goal of creating a honey-based candy that everyone in their family would love.Starting out with a confectionary press from the 1880s and honey from their family's farm in the foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, they now offer multiple, delicious, products to their customers. They’re building on a family tradition of working in the world of confections. Putting their own twist on candymaking, Danielle shares lots of stories about how she and Anella are making their own mark in this sweet world.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Danielle about how creativity has shown up throughout her life, what sparked the idea of starting a candy company with her daughter, their creative approach to developing new flavours and clean products, and how they give back to their community.Say hi to Danielle:  Website:  Instagram  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Ptolemy Elrington has an incredible eye for what can be. He sees an item that might have little value to others, and then sees an amazing second life in its future. His imagination and talent allow him to turn one thing into another and that’s pretty awesome to see.He studied art and design and has worked in theatre and set design and construction, led community art projects and travelled extensively. All of these experiences have informed the work he does now, as a sculptor who works in the medium of hubcaps.His hubcap creatures, as he calls them, are made entirely from recycled and upcycled materials. All of the hubcaps are found items, and therefore bear the scars of their previous lives in the form of scratches and abrasions. He believes those marks add texture and history to the creatures they decorate.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Ptolemy about what inspires him to use recycled and upcycled materials, why hubcaps are his material of choice, his creative process when approaching a new project, and how his artistic style has developed over time.Say hi to Ptolemy:  Website:  Instagram  Facebook  Pinterest  TwitterPeople who inspire Ptolemy:  Francisco Goya, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Antoni Gaudí  Moebius, Luigi Serafini, Édouard Martinet, Helen Denerley, Igor Verniy, Michihiro Matsuoka----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram  Twitter credit:
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