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The Creative Pulse is a podcast about people and their creative passions. On each episode host Angela de Burger connects with people who are fired up about expressing themselves by imagining, experimenting and creating. You’ll hear from inspiring creators who’ll give you lots of ideas about how you can explore your creativity too.
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A couple of years ago, due to the sweeping changes to daily routines that came about because of the global pandemic, Travis Grant decided to try his hand at writing fiction - and wow was that a good thing!He has a talent for writing scenes that ring true, creating believable, authentic characters that reflect the world within which he situates them. Those locations often resemble the places he knows and loves best - northern Canadian communities where wilderness surrounds you and influences who you become.He’s been focusing on short stories and that’s working out well for him - his short story, “Angel”, was published by Cowboy Jamboree Magazine & Press in Issue 8.1 (Fall 2022). And recently, his novelette, “Winners & Losers” was published by ELJ Publications. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Travis about what he loves about the craft of storytelling, how he developed his skill set, his creative process when writing a new piece, the creative inspiration provided by the place where he lives, and how he’s developing his unique voice as a writer.  Say hi to Travis:  Twitter - @travisjudegrant  Facebook - @TravisGrant2022----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Corkie Bolton started making jewellery in high school, then went on to graduate from the Pratt Institute with a degree in metalsmithing. She loved it. But then life happened and she found herself setting jewellery-making to the side. Years later, she had an experience that drew her right back, thanks to a chance encounter with a woman whose grandmother had also been a metalsmith. She was generously offered this kindred spirit’s beloved jewellery-making tools and that sparked her passion once again.She started her own jewellery line in 2016, making heirloom quality, handmade products. Embracing the spirit of "community over competition", she launched the Metalsmith Society in 2018 to connect jewellers globally. That led to her writing the “Metalsmith Society's Guide to Jewelry Making”, which has received rave reviews from all over the world.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Corkie about her winding path to becoming a jewellery maker, the value she finds in community and collaboration, why she founded the Metalsmith Society, and the creative process of writing her book.Say hi to Corkie:  Website -  Instagram - @corkieboltonjewelry  Pinterest - JewelryByCorkieBoltonand the Metalsmith Society:  Website -  Instagram - @metalsmithsociety  TikTok - @metalsmithsociety  Pinterest - metalsmithsociety----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Chavah Lindsay dreamed about what she wanted to be from a very early age and those dreams have come true! She is a fashion designer who specializes in special occasion womenswear and her designs are incredible!Chavah’s been having a lot of success - she debuted her new collection at Toronto Fashion Week, has been featured in HELLO magazine, and opened her own shop in Saint John, New Brunswick.She is also one of 16 designers who were selected to create a gown made entirely out of bathroom tissue (also known as toilet paper) as part of the Cashmere Collection show. The gown she made will blow your mind!And recently, she entertained the world with a video she shared on social media, showing how she pranked her daughter with a custom-made skirt. The video has over 20 million views so far!On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Chavah about how she became a fashion designer, what it was like to create a gown using bathroom tissue as fabric, and the beyond-the-scenes story of her viral prank video.Say hi to Chavah:  Website  Instagram  TikTok  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
He started his career in a different field but over time Andrew Prior found himself drawn to cooking and travelling more and more. He can pinpoint the experience that changed his life: appearing on MasterChef Australia. By the time the show was over, he realized that food and travel were his true passions and he wanted to pursue them professionally. He went on to create a successful walking food tour business in Melbourne, welcoming over 3,000 clients in 4 years!But, Andrew says, France was calling his name. So with his husband and two golden retrievers, he took the bold step of packing up and moving internationally. Since then, he’s completed Le Cordon Bleu’s Patisserie course, hosted food tours of regional France and the Cote D’Azur, established a YouTube channel to share his adventures, offered cooking classes, and launched a podcast called Fabulously Delicious.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Andrew about how food and flavours have inspired his creativity in many different ways, his experience on MasterChef Australia, how that competitive environment impacted his creative process, and why he started a podcast to share stories about French foods and flavours.Say hi to Andrew:  Website  Instagram  Facebook  YouTube  Podcast----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Hi everyone, it’s your host Angela de Burger here.I can’t believe that the end of the year is approaching already! It’s incredible to me that another year of welcoming talented, fascinating, creative people to the podcast is coming to a close.So I’m taking this moment to say thank you. And to let you know that it’s time for a short winter break. Over the next couple of months I’ll be preparing more great episodes for you, and getting ready to share even more conversations with the amazingly creative people out there!I will be back in the early part of the new year, with lots of awesome new episodes.In the meantime, with 80 conversations in this series so far, it’s a perfect time to catch up on any episodes you may have missed, or revisit ones that might inspire you all over again!----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
For the first time ever, a guest has returned to the podcast! Drew Hill is here to share all about his latest exciting projects, including a brand new book.Drew is a talented crochet artist who specializes in creating fun, adorable characters to add to a collection he calls “Drewbie’s Zoo”. Back on episode 28, we talked about how he learned to crochet, what inspired him, and how he dreamed up all of the cute characters he could bring to the world. Since then, he’s created an even bigger creative community for himself, made tons of fun videos and hosted livestream chats to share his love of crocheting, and he even wrote a book! It’s called “Crochet Magical Creatures” and includes 20 patterns for how to crochet your own stuffed animals. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Drew about what intrigued him about using videos to share projects and connect with new people, the creative challenge he took on by writing a book, why he’s been doing so many more collaborations, and how his own creativity has been influenced by friends and family members such as his uncle, Pete Souza (a renowned photojournalist and former Chief Official White House Photographer for two Presidents of the United States - Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama).Say hi to Drew:  Website  Instagram  TikTok  Twitch  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Brendan Rawlings spots driftwood and sees the possibility for sculptures. He’s able to breathe new life into reclaimed wood too, creating new ways for it to be enjoyed and valued. After a successful career in another field, he discovered his creative passion while making a driftwood sculpture of a shark for his brother-in-law as a gift. During that process he says he finally, in his mid-thirties, realized what he wanted to be when he grew up.He shared a photo of the shark sculpture online and very quickly had requests for commissioned work, and with that his company Zen Wood Design was officially in business. He believes that sustainability should be at the heart of all business practices and protecting our beautiful planet is a responsibility we should all take seriously. Along with rave reviews from his clients, he’s also an award winner, named Sculpture Artist of the Year in 2021 at the Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Awards.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Brendan about what drew him to artful woodworking, how he combines sustainability efforts and his business practices, and why he uses his talents to support local charities.Say hi to Brendan:  Website  Instagram  TikTok  Facebook  Twitter----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Faigie Kobre says that art wasn’t really her thing growing up, but she did have a serious love for art supplies.She became an early childhood educator, providing her students lots of opportunities to develop their own creativity. She even started a website for parents and teachers, providing arts and crafts activities for children to help them grow and develop their creative potential. She also developed photography skills and became a high end portrait photographer. Then her world changed - she was taking a course and had to do research on creativity. As a result, she stumbled across mixed media art. It was all new to her - and through that process, she fell in love with alcohol inks and the art she can create with them. True to her roots as an educator, she couldn’t wait to share her new discovery so other people could experiment with the medium too.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Faigie about what keeps her curious about trying new forms of creativity and sharing them with people, why alcohol inks grabbed her attention so fully, and her creative inspirations when starting new projects.Say hi to Faigie:  Website  Instagram  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Phillip Bailey takes map-making to a new level. He creates hand-drawn works of art that incorporate traditional elements as well as unexpected, unusual designs.He’s had a passion for both geography and art throughout his life, so making hand-drawn maps is a perfect fit for him. Every piece he makes is created by hand with no tracing or computer-generated imaging involved.He even creates personalized, custom maps that reflect the geography and experiences that are meaningful to the person who places the order. In some cases, he even creates “merged maps” that combine two or more countries, states, provinces or cities.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Phillip about how he uses storytelling and personalization to create unique maps, his approach when beginning a new project, his summer theme of “collaborative creations”, and whether collaborating boosts his own creativity.Say hi to Phillip:  Website  Instagram  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Emily Puente is a total pro at so many things - and stop motion animation is one of the latest ways she’s sharing her creativity with the world. This form of visual storytelling is an incredible way to create a scene and bring viewers on a ride, all through a series of very small movements.Her company, Huddl Studio, specializes in short-form content for social media and creative content for websites. Her work is showcased through social media posts that instantly grab your attention! She definitely knows how to create visuals that are both compelling and memorable.In addition to this stop motion animation specialty, she and her creative collaborator, who happens to be her husband, have also established two other successful businesses over the years: Emily and Steven Photography, specializing in weddings and portraits, and Huddl Booth, providing mobile photo booths for events.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Emily about how she discovered stop motion animation and why she loves it, her ability to creatively pivot when needed, the role storytelling plays in her work, and the creative process she’s developed over time.Say hi to Emily:  Instagram   Website ----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Lauren Schipper knows all about the kinds of unique sets of dice that can help you conjure up some extra magic during games with your friends. She recently made a big career jump into making custom dice full-time through her own company - Busy Wizard Dice - so she knows what she’s talking about.“Dice handmade with love” - that’s what she says you can expect from her. She specializes in creating full 7-piece RPG sets (that stands for “role playing games”). She works closely with clients to learn about what will make their custom set as special as it can be for them. She even collaborates with other artisans who make miniature items that she can incorporate into the dice as unique inclusions.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Lauren about how she got into making custom dice, what it’s been like to transition her side gig into a full-time business, how she works with clients to ensure she knows exactly what they’re looking for, and the fun of working with fellow creative artists on specialized elements.Say hi to Lauren:  Instagram   TikTok   Twitter   Website ----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Laura Downing handmakes ceramics and each piece is unique as a result. Taking clay as a raw material, then using her hands and a wheel to get the design exactly right, she creates all kinds of things - everything from mugs, to ornaments, to items that support other artists, like watercolour paint palettes! One of the final steps of her process is to fire those items in a kiln, which heats the pieces to incredibly high temperatures - 600 to 1000 degrees Celsius (or for those who use Fahrenheit - that’s 1100 to 1800 degrees)! Talk about high stakes - thank goodness she really knows what she’s doing.Laura also uses her talents to raise money for social causes that are important to her. Creating a couple of special series, she sold sets and donated a portion of the proceeds to charities and non-profits.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Laura about why she was drawn to creating one-of-a-kind, handmade ceramics, how she approaches a new design concept, the differences she’s found between selling her pieces online and in person, and why she spends time making pieces that support social causes she cares about.Say hi to Laura:  Instagram   Website People who inspire Laura:  Jessica Joslin (@jessjos)----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Allie Goodbun has worked hard for years to be able to do the thing that makes her happiest - dancing - as her job. She’s a really motivated, and a really motivating, creative talent who is chasing her dreams and making the most of where they take her.She began dancing at the age of five and since then has performed in tons of shows, studied in New York in sessions led by Radio City Rockettes, starred on a dance-focused TV show called “The Next Step”, launched her own online fitness business, and most recently, joined the cast as a dancer at Le Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Allie about how she expresses herself through movement, whether her own creative energy is fuelled by collaborations, why it was rewarding to create a welcoming online community during the pandemic, and what it’s like to be a professional dancer at the legendary Moulin Rouge cabaret.Say hi to Allie:  Instagram ----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
For Gabe Wasylko, the long days of the pandemic became a source of inspiration. He wanted to find a way to add some bright moments so he challenged himself to take a photo every single day and share it through his social media accounts.That “one photo a day” idea really took hold and now his series, “Capturing Cleveland” is an incredible showcase of the diversity of landscapes and beauty found in his city. He says he loves the time spent, often all on his own in the early hours of the morning, behind the lens of his camera. This project even led him to host a charity event, where his photographs became a way for people to support causes that play important roles in the community.He was thrilled to recently be recognized as one of Cleveland’s best photographers.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Gabe about the challenge of a daily creative practice, his process for capturing spectacular images, what motivated him to use his talents to support charities in his community, and the power of community.Say hi to Gabe:  Website   Twitter   Instagram   Facebook  TikTok ----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Jim Bachor says that “using the same materials, tools and methods of the archaic craftsmen, I create mosaics that speak of modern things in an ancient voice.”A student and enthusiast of history, artmaking, and storytelling that will endure for the ages, he creates works of art that speak about unusual things, through culturally relevant themes and concepts. In addition to participating in traditional art shows and designing commissions, he also installs his mosaics as unexpected pieces of public art. He searches out potholes (!) in city streets and they become homes for his mosaic artworks, sharing stories in places where everyone can see them.His work has been recognized with multiple awards, from organizations such as the Society of American Mosaic Artists and the University & College Designers Association. He also presented a TEDx Talk entitled, “Immortality is a Team Effort.”Timeout Chicago included his pieces in a list of the city's greatest public art, and the New York Post called him the "Pothole Picasso”.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Jim about how artists who lived thousands of years ago inspire him today, why the concept of immortality is such a driving force in his work, how he started creating pothole mosaics and his approach when creating a new design concept, and his latest series called “Master Pieces”.Say hi to Jim:  Website  Instagram  TEDx Talk----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Hello friends! This week it’s all me, your host Angela de Burger, saying HI and THANK YOU for tuning in to the episodes, hearing from all of the amazingly creative people who join me on the podcast.I created this podcast to shine a light on people and their creative passions. I’m 70 episodes into this creative passion of mine - the podcast - and as I plan for the future, I’d love to hear from you! So today I have a request: I’ve created a short survey that will only take 2 or 3 minutes of your time, so I can hear more about what you like, what you want more of, who you want to hear from, all of that good stuff! Share your thoughts with me - start the survey!I can’t wait to hear from you!And I can’t wait to continue bringing you conversations with some of the most passionate and creative people I’ve ever come across.----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Dingding Hu is an illustrator who specializes in food illustration. She creates whimsical, colourful designs and says she’s in the mood of food and on a quest for joy! She develops commercial art projects for brands to enhance their unique voices and makes editorial illustrations to brighten up reading experiences for publications. Dingding has her own online shop too, called Hu is Hungry, where she offers food-inspired merch. Since she’s always exploring new ways to share her creativity, she recently started performing stand-up comedy, and is launching a podcast.She’s worked on projects for Google, the MIT Media Lab, and DOT NYC. Her work has also appeared in the New York Times, HuffPost, and TED. She is the recipient of a silver medal for Digital Media at the Comics and Cartoon Art Show, presented by the Society of Illustrators.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Dingding about why she was drawn to food illustration, her creative process when beginning a new project, whether her design style has evolved over time, and how stand up comedy is stretching her creativity in new ways.Say hi to Dingding:  Website  Instagram  Newsletter----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Siew Heng Boon is a Jelly Artist who crafts 3D jelly cakes and she’s the founder of Jelly Alchemy. She uses seaweed jelly in many different colours to create intricate designs, working with a variety of tools to inject coloured jelly into a clear jelly mold. Siew builds complex images in layers, creating them from an upside-down perspective and then flipping them over when complete and ready to serve.She creates floral designs as well as almost any animal you can think of - fish, a panda, a peacock, a bunny, and many types of birds, to name only a few. Siew’s stunning, unique work is handcrafted, edible and as equally delicious as it is beautiful.People have been so intrigued with her work over the years that they asked her to teach them how to do it too. She generously shares her knowledge and techniques with students all over the world through her Jelly Alchemy online classes, as well as in person in Sydney, Australia (where she’s based) at the Australian Patisserie Academy.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Siew about discovering jelly art and her talent for it, how she approaches a new design concept, how long it takes to make such intricate, multi-layered 3D images, and whether teaching people these techniques fuels her creativity in new ways.Say hi to Siew:  Website  Instagram  Facebook  YouTube----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Shazlin Rahman’s beloved grandmother was a strong presence in her life and the artwork she creates is inspired by that strong, resilient woman and her batik sarongs. She says she uses her art to engage audiences in conversations about the resilience of women of colour.Shazlin not only shares images of her finished work, but also time-lapse videos that allow us to see how the end result came to be. She’s developed a creative process over many years that allows her to use all of her skills and talents to craft the stories she wants to share.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Shazlin about what inspires her to tell stories through her artwork, from where she draws inspiration, how she combines free form and defined shapes within her artwork and the importance of keeping your mind open to what may be possible when you’re getting creative.Say hi to Shazlin:  Website  Instagram----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
Molly Wilkinson grew up in Dallas, Texas but followed her lifelong passion for baking to Paris, then to other cities in France, and now finds herself in Versailles - yes, the same one you’ve heard of with the incredible Château de Versailles just down the street from where she now lives!After studying to become a French pastry chef, at Le Cordon Bleu no less, she is perfecting her craft and sharing her source of joy with the world! She’s had a very busy few years - offering in-person classes where she breaks down classic French pastry recipes and makes them easy and accessible, establishing an online pastry school, and becoming a published author of a cookbook titled French Pastry Made Simple, perfect for bakers of all levels.Thanks to her infectious enthusiasm, smile, and in-depth knowledge of everything she teaches, it’s like she’s right there in the kitchen with you, every step of the way. She takes pride in the method she’s created to make French pastry easy by breaking down recipes and showing lots of tips and tricks to help any baker achieve extraordinary results.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Molly about how her love of baking came to be, why she’s in love with French pastries in particular, whether teaching people to bake fires up her own creativity, and the creative collaboration that resulted in her incredible cookbook.Say hi to Molly:  Website  Instagram  TikTok  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
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