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Dr. Mariel Buqué is a Columbia University-trained Psychologist and intergenerational trauma expert. She provides wellness workshops for mental health and is the author of the upcoming book Break the Cycle, a book focused on healing Intergenerational Trauma. You may find her work at and on social media at @dr.marielbuque.Instagram - - - website - https://www.drmarielbuque.comSupport the show
Jake Ernst is a therapist, writer, and creator. Jake helps people make changes in their lives so they can live more creatively and courageously. Through his writing and creative content design, Jake helps people connect to their authenticity so they can deepen their connection with themselves and with others. Jake is the Clinical Director at Straight Up Health, a mental health clinic for young people and their families, and lives in Toronto with his partner and their dog, Otto.Connect with Jake: Social media: @mswjake Email: jake@straightuphealth.caWebsite: www.mswjake.comSupport the show
Michele Borba, Ed. D., is the author of UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World and is an internationally renowned educational psychologist, and an expert in parenting, resilience, and character development. A sought-after motivational speaker, she has spoken in 19 countries on five continents and served as a consultant tohundreds of schools and corporations including Sesame Street, Harvard, U.S. Air Force Academy, 18 US Army bases in Europe and the Asian-Pacific, H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, a TEDx Talk: “Empathy Is a Verb” and is the recipient of Sanford N. McDonnell Award for Lifetime Achievement in Character Education. She offers realistic, research-based advice culled from a career working with over one million parents and educators worldwide. Dr. Borba is a regular NBC contributor who appears regularly on Today and has been featured as a parenting expert on Dateline, The View, Dr. Phil, NBC Nightly News, Fox & Friends, Dr. Oz, and The Early Show, among many others. She lives in Palm Springs, California, with her husband, and is the mother of three grown sons.Support the show
Dr. Cohen, a clinical psychologist, is the author of, Light at The Other Side of Divorce: Discovering the New You which debuted at #1 on Amazon in popular psychology.She is the CEO and founder of the online divorce course and membership Afterglow: The Light at the Other Side of Divorce. Dr. Cohen is the CEO of the Center for CBT in NYC. Dr. Cohen’s online course teaches women how to heal, grow and thrive after divorce no matter how difficult the process has been.Dr. Cohen received her PhD in clinical psychology from Boston University. She was the recipient of the prestigious American Psychological Foundation Research Award for her research on the emotional effects of 9/11.She has been featured on the Tamron Hall Show, the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, Women’s Health, Huff Post, Thrive Global, Daily Beast and Good Housekeeping.Dr. Cohen is a weekly contributor to Psychology Today with her “Divorce Course” column.Dr. Cohen’s Divorce Doctor podcast which shares people’s divorce stories hit 10,000 downloads in only 3 months.Support the show
Whitney Goodman is the radically honest psychotherapist behind the hugely popular Instagram account @sitwithwhit, the author of Toxic Positivity, and the owner of The Collaborative Counseling Center, a private therapy practice in Miami, FL. She helps people who want to improve their relationships and emotional awareness.Whitney earned her undergraduate degree at Tulane University and a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from The University of Miami. She has additional training and certifications in working with couples, trauma, and clients who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses. Whitney has her own column in Psychology Today and has been featured in dozens of domestic and international publications, including The New York Times, Teen Vogue, NY Magazine, Instyle, and Good Morning America. Whitney is a millennial on a quest to make mental health information accessible and easy to understand. She rejects the idea that a therapist should be a blank slate and believes that authenticity and emotional expression are the keys to living a full life. Whitney fully embraces her successes, humanity, and struggles and strives for authenticity in everything she does. Whitney lives in Miami, FL with her husband, their son, and two dogs, Luna and Charlie.Website: sitwithwhit.comEmail:  Instagram: @sitwithitFacebook: the show
Dr. Justin Puder is a licensed psychologist and content creator living in south Florida. He has a private practice where he primarily works with teens and young adults struggling with anxiety, grief, and trauma. Dr. J has built a community of more than 800,000 followers by creating content aimed to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health. He is passionate about representing therapy in a realistic light, which includes humor and therapist growth. He recently launched the podcast "Drop-in with Dr. J" where he has weekly mental health chats with experts and individuals who are passionate about sharing their authentic experiences with mental health. Contact:,, @amoderntherapistSupport the show
Dr. Michelle Deering believes that every mother and daughter should have a thriving loving relationship. This refreshing approach has made her a sought-after speaker, online educator, and consultant.  Before running her consulting business, Michelle served as a licensed psychologist and board-certified sport psychologist at a BIG 10 University, Fortune 500 corporate trainer, and higher education professional. Nowadays you’ll find her speaking at conferences, training for her next  Reebok Spartan Sprint Race, and practicing rudiments on her drum kit — all while coaching, serving clients, and recording her hit podcast, Mother Daughter Connections™.  SOCIAL Podcast: MotherDaughterConnections™ Episode 41: Manifesto Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: @MotherDaughterConnectionsSupport the show
Daniel H. Pink is the author of several provocative, bestselling books about business, work, creativity, and behavior. His books include: o When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing unlocks the scientific secrets to good timing to help you flourish at work, at school, and at home. When spent four months on the New York Times bestseller list. It was also a Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestseller.  Several outlets (including Amazon, iBooks, and Goodreads) named it one of the best non-fiction books of 2018. It has been translated into 33 languages. o To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others uses social science to offer a fresh look at the art and science of sales. To Sell Is Human was a #1 bestseller on the New York Times, Wall Street  Journal, and Washington Post lists and has been translated into 34 languages. More than a dozen outlets, from Amazon to The Washington Post, selected it as one of the best books of the year. It also won the American Marketing Association’s Berry Book Prize as the year’s best book on marketing. o Drive The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us draws on 50 years of behavioral science to overturn the conventional wisdom about human motivation. Along with being a Wall Street  Journal, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Publishers  Weekly bestseller, Drive spent 159 weeks on the New York Times (main and extended) bestseller lists.  A national bestseller in Japan and the United Kingdom, the book has been translated into 40  languages. o A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future charts the rise of right-brain thinking in modern economies and describes the six traits individuals and organizations must master in an outsourced, automated age. A Whole New Mind was on the New York Times (main and extended)  bestseller lists for 96 weeks over four years. It has been a Freshman Read at several U.S. colleges and universities. In 2008, Oprah Winfrey gave away 4,500 copies of the book to Stanford University’s graduating class when she was the school’s commencement speaker. Pink was host and co-executive producer of Crowd Control, a television series about human behavior on the  National Geographic Channel that aired in more than 100 countries. He has appeared frequently on NPR, PBS,  ABC, CNN, and other TV and radio networks in the U.S. and abroad. His 2020 MasterClass on sales and persuasion is one of the most popular courses on the platform. He has been a contributing editor at Fast Company and Wired as well as a business columnist for The Sunday  Telegraph. His articles and essays have also appeared in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, The  New Republic, Slate, and other publications. He was a Japan Society Media fellow in Tokyo, where he studied the country’s massive comic industry. Before venturing out on his own 20 years ago, Dan worked in several positions in politics and government,  including serving from 1995 to 1997 as chief speechwriter to Vice President Al Gore. Pink earned a B.A. in linguistics from Northwestern University, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kapa and a  J.D. from Yale Law School.  Pink and his wife live in Washington, D.C. They are the parents of two recent college graduates and a college freshman. Support the show
Dr. Sasha Hamdani is a Board Certified psychiatrist and ADHD specialist. In addition to her private practice, she had a robust social media following across multiple platforms where she provides accessible and accurate information about ADHD. Coming Soon ,  a book about adhd self care in the fall!Support the show
Reinvention is at the core of Apolo Anton Ohno. He acquired and honed this skill over a decade of Olympic speed skating competitions during which he became the most decorated US Winter Olympian of all time. Apolo continually adapts that performance mindset to support ongoing personal and professional growth. He has drawn on this acumen to become a global cross-industry entrepreneur, a successful sports broadcaster and television personality, a New York Times best-selling author, a partner at Tribe Capital, and a lifelong scholar inside and outside the university setting. Apolo harnesses these experiences to educate and inspire organizations on how to foster a sustained leadership mindset needed to overcome current business challenges.Support the show
Mental Health Expert Dr. Peace Amadi, PsyD, is a professor, author, speaker, and trauma-informed coach who helps people heal and lead. From leaders, entrepreneurs, and content creators to pastors, parents, and educators, Dr. Peace is a coach and cheerleader to the people in our lives that everyone goes to. She is the author of Why Do I Feel Like This? which hit #1 on Amazon’s New Releases in Mental Health. She is the Founder of The Authorpreneur Accelerator, which helps people of influence deepen their impact through published books and transformative programs. She is a professor of psychology and of leadership at Hope International University. And she is a recurring TV Host— her most recent work on The Blend – a talk show focused on the health of black women in America. Additionally, Dr. Peace has also: ● delivered a TEDx talk about the impact of social media on self-esteem and mental health ● been invited to speak at UCLA, Yale, Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount, Biola, and Azusa Pacific University, among others. ● Paneled alongside A-list producers and actors to discuss race, justice, and trauma issues in the black community ●  Published in the Journal of Psychology & Theology. ● Been featured live on ABC News and Women’s Health, Essence, Blavity, VIBE, Propel Women, Relevant Magazine, among others. Dr. Peace leads with vulnerability, speaking from professional expertise and personal experience about the importance of honoring the pain in one’s story and transforming it into personal power and influence. “Your past is your superpower” is a mantra she lives by. “Your purpose is where your story and the world’s deep needs meet” is what she preaches.Email: itspeaceamadi@gmail.comWebsite: IG & Twitter: @itspeaceamadi  Support the show
Ariella Azaraf is a psychotherapist in private practice and speaker in New York City. She enjoys working with emerging adults struggling with anxiety, and depression, navigating relationships and boundaries as well as learning to cultivate a sense of self-love. With a unique lens of self-compassion and self-acceptance, Ariella feels passionate about helping and empowering individuals to work through struggle and trauma while also holding space for self-compassion and acceptance.Instagram: @AriellaAzarafLCSWEmail: AriellaAzarafLCSW@gmail.comPhone #: 929-282-0449Website: www.AriellaAzarafLCSW.comSupport the show
Dr. Kathryn Stamoulis is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Educational Psychologist based in New York.  She is an expert in female adolescent sexual development and sexualized violence. In her role as a counselor, she has worked with both victims of sexual harassment and abuse, as well as perpetrators. She also teaches and has served as an adjunct psychology professor at Hunter College in New York City. She is a former president of the American Psychological Association Society for Media Psychology and currently serves on its board.  Of late, her work has focused on educating the public on sexual grooming and spreading awareness surrounding the psychological manipulation techniques sexual predators employ. Sexual abuse thrives in a culture of silence, and Kathryn is driven by the knowledge that openly discussing issues around sexuality with young people will reduce the rate of sexualized violence as well as improve their lives in countless other ways. Kathryn often appears in the media, talking about current events and research surrounding adolescent sexuality. She has consulted on the Jeffrey Epstein case, and was featured in the Netflix docuseries Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. Additionally, she has been featured in many media outlets including MSNBC, The New York Times, NPR, The BBC and Chicago Tribune. Support the show
Growing up in the era of Sex and the City and Bridget Jones, Kate Bee believed her drinkingwas simply what successful, independent women did. After all, she was a journalist and TVproducer for the BBC - drinking after work was how people socialized. Except she was tired offeeling hungover and ashamed about what felt like more drinking than was healthy.   When Kate decided to get sober, she was disappointed to find the only real support was through AA. She attended a few meetings but left feeling like she didn’t fit in because she was getting sober before her drinking had negatively impacted her work or relationships. But, there was no middle ground - it seemed like you either didn’t have a real problem or you had to be a full-blown alcoholic to get help.   That’s why Kate founded The Sober School, a coaching program that helps women feel inspired and empowered by their decision to quit drinking. She helps women who are ready to start living their best life learn how to do it without a glass of wine in hand. Kate’s course helps women understand why they really drink, so they can change their relationship with alcohol for good. Kate lives near Manchester in the UK. Social Media@thesoberschool on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.thesoberschool.comSupport the show
Aliza Tropper, LMHC is a Licensed Psychotherapist for over 10 years. She has a private practice in Cedarhurst NY.  She works mainly with adolescents and adults who are struggling with anxiety, OCD, depression, relationship difficulties, life transitions, and trauma. She also runs DBT groups, for both adolescents and adults. Her website is and you can also find her on Instagram @alizatropper.Support the show
Kelly McKenna is a licensed therapist, specializing in helping millennial women and teens overcome anxiety. Kelly uses her platform on Instagram @sitwithkelly to provide educational and relatable content about anxiety. As someone with anxiety herself, she believes strongly in normalizing conversations around mental health. In addition to providing virtual therapy to anxious millennials in NY, NJ, and FL, Kelly also coaches other therapists, helping them to find their voice online and grow thriving private practices.I would appreciate backlinks to my website. My contact info is on Instagram and TikTokSupport the show
Diana Hill, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and co-author of ACT Daily Journal: Get unstuck and live fully with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She is also a co-host of the popular podcast, Psychologists Off the Clock and offers regular teachings in compassion and ACT through Insight LA , Mindful Heart Programs, her blog on Psychology Today and on Instagram. Through her online teachings, executive coaching, clinical supervision, and private therapy practice Diana encourages clients to build psychological flexibility so that they can live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Diana has a knack for unpacking complex, science-based concepts and making them applicable to daily life in work, parenting, relationships and health. She completed her undergraduate work at UC Santa Barbara, majoring in Biopsychology, followed by a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at CU Boulder where she researched mindfulness and acceptance based approaches for eating disorders. Diana practices what she preaches as a mom of two, homesteader, and yoga teacher. Learn more about her latest offerings here and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get tools to build psychological flexibility into your daily life. Support the show
Krista Carlin (she/her) is a Registered Social Worker, ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider and the Founder of The Curious Collective, a virtual psychotherapy practice based in Ontario, Canada. While she is a solo practice owner for now, she has dreams of connecting clients and clinicians to a collective of people who are passionate about neurodivergent advocacy and activism. From exploring neurodivergence, to learning to live after a late-diagnosis, to using trauma-specific care to process oppression based on neurology; Krista’s approach to Adult ADHD therapy is one that deeply honours neurodiversity. Being a divergent thinker herself, Krista knows that divergent minds are worthy of authenticity and empowerment. Contact Info:Website: www.thecuriouscollective.caIG: @adhd.thecuriouscollectiveSupport the show
Blake Blankenbecler is a psychodynamic therapist specializing in anxiety, childhood trauma, and eating disorders. Blake has worked with folks from the west coast to the east coast and is now based in Charleston, SC where she has a private practice working with individuals helping them come into greater compassion and integration with their story, their body, and their emotionswebsite: email: blake@blakeblankenbecler.comphone: 843.608.9203instagram: blakeblankenbeclerSupport the show
Adriana is a narcissistic abuse recovery life coach based in Toronto, Canada. She empowers her clients worldwide to heal from narcissistic abuse, set boundaries, and live life on their own terms. After her own 4-year struggle with physical chronic pain, she learned about the mind-body connection and the work of Dr. John Sarno. In a nutshell, chronic pain can be linked to repressed emotions from childhood trauma. After doing her inner work around her childhood having been raised by a narcissistic mother, her chronic pain went away and this inspired her to be a life coach and help others who are facing similar issues.Website: @letsgetyourshifttogether    Support the show (
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