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The search for a 78 year old great-grandmother deepens when authorities find themselves investigating not only her disappearance but the discovery of another missing person, as well… 
The arrest of Anatoly Moskvin for the desecration of graves in 2011 would lead to more crimes than anyone could have ever imagined. What was found inside the home he shared with his parents is something out of a horror movie. 
The search for 22 years old Michaela "Mickey" Shunick took investigators in multiple directions over the course of her disappearance in 2012. Michaela’s strength and perseverance would ultimately lead to the arrest of her killer. Michaela “Mickey” Shunick Official Facebook Page: Website: - A site founded by the Mickey Shunick Campaignwww.ramissingpeople.orgRAMissingPeople Official Instagram@RAMissingpeopleWays YOU can support the show! Want to make a one-time donation? You can do that on #PayPal using the email address Become a #Patreon! With five levels to choose from, you can support Those Murder Girls Podcast with a monthly donation that will go towards production and keeping #ads out  of our episodes.  And, any #donation over $3 will get you a shoutout on the show! Sign up now at
A young single mother and her 22 month old daughter go missing April 2019 after they move into the home of a man in Calgary, Alberta, Canada just months after meeting him. Sadly,  she couldn’t have met this man at a more vulnerable time in her life as things would turn deadly shortly after they moved in. 
The fourth victim of the infamous Happy Face Killer (Keith Hunter Jesperson) has been identified after nearly 30 years. Dumped along Highway 152 near Dinosaur Point in Gilroy, California, Patricia 'Patsy' Skiple was referred to only as 'Blue Pacheco' because of the clothing and location she was found in by the Santa Clara County Sheriffs department. The department never forgot her story or the will to give Blue Pacheco her identity back. Thanks to a team of dedicated professionals, now she does. 
Elnaz Hajtamiri, an Iranian-born woman, has been missing for over three months, baffling authorities, family and friends. Violently taken from the home of family she had been staying with while they looked on helplessly. Elnaz has not been seen since January 12, 2022. #bringelnazhome #saveelnazWays YOU can support the show!Want to make a one-time donation? You can do that on #PayPal using the email address murdergirls@thosemurdergirlspodcast.comBecome a #Patreon! With five levels to choose from, you can support Those Murder Girls Podcast with a monthly donation that will go towards production and keeping #ads out  of our episodes.  And, any #donation over $3 will get you a shoutout on the show! Sign up now at 
Thomas Eugene Creech, a self-proclaimed serial killer, is ruthless with 42 murders to his name, 11 of which have been confirmed. Now Idaho's longest living death row inmate, a life on death row couldn't stop him from killing. Ways to support the show:Become a Patreon! With five levels to choose from you can support Those Murder Girls Podcast with a monthly donation, that will go a long ways. And, any donation over $3 will get you a shoutout on the show! Want to make a one-time donation? You can do that on PayPal using the email address murdergirls@thosemurdergirlspodcast.comFOLLOW us on social media! Facebook: @ThoseMurderGirlsPodcast
A set of human legs were found discarded in a Southern California dumpster, with no clues as to who they could have belong to in sight. The case sat on a cold case shelf for almost twenty years, that was until a determined investigator was assigned to the case. 
Michael Sandoval, a 17 year old who was found deceased under suspicious circumstances in his family's Colorado home. Local law enforcement quickly ruled Michael's death a suicide, but Michael's family, friends and members of the community believe there is much more that lead to his untimely death.  This episode has been dedicated to Michael Issacc Sandoval, 2002-2019.Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255Website: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.orgTip Line: Referenced Articles
Could a brother who grew up best friends with his sibling also be their killer? A mansion fire in Colts Neck Township killed a family of four just days before Thanksgiving 2018 and now a brother will soon stand trial for arson, all four murders and a ton of additional charges. 
National Domestic Violence Hotline Call: 800.799.SAFESafeNest - Call or Text (Confidential) 702-646-4981
Michael Roak and Tiffany York were lovers with a bright future ahead of them, that was until a group of extremist soldiers from Fort Stewart, Georgia felt the need to kill them in an effort to keep their plans of destruction and assassination a secret. 
We! Are! Live! Your Murder Girls have a Mashup for you today in episode 80, with stories on the tragic cases involving Larry O'neil and his sister Joshlyn Johnson and another on beloved California teacher Rocio Duncan.
Newlyweds Isabella Hellman and Lewis Bennett would board a sailboat for a honeymoon some could only dream of spring 2017. Little did Isabella know the man she had recently exchanged vows with had much more planned than just a romantic getaway. 
In 1998 Matthew Cecchi was killed in a chance encounter with a psychopathic maniac on a southern California beach.*This episode is extremely graphic. Listener discretion is advised.
Where is Karlie Lain Guse? The blonde hair blue-eyed 16-year-old went missing from her home in Mono County California in October 2018. Karlie was last seen the early morning of October 12th by her stepmother, before vanishing without a trace, leaving everything behind. There have been no signs of Karlie to this day, leaving her case unsolved.Have a tip you want to report?Contact: Mono County Sheriff's Office by emailing them at or 760-932-5678Sacramento Office of the FBI by calling 916-746-7000 Or you can submit a tip online at *All tips can remain anonymous.
Buried in his own backyard!?  When 33 year-old Michael Shaver was last seen in late 2015,  those close to him were told by Michael's wife Laurie, that he simply up and left his family and moved away to start a new life. But was that really the case? It would take years before Laurie Shaver's house of lies would come crumbling down and the truth of what happened to Michael would be revealed. Download and tune in now to your murder girls brand new episode! Live now wherever you listen to podcasts . 
Columbian born serial killer Pedro Alonso Lopez, also know as the Monster of the Andes, killed hundreds across Ecuador, Columbia and Peru between 1969-2002, only being convicted for less than a third of his crimes. 
A 14 year old high school freshman heads out for an evening bike ride in his tight knit Florida neighborhood and something goes terribly wrong. Sadly, on this evening, Ryan Rogers would not return home. He would be found brutally murdered the following morning just three miles from home. 
In 2018 James and Michelle Butler left it all behind and set out on a cross-country trip of a lifetime. This trip would be tragically cut short at the hands of two strangers. 
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