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You Are Seen | The Untold Stories
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You Are Seen | The Untold Stories

Author: Nicholas Juzdan

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The greatest gift we can give someone is the chance to see themselves through somebody else’s story. In this podcast, audience members will be able to explore the stories and experiences of a variety of people. Our host Nicholas Juzdan will sit down with individuals who have experiences that have transformed their lives. We invite you to explore and engage in the stories shared through this podcast. These are the untold stories that will open our minds and transform our world. We hope that you can put yourself in another person’s shoes and be able to say “You Are Seen.”
11 Episodes
Host Nick Juzdan sat down with Loreal Moss on July 2, 2020. Loreal is a clarity catalyst and lifestyle strategist with a passion for helping entrepreneurial moms discover their purpose. As the founder and CEO of Intuitive Biz Solutions, she provides services to help business owners infuse self-care into their work, hire the best team to excel their business growth, and receive support and accountability as they navigate their unique path to greatness. When she's not working or recording episodes for her podcast - Girl, F**k Them Kids - she can be found dancing inappropriately to popular music, sleeping, or sipping a cocktail. Loreal is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and identifies as Pansexual. 
Nick Juzdan sat down with Oluwatosin Akintan "Tosin" on June 18th. Tosin is a mental health professional who was born in Nigeria and moved to the states when she was 16 years old.  She currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. In her free time she runs a mental health platform called New Definitions with the goal to educate, inform and inspire individuals about the field of mental health and life overall. 
Nick Juzdan sat down with Alicia Greene on June 18th. Alicia is a fierce, queer Black femme.  Ms. Greene is an accomplished educator, performing artist and arts administrator.  She is a noted speaker and facilitator on issues of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, as well as a committed advocate for social justice. Alicia has worked with non-profit organizations for over 20 years in community engagement, community advocacy, performing arts and education. Black Queer Lives Matter! 
Host Nick Juzdan sat down on June 8th, with Kiandris Allen. Kiandris was raised in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. She Recently graduated with her Master's of Education in counseling from the University of Houston. She primarily works with low-income and foster children. She is passionate about social justice and liberation of oppressed people.
Nick Juzdan sat down on June 10, 2020 with Brooklyn Native Tia Rose. Tia has been a Special Education Teacher in East New York Brooklyn for 7 years. She is currently teaching Reading Intervention for grades 6 - 8. She currently serves as the Special Education Department Chairperson for AFYW. She is also a freelance writer for NU Origins Magazine - an online black content magazine for the diaspora. She is dedicated to making an educational impact for our black and brown students.  
Nick Juzdan sat down on June 11th with Chef Marilyn Moore, who he met at a Black Lives Matter protest in Brooklyn. Chef Marilyn is a Mother, Chef, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Food Justice Activist. She is the owner of Divine Appetite LLC which teaches ”Healthy & Civic Cooking Class” within NYC schools. Marilyn’s goal is to bring light to saving our planet, ending food apartheid and the system behind disenfranchised communities.
Nick Juzdan sat down on  June 4th 2020 with Kareem Wilder. Kareem grew up in Paterson, New Jersey. He is a filmmaker, photographer, and avid tiktoker. He believes he was put on this earth to make people laugh and bring positivity to others. Kareem talks about community, family and what it means to have a positive perspective. 
For this interview, Nick Juzdan sat down with Crystal Feliciano  on June 8th 2020. Crystal is a Trenton New Jersey Native who is currently an educator at Trenton Central High School. Crystal is a mother, motivational speaker, media personality, and also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority inc. She is a strong advocate in her community and believes in uplifting and empowering others to be the success and not the statistic. 
For this interview, Nick Juzdan sat down with Rudii on June 10, 2020. Rudii was born in Ethiopia, raised in Los Angeles and cultivated in Amsterdam. Rudii was nurtured by a family of educated women, activists and humanitarians – it’s in her DNA to stand up to injustice. In addition, she is a brand creative, artist whisperer, podcast host and sneaker aficionado. Rudii talks about her mother, racism, and the Dutch December 5th Holiday, Zwarte Piet also known as Black Pete. 
For this interview, Nick Juzdan sat down with Dorian Stern on June 5, 2020 during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests across the United States and the world. Dorian is an African American filmmaker, producer, and photographer based in Jersey City NJ. His passion lies in the art of documentary storytelling and photo journalism. Dorian talks about embracing your blackness and how it is ok to feel certain emotions. He also shares his experiences at the protests and offers some amazing resources on how to be an ally. Special Thanks to our team: Editor: Angelica Salvador Marketing and Graphic Design: Victoria Ayoub Twitter: @YouareseenpodInstagram: @Youareseenpodcast 
This season, our host Nicholas Juzdan will be interviewing Black people on their life stories. Some of the social issues that will be addressed in this season are food apartheid, education, community values, mental health, racism, and more. We invite you to explore and engage in the stories shared through this podcast. Here we hope that you can put yourself in another person’s shoes and be able to say “You Are Seen.” Edited by Brittany Padula Artwork by Victoria Ayoub 
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