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Author: Schindler

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Perspectives in Motion is a visual podcast series produced by Schindler that delivers viewpoints from global leaders in urban design, architecture and mobility.
5 Episodes
Reinvention has always been a central to the very idea of the modern metropolis, but can the cities of today simultaneously fuel radical transformation while maintaining the heritage that makes them special? In episode 4, development visionary Don Taylor of Swire Properties offers insights on the critical marriage of culture and growth from his revolutionary place-making experiences at One Taikoo Place in Hong Kong. 
How can cities continue to foster strong communities amid rapid vertical development? In episode 3, Amy Guttman goes deep on this question with co-founder and principle architect at MDRDV, Nathalie de Vries, and uncovers the ways modern cities can learn lessons from the Dutch in modeling for their own urban growth. 
It’s clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has upended many aspects of our everyday lives. But what impact will it have on the future of urban design? What will our homes, workplaces and public spaces look like, and how can we continue to emphasize sustainability while adapting to consider the needs of public health?We'll be tackling those questions (and more!) in episode two of Perspectives in Motion with Darren Comber, Chief Executive at London architecture firm Scott Brownrigg. 
The U.N. estimates that 70% of our global population will live on 2% of the land mass by 2050. In this age of urbanization, the spaces around us pose both a challenge and an opportunity.In episode one, we peel back the curtain with Rahul Mehrotra, Professor of Urban Design and Planning at Harvard Graduate School of Design and Founder of Mumbai and Boston-based firm, RMA Architects, to discover solutions for the biggest urban design challenges facing our modern cities. 
Perspectives in Motion is an original podcast about the people, the places and the ideas that are shaping our lives in the age of urbanization. In season one, we’ll peel back the curtain on the inspirations of great designers, we’ll discuss just how much mobility and design support sustainability and public health, we’ll learn about vertical neighborhoods and how to build community in dense, siloed cities, and we’ll grapple with how the heritage of a place and its people can be retained in the midst of transformation.The series launched July 13th! For more information, visit
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