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Author: Jimmy Daly

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A podcast for content marketers interested in career growth.
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Tracey Wallace has a diverse and fascinating career history. Today, she's the Director of Marketing at MarketerHire but she's previously run content marketing at BigCommerce, Eterneva and Umbel. She also started a DTC brand called Doris Sleep where she sells pillows made from recycled plastic. In this episode, we talk about Tracey's experience in media, e-commerce and B2B. Tracey shares some great insights from her eventful career and offers some great tips for folks who are earlier in their content journey. You can follow Tracey on Twitter at @TraceWall.
Ryan Bonnici is the CMO at G2. This conversation is from a course we created for Superpath Pro subscribers. That course, "How to talk to your CMO about content marketing" is only available for Pro members and you can learn more about that here. Ryan sheds light on what it's like to lead a huge marketing team. In this case, the marketing team is focused mostly on organic search. They fuel that channel with SEO, content and user-generated content. Ryan talks all about this and more. You can follow him on Twitter at @ryanbonnici.
Today, Mischa Vaughn runs content marketing at Webflow, but he's worked on content and editorial projects at Carta, Upworthy, Twitter, TED and more. In this episode, we talk about the differences between content, editorial and media, as well as storytelling, the importance of general business skills and thinking laterally. You can follow Mischa on Twitter at @mischa.
Benyamin Elias is just 26 years old. In his short career, he's already gone from content creator to content manager to content director. And he's done all that at a 500+ person SaaS company. His success is no coincidence. In this episode, he talks about his approach to networking, learning and building new skills. There's a lot to be learned here, whether you're early in your career or a seasoned veteran. You can follow Benyamin on Twitter at @BenyaminElias.
Haley Bryant is the COO of Animalz. She's helped build the team and infrastructure that's allowed the agency to grow into one of the largest and most influential content agencies in the world. Haley is one of the most important and influential people in content marketing that you probably haven't heard of. No business can thrive without someone like Haley. She runs towards challenging problems. She empowers others to succeed. She brings her whole self to work. You follow Haley on Twitter at @haleymbryant and check out her newsletter, Start Again Today.
Sonja Jacob is the Global Content Marketing Lead at Cisco's AppDynamics. She cut her teeth in the startup world, working at companies like Drift, Mattermak and Docsend. This episode is a recording of her recent "office hours" with Superpath Pro members. Each month, we bring in expert content operators and make them available for an hour to the group. We won't be publishing all of these, but you can check this one out to get a small taste of Pro. Learn more at You can connect with Sonja on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Hiten Shah has founded/co-founded a number of companies, including KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and FYI. He's relied heavily on content to drive customer acquisition for each, but also has developed a name for himself as someone who isn't afraid to publish strong and sometimes controversial opinions. In this episode, we talk about how Hiten uses Twitter to clarify his own ideas, why it's a good idea to publish strong opinions and how he helped grow the KISSmetrics blog for free. You can follow Hiten on Twitter at @hnshah. Here are a few things we mention in this podcast: Hiten's ebook (direct link to the PDF): The Content Marketing Playbook Hiten's podcast: The Startup Chat Hiten's most recent company: FYI Why Trello Failed to Build a $1 Billion+ Business Ahead of Its Time, Behind the Curve: Why Evernote Failed to Realize Its Potential My Billion Dollar Mistake
Walter Chen co-founded iDoneThis, sold it, founded Animalz, appointed a new CEO, and recently co-founded Sacra and Superpath. He's an entrepreneur at heart, but "content" is a skill that he's leveraged at each company. In this episode, we talk about his own career journey, his thoughts on growing a content marketing career and people who have influenced him over the years. You can follow Walter on Twitter at @smalter.
John Bonini is a T-shaped marketer—he's a content specialist that can do lots of things (manage a team, run paid ads, run growth experiments and way more). In this episode, we talk about his career, his side projects and his latest venture. I highly recommend checking out his no-longer-active podcast Louder Than Words and his new Patreon subscription Some Good Content. You can also follow John on Twitter at @Bonini84.
Melanie Pinola spent 13 years at a marketing agency before launching her writing career. She built a successful freelance business, ran content at Zapier and is now a staff writer at the New York Times' "Wirecutter" publication. In this episode, she talks about the core skills she's used to build her career and offers advice for young writers. You can follow Melanie on Twitter at @melaniepinola and read her work on Wirecutter.
Ricky has been working in content marketing for more than a decade. At one time, he ran a music blog that generated more than 100,000 visits/month. Today, he's a VP at a large agency and pursuing a mid-career MBA. He compares running a large account to being a diplomat—he knows content marketing like the back of his land, but he's added new (and valuable) skills like team management, account management, pitching and more to grow his career. Check out Ricky on Twitter at @ricktagious and see a sample of the Must-Read IT Blog lists we mentioned.
Devin Bramhall's content marketing career started in a birth room. She was 25 years old and volunteering at a birthing clinic in Indonesia. That transformative experience prompted her to start a blog. This was just the spark she needed to start turning storytelling into a core career skill. As Devin says in this episode, "I have been uncomfortable for practically my entire career." For her, this has been the key to growth and she explains how and why she's taken this approach. Devin is an inspiring voice, and one that deserves your attention. She was, after all, recently promoted to CEO of Animalz. Follow Devin on Twitter at @devinemily and read her post How to Earn a Senior Content Marketing Role.
Janet Choi has run content marketing at iDoneThis, and now Clearbit. In this episode, she tells us the story of going to law school, then finding content marketing and pursuing that path instead. Janet's career has thrived (in part) because she understands how to work across product, sales, support and engineering. Content can't live in a silo and the people who make sure it doesn't tend to grow their careers faster. Follow Janet on Twitter and the Clearbit blog.
Janessa Lantz got her start in SaaS marketing, and went onto run marketing at RJ Metrics, built the fantastic ThinkGrowth publication ( at Hubspot and is now a one-person marketing team at the early-stage startup Fishtown Analytics. She's been very thoughtful about her career trajectory and is generous when it comes to sharing what she's learned.  Content is a core skill, but Janessa is a well-rounded marketer. You can follow her on Medium (, LinkedIn (, and Twitter (
Danyelle is the senior manager of content marketing at Lucidchart. She studied creative writing, worked in journalism, dabbled in healthcare marketing and eventually settled in B2B SaaS. In this episode, she talks about her applying her creative writing and reporting skills to software marketing (and she has tons of great ideas).  She also talks about building a network of freelancers and learning to manage them well, a topic that all content folks should pay close attention to.  You can connect with Danyelle on LinkedIn here:
Sean Blanda has the perfect LinkedIn profile. He got his start in journalism, has worked for early-stage startups, ran content at several large companies and now runs all marketing Crossbeam. In this episode, we talk about his career to date. He talks about "learning or earning," why every content marketer needs an "art museum" and explains common mistakes he sees junior content marketers make. You can follow Sean on Twitter at
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