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Familial Wisdom Podcast with Luminous Youth
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Familial Wisdom Podcast with Luminous Youth

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Together we are exploring the fertile and diverse landscape of family life. A terrain rich in opportunity for growth, change and nourishment. Through conversation, enquiry, inner journeying and ritual we harvest authentic and inspiring story that is ripe with wisdom and belonging. Come and journey with us.
6 Episodes
Lara Vesta is an artist, writer and educator living in Oregon. Her explorations include dís-ability, rites of passage, ancestral mythology, folklore and the sacred creative. She is the author of The Moon Divas Guidebook: Spirited Self-Care for Women in Transition, the Moon Divas Oracle, The Runic Feminine (forthcoming, 2021) and the creator/facilitator of many courses at the Wild Soul School, including Myth as Healer and Ancestral Connection. She lives with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Prior to her illness, she was a university professor teaching classes in English and writing.In our conversation we discuss:The realm of story and where Laras love of story sprang forth fromLara shares her version of “Fox Woman Dreaming”What is the Witch woundIts cultural implicationsIts effects on motherhoodMending our wyrd and who we work with to begin that processThe nonlinearity of Rites of passage in the sacredness of everyday lifeFor further exploration visit: the show (
Father, acclaimed international author of three books, practising psychologist, speaker and facilitator Robin Grille presents in this podcast:How Robin is feeling and navigating COVID 19 and the challenges it is presenting How humour is healingIntroducing Robins lastest book. “Inner Child Journeys - How Children grow us up”His own journey with coming to write the book and why?How we can navigate the parenting journey using our triggers as ways of understanding ourselves. How our body memory will influence and shape the way we are going to react to a person. How to see that and learn how to navigate it. How our reactions are a signal from a part of ourselves that really want our attention.When we give them this it can fundamentally change how we view the situation. How the practice of Inner child journeying can change the world. The ultimate activism. Using the inner child journey process to have the “Ohhh no wonder!!!” Moments about ourselves and others. Understand our child’s behaviours through the ICJ process so we can go from judgement or coercion to understanding. Undemanding someone’s story brings us to compassion. Understanding why we get big activated feelings, where they come from so that we can be more effective in the world. Where the deep distrust of our bodies and our healing abilities coming from.How connectivity is the most devastatingly effective form of activism. Behaviour is biographical. It does not reveal the person but what the person has lived. For deeper explorations visit:The process of the INNER CHILD JOURNEY- the show (
In this episode of Familial Wisdom:Grief and fear and how these can be seen as rites of passages. How we can navigate and honour these within our existing culture that doesn’t acknowledge them. How our current feelings of loss, fear and grief can connect us with our childhood feelings of loss fear and grief. We can become comfortable processing these big feelings through our “inner loving crew”. - A process Marion has created. How language can inadvertently lead to violence. How non-violent communication and aware parenting help us understand and identify this within ourselves. What is the “Neo no”? How we can stand in our power and say no without violence. Identify the “stuff” that stands between us and the no of our soul. Why we are often disconnected from our boundaries. How mothers are being called to decide what we are and aren’t willing to allow our children to be exposed to. Education and sovereignty. The history of education. How education can affect our feeling of powerlessness and autonomy and the results of this. Why at this time in history do we need children who are deeply connected to themselves and the earth/nature. Having self-compassion as a mother for acting from our place of wounding. How do we do this. How mother guilt and mother shame is cultural and not a natural state of being. Self-compassion is a learned skill.  And remembering that we are undoing lineages of cultural conditioning. Increasing our ability for compassion. Our ability to interact with environment. How our current cultural narrative leaves many of our very natural human abilities unacknowledged and therefore informing our psyche that they do not exist. How this is intrinsically interwoven into how we birth, speak and educate our children which in turn influences environmentalism. How we are deeply interconnected with all of the living beings around us and how these times are inviting us to live from place again. https://www.marionrose.net the show (
Christina shares her story about her journey with her third child on her own. She shares frankly and honestly on the challenges she faced, how she navigated the terrain of huge feelings she grappled with and the new story that she is creating around what it means, how it feels and what it is to be an empowered sole parent. the show (
As a father, freelance anthropologist, ritual specialist, university lecturer (& more) Dr Monty (Sumant) Badami runs rites of passage camps, consults to all sorts of organisations on their culture and has such an in-depth understanding about rituals and being human. In this Familial Wisdom Podcast we discuss story, ritual, making mistakes, life at home and being an authentic human. It's a juicy 87 minutes that will get you thinking about your home, your intentions, and the power you have to create family dynamics which nourish the unseen realms of our little people. Support the show (
Mother and deeply experienced Buteyko Breathing practitioner empowers us with information and story to support us in the development of a powerful human-skill available to us all and our family.This podcast is with Sarah Wheeler who is a Buteyko Breathing practitioner of 21 years. She lives in Mullumbimby and offers her “Aware Breathing” programs online for families globally.In this podcast we discuss:Erica's Journey with Buteyko and how it profoundly impacted her life and her asthma.Personal authority and our ability to sense truth through our bodyBiotechnologies for sovereignty How Buteyko works and where it originated and it uses.Buteyko and anxiety, sleep issues, snoring, chronic fatigue, and many other ailmentsHyperventilation. How you may not realise you are doing it and how this keeps us in a constant state of flight or fight.A personal story of Sarah's and how as a mother she used Buteyko.Immunity and our breath and how they are intrinsically connected.Connect with Sarah & Aware Breathing: an appointment: the show (
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